EroticMadness Review June 2024

Erotic Madness assists people in finding erotic encounters with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology. At first glance it looks reputable, but many complain its a scam. Let's find out the truth!

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 75 % ♂ 
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Success Rate:
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EroticMadness in 10 seconds

  • A website that assists people in finding erotic encounters with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology
  • Email and password are the only details you need when signing up
  • No mobile app available to download
  • Matchmaking is said to be done by AI who calculates compatibility scores with other profiles – but this doesn’t seem to be true
  • Premium membership is not readily available on the site
  • Stay away from this site, there are many red flags
  • You will be redirected to another site when you click "Claim" on the site. Learn more
  • You can use EroticMadness for free Test now for free Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Dating Scout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
EroticMadness has very few information available. But after intensive testing and available data, it can be concluded that it is not as effective as it's site claims it to be. There are few red flags noted for this site, stay away.

Who is EroticMadness for and not for?

  • Those searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Singles who are into casual flirting
  • Singles looking for casual sex and hookups
  • People looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • Online daters who want to quality members in a dating site
  • Those looking for a reputable dating site or dating app
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EroticMadness Pros & Cons

  • Registration is completely free of charge
  • Signing up for an account takes less than a minute
  • Website design is nice and straightforward
  • Site redirects to a scam-looking website when you “claim” a date
  • No search function feature
  • Website usability is challenging for first-time users

How much does EroticMadness cost?

Can you try EroticMadness for free?

The membership packages of EroticMadness are not readily available on the site. Some user reviews and a very few published reviews mentioned that its cost is very expensive, but during the testing period, a lot of details when it comes to premium membership were not available. 

If you would like to know more about the site, you may attempt to email to see if they can supply other information that you need.

Free Features
Premium Features
  • Messaging

How can I delete my EroticMadness account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is signed up on EroticMadness?

100,000 from USA
Members activity
3,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
22 %
78 %
  • Members from different backgrounds and gender are welcome to join
  • There are more males than female users
  • Most members are from the USA
  • Users come from all over the world
  • Members' age distribution is almost equal

EroticMadness is not very strict when it comes to membership. As long as you declare yourself as 18 years old or 21 years old for other countries, you will be allowed to continue using the site. Members come from different countries, races, religion, and has different beliefs. Nonetheless, members who are said to be compatible with your profile will be the one shown to you.

The ratio between male and female member is around 3:1. Based on the site's homepage, the registered female members are provocative when engaging with conversations.


EroticMadness Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at EroticMadness in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at EroticMadness are developing compared to others

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EroticMadness in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for EroticMadness

EroticMadness Signup
  • Register for free
  • Complete your registration in less than five minutes
  • Only email address and password is the required
  • Confirm your email address to continue the process
  • Declare your legal age to sign-up

The registration process of EroticMadness is very easy. All you have to do is enter your email address and confirm the verification email. The completion of the profile can be done anytime you want to.

If you are a newbie in this kind of site, you might look for the "Sign-up" or "Log-in" icons, however, you will not find it there. Just click on "Unlock My Matches" or "Find My Matches" and you will be redirected to a page where you can see your readiness- city, gender, and FS Score.

You will also notice that there are some profiles below the page which are blurred and are covered with a "confidential" sign. The name, age and location are visible.

Enter your email address and desired password and click the pink link on the site which says "Unlock My Matches". Then you will be transferred to the homepage right away.

Making Contact on EroticMadness

EroticMadness Claim
  • Messaging is for premium members only
  • Matching is said to be done by AI
  • Compatibility scores with other members are posted for your reference
  • There are reported bots and chat moderators

    There is very limited information that you can get if you are just a free member of Erotic Madness. Sending and receiving messages is some of the features that you cannot enjoy if you will not upgrade to premium membership.

    You cannot also use contacting features such as basic and advanced searching since the AI is supposed to do that for you. Nonetheless, you can "Claim" the profiles that are suggested to you. You will be given four profiles to choose from. There's also a note below that you will be given $20 gift card if you claim two of the four profiles shown to you. However, when you click "Claim" on one of the profiles, you will be redirected to another website... now it looked like a scam website so we didn't risk following through.

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    EroticMadness Profile Quality

    EroticMadness Profile Information
    • View limited number of profiles at a time
    • Upload photos for free
    • Limited profile information
    • Include a narrative about yourself
    • View the compatibility score
    • The profiles are poorly detailed
    • Profile pictures are not visible to anyone for free

    As stated on the website, your matches will be based on the information that you will be giving on your profile. However, if you view your matches, you can just see their first name, age, location, and of course, the photo. However, even if you don't put anything on your profile, you are still given matches with a high compatibility score. Isn't that suspicious?

    Anyway, for your profile, you have the option to write a narrative about yourself. It can be anything under the sun. It is advised that you provide as much information as you can as long as you are comfortable sharing it. The AI is said to be the one to analyze which among the other members are the best match to your profile.

    Special Features

    As mentioned, there are very few information available about the site. But here are some features that you can use when you join EroticMadness:

    AI Matching

    Instead of browsing for profiles, the Artificial Intelligence Assistant will be showing you the top profiles with the highest compatibility to you. The basis of these matches are the information given by the users being matched.

    However, only women are shown as matches during testing regardless of the gender declared by the testers on their profiles.


    If you think that the profile matched to you is the one you are looking for, you can click the icon which says "Claim" to connect with the another member.

    How can I delete my EroticMadness account and cancel my subscription?

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel via profile settings

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • No, your subscription will not automatically renew.

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for EroticMadness.
    Test EroticMadness for free

    EroticMadness FAQ

    Free Features

    Is EroticMadness free?

    Registration is free.


    What is EroticMadness?

    EroticMadness is dating site that uses Artificial Intelligence to match its members.

    Can EroticMadness find perfect matches?

    The site's Terms of Use is not committing to giving its members the people they are looking for. However, it mentioned a 90% match rate on the homepage.

    What is "Claim" in EroticMadness?

    When you are matched with another member, you'll have the option to claim that member so you can connect with him/her.

    What information do I need to register for EroticMadness?

    All you need to give is your email address and assign your own password. All the other profile information can be added after signing up.

    What age are allowed to join EroticMadness?

    You can join the site if declare that you are of legal age. Most countries set 18 as the legal age, but there are some countries which set 21 instead.

    What is the average age of users on EroticMadness?

    The average age of EroticMadness users is between 39-45 years. You can find more information here


    How can I search for other EroticMadness members?

    Searching and browsing profiles are not available on the site.

    Can I upload photos for free in EroticMadness?

    Yes, you can upload profile photos for free.

    Is there are guidelines on uploading photos?

    There are no guidelines observed in uploading photos in EroticMadness.

    Can I edit my EroticMadness profile anytime?

    Yes, you can edit your profile anytime buy clicking on the profile icon on the upper-right corner of the page.

    Can I skip the uploading of photos in EroticMadness?

    Yes, uploading of photos in the site is not compulsory.


    How can I delete my EroticMadness profile?

    You will see an "Unsubscribe" icon at the bottom of the page. Once you've clicked it, you have to enter your email address to confirm and delete your EroticMadness account.


    What can I get from my EroticMadness premium membership?

    It is unclear how you can get a premium membership from EroticMadness because the site is very plain, and when you try to "claim" a date, it redirects you to a different website which seems very fishy. Plus, their Terms and Conditions haven't been updated since 2018.

    Can you try EroticMadness for free?

    How much does EroticMadness cost?

    EroticMadness typically costs between and . Compared to other dating services, EroticMadness's membership costs is in the upper midfield. You can find more information here

    How much does it cost to sign up on EroticMadness?

    You can sign up for EroticMadness and use its basic features for free. To use EroticMadness's premium features you must upgrade. You can find more information here


    What can I get from my EroticMadness premium membership?

    It is unclear how you can get a premium membership from EroticMadness because the site is very plain, and when you try to "claim" a date, it redirects you to a different website which seems very fishy. Plus, their Terms and Conditions haven't been updated since 2018.


    Is EroticMadness safe?

    Just like any other dating sites, there will always be a risk in using the site which you can prevent if you are vigilant and if you are not going divulge too much information about yourself.

    Are there fake members in EroticMadness?

    The registration process of the site is not very strict at all. So there is a high chance of having fake members around.

    Does EroticMadness sell your data?

    No, EroticMadness does not sell your data.

    Was EroticMadness hacked in the past?

    No, EroticMadness was never hacked.

    How accurately does EroticMadness track your location?

    EroticMadness does not track your location.

    Do your EroticMadness profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

    No, your EroticMadness photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on EroticMadness?

    Only premium members of EroticMadness can view profile pictures.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at EroticMadness?

    No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on EroticMadness.

    Can you erase your personal data on EroticMadness?

    No, EroticMadness doesn't allow users to erase their data.

    How can I delete my EroticMadness account and cancel my subscription?

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    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5

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