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SexParnter Community is a chat site for adults. Although you can send and receive videos and photos, you can only use text chat for communicating. Video chat is not a feature, but you can watch live cams of other members for a certain amount of coins.

Other features can also be accessed using coins you purchase or VIP points converted to coins. 

Meet other members by browsing on the list, or wait for others to approach and message you first.

If you feel like being naughty and meet a like-minded individual to share it with, you've come to the right site. 

Don't expect too much that serious relationships can be formed. However, this site can sure make your boring day intense with just a few clicks from signing up.

New members at Sexpartner Community in June 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Sexpartner Community are developing compared to others

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Member activity at Sexpartner Community in June 2021 in comparison

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Sexpartner Community Member Structure

12,000 from USA
Members activity
2,000 new members per month
Gender Proportion
24 %
76 %
  • SexPartner Community is open to all genders
  • Almost 80% of the members are male
  • Members are open-minded individuals willing to explore different sexual fantasies
  • Connect with members from all over the world
  • Fight language barrier with its translate feature

Enjoy and explore your sexuality with other members using the SexPartner Community website. Engage in hot and flirtatious conversations with like-minded individuals.

Most members of the site are males, but female members are active on the website too.

You can meet members from any parts of the world, but there are many members from Germany who usually make the first move in sending naughty messages. 

Members have different personalities, based on the messages they send even after just a few seconds upon registration. Some seem sweet, independent, submissive, and dominant.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Sexpartner Community

Sexpartner Register
  • Registration is free
  • Easy registration process
  • Basic information is needed upon signing up
  • Get 100 VIP points when you verify your email

Signing up for this site is quick and easy. Choose your nickname, provide your email, and start browsing the site. 

It's okay if you don't want to verify your email address for security reasons, but doing so will give you free 100 VIP points which can be converted into coins.

You may opt to upload a profile picture right away, but it will be subject to approval. If you want to stay anonymous, it's okay not to upload one. You can upload anytime anyway.

Making Contact on Sexpartner Community

Sexpartner Chatbox
  • Buy coins to be able to contact other members
  • Send a kiss to get a members attention for free
  • Add members as friends or favorites
  • Attach links to photos and videos on your message
  • Feel free to send a gift to other members

Almost all the features of this site require coins. So if you want to contact other members, feel free to buy some coins and use it to send text messages, smileys, attachments, sex icons, and gifts.

But if you're aiming to get the attention first, a free kiss can be an effective icebreaker for you.

You can add members as your friends so you won't be having a hard time finding them on the list. Choosing a favorite is also an option.

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Sexpartner Community Profile Quality

Sexpartner Community Profile Cropped
  • Profile photo needs to be processed before being shown to your profile
  • Some profile setting options can readily be accessed on the profile page
  • You can change your profile information later

    Checking out profiles can be a little overwhelming because of all the information put together on one page. It may become convenient after some time, but you need to familiarize yourself first with everything.

    Fields asking you to describe yourself can be filled up or skipped. It's up to you to tell people about your gender, height, weight, ethnicity, eye and hair color, hair length, figure, body hair, pubic hair, length and girth of your erect penis, and if you wear eyeglasses or not.

    Your location containing the zip code, city, country could be visible to your profile if you answered the fields. Your birthday can also be put there, but for security purposes, it might be better to leave it blank instead.

    If you check your profile, you will also see the options to change your password, deactivate your profile and view the newsletter of the website.

    There's also a portion where you will choose among the options of what turns you on.

    Sexpartner Community App

      The site is not yet available in app stores for download. However, you can use it on any android or iOS phone browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

      Mobile version is convenient, especially for people who are always on-the-go. But when it comes to functionality, it's just the same.

      You don't need to zoom in or zoom out. The text is easy to read because of the appropriate font size.

      The browser-friendly version of the site loads at a medium speed.

      Sexpartner Community Real Life Review

      "I'm not looking for anything serious, so I tried signing up for Sexpartners Community. I didn't need to put much effort into becoming a member. I received tons of messages right after registration, so I doubted that all of them are real. The site doesn't have an app yet, but the mobile version works well anyway. I found some interesting members. I needed to buy coins to communicate with them. At first, I thought I wouldn't find real girls, but I'm glad I did. It was fun trying it out." Anthony, 35 

      Design and Conclusion

      The design of Sexpartner Community is a little complex. You'll be needing to spend some time familiarizing the icons and different features which are compact on every page.

      The site has a menu bar on the left side where other features pop out once you point the mouse on it. However, it doesn't lock, so it tends to disappear once you remove your mouse on the page.

      Deutch is the default language used on the site itself. However, there's an option to change it to English. Check on the settings at the lower left side of the page.

      The chat bar is always on the right side. It can be partly minimized and expanded.

      The mobile version is more convenient to use. The layout is more comfortable to look at, but the features are just the same.

      Sexpartner Community Costs and Prices

      Free Services
      Fee based Services
      • Smiley
      • Send a Gift
      • Sex Icons
      • Send Attachments
      • View Photos and Videos without Watermarks

      Is Sexpartner Community expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers Sexpartner Community is average.
      Test now for free

      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      with 10 extra coins
      60 Coins0.08 EUR / Coin5.00 EUR
      with 20 extra coin
      120 Coins0.08 EUR / Coin10.00 EUR
      with 20 Bonus Coins + 50 Extra Coins
      320 Coins0.08 EUR / Coin25.00 EUR
      with 50 Bonus Coins + 100 Extra Coins
      650 Coins0.08 EUR / Coin50.00 EUR
      Sexpartner Premium
      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      • Direct Debit
      • PayPal
      • Paysafecard

      Prices of coins are only available in Euro.

      There are five package types you can choose from when buying coins. Check out the information for each package on the cost table.

      Once you've bought the coins, it wouldn't be an easy way to take it back. You will need to undergo a particular process like sending a formal letter stating all necessary circumstances. 

      There are five options for payments, as stated above. The way you paid for your membership/coins will be the same medium on how you'll get your refund.

      Special Features

      Most of the Special Features of SexPratner Community can only be used by premium members. If you're just testing the water first, sending a kiss for free might be a great start. If you decide to upgrade, here are the features that you can use:


      Choose the best smiley to make your messages more intense.

      Send a Gift

      Choose from different categories of gifts and let your match feel appreciated. 

      Sex Icons

      Feeling hot? Choose the best sex icon to express your naughtiness.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
      Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
      Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
      App: 2.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
      SexPartner Community is for open-minded people who want to explore their sexuality with online sexual partners. You can see a lot of nude and sexy photos of other members all over the site. If this is your game, start buying those coins and find a chatmate to share your needs.
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      Sexpartner Community FAQ


      What is SexPartner Community?

      It is an adult site that allows like-minded individuals to send messages to each other, view photos and videos and explore sexuality together.

      Is SexPartner Community free?

      Signing up is free. However, using other features will require you to purchase coins.

      What doesn't my photo appear on my profile?

      Photos are reviewed and processed by the site before posting it on the member's profile. It would only take a maximum of a day or two to know if your photo has been approved or not.

      What language is SexPartner Community available?

      It is available in Deutch and English.

      What are VIP points for?

      You can earn SexPartner Community VIP points when you verify your email and every time you log in to the site. You can convert it to coins when you reach the minimum number of coins required.


      Is Sexpartner Community safe?

      Due to its the not-so-strict registration process, you cannot expect that all members are real. To be safe, remain vigilant whenever you connect with someone. 

      A member asks for my credit card details, should I give it?

      Never give your credentials to other members of SexPartner Community or any other sites.

      What information are can be seen by the public?

      Your address and birthday will be shown on your SexPartner Community profile unless you leave it blank.

      How will I know if a SexPartner Community member is fake?

      There is no specific way to find out. But if the member is online 24/7 or is asking for your financial information, it's better to stay away from him/her.

      Can I report other members?

      There is no specific way to find out. But if some members are already asking for your financial information, it's better to stay away from them.


      How can I change the language in SexParnter Community?

      Look for the earth icon on the lower left side of the page and choose from Deutch/German or Englisch/English.

      Can I delete my SexPartner Community account?

      You cannot permanently delete your account right away, but you have the option to deactivate it.

      What are sex icons for?

      Sex Icons are illustrated sexual acts that you can send to other members of SexPartner Community.

      Can I search for other SexPartner Community members?

      Provided that you know their username, you can use the search field to look for them.

      Is there a video chat in SexPartner Community?

      No, there isn't. However, you can exchange recorded videos with other members.

      Does Sexpartner Community sell your data?

      No, Sexpartner Community does not sell your data.

      Was Sexpartner Community hacked in the past?

      No, was never hacked.

      How exactly does Sexpartner Community track your location?

      Sexpartner Community uses no location tracking.

      Do your Sexpartner Community profile pictures and / or profile informations show up in Google Search Results?

      No, your Sexpartner Community pictures and informations show not up in Google Search Results.

      Who can view your pictures on Sexpartner Community?

      Unlock picture

      Is your phone number required to signup with Sexpartner Community?

      No phone number is required to signup with Sexpartner Community.

      Can you erase your data on Sexpartner Community?

      No, you cannot erase your data on Sexpartner Community.

      You did not find your question? Ask us!

      Please ask your question.
      Please enter your name.

      Thank you for your question. We will answer it as soon as possible.

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