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Fuck Marry Kill September 2020

Have you ever played the game "Would You Rather" and "Have You Ever?" These Question and Answer kind of games are really fun to play with our teenage friends. Naughty and silly questions are frankly asked in this fun pastimes. Those kinds of hype and excitement are now in the dating scene. An interesting and exciting way to find a match is what the Fuck Marry Kill or FMK mobile dating application offers. The dating app is based on the "Who would you Kill, Marry, or Fuck?" game where the player or user have to choose among the three profiles if who would he or she like to  Kill, Marry or Fuck. If both of you chose the same category as "Marry" to each other's profile, you and that person will become a match. When you have already found your match, that is the time where the love game starts.

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Sign Up Process

Fuck Marry Kill Registration
  • Easy signup via Facebook or Instagram account
  • No personal information sheet needed to be filled out.
  • No need to upload a separate profile picture.
  • No need to use an email address to sign-up.

Signing up for the FMK dating app is very fast and easy. By connecting your existing Facebook or Instagram account, you can already make a profile in the Fuck Marry Kill dating app. It will automatically link and use your Facebook or Instagram details for your FMK profile. Even if you logged-in thru your chosen third-party app, FMK will never post anything on your social media account/s on your behalf. What a convenient way of setting up a profile in a certain online dating app. Signing up via Facebook and/or Instagram account is also a way of securing users' profiles' eligibility. One thing to remember, users must be at least 18 years old to create an account in FMK. 

Profile Information

Fuck Marry Kill Members
  • The profile information is very less in details.
  • Identify other members by their first names, ages, and profile pictures.
  • Players can add their respective universities.
  • Members' profiles can be linked to their Instagram or Facebook account.
  • The profile interface is organized.

In order to create an account and play Fuck Marry Kill, just choose between your Facebook or Instagram to log in. These signup options are also the process of authenticating the realness and eligibility of one's account. 

Nowadays, it is really hard to determine whether a profile is real or not. FMK reviews the users' profiles before being allowed to enter the community. If there is misleading information in the profile, the FMK team will deny an application or terminate an account.

The Profile Information is the foundation of most online daters to attract a potential date or match. But here in Fuck Marry Kill, having a detailed personal information section and wordy biography does not actually help you and your profile be more appealing to others. Yet, online daters can put the name of their schools and write a short self-introduction. In fact, the majority of the players are only basing on member's profile picture. Basically, players decide subjectively. This makes the dating really amusing and exciting because people have different tastes. FMK is really making waves in the online dating world today.

Contacting Members

Fuck Marry Kill Messages
  • Matching happens if both users had matching votes.
  • Once matched, both parties can exchange direct messages.
  • Sending a wink for an instant match.
  • Avail a membership for additional contacting options.

Connecting with other users in the Fuck Marry Kill mobile dating app is made really fun and exciting. There are many options to tie up or to connect with other online daters, especially for those who would avail a membership. Paid features will certainly help one's profile to have an advantage among others, unlike with non-subscribers which have limitations in terms of reaching potential mates. It is a good thing that sending and receiving direct messages is free on FMK. It is also possible to customize or filter few criteria, like their age, location, and gender. But the highlight of this dating app is that you can vote whether you like to fuck, marry, or kill that particular person, in order to get a match. That is what makes FMK unique and one of the most popular dating apps in 2018.

Special Features

Fuck Marry Kill Wink

Who Voted For You

See people who voted for you but did not match with you. Unlocking this feature will increase the number of users whom you can chat with.

Send a Wink

Automatically appear in the match list of people you send a wink to. Sending a wink is like doing your first move towards the one you are really interested in.

Boost Your Profile

Receive more votes and to appear first to other users. Make your profile more visible than others. 

Power Vote

Be able to give the same vote to all the three users. This feature is very helpful when you are torn giving votes.


FMK App Profile Sample
  • The FMK app is only available for Android users.
  • The app is free to download on Google Play Store.
  • Asks you to connect either your Facebook or Instagram account to log-in.
  • The FMK mobile app has a cool screen display.
  • Creatively-designed and easy to navigate interface.

The Fuck Marry Kill dating app is very user-friendly, and it has an eye-catching urban design. It may look overwhelming, especially for new and elder users, but it is really simple to play and navigate. By simply doing some tappings, users may enjoy its uniqueness in terms of having a match and date prospects. The FMK mobile dating app is only available for Android users, and it can be downloaded on Google Play Store. Also, it is free of charge. The FMK dating app has a 4-star rating on Google Play Store and has good reviews overall. 

Real Life Review

"It's been days since I started playing the Fuck Marry Kill dating app. First, I would like to warn everybody that this app is really addicting. The game is basically run by tapping a certain user's profile picture. Each tap has a corresponding category or vote. The first tap is for Fuck, second Marry, and third for Kill. Same with the game rule, the app itself is very easy to use, follow, and navigate. In addition to that, the app's design is really very appealing and trendy. The overall theme of FMK gives you more reasons to play and visit the app. On the other hand, its match-making capabilities and possibilities are also impressive. There are many variations to land a match or date on FMK, particularly to those who have subscribed to a membership or purchased an in-app feature. Having a free-user account does not really restrict a member from getting a match. Overall, the experience in FMK is very satisfying." - Male intern (23)

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Send interest to the people you like by sending them a wink.
30 Credits0.28 EUR / Credit8.49 EUR
20 Credits0.32 EUR / Credit6.49 EUR
10 Credits0.35 EUR / Credit3.49 EUR
V.I.P. Membership
1 Week4.99 EUR / Week4.99 EUR
1 Month2.49 EUR / Month2.49 EUR
3 Months0.66 EUR / Month1.99 EUR
FMK Price
Free Services
  • Creating an account.
  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Playing Fuck, Marry, Kill.
  • Inviting friends to try the app.
Fee based Services
  • See Who Voted for You
  • Send a Wink
  • Boost Your Profile
  • Power Vote
  • V.I.P. Membership
Payment Options
  • Via Mobile Phone


A person's choices may vary depending on what or where he or she is basing his or her decisions on. That same kind of principle also applies here in the Fuck Marry Kill dating app. Users are mostly relying merely on the photos of the profile owners on who do they think they are going to fuck, marry or kill. It might be a shallow judgment, but who cares, FMK is conceptualized to bring a new approach in the dating scene. It is a fun and exciting way to find matches and prospective dates, flings or hook-ups. The purpose of this dating app for the user to look what he or she is looking for - hook-up or something serious. Active users of FMK are commonly in their twenties. They are young adults seeking for fun and excitement in terms of meeting new people. The rule is to choose, from the three profile that is shown to them, who they want to kill, marry, or fuck. Of course, that is not literal; this is how just the app wants the users to categorize others based on how attractive, seductive, and repulsive they think the person is. Still, never judge a book by its cover. However, there are still a lot of serious-minded hopefuls in the FMK dating app looking for a longterm companion, which is still possible to happen. What an ingenious way to kill time and find love at the same time. 

Fuck Marry Kill FAQ

App Facts

Can I sign-up with Facebook?

Yes, you can either sign-up with Facebook or Instagram.

Is this dating app free to download?

Yes, FMK can be downloaded on your Android device for free.

Is this dating app ideal for those who are looking for a serious relationship?

In general, no. This is because the majority of its users are just playing around and looking for flings.

How old is the majority of Fuck Marry Kill users?

Most online daters who use this app are in their twenties and some are teens not below 18.

Can I create an FMK profile even if I don't have a Facebook account?

No. To use FMK, you must have a Facebook or an Instagram account that will be linked to your FMK profile.

Can I send an invite to a friend via this app?

Yes. When your Facebook or Instagram account is linked to your FMK account, you can send invites to your Facebook or Instagram friends.

Can the FMK dating app be downloaded on Android 3.0

No. This dating app requires Android 4.1 and up.


How does sending a wink work?

You just have to long press the profile of the person you are interested in, and then they will receive a wink from you.

Can I have same-gender matches?

Yes. Before playing, you will be asked to choose your preferred gender match.

Can I see who voted for me?

Yes, but only if you are subscribed to a plan because this special feature is only available to paying members.

What is University Challenge?

University challenge is one of the many exciting features of the FMK dating app. When you join University Challenge, you will be able to see what university is the hottest in your country.

Services and Cancellation

How do I send a complaint?

If you have any issues, feel free to send an email at hello@playfmk.com.

Can I have my FMK account deactivated?

Yes, you may terminate your FMK account anytime.

How do I deactivate my FMK account?

Just go to your account Settings, and follow the instructions.

Can I reactivate my deactivated account?

Yes, your deactivated account can be reactivated again.

Are charges for in-app purchases refundable?

No. In-app purchases are non-refundable even for partially used periods.

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