Affair Dating Site Reviews

Members 2,000,000
Gender proportion

52 %
48 %
  • Free premium trial for new members
  • Members are concrete about the type of encounter they seek
  • Female users may use the site free of any charge
  • Male users need to subscribe to premium to send a message
  • It is a casual dating where matches are found via a matchmaking scheme

Members 24,000,000

  • Privacy features help you remain discreet
  • Meeting place free from judgment, of affairs by those married or attached
  • Special features suitable for frequent travelers
  • Security has been beefed up since 2015 data hack
  • Female members can use the site for free

Members 64,000,000

  • More than 80 million users all over the world
  • Has a variety of ways to get in contact with other users
  • Majority of the members are men
  • There are some bots and fake profiles
  • iPhone and Android App available

What is an Affair Dating Site?

Affair dating sites are sites designed for people who are seeking affairs between married or attached people. The relationships sought from these sites are usually short-term and sexual in nature. These sites are not for people who are seeking out a serious or long-term committed relationship.

Affair dating sites aim to offer people a discreet way to connect to like-minded individuals, or groups for sexual encounters.

Why Choose an Affair Dating Site?

Affair dating sites are great for people who are looking for casual dating without the intention of a committed relationship. Usually users of the sites are married or attached and are seeking fun outside of their relationship. Other users may not be attached themselves, but enjoy the excitement of engaging with people having an affair, or simple do not wish to have a committed relationship themselves so an affair suits them best.

Affair dating sites provide those wishing to engage in a sexual experience outside of their relationship with a discreet way to meet other people outside of their usual social circle to ensure privacy and discretion.

How Does an Affair Dating Site Differ from Other Dating Sites?

Affair Dating sites are very different to most dating sites in that they are explicitly for people seeking to date people who are attached or married. These sites are for a specialised interest group seeking sexual relationships and affairs.

Most other dating sites will cater to singles who are seeking various forms of dating ranging from casual dating to serious relationships, but usually not specifically affairs.

What are the Benefits of an Affair Dating Site?

  • They are specialised interest sites where the intention of users of the site to have an affair is explicit, there can be no confusion
  • You can search and browse other member's profiles based on specific criteria important to you for engaging in an affair
  • You can meet people outside of your usual social circle to ensure privacy and discretion in your affair
  • You can easily explore sexual encounters outside your relationship that your partner may not be interested in