Best Black Dating Sites 2020 in the U.S.

Members 350,000
Gender proportion

45 %
55 %
  • Dating site for African singles looking for their perfect match
  • Premium and Gold memberships are moderately priced
  • Available on mobile app
  • Operated by Cupid Media, one of the leading dating site providers
  • You must be 18 years old and above to register
  • Has reliable security features

Members 3,500
Gender proportion

19 %
81 %
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Profile Information is very detailed
  • Suspicious accounts are suspended right away
  • It takes a while to save information updates on your profile
  • Most of the useful features are only available for premium members

Members 150,000
Gender proportion

33 %
67 %
  • Dating site for black singles looking for a partner
  • Non-black singles can still join
  • Has combination of free and premium features
  • Satisfaction policy available, subject to terms
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Security features are available

In terms of ethnicity, the black population is one of the biggest and most widespread globally. So, how come finding a suitable black man or woman is such a demanding, even herculean task?

This is especially true when you’re in search of something as primal as intimacy or a love connection. It seems like the more you look, the harder it gets to meet black singles.

    Are you...

    • On the lookout for your black soulmate?
    • Wondering what it’s like to date a black person?
    • Curious about black culture?

    But you...

    • Don’t know where to start searching?
    • Are afraid you’ll come across as offensive?
    • A first-timer in the black dating scene?

    Thankfully, there are no fixed rules.

    Now that online dating sites exclusively for black dating are available, what you’ll have is endless possibilities. Read on as we detail everything there is to know about black dating—the good, the bad, and the technologies.

    Black Dating Stereotypes

    Pop culture gave rise to some of the most ridiculous black stereotypes ever.

    In sports, blacks are labeled the “superior athlete.” With champions like Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, and the Williams sisters, the public naturally assumed black people and sports go hand-in-hand.

    Musical prowess is another field where black people are allegedly winning. When you have Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson as representatives, it’s quite easy to see why black people are viewed as musical.

    The truth is, anyone can be the next big thing.

    Not all black men and women do great in sports. Likewise, some can’t hold a tune or groove to the music no matter how hard they try.

    Black Couple on a Date

    It doesn’t end there—black singles also face some stereotypes when it comes to their personalities. So, if you’re looking to date a black man or woman don’t let these stop you.

    People say black men are:

    • thugs. Popular media type casted the burly black male into ruthless and violent roles. In truth, these men have big hearts, too.  
    • happy-go-lucky. Happy, yes, but black men are some of the most hard-working. At work, black men continue to rise to the occasion by proving their worth and professionalism.
    • sexual beasts.  It’s kind of like an open secret: black men and huge endowments. We may never know, but it’s safe to say that single black men are capable of being good partners—in bed and life. 

    As for black women, stereotypes claim they are:

    • loud and angry. Black women may be a tad loud, but not all of them are aggressive as the media portrays. Like all women, they’ll only show those claws when they’re provoked.
    • caretakers. Black women are portrayed as the caring best friend who's only purpose is to guide the leads. Here’s a little secret, black women need caring and help, too!
    • sexual sirens. Black women are said to be promiscuous sirens who’ll seduce and devour men whole. Indeed, a black woman holds a rather sensual allure, but they’re warmhearted lovers, too.

    The above stereotypes are just that—stereotypes. They’re born from centuries of baseless rumors and must be thrown out of the window when you look for a black lover.  

    Where to look for Black Singles?

    Since it’s quite challenging to meet potential matches in real life, joining an online dating service is becoming a popular solution. For those who are interested in black dating, several exclusive dating sites are now available.

    Established dating sites who amassed a huge following may be a good place to start your search. Their user base is diverse and a sizable chunk of the population is comprised of black men and women. Since dating sites are powered by your preference, you can always indicate or look for black singles in your searches.

    Although it's possible to join any other platform and just search for black singles, using a black dating site is still beneficial.

    Most of these sites are perfect for young and single blacks in search of companionship whether that be in the form of dates, steamy hookups, or long-term relationships.

    Since the search for love knows no age, black dating sites for silver singles are also available. 

    Signing up is usually free-of-charge so you get to explore and decide if the dating site suits you. For most, subscribing to monthly packages or unlocking a feature is the only time you’ll be asked for payment.

    If you’re serious about finding love, then you may want to consider subscribing to premium.

    Who's on Black Dating sites?

    There are only two types of people on black dating sites and apps: black and non-black singles. Whether for hot dates, one-night things, or a chance at committed relationships, people—black or white—are looking for a black partner. 

    Senior Black Couple

    People have varied goals and black dating sites made sure to attend to those.

    There are apps for casual dating and for those with marriage in mind. With this, the ratio of men and women users vary.

    Interestingly, apps that cater to flirting and dating garner more male followers while platforms that advocate committed relationships are flocked by women.

    It seems like most men in their early 20s to 30s, are more attuned to their carnal cravings.

    Women are more likely to turn to dating sites in search of emotional connections.

    Age-wise, the users of black dating sites mostly fall in the 25-44 age range. Dating sites for silver singles are also available—black singles in their late 40s and up are its main users.

    Black dating sites are no different: they offer more or less the same functionalities and purpose as other websites. What’s obviously its selling point is that you interact with black singles at every turn.

    How do Black Dating sites work?

    Regular dating sites—services without a specific market or niche—has been home to numerous black singles looking for long term relationships or casual dates.

    In it, you get to interact with people from various walks of life. To meet your preference, search filters are usually available so you can curate matches or recommendations. 

    These filters are mostly concerned with age range and location, but some also included ethnic preferences in the options. If you’re looking for black singles, make sure you set your preference aptly. That way, you are sure to find potential matches that fit the bill.

    Or, you can join a black dating site and get in touch with a community of like-minded black singles immediately. There are already several dating sites like this, so sign up for the one which suits you.

    Registering to black dating sites allow you to:

    • meet other black singles who are searching for the same arrangements
    • grow a supportive network of black singles
    • explore your wants and preferences with like-minded people
    • gain new friends and experiences
    • relax and have fun as you’re with people who share your culture
    Black Man with Mobile Phone

    Pros and cons of Black Dating sites

    Joining dating sites is an easy and convenient way to get in touch with the black singles around your area. 

    Pros and Cons

    Since there are a lot of members, it’s normal if you feel a bit overwhelmed.

    Still, it’s only on dating sites that you get to meet plenty of black singles. Think about it, how often do you meet at least ten new people on a regular day?

    Dating sites also offer a multitude of ways to get in touch. Since most sites are accessible via smartphone, flirting while on-the-go is no problem.

    If there’s one thing a dating site lacks, it’s probably emotion. You don’t get to see or hear nuances online, but this can be remedied with a video chat or voice call.

    Lastly, it’s true that you’ll have to arrange a date to see if you’re going to work out. However, this is easier said than done when you don’t have someone to go out with in the first place. On black dating sites, you get to connect with several people at once; you have the luxury of choice.

    Tips to be successful on Black Dating sites

    With more and more people joining dating sites, signing up and uploading a photo you have for years won’t just cut it. You’ll have to put your best foot forward:

    1. Be your real self

    Putting up a front is tiring, so why don’t you just own up to your quirks and habits? Your profile page should best describe who you are and what you like. The same goes for your messages—if a possible match finds you interesting, everything will flow with ease. 

    2. Curate your photos

    You don’t have to book a professional photographer for those dreamy shots; make sure your lighting is good and you look and feel your best with every pose. Take note that some black dating sites verify the validity of your account through your photos. Choose well-lit solo shots that feature you doing your favorite activities. 

    3. Protect your private information

    Since it’s relatively easy to sign up to a dating site, it’s possible you’ll run into scammers or identity thieves running fake profiles. Protect your privacy—don’t give out your identification. Keep your complete name, email address, location, and contact details to yourself.

    4. Shoot your shot

    When you browse for possible matches, review their photos and information completely. Then, take a deep breath and stay attuned to your gut. Shoot your shot if you feel even the slightest connection—who knows, maybe you’re about to chat with the love of your life.

    5. Choose a place where you both will have fun

    You got cozy and decided to see each other? That’s good news! If your date is game, why don’t you opt for activities you never tried but are interested in? They might be unconventional, but you’ll have unforgettable memories together.

    Should I be a Premium Member?

    For most dating sites, registration and profile creation are free. That way you can see for yourself if the dating site is right for you. 

    Most dating sites come up with monthly subscriptions covering 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. These subscriptions include functions relating to communication like messaging other members.

    Premium Members also get perks to ensure they receive the most attention. They will top search results and even enjoy advanced matching algorithms. 

    Other black dating sites offer credits instead of a fixed package. In cases like this, functions are either individually paid or are excluded from the subscription cost.

    Is it worth it?

    Obviously, subscribing to a premium account is an added expense, no matter how much of a steal the package seems to be. If you’re the type who loses interest quickly, maybe monthly subscriptions are not for you. 

    However, if your goal is to form a connection with a member online and offline, then becoming a premium member is a rather good and practical move.

    Budget-wise, it’s more cost-efficient than frequenting bars or signing up for dating events. On dating sites, you mostly get to network with multiple singles at your own pace and time.

    Subscribing to premium unlocks most, if not all, of the dating site’s functionalities and also grants you the privilege to become one of the dating site’s popular members. 

    With all the features and possibilities a premium account brings, you’re most likely to score a hot date or a connection with your forever person. 

    Black Family


    Black culture is rich and unique and the people born from it are one-of-a-kind personalities. If you’re up to widen your perspective and enrich your relationship, signing up for a black dating site won’t hurt. If anything else, it might even be one of the best decisions you’ll have.

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