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MeetMindful is a relatively new dating site that has now about 300,000 members. First launched in 2015, the site has opened ways of building a mindful community and bringing its members together for friendship and love. 

You will get an idea of what to expect from the site from the name itself, that is to "Meet" "Mindful" people. The site caters to those with a higher consciousness, pursuing a healthier and more mindful kind of lifestyle. 

There are a lot of ways to categorize a person's mindfulness and the site has sorted these out pretty well. It makes you choose the ways on how you live mindfully and lets you express how committed are you to this kind of lifestyle.

The website helps you connect with inspiring people every day. Plus, it provides thousands of mindful dating and relationship articles that can guide you on your journey.

This is what sets MeetMindful apart from other sites. But does the site live up to its claims? Will it help you find your mindful half?

New members at MeetMindful in October 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at MeetMindful are developing compared to others

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Member activity MeetMindful in October 2021 in comparison

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MeetMindful Member Structure

246,000 from USA
Members activity
38,000 new members per month
Gender Proportion
70 %
30 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Open for all genders
  • Members are practicing mindful living
  • Majority of its members are from the big cities in the US
  • Users are looking for friendships and dates
  • There are more female members on the site

MeetMindful is a site where mindful living is celebrated. As you might expect, its members are also people who are committed to this kind of lifestyle. Even though the site is quite new, it already has around 300,000 active members from different countries.  

Majority of its population are from the large cities in the United States. More than 70% of the site's traffic is from the same country as well.

The gender proportion of its members is not evenly distributed. The site is dominated by women and their population is 40% more than that of the male population. But despite that, you will still be able to find your match. 

Most of the site's members are looking for long-term relationships and friendships with a spiritual bond.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at MeetMindful

MeetMindful Registration
  • You can register via Facebook
  • You have to verify your account to proceed
  • Registration process may take a while
  • Some profile information needs to be filled out while signing up
  • Personal information and photos can be synced from Facebook

There are two different signing up options for MeetMindful. You can opt to register via Facebook or you can choose to do the classic email and verification process. The process of signing up itself will only take at least five minutes to complete. But after you have successfully verified the email you used, you will be led to a series of pages with questions that you have to answer. You can skip this process if you want, but it will leave you with an empty profile. 

In the first stages of the registration process, you will be asked to specify your sexual orientation as well as your sexual preferences. The site is open for all and it has no gender biases. The only requirement to proceed on creating your profile is to use a valid and a verified email address.

Making Contact on MeetMindful

MeetMindful App
  • Search filters are available
  • Basic members can only message those who like them back
  • Location-based match recommendations
  • You get a list of people you like
  • There is a chatroom

The site functions similarly as Tinder where you review a profile, decide if you like them or not, and wait until they like you back. Basic members are presented with 10 possible matches daily. They then have to decide who they like and who they want to pass on. 

If you have a basic account, you will only be able to message people in your connections list. These people are the ones you like and liked you back. If you want to message someone who hasn't liked you back, you have to upgrade to a premium account. Premium members are able to send a message to anyone even though a connection has not yet been made.

The app's match recommendation is location-based. Because of that, the available search filter for basic members is only for the distance specification. There is an advanced search filter available for the site 's premium members where they can customize their preferences and choose their ideal soulmate.

MeetMindful Profile Quality

MeetMindful Profile
  • You can send someone a notification to complete their profile
  • Profile fields are mostly essay type questions
  • Allows you to freely express details about your mindful living
  • You can upload up to 6 photos
  • The profiles are very detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

If you're planning to create an account for MeetMindful, you have to prepare yourself to write in words the things you are most passionate about. Completing your profile may take a while, since most of the fields that you have to answer are essay-type, and not the typical 'select what best describes you' sort of thing. Your profile page consists of things that you have written in your own words and are mostly about how you choose to live mindfully. 

The information that you give is divided into three: 

  1. Account profile - this is the section where you put in all the basic information about yourself.
  2. Surface - this is basically where you write what you're looking for, what your mantra is, and what your likes and dislikes are.
  3. Depth - written in this section are the details on how you choose to live mindfully and how committed are you in this kind of lifestyle.

In MeetMindful, you don't judge a person through their pictures, but through their profiles instead. The site allocates a bigger space for the members' profile information, taking up more than half the page when you're looking for a match. 

If you have found your match, and have decided not to use the app anymore, you can choose to delete your profile.  

MeetMindful App

MeetMindful App
  • Free to download
  • App is available for Android and iOS users
  • Design is very similar to the desktop version
  • Website features are also available on the app
  • The app version is slow and buggy

The MeetMindful app is available to download on Google Play and on the Apple App Store for free. The app's interface is pretty similar to the desktop version but a little cramped-up. The feeling when using the app is not as light as when you are using the web version since the space is pretty limited that it makes the elements on the app look unorganized. 

It's always a good thing for sites to have an app as long as it is functional and well made. But the MeetMindful app seems to have not made the cut. The app version is too buggy and glitchy that it's almost impossible to use. After a few minutes of using it, the app crashes or freezes.

This app has a good potential once all the bugs are fixed and it becomes fully functional.

MeetMindful Real Life Review

"I am tired of all the empty matches and shallow connections I get from the usual dating sites. I have always been a romantic and all my life I have been searching for a connection that runs deep. So when I learned about MeetMindful, I did not hesitate to give it a shot. I love how the site focuses on the information that people have written on their profiles, rather than their profile pictures. On the site, people are free to express about what they're most passionate about. It is where I met people with an awakened mind, those who live positively and who dedicate time for self-development, just like me. I have found not only the woman of my dreams but also friends who have inspired me to become a better person." -Tristan, 24

Design and Usability

MeetMindful is one of the recently developed dating sites in this generation. So, it is not a surprise that it has a modern user interface that can easily connect with millennials. The site uses soft earthy tones that give off a feeling of calmness and peace. These colors capture the essence of mindful living quite well and would appeal to the site's target audience.

Its web design is minimalist but at the same time not boring. It has used its elements and spaces well that everything looks seamless when browsing through the site.

The pages are well-organized and easy to navigate. Most pages and actions on this site are represented by icons that are easy to recognize and understand. Even though MeetMindful only has basic features and does not have a lot of gimmicks, the site may still make you want to stay. 

MeetMindful Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Create an account
  • Complete and edit your profile
  • Upload photos
  • 3 likes a day
  • 10 match suggestions every day
  • Basic search filter
  • Message connections
  • My likes
  • Access to articles
Fee-Based Services
  • Unlimited daily matches
  • Unlimited likes
  • Chat with anyone
  • Browse mode
    View many profiles at once.
  • Personalize your preferences
    Advanced search filter.
  • Your likes
    See the list of people who liked you.
  • Private mode
  • See who's premium
  • Skip the support line
    Priority in customer service

Is MeetMindful expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers MeetMindful is average.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
1 Week14.00 USD / Week14.00 USD
1 Month29.00 USD / Month29.00 USD
3 Months16.33 USD / Month49.00 USD
6 Months13.17 USD / Month79.00 USD
MeetMindful Price
Payment Options
  • Credit Card

Is it necessary to make a premium upgrade for MeetMindful? Well, that depends on how much freedom you want while you're using the site. Basic members are limited to only see 10 profiles every day and can only give three likes among their daily suggested match. They can also only send messages to their connections. Although being a standard member looks like you're a bit limited, it does not stop you from enjoying the site. 

If you want to experience everything that the site offers, you can upgrade to premium. MeetMindful has plans offered in four different commitment types. If you just want to give premium a try, you can subscribe to an upgrade that is good for a week.  After that, you can either upgrade to a longer commitment or cancel your subscription. 

Premium memberships on MeetMindful are not that pricey. They are set to a reasonable price, with useful features that can make your mindful dating experience more enjoyable. Note that any payment made on the site is non-refundable, but your subscriptions can be canceled at any time. 

Special Features

Since the site is attracting a particular demographic, they have also added a few features that can help you find your match right away. These features, however, are only available for premium members. 

Advanced Search Filters

MeetMindful's advanced search filters have specific categories that can help you filter your match through their inspirations, diet, intentions, and many more. Using these features will allow you to be matched with people who are most likely to be more compatible with you.

See Who's Premium

This will allow you to know who among your match recommendations and connections are premium members. Seeing who's premium will give you an advantage in knowing who among those you like can respond to a message you send them even without matching.

Chat Anyone

Premium members can message anyone they like, even those they haven't matched with yet. Messages can also be sent to those you haven't liked yet.

Browse Mode

In this mode, you can view many profiles at once. You can also save those profiles you are unsure of on this page for later.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
Profile Quality: 4.5 / 5
App: 3.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
MeetMindful is a site where mindful living meets online dating. It is a safe place for mindful singles to meet and connect with each other. On this site, you will encounter different types of people who live mindfully in their own ways. People who value spirituality, wellness, health and fitness, service, and art are what makes up the majority of the site's population.It is a "connection app" where people find not only dates and partners, but also friendships that are formed by a deeper connection. Though the site gives you quick matches, these matches are carefully chosen to suit your preferences. The detailed profile information helps you decide if someone really matches you well.The site is full of positive and radiant energy from all types of people. Though there might be a difference with regard to its members' sexual preference, gender, race, and beliefs, the welcoming and accepting vibe of the site always prevail. The site is good for anyone who is looking for something that is more than just a match – those seeking to find a cosmic connection with someone. If that is what you're looking for, then why don't you try signing up? 

MeetMindful FAQ


MeetMindul Hack 2021: 2.3 Million Profiles leaked

A hacker has leaked the data of over 2.23 million MeetMindful dating site users including the user's names, email addresses, and their location. The data was posted on publicly accessible hacking forums which can be downloaded for free.

The entire database was scrunched up ina 1.2GB file containing the credentials of the popular dating service's members including their Facebook IDs and birth dates.

This information is enough to make it possible to trace the users' real-world identities, authorities say. However, in a statement, the breach only contained an outdated list of user information and did not include their credit card details.

The hack reportedly took place in one of their databases in Colorado on January 20.

MeetMindful's Keith Gruen said: 'We are deeply sorry that this has happened. We identified the vulnerability and immediately resolved it.'

The dating service is now contacting all its users who were affected and recommended that the users change their passwords.

Can anyone access my data now after the hack?

MeetMindful's Keith Gruen said that the data breach only contained outdated information of their members. To know if you have been affected by the leak, you may send an email to

Who hacked MeetMindful?

Authorities are yet to be identified, but members who were affected, or who believed to have been affected, were advised to contact the site directly at

How do I sign up for a MeetMindful account?

There are two different ways to create an account for MeetMindful. You can either register using an email address or you can also just connect your Facebook account upon signing up.

What happens if I connect Facebook to MeetMindful?

If you create an account via Facebook, the site will no longer send you a verification code and you will have the option to choose photos from your Facebook account. The site does not have access to your friends nor does it post anything on your wall without asking for your permission.

Cost and Payment

What can I do with a basic membership in MeetMindful?

Basic members can browse 10 profiles every day and can only like up to three profiles. They can also choose to add a maximum of six photos on their profile and complete their profiles for free.

    What's included in my premium account?

    You can make use of all the features available on Meet Mindful with a premium account. If you purchase a subscription, you will be able to message anyone you like, have unlimited daily matches and unlimited likes, use browse mode, and many more.

      Is my subscription refundable?

      Unfortunately, MeetMindful does not offer a refund for payments. iOS in-app purchases cannot be edited, canceled, or refunded by the site.


      Is it necessary to complete my MeetMindful profile?

      You have the option to complete your profile or not. But if you want to attract the best matches, write a full and authentic profile.

        Is there a limit to the number of pictures I can add on MeetMindful?

        All members can upload up to six pictures on their profile. To add a photo, go to the 'Photo Manager', click on the add button, and upload the pictures you want to add in your profile.

          Can I send messages on Meet Mindful for free?

          You can send a message to your matches for free. If you want to start a conversation with someone you haven't matched yet, upgrade to premium so you can leave messages to anyone.

            How do I change my location?

            There are two ways to change your location on MeetMindful:

            1. Go to your settings and click the 'Edit' button. From there, select 'Account' and you will find an option to change your location.

            2. You can also change your location by going to your discover page, and from there, customize your location filter. 

            What are connections?

            Connections in MeetMindful are 'mutual likes'. Once a person you like likes you back, the match is stored in your connections tab. You can send a message to your connections for free.

              What happens when a match's profile disappears?

              If a match's profile disappears on MeetMindful, it is possible that he/she closed his/her account. There are also some cases where the admin temporarily closes an account for review and safety precaution.

                What does the "like" function do?

                The "like" is represented by a heart-shaped button. When presented with a member you are interested in, you click this button to show that you like him/her. Everyone you like is saved in your "My Likes" page. Note that unlike in other sites, your likes in MeetMindful cannot be reversed.

                  What does the "pass" function do?

                  The "pass" is the X button you see below the screen when you are looking for matches. You click this button if you are not interested in a person. A pass can only be reversed by MeetMindful's premium members.

                    Can I change the email address I use for MeetMindful?

                    To change the email address you use for the site, you have to send an email from your original email address indicating the new email address you want to use.

                      Can I hide my profile in MeetMindful?

                      Yes, but this feature is only available for Premium members. Hiding your profile means going private. The 'Private Mode' hides you from being discovered by members you are not yet connected to, but you will remain visible to those you've already liked, messaged, and those who have liked you.

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                      • Peg**** 10 years

                        I received communication from man who I question is real. I received a notice from Mindful, out of the blue, regarding security. .can ai be assured ... "Richard" from Bellingham WA is real? I responded to email sent several days ago and have never heard back. I would appreciate a response. «»

                      • Deb *** 58 years

                        I am 58 and looking for men ages 53 - 62. I was only presented with a dozen or so possible matches so I upgraded to Premium in the hopes I would see ... more profiles which was not the case. I requested a refund within 3 days of my purchase because of the lack of members on this site and they refused. «»

                      • Suza*** 60 years

                        The concept is great - and I eagerly signed up for 3 months of premium after trying basic for a week or so. Initially, there seemed to be many intere... sting, appealing - and of course mindful! - men in my age and geographic ranges (55-65 yo and 30 mile radius from a NYC suburb). BUT... reality is different. After 3 months of "liking" and sending an opening message to about 2 dozen men, only 2 or 3 actually responded - about half are still unread - and none have gone beyond a few back and forth texts. Only 2 or 3 liked me first. Also, the same men keep showing up in my feed for 3 months, despite the hype from MM itself that thousands join every week. The experience has been very discouraging. There just doesn't seem to be the volume of actively seeking men in my "range" on this site. Not going to renew. «»

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