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Tinder Review September 2019

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps today that also has a website version. It is widely known for its one-of-a-kind swipe feature. Legal-aged individuals, regardless of generation, can experience using their first impressions and wild instincts to decide whether to swipe left or swipe right and find a match!

Members, who mutually like each other, can connect and have the chance to meet through this app. Keep swiping until you find the one. However, you must first define what "the one" is. Some people use Tinder to find acquaintances while some want to find true love. Some just want hookups while others are looking for a long-term bond. 

Tinder has helped members, especially those who lack face-to-face dating opportunities, to start and ignite the journey of finding a real date. Regardless if you stay in the house the whole day or get stuck at work every day till night, you still have a chance to meet someone that you might want to date.

Whatever your cup of tea is, may it be casual flings or long-term relationships, Tinder claims to have you covered. Does it actually walk the talk? Find out in our review below.

Testimonial: Janine, 34

After going on 24 dates, I’m tired of opening the Tinder app anymore. Imagine getting ready for hours for a date, only to find out that the guy just wants to get me to bed, even though I told him that wasn’t my intention for meeting-up. Which is why I deleted Tinder and instead signed up on Matchmaker apps. In these apps, dates are real and men respect you.

Sign Up

  • Fast and easy registration process
  • You can sign up with your Facebook account, mobile number, or email address
  • Verify your email or mobile number to complete your registration
  • Upload your best photo to attract more swipers

Tinder sign up takes only around five to eight minutes. Simply provide your mobile number or email address to get a verification message. Upon verification, you should input your name, birthday, gender, and profile picture to finish setting up. Unlike others, it is not necessary to have a Facebook account to signup for Tinder. It is just one of the options that you can use.

You can find your match even without a paid membership. However, you will not be able to try out other functions that will level up your swiping experience if you continue using the free version.

Since signing up is very easy and convenient, you can expect to see some fake profiles. So, be extra careful before swiping that profile to the right.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles and Bots

  • Profiles with only one image and little to no bio are either inactive or likely to be fake.
  • When you match with someone, never click on external links they send you via messages.
  • Feel like you're talking to a bot rather than a real person? Better move on to the next and just continue your swipe quest.

5 Most Important Tips for Profile Pictures

  • Upload at least four (4) to five (5) pictures. It assures your profile visitor that you are not a fake.
  • Include some variety in those pictures. Use a portrait, a full body shot, and pictures that show you during your favorite activities and hobbies. Photos that tell a story are great conversation starters.
  • Ditch the filters. Dog ears aren't cute and you don't have porcelain skin and manga eyes.
  • Avoid posting pictures where you wear sunglasses. Your eyes express who you are. They should be visible in your pictures.
  • Only upload quality images. Avoid blurry images and bad lighting. Always pay attention to the background of your photos.

Profile Information

  • Select "more" if your gender preference is not available among the initial choices and then type the word that best describes it
  • You cannot change your name or age on Tinder unless you registered via Facebook (you can change your details there)
  • You can add an anthem to your profile with Spotify
  • You can add, delete, or rearrange the pictures on your profile
  • The "Smart Photo Feature" allows you to upload at least three photos, and let Tinder choose the best picture that will most likely attract other members
  • Add more information about yourself in your bio section to attract more members
Tinder Profile

Aside from the interesting and well-designed profile layout, Tinder lets you have the option of adding music and photos to make your profile more attractive. You may even connect your Instagram (IG) account to help your prospect date see more about you, and eventually follow you. This goes the same with Snapchat, where your cute pictures and filters show more of your personality.

Tinder also allows you to connect to Spotify (even if you don't have an account) to show your kind of music to your profile viewers. Choose the music that would define your profile and you.

You may also opt to just have a low profile and add little information about yourself. However, it may help increase your chances of getting "right swipes" if you will add a little bit more profile information.

What's also probably good about this dating platform is that it supports the members of the LGBTQ+. It gives them the option of choosing the most suitable word that will best define their sexual orientation. 

Upon further research, we found out that some profile might be suspended for not being active for a period of time. If you wish to keep your profile, you might opt to check it every now to avoid inconvenience.

Tips on What to Write on your Tinder Bio to Get More Right Swipes

  • Make your bio catchy to let the reader finish up to the last word.
  • Don't be scared to add a little bit more of what you like to do and what interests you.
  • Adding some humor wouldn't hurt. It's actually a turn on.
  • Use words that are easy to understand. You don't have to be a poet here!

Contacting Members

  • Sending messages is free for matched users
  • Members who mutually like each other are able to send and reply to each other
  • Unmatch yourself from another user to stop him or her from messaging you
  • Deleting a single message is not possible, but deleting conversations is
  • Avail Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus to have access to more features

Being able to send messages on dating apps is very important. Every online dater knows that.

Tinder allows you to send unlimited messages to other members. However, you and the other member have to mutually like each other before doing so. You can never send messages to other users who chose to swipe left on your profile.

On the contrary, if you suddenly feel uncomfortable about your match or if you realize that you don't click together, you can block that particular match. Offensive members can also be reported to the support team. 

As per the search options, Tinder search is only possible for matched profiles. You cannot look for specific users using this app if you haven't liked each other's profiles.

The USA ranks second on the most number of Tinder members worldwide. You will have a big chance of finding a date because out of fifty million members, more than ten percent are located in the country.

Special Features

Tinder offers several features to make the swiping game easy and yet more exciting. They come along with paid membership, but they will surefire win you a match.


Get more chances of finding a match if you boost your profile. Be on the top of the queue for thirty minutes and let more people swipe right on your profile.


Every day, you get one free Super Like to send to a member of your choice. If you want more, subscribe to a premium account. The icon of Super Like is the blue star. Clicking on it means that you think that the member is standing out from all the other members.  

Passport/Swipe Around the World

Your location affects the matches that you find. With this feature, however, you'll be able to change the location of your preference and find members who even are on the other side of the world.


If you changed your mind or accidentally swiped left a person that you think you like, use rewind to undo your left swipe.

Top Picks

This special feature shows the top profiles picked especially for you. This can save you some time in finding your ideal date because Tinder has already chosen the top candidates for you. So, better be honest when you are setting your criteria to make Tinder's Top Picks accurate.


  • The design looks good but you need to familiarize yourself with the icons first
  • Easy swipe feature is very convenient
  • Download the Tinder Dating App from Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Blackberry for free
  • Connect your Tinder account easily to your Instagram, Spotify, or Snapchat account

Tinder is most popularly being used on mobile phones. The swiping is much easier and the layout is attractive with all the icons, colors, and profile music.

However, if you want to utilize the app at its best, make sure to familiarize yourself first with the icons before clicking on them. This will help you avoid wasting freebies like Superlike, Boost, and Rewind. 

For phones that run on Windows OS, you may download "6tin," a third party app of Tinder, since the main app is not yet available on Windows Store.

Field Test

"Using Tinder is exciting and overwhelming considering the number of members that I was able to choose from. Most of the matches that I found have very few information on their profile. I don't have a way to know more but to like them and wait for them to like me back. Honestly, I hesitated to do that because I have no assurance that the user is not fake. In the end, I still tried to swipe right. So far, my matches were nice and they sent decent messages, too. I might be lucky not to encounter disrespectful members then." - Ea, Post-Grad Student, 23

Rip-off for men?

It is noticeable that as soon as man registers with Tinder, he garners a lot of visibility and receives a lot of matches. However, after a week or two, the number of matches and likes eventually go down. This is due to Tinder’s algorithm which lowers the ranking of men who are free users. They prioritize visibility of users who pay for the premium membership. To become more visible again, you would have to buy expensive boosts or membership, otherwise you will hardly have matches.

The Problem With Tinder

  • Nowadays sex comes before the relationship and isn’t the climax of romantic and intimacy anymore. It has become more of a precondition to engaging in a relationship. Depending on how good one matches on the bodily dimension, the other invests in him or not.
  • The daily online-dating-routine is often stressful. The flirting schedule is comparable to work-life: paired with pressure and stress. There are way too many options sometimes and all need to be scrutinized. But in many cases relationships may also end as fast as they have begun; ghosting, breadcrumbing (short, dis-interested messages) and mosting (overly interested at first, then nothing) are neologisms that arose with the Tinder-era.
  • Most women use tinder to find relationships, men to have fun - it is obvious, that this doesn’t match. Yet, they still have sex, since women hope that it might lead to a relationship. Men, on the other hand, despise women that are easy to get as their girlfriends. Still, it’s mostly women, that seek for ego boosts online.
  • Dating-apps tighten the competition between singles and intensify distrust and suspiciousness. You try to shelter your heart and ego from disappointments and slowly sodden. Additionally, a lot of people don’t find a relationship on tinder because they refuse to admit, that they have met on a dating app.

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Tinder Gold under 28
1 Month9.99 USD / Month9.99 USD
6 Months8.83 USD / Month52.99 USD
12 Months6.92 USD / Month82.99 USD
Tinder Gold over 28
1 Month19.99 USD / Month19.99 USD
6 Months15.00 USD / Month90.00 USD
12 Months10.00 USD / Month120.00 USD
Tinder Plus under 28
1 Month9.99 USD / Month9.99 USD
6 Months5.83 USD / Month34.99 USD
12 Months4.58 USD / Month54.99 USD
Tinder Plus over 28
1 Month14.99 USD / Month14.99 USD
6 Months10.00 USD / Month60.00 USD
12 Months6.67 USD / Month80.00 USD
Free Services
  • Tinder App Download
  • Registration
  • Left swipe
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Find members near your location
  • One super like per day
Fee based Services
  • See members who like you
  • Match instantly
  • Unlimited likes and right swipes
  • Be on top of the line
  • Find other members around the world
  • Rewind your swipe
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Via Mobile Phone

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the premium upgrades available on Tinder. Both have features of unlimited likes, swipe rewind, five super likes a day, 1 boost every month, and the passport feature to let you see members from around the world in your swipe list. 

The only difference between the two, aside from the prices, is the added feature of Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold allows you to see who liked you first. No need to wait for a match because you can instantly swipe right and send messages to the other user.

Note as well that members who are 28 years old or older are reported to pay a higher amount than younger members. This price tier is not applicable to members who reside in the state of California.


Tinder has pretty much revolutionized the online dating scene with its swipe function. In fact, it somehow became a role model for dozens of other apps. One of the dating sites it has significantly inspired is Bumble by Whitney Wolfe. 

This leading dating app allows members to check on matches based on their location and preferences. This is quite a catchy game for the new generation of users.

Registration is easy and convenient, too, although it lacks advanced verification processes. This process is something the site can improve if we are to assess.

Sending messages is exclusive for members who mutually like each other. But that's actually okay because you get to connect only with people who fit your taste. Moreover, the app has many other features which can level up your game of finding the right date. 

Some issues were raised by reviewers about the customer service of Tinder. Most mentioned that the team doesn't address the concerns of users properly. Although these reviews were not verified, it would be best to keep your issues properly documented for your reference.

Tinder dating is now very much hyped up but it also suggests taking chances since the profiles don't say much about the member. It's a bit superficial since liking a profile is based mostly on what you see on the picture; sometimes not even checking out what's on the bio. You can add any picture that you like and it's easy to deceive others. In the same manner, others can easily deceive you, too.

Overall, though, this dating platform is confirmed to be legit and accessible. No wonder it is now one of the most famous dating apps in the world.

But, if you prefer to have more peace of mind, you can check out other Matchmaker Sites that we have tested, and find the date that you can be a little more sure of.


General Facts

Is Tinder available worldwide?

This dating site is available in more than 190 countries. However, your matches will be based on your fixed location. You can change this location if you will upgrade to a premium account.

How old should you be to register on Tinder?

You should be at least 18 years old upon registration or else, you will be blocked from the site.

Can I use the app using my computer?

Yes, Tinder has a website application. You can also access it on the website itself. But of course, the swiping experience is more fun when using the mobile app.

How many members does Tinder have worldwide?

Tinder has around 50 million registered users worldwide.

What's the major difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold?

With both premium accounts, you can use special features like Boost, Superlike, and Rewind. But what makes Tinder Gold more advanced is that it allows users to see who liked them first and send messages right away.

Community Guidelines

What will happen to a member who uses a Tinder Account to solicit money?

Members who try to solicit money through the tinder app and dating site, when caught, may be subjected to investigation and be banned from Tinder.

Which information shouldn't be posted in your Tinder Account?

You are in control of your profile information. However, be mindful about sharing personal details such as passwords, financial and account details, social security numbers, and the likes.

Registration and Cancellation

How can I register on Tinder?

Download the application and register with your Facebook account, mobile number, or your email address. You may also use the web app or website to register.

How do I verify my email?

Tinder will send a verification message to you. You simply have to click on the link included on the message to verify your account. 

What happens if I register using my Facebook Account?

Tinder can only access the public information and pictures of your Facebook Account. It also accesses your age and gender which you cannot change unless you do it on Facebook.

Is it possible to permanently delete my Tinder Account?

Yes, you can delete your Tinder account anytime. Just tap on the profile icon, go to settings, and select Delete Account. If you try to log in again using the same FB account or phone number, a new Tinder account will be created.


How can I connect my Instagram, Snapchat, or Spotify accounts to my Tinder account?

Go to "Edit Profile" with the pencil icon and scroll down to look for the particular app that you want to connect to.

I don't have a Spotify account, can I still put an anthem on my account?

Yes, you still can put an anthem on your Tinder Profile even without a Spotify account. Choose your anthem by going to the "Edit Profile" section and tap on "Choose Anthem."

What happens if I disable the "Show me on Tinder " option?

Your card will not be shown to others, but you will still be able to connect and send messages to your previous matches.


How can I message someone?

You can only send Tinder messages to a match who also likes you. There is no chance that you can send messages to random people unless you avail the Tinder Gold membership.

Is sending messages free?

Sending Tinder messages is free but only limited to your matches if you are on a free membership. If you avail of Tinder Gold, you will be able to send messages to your possible matches even if they haven't liked you back yet.

Special Features

What happens if I click on the bolt icon in Tinder?

The bolt icon is for the "Boost" feature. If you want to increase the chances of finding a match, you may click on it. However, the use is also limited to premium membership.

I accidentally swiped to the left instead of right, what should I do?

Tinder has this rewind feature which lets you go back to the previous profile. However, you will also have limited access to this feature unless you upgrade.

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