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Very Bad
  • Mar**** 66 years

    Once you have a profile, interest trickles in for years.The men who write messages are sometimes, not legitimate. As soon as a suggest moving to phon... e contact they disappear or have very thick accents. Hmmmm. «»

  • Mar**** 66 years

    Once you have a profile, interest trickles in for years.The men who write messages are sometimes, not legitimate. As soon as a suggest moving to phon... e contact they disappear or have very thick accents. Hmmmm. «»

  • Log**** 39 years

    Nothing, anymore.Even the premium profiles are fake. Total scam.

  • Ga***** 54 years

    The intent is good.I don’t believe many of the profiles are real. M

  • Sar**** 57 years

    Not much.This site is FULL of scammers!!! I have met only about 2 people who are real.

  • Doug*** 62 years

    It is indeed oriented toward mindfulness and spirituality.There are many fake profiles on the site. When I was active on the site (my profile showed ... recent visits, I guess), I received multiple contacts from fake profiles every week. You could tell they were fake not only because of absurdly younger women, minimally filled-out profiles, and grammar errors but also because if you checked them again in a week or so, their location had changed. When I engaged with one of these profiles and gave them contact info, I almost immediately got contacted by another number, telling me there was a technical problem requiring me to give my password.Luckily, I knew what was happening and replied to the "system message" referring to them by the name of the fake profile. They made the mistake of replying from their "system account," and immediately after that, the fake profile person caught off contact.Another clue: watch for emails/texts from a contact that do not answer your questions (because they are pre-written messages), and watch if their messages immediately fall in love with you. This is almost always not real.I did have a few women who engaged in good conversations/were interesting and interested, but they were few in my area who were willing to meet actually. «»

  • Andr*** 56 years

    I like people's profiles, they are not just a bunch of questions and lists of activities.There are hardly any men in my age group. And my profile... got frozen, but they didn’t tell me, so it seemed no one was even reading messages I sent. And my profile got hacked. I liked the idea of MeetMindful so much. The reality was terrible. «»

  • rach*** 65 years

    nothingthere's not much mindfulness. many of the men also appear on other sites. many are not match worthy.

  • Peg**** 10 years

    I received communication from man who I question is real. I received a notice from Mindful, out of the blue, regarding security. .can ai be assured ... "Richard" from Bellingham WA is real? I responded to email sent several days ago and have never heard back. I would appreciate a response. «»

  • Deb *** 58 years

    I am 58 and looking for men ages 53 - 62. I was only presented with a dozen or so possible matches so I upgraded to Premium in the hopes I would see ... more profiles which was not the case. I requested a refund within 3 days of my purchase because of the lack of members on this site and they refused. «»

  • Suza*** 60 years

    The concept is great - and I eagerly signed up for 3 months of premium after trying basic for a week or so. Initially, there seemed to be many intere... sting, appealing - and of course mindful! - men in my age and geographic ranges (55-65 yo and 30 mile radius from a NYC suburb). BUT... reality is different. After 3 months of "liking" and sending an opening message to about 2 dozen men, only 2 or 3 actually responded - about half are still unread - and none have gone beyond a few back and forth texts. Only 2 or 3 liked me first. Also, the same men keep showing up in my feed for 3 months, despite the hype from MM itself that thousands join every week. The experience has been very discouraging. There just doesn't seem to be the volume of actively seeking men in my "range" on this site. Not going to renew. «»

  • Chri*** 66 years

    I have been on this site for 2 weeks. I have given "hearts" to 3 gentlemen each day. Absolutely NONE of them have responded to me.I am a well-educated... woman who is independent, and have a lot to offer. I am wondering if my "hearts" are being received. «»

  • Jacq*** 53 years

    You don't know whether or not you have joined because you do not receive any emails to confirm this which is a bit confusing. Also there don't appear... to be many functions. «»

  • Shas*** 44 years

    I am a member of 3 dating sites. This is by far the worst. It’s glitchy, they micromanage who you can interact with and make it difficult to find peop... le beyond a location. I cancelled my membership within a week of signing up. They say that once you pay for 3 months, you keep your account for 3 months. So I continued to give them a try. Then they automatically renewed my account without my permission. Since the card was in there database it automatically deducted another payment on my CANCELED subscription. I had to completely cancel my card and am currently disputing the charge. Do NOT give them your credit card info. Mine was not safe with them and I’m having to get the bank involved to prevent further fraudulent charges from this company. «»

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