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BLK Review October 2021

For a little over a year since its official launch, BLK has been growing its member base, which is exclusive to Black singles living in the United States and Canada. With its strict registration process, you are sure that the majority of its members are authentic and have genuine intentions in using the app. All features of BLK are free to use and relies on mutual connections. Meaning, you can only message those who are also interested in you.

BLK assures that they will always improve their mobile app to provide a seamless experience for their members to meet and connect. They promise to provide a safe platform where Black singles can form a community based on similar likes and interests.

New members at BLK in October 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at BLK are developing compared to others

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Member activity BLK in October 2021 in comparison

This is how active BLK members are compared to others

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BLK Member Structure

40,000 from USA
Members activity
5,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • Records over 400,000 downloads for Android users
  • Record over 77,000 downloads on the App Store
  • Only available in the United States and Canada
  • Males outnumber the females
  • Most of the users are aged 25-34

BLK is a black dating app that’s only available in the United States and Canada. Despite the limited accessibility, it still enjoys a relatively good average of downloads from both the App Store and Play Store.

In terms of gender, most of the users are males. However, because most of its functions are free, it won’t be impossible if the gender ratio improves in the long run.

As for age, the population at BLK is quite young. The majority belongs to the 25-34 age range, but a considerable chunk of the members are in between 18-24 years old. If you prefer getting in touch with mature members, you’ll see a handful who are in their late 30s and up.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at BLK

BLK facebook
  • Registration process takes 1-3 minutes
  • You can sign up using your mobile number or Facebook account
  • Mobile number verification needed
  • Profile photo is required if signing up is through mobile
  • Information and photos are synced if you sign up using Facebook
  • Has a gay share available

Signing up for an account on BLK only takes one to three minutes. You have two options on how you want to register: through your mobile number or your Facebook account. If you choose to sign up via your mobile number, BLK will send you a validation code which you need to provide on the verification page. If you choose to register via your Facebook account, you only need to give consent that Facebook will access your basic information. Your profile photo, name, and birthday are then automatically synced. After signing up, you just need to provide your gender and the gender of the person you are are looking for, and you are all set to use the mobile app.

Making Contact on BLK

BLK search settings
  • Roulette-type matching
  • Sending messages is free
  • You can only send messages to successful matches
  • You can send one free ‘Really Like’ per day
  • ‘Boost’ puts you on top of match suggestions for 30 minutes
  • You can modify the settings of your match suggestions

BLK has a pretty simple contacting feature which is similar to other popular dating apps. Its matchmaking feature is roulette-type, where photos of potential matches are displayed on your screen and you have the choice to skip or send a like. Swiping right means that you like the person while swiping left means that he or she is not really your type. When you get a mutual interest, you and that user will belong to each others’ connections and you can start chatting.

You can also send ‘Really Like’ notifications to a member you are very much interested in. When you send a ‘Really Like’ to another member, that member is notified about your interest. This increases the chances of a mutual match.

With regard to match suggestions, you can modify your match suggestions in terms of age, location, and gender. You can change these in your ‘Account Settings’ which is represented by a gear icon.

BLK Profile Quality

BLK Profile
  • Profiles do not feature much information
  • Photo galleries are visible to everyone
  • Profile photos are required to be uploaded
  • Your name and profile photo on Facebook will automatically be synced if you sign up via Facebook
  • Members' profiles display the users' birthdays
  • You can upload a maximum of 6 photos to your photo gallery

    Profiles in BLK feature very limited details. In fact, unless they use up all allowable 200 characters for the ‘About Me’ section, profiles feature only three things about the member. These details are the member’s occupation, school or company, and how many miles you are away from him or her.

    However, since providing a photo is required in BLK, the majority of members have at least three photos on their photo galleries as well. Usually, BLK fills up the six photo spaces with the profile photos on your Facebook account that are set to public.

    BLK App

    BLK home

      With dozens of mobile apps and websites specifically made for Black dating, why do users use the newcomer, BLK? We have rounded up three reasons why this new dating app is worthy of playing in the “big leagues”:

      1. Concentrated member base.

      Since BLK is only available in two countries, the member base is contained within a specific geographical location. So whenever you strike a match, you are sure that the member you matched with does not live halfway across the world. Other than that, BLK is highly marketed for Black singles, so its member base is 98% composed of Black individuals looking to date people of the same color.

      2. Matchmaking made easy.

      With BLK’s roulette-type matchmaking feature, getting matches or connections, are fairly quick and easy. With just one swipe, you can either hit skip or send an interest. When you like a person who also liked you, there will be a pop-up saying that you’re a match. You can then start messaging him or her, and it could be the start of a fruitful relationship. This type of matchmaking is fast-paced, and highly relies on appearance. It’s perfect for users who want to pass the time and get a quick connection with another person.

      3. It’s free.

      All BLK’s features are free. There is no need to pay for sending messages. You can completely enjoy the perks of being a member of BLK for absolutely no charge!

      BLK Real Life Review

      “I don’t know, but I’ve always preferred dating women who have the same color as mine. It’s less drama and we understand each other more. Imagine my reaction when I heard about BLK, a semi-exclusive Black dating mobile app that is free to use! Much more, the app is only available in the US (and Canada), so members are “confined” and relatively within reach. I was ecstatic that I downloaded the app immediately. I swiped right to women that were my type and had a number of mutual matches. I like this app because it is straightforward and very easy to use!”

       - Travis, 28, Louisiana

      Design and Usability

      The mobile app’s design is so straightforward that it gives a pleasant user experience for its members. Everything is easy to find and the design is optimized for mobile use, with the relevant gestures and the icons easily reachable for a user on-the-go.

      The app has three icons at the top. The first icon, which is at the upper left side, is a ‘user’ which represents your profile. In this tab, you are able to see your ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Edit Profile’ configuration. You can also purchase add-ons on this page.

      The icon at the middle is BLK’s logo, which takes you to its matchmaking feature. Member photos take up the whole screen, with three icons sitting below. The icons are an ‘X’ which is for skipping the profile, a ‘crown’ for sending a “Really Like”, and a ‘heart’ to send a like. The last icon, ‘chat bubbles’, can be found at the upper right side of the screen. This is your inbox where all your mutual connections and conversations are stored.

      BLK Costs and Prices

      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      1 Credit1.99 USD / Credit1.99 USD
      5 Credits1.49 USD / Credit7.45 USD
      10 Credits1.19 USD / Credit11.90 USD
      Really Like
      5 Credits0.49 USD / Credit2.45 USD
      25 Credits0.39 USD / Credit9.75 USD
      60 Credits0.29 USD / Credit17.40 USD
      BLK Cost
      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      • Via Mobile Phone

      The use of all features in BLK is free. However, they do offer two add-ons that could help increase the productivity and satisfaction of your experience with the app. The first add-on that you can purchase is called ‘Boost’. ‘Boost’ moves you to the top of the list, making you one of the first profiles seen in your current location for 30 minutes. The other add-on is called ‘Really Like’. This feature allows you to send a ‘Really Like’ notification to another member, which is said to increase the likelihood of a mutual match.

      Special Features

      All of the features this platform has was reviewed in the upper sections.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
      Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
      Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
      Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
      BLK provides a promising platform for Black singles to make instant connections. Yes, its features are very much similar to other dating apps and it doesn’t really offer anything “new,” but it is one of the few fruitful mobile dating apps that specifically cater to Black singles. Its strict registration process ensures that only US or Canadian residents are able to sign up in the app. This helps to confine the member base to a concentrated location, which increases the likelihood of actual meet-ups between members. Hence, if you're looking for a secure app that prioritizes in creating connections than expanding its member base, BLK is probably the new app to try. Sign up and see what's waiting for you!

      BLK FAQ


      Who owns BLK?

      BLK is owned and operated by Affinity Apps, Ltd. It is a part of the Match community, which also operates Tinder, OkCupid, Twoo, and a lot more.

      When was BLK first launched?

      BLK is a relatively new mobile dating app which was launched in the year 2017.

      Is BLK exclusive to Black people?

      BLK is marketed for Black single people, but anyone can still join.

      Is BLK available in desktop?

      BLK is currently only available as a mobile app.


      How do I join BLK?

      You can join BLK via Facebook or through a mobile number.

      Does BLK offer premium membership or add-on purchases?

      BLK does not offer any premium membership, but it offers two kinds of additional purchases that can boost your chances in getting more matches.

      Can I temporarily hide my BLK profile?

      Yes, you can choose not to be shown on other member’s match suggestions. You can do this by disabling the ‘Show me on BLK’ option in your profile settings.

      How do I permanently delete my BLK account?

      You can delete your account by clicking the ‘Delete’ button found in the ‘Profile Settings.’ Deleting your account will remove all your messages and connections.

      Is it possible to recover a deleted BLK account?

      You cannot recover a deleted BLK account.


      How does BLK work?

      BLK works through a roulette-type matching. It shows you photos of potential matches which you whether swipe left to skip or swipe right to like. When you are also swiped right by a member that you like, you will be added to each other’s connections.

      How do I send a message in BLK?

      The messaging in BLK functions through mutual connections. Members can only send a message to their successful connections.

      How do I upload a photo?

      You can upload a photo in BLK by clicking the ‘Add’ button through the ‘Edit Profile’ icon.

      How do I delete a photo?

      When you tap the ‘Edit Profile’ icon, just simply tap the ‘X’ button to delete a photo from BLK.

      Why was my photo removed?

      Your photo was removed because it probably didn’t meet BLK’s photo guidelines. Nude, violent, copyrighted, and celebrity photos are not allowed to be uploaded on BLK.

      How do I log out of the app?

      Through your ‘Profile Settings,’ you can tap the ‘Logout’ button to temporarily sign out of BLK.

      What is ‘Passphrase’?

      ‘Passphrase’ is similar to a password, which you need to enter each time you use the same number, but would want to sign in to BLK using a new device.

      I want to delete a Match, how do I do that?

      To delete a Match on BLK, you can do a long press on the profile photo of the Match you want to delete and tap ‘Delete Connection.’

      I want to delete a conversation with another BLK member, how do I do that?

      You can delete a conversation on BLK by sliding it to the left and clicking ‘Delete.’

      Why did my BLK Match disappear?

      Your BLK Match may have disappeared because they deleted their account or they unmatched with you.


      What security features does BLK offer?

      BLK has a published Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage that are strictly enforced and followed. Those who violate these terms are suspended from using the account

      How do I block an abusive user?

      You can block an abusive user on BLK by tapping the ‘Block Member’ button found under the three dots on his or her profile.

      How do I report a suspicious user?

      You can report a concern on BLK by tapping the ‘Report a concern’ button found under the three dots on his or her profile.

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      • Jas**** 40 years

        pretty womenBLK suspended my account because i had my Bitmoji pics up and said i was looking for a FWB relationship because i have a high sex drive. ... However they allow women to solicit people to their cash app or snap chat to sex sex and i have been told they are scamming people out of their money. either way its all illegal. But my account was banned and i was told it was unsafe for their community «»

      • sh***** 45 years

        alot of different people on there and you can block who you don't like. can find men with education and good jobs. so many payments. seems like they ... are manipulating the app. once you have a couple of conversations, they seem to go dark «»

      • CIN**** 56 years

        I paid for it, but its really not appealing...its totally based on appearance and no real substance. I won't renew. More for young adults

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