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Very Bad
  • Jean*** 39 years

    I dont.First, half the times the profile and pictures don't show up for quite some time, its just a gray box. I don't like if you accidentally unmatc... h someone you can no longer get their profile again. Let's see, I put in my recommended distance and I am still being shown people 500 miles away. There is absolutely no perks to this I have no clue what I paid for or the difference between elite and premium package. I don't like when these companies can take your money so easily, but no way for them to really be contacted at all, not even by email. I wish I can get my money back, it was wasted. I saw 1, uno, one guy that I thought was anywhere near cute out of 800+ likes and he's the one I accidentally unmatched. I can see not getting profile if person is blocked, but not if just unmatched. Within 72 hours of signing unto this app I knew I made a mistake. Is there a better dating app? «»

  • Ju***** 60 years

    Large selection to choose from.Doesn't follow my preferences I select.

  • T****** 35 years

    I can tell the people are real.So far nothing.

  • Kare*** 47 years

    I only gave a star so I can write this review. This is one of the worst dating sites. The only one that beats this site is POF. All the men on this si... te are either already married, in relationships or just looking to hook up. I wouldn’t recommend this site to my worst enemy. The worst men u will ever meet. «»

  • Jef**** 36 years

    Nothing terrible App. Terrible app developers. This app sucks disable my account for no reason and yet many Bots and spam and soliciting of prostitut... ion. Would not recommend to anyone looking for something real with substance. Seems like they just care about taking your money and having limited features. «»

  • Cor**** 42 years

    My experience was disappointing at best. There seem to be too many female fake accounts to make it seem as if you have more chances to make a connecti... on than you really do have.I had issues purchasing super likes. It kept telling me I already owned that product. Mine ran out and I couldn't buy more. And those are important because if the person you are interested in doesn't have a subscription then they cannot see that you like them, unless they like you as well. But the super like allows them to see your profile and decide whether they want to connect or not. They need to fix this and allow us to purchase as many super likes as we want, considering it makes them money. «»

  • Just*** 38 years

    Nothing at all….They terminated my account that was only open for about 10 min and wouldn’t even tell me when I reached out to customer service. Horr... ible experience. «»

  • Ku***** 47 years

    Not a lot.Most of the “woman” look like and sound like dudes in transition. Creepy experience. Deleted app.

  • bria*** 22 years

    All the profiles are scams! They have a profile on their platform impersonating me and they will not remove it. Do not use!!! You will get scammed an... d won’t find love. «»

  • Mich*** 49 years

    Nothing. It’s a complete scam. The men profiles are not real. When you ask to see them in person they disappear. I have experienced at least 5 scamme... rs on this website and reported a few. The others block you so you can’t report them. This is the worst dating site out. I highly recommend you save your money. «»

  • Sta**** 36 years

    I like the fact that you can find black men . But that’s about it . The app should be a hook up site at this point . People on there are not looking f... or real serious relationships. I don’t like that when you match no one speaks . Or if they do speak it’s very dry and one word convos . It’s a waste of money and I do not recommend anyone use this app !!! The men on this app are not Looking to converse but to hookup and that’s it . This is not tailored for relationships that lead to marriage ! But to get your money . «»

  • E****** 65 years

    There are no features on the app that I like. I have been a member on other sites and this one is by far the worst.Many of the profiles appear to be ... fake. For example, I have seen multiple profiles with the same pictures but different names, ages, and personal information on each profile. Bots, maybe? If so, security is weak. Also, over 200 likes and not one message or conversation. Highly suspicious! «»

  • Yola*** 46 years

    Nothing!!!It's not FREE!! You have to pay to send or see a message!! Total waste of time!! Definitely not what is advertised!!! Don't even waste your... time downloading it!!! «»

  • G****** 24 years

    Noting It's trash fake like. Had 9 like , but I could never match with any of them, I'm sure they fake matches just to have you pay for the service

  • Rox**** 63 years

    Nothing Total waist of time and money. This site is the worst, full of fakes

  • Yvon*** 60 years

    Not a thing.I paid for a one-month subscription but can't check messages. Rip off!

  • Nade*** 48 years

    First I was like if Black it must be good then I been on it for 3 months now, the location of where these men located are off one of the man his locat... ion said 32 miles from me, when we started talking then he's like no I'm in Tunisia Africa in the service, too many catfish military profile, and no good bastard are registered on that dating site. «»

  • Chel*** 40 years

    I have 375 likes within 3 days....I have 375 likes within 3 days but have to pay for a subscription to see which actually liked me. Although I added ... the distance restriction, I am still getting matches over the 50 miles I requested.... 150, 200, and 250 miles away. «»

  • Youw*** 58 years

    Not one thing.This site do not protect subscribers profile information. It’s easy for scammers to clone your information and then you are disabled a... nd they have gotten your money. Buyers Beware!!! Run quick and don’t look back! «»

  • Dime*** 58 years

    You can chat for free.This is supposed to be for black Singles but there are a lot of Caucasian singles...why? If you aren't willing to give your ph... one number out, no one wants to be bothered!!! What a waste of money and I want to cancel after one month. I really was serious about meeting someone but this seems to be a scam. I cancelled but was told my membership was good until February...I want a refund period!!! «»

  • Ty***** 46 years

    Alot of black men with jobsAlot of scammers, men looking just to have sex. Fat guys seem to want a relationship. The good looking ones want sex. The ... good looking ones you will talk to for a couple of days and they disappear. «»

  • Ja***** 47 years

    I can't say what i like about this app just yet,because i just downloaded it today a friend told me about this app..I don't like the fact that BLK fo... rces you to join premium in order to continue your likes and dislikes. I thought the app was free apparently there is some discrepancy and their claws..If something is FREE why force anyone to pay in order to like someone's profile. Then we must play the guessing game to see who likes us who has time for childs play. «»

  • Jas**** 40 years

    pretty womenBLK suspended my account because i had my Bitmoji pics up and said i was looking for a FWB relationship because i have a high sex drive. ... However they allow women to solicit people to their cash app or snap chat to sex sex and i have been told they are scamming people out of their money. either way its all illegal. But my account was banned and i was told it was unsafe for their community «»

  • sh***** 45 years

    alot of different people on there and you can block who you don't like. can find men with education and good jobs. so many payments. seems like they ... are manipulating the app. once you have a couple of conversations, they seem to go dark «»

  • CIN**** 56 years

    I paid for it, but its really not appealing...its totally based on appearance and no real substance. I won't renew. More for young adults

  • Jerr*** 52 years

    Wish I could give lower or no star.This app sucks big time. A total waste of time and money. Doesn't let you know where ppl are from and the locale ju... st gets farther and farther by the day. Features are so limited with what you can do on this app its certainly not worth putting any time or money into it.Totally disappointed and left so much left to be desired. They should give ppl their money back. «»

  • CeeC*** 53 years

    My experience was not good at all very disappointed. Navigating the site was easy but seeing your matches or location of your match was not possible o... r hard to find. I definitely will not recommend this site unless they upgrade their site better. «»

  • Wi***** 50 years

    BLK app on the Tomatometer gets "nothing". On a scale of -10 to +10 ,BLK rating is -11. Site administrators in addition to fake profiles generate me... ssages to members as if they are real people to keep members entertained. I have members messaging me that I did not give a like too - like where did you come from. I not even sure "why" they have a Block icon. I have blocked several members and they keep showing up. Site administrators need to spend time on improvements/cleaning trash off the site versus spending time in ignorance, regenerating profiles, and whatever else it is that they do (or should I say "don't do). I am a very open individual and understand that we all have the good, bad, and indifferent. BLK - cannot find a credible word to describe. BLK you get a rotten tomatoes "Splat" at 0% rated with 5 reviews from top critic members. Please anyone/ not waste your data plan on BLK. Your madness should not exist - and no - not bitter, insecure, mad, etc. - simply wise! Wow - I just observed the company is in Dallas, Texas - now I truly understand the lack of intelligent and the mentality. *I do not want to give it 1 star but you have to when submitting comments - jezzzzz «»

  • Karl*** 53 years

    I was scammed/catfished on BLK. I did not have a good experience. Canceled my subscription after 3days.Karla

  • Ange*** 54 years

    Your system is systematic in the like and X. Some of the ladies looking for the men to respond first. But it appears that the system is setup for the ... women to make the first initiative. Several of us notice this unfair glitch BLK PRESENTS as fair. Men wait to see all the like only. Only likes. They should have options to see All ladies wanting a male as a choice. BLK System is limiting those upfront options. «»

  • Sebr*** 51 years

    I went to get the code to log back in and I can not. I don't know if the system crash but My information is on the site. and my pictures. BLK does not... have my permission to use my pictures in any ads. Please contact me I want to delete my profile. «»

  • Lore*** 42 years

    My experience has not been good with the blk dating app. When I registered within a couple of days I had over 60 likes but of course I has to purchas... e a membership to see them. So finally I decided to pay for a one month subscription. After I paid I realized that over 90% of the women who liked me were on average 150 miles away. Red flag!I decided to correspond with a few of them to confirm my suspicions. The first lady said she lived in WV. When I asked for her number she gave a number with an area code from another state. Of course we never communicated on that number but instead she got me to communicate through a third party phone service. Another red flag.Her English was broken (another red flag) however she was often too busy to talk because she said she was in the military and had to drive her boss around. Soon as I shared my suspicions she used tried to use reverse psychology to make me feel guilty for even questioning her.After communicating with 2 more women it was a very similar experience.Oh yea, let me add. After I paid for the month subscriptions the like stopped. But I kept getting notifications to boost my profile to get more likes. So I boosted my profile and got 3 likes. Take a guess how far they were away.Basically I've figured out they either hire of give some sort of incentive for women (or maybe even men) to set up fake profiles that can be used at their own discretion to entice men who are desperate for companionship. That's my experience so far. «»

  • Juan*** 67 years

    I have been on this site for about 2 months now. I have only met guys who are using men profiles that they feel women will be attracted to. Once you... start communicating with them always want to communicate via an app, such as, What apps and Hangouts. They never want to talk by phone because you are able to tell that they are from other countries because of the language barrier. Too many scams to pay money to meet people. «»

  • Tru**** 48 years

    I just switched to a new phone and I had to create a new BLK on my new phone now this app is ridiculous I review 1 profile and pi can't get any furthe... r because it wants me to go premium which on my old phone it would ask if I wanted a boost I say no thanks and keep going I need to know how to get past this also typo on my day of birth with no way to correct it «»

  • Yat**** 62 years

    The only problem I have is that the locations are far away. Non are close to my city or state that I live in or even close to it. I didn't see the are... a where I could put a zip code for distances. Examples 50 -75 miles away, or 100 miles away ECT. Please advise if you have this function available. Before I join this is important to me. Thanks very much. «»

  • osc**** 44 years


  • Phoe*** 31 years

    I LOVE this app. I am a black female and I only date black men. Every other dating site either has no way to filter your matches by ethnicity, or it s... eems like there are only a handful of black men on there. This app has ONLY black men and women- so need to filter. It's free as well, so I can communicate freely. The only thing I don't like is there is no geographic filter. I love that it's USA and Canada only, I'm not interested in seeing people in other countries or doing long distance. I wish I could specify the max amount of miles I'm interested in looking at however. I have gotten alot of matches within a 100 mile radius so I'm very pleased with that. The bio field is short- only 200 characters max. It might be nice to have the generic questions of what you are looking for and number of kids you have, stuff like that on there. But even without it- its great to match and have a conversation. If you end up not being interested in someone you can delete the match and no longer here from them. I highly recommend it and I hope that admin CONTINUE to monitor it and keep it BLACK ONLY! No people sneaking in trying to date black people- there are other apps for that!!! «»

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