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SexSearch Review August 2020

SexSearch is an adult online dating website designed for those people who want to get laid or hook-up with other single ladies and gents, especially in their local areas. SexSearch is a member of Dating Factory which is the world's largest online networks with millions of users all over the world. Thousands of adults signing up from different countries around the world every single day. All they want is to meet someone who could be their date and wishing to fulfill their sexual needs even just for a night. The no-strings-attached kind of relationships are what most of the members desire for. If you are a man looking for some fun and excitement, a lot of attractive and seductive female profiles will welcome you. In this review, we will help you to decide whether this site is worth trying and spending for. 

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Sign Up Process

SexSearch Sign-up
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Can be done in less than 2 minutes
  • No personality test to take
  • Registration process not strict
  • Can log in via Facebook

Signing up on SexSearch is very quick and easy. Incoming members are not required to give too much details about themselves in order to register. Basic credentials are just a user's gender, what he or she is looking for, desired screen name, as well as his or her email address and a password. Apart from those basic details, new members will also receive an email to activate their account. Technically speaking, SexSearch has a very easygoing registration process. But because of that, it may possibly allow fake or fraud profiles to enter the site's population. The site's required age to join or sign-up is 18 years old and above, although it seems that the site is not really strict on implementing age restrictions. For an adult dating site that does contain explicit or overly sexy images, it would be better to have an age-verification related process.

Profile Information

SexSearch Female Profile
  • Profile pictures can be seen by free users
  • Sexy and alluring profile photos
  • Some profiles seem fictitious
  • Profile detail entries can be edited or updated anytime
  • Can upload photos and videos

The profile section contains basic personal questions with short descriptions. This section is not required to be completed, and it can be edited or updated later. However, majority of the profiles are incomplete and some profile photos are hidden. Especially when the photo is very erotic, you have to subscribe in order to see it. Almost 80% of the men's profile pictures are unrevealed. Despite that, most female profiles are very provocative - wearing cleavage bearing tops and exposed butt cheeks. Still, there are a few decent selfies. It goes to show that this site is more intended for male members and subscribers. 

Contacting members

SexSearch Messaging
  • Non-paying members are able to send emails
  • It has voice and video-chat function
  • Wide-range search criteria
  • It has alternative contact features
  • Search from different profile lists

If you are only a free user, you will experience some contact restrictions like limited profile browsing, inability to read received emails, and you can't access the chat functions of the site. The least that a free user can do are sending emails, winks, and virtual cards. It is good that the site has alternative contact features that non-paying members could use to extend their interests to others. Plus, you can also check profiles from different lists - new and online members, latest matches, admirers, VIP, etc. Plus, the site has a comprehensive search criteria, you can search profiles by their age, gender, and specific locations. To fully enjoy the its contacting features, the site encourages its members to purchase a membership.

Special features

Video Chat

The site is capable of online private video chat. You can chat and talk with online members using your computer's microphone and webcam. 


Serves as the matchmaker of the site. See profiles that you might want to flirt with. You can check on different tabs on which profiles you can choose to flirt with and members who like to flirt with you too.


You can send virtual cards to other members that you are interested in. The cards have flirty images, like couples kissing and men or women pouting their lips. Sending cards is free. 

Photo Filter

This is to set the level of the displayed members' profile pictures from normal, sexy+normal up to xxx level, which are photos that are probably almost naked to fully naked photos of members.


Where members can read and learn from featured articles about the tips and tricks on casual dating.

Real Life Review

I've been single for almost 2 years now; it's my choice, anyway. This is probably because I'm more focused on my growing my advertising business, and I give much of my attention and time on it. Good thing that my colleagues are always around whenever I want to hang out and loosen up a bit. But even if I have a great circle of friends, I sometimes think about myself being with a girl lying on my bed next to me - exchanging passionate kisses, lustful touches, and unleashing the Christian Grey in me. In other words, I want someone who I can hook up with. One night, I grabbed my laptop and searched for sites where I can possibly meet someone who I can share my sex fantasies with.

Then I came across the site called SexSearch. In just a couple of minutes, I was able to see profiles of gorgeously hot ladies from my city and from other countries. Their profile pictures were very seductive and attractive that's why I wasted no time and sent them emails. The next day, as I checked my account, my notification was flooded with emails and flirt requests. Sad to say that I wasn't able to reply to their emails and check who wanted to flirt with me. The site said that I need to subscribe to a membership plan first to be able to do that, so what I just did was I sent them cards and winks, instead, to express my interest in them. My excitement and interest with the site began to decrease each passing day. Right now, since I'm not yet decided if I'm going to purchase a subscription, I will try to search for other dating sites where I can send and read my received messages for free. 

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
1 Month24.99 USD / Month24.99 USD
3 Months6.66 USD / Month19.99 USD
6 Months2.50 USD / Month14.99 USD
VIP add-on
-Priority listing on the website.-Able to communicate with both Gold and Trial members.-Highlighted in members' mailboxes.-Highlighted in all other members' search results and galleries.-Special touch to be different and stand out from the crowd.
1 Month14.90 USD / Month14.90 USD
SexSearch Price Table
Free Services
  • Browse
  • Send an email
  • Send a wink
  • Send a card
  • Add as favorite
  • View members' photos
  • Send profile to friends
  • Flirt
Fee based Services
  • Video Chat
  • Browse and search more profiles
  • View x-rated photos
  • Read an email
Payment Options
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
Payment discretion
  • Members who would like to purchase a membership will have his or her identity anonymous and discreet

Subscriptions are automatically extended by a period of time specified upon purchase provided that you do not discontinue your contract in writing at least 14 calendar days before the particular contract duration expires. Those who are below 18 are not eligible to buy or use the site's products and services.


The site is quite interesting and enticing to use, especially during your first 10 minutes after signing up. If you are a guy, you will be welcomed with beautiful and attractive ladies' profiles. While for interested female users, unfortunately, majority of the men's profile photos are hidden. Usability wise, free users will have inconveniences in the communication aspect. Subscribing for a premium account will be the answer for that. According to its terms and agreements section, the site has virtual profiles mixed with real profiles. The site calls them Virtual Hottie Profiles, which are bots that send and exchange automated messages with other members for entertainment and amusement purposes. The site also stated that this is their way to let new and/or non-paying members experience what they can expect from a premium account, so that they will eventually purchase one. It might be a good marketing strategy to generate income through this, but the purpose of an online dating site is not there anymore. Dating sites should be a venue to connect with real people anywhere in the world. If you are looking for more precise and legitimate dating sites, check our Casual Dating  category.

SexSearch FAQ


Is it possible to make changes in my personal details?

Yes, click Profile tab then click Edit next to the information you want edit, then hit Save.

Is it possible to delete my account permanently

If you wish to delete your account, simply go to your Profile>Account details then clicked Remove Account.

Is it possible to create a list for the members that I'm interested in?

Yes, add them all in your Favorites list. Just click Add as friend on the profile that you want to add. He or she will be received a notification for you action.

How do I upload my photos and videos?

To upload photos and videos. Go to your Galleries, select a file from your PC or Laptop, you can captions or descriptions for your photo/s. You can also select your desired privacy setting.

Is it required to fill-out all the personal questions in order to create an account?

No. It is all up to the profile owner how detailed his/her profile is going to be. Profile details can be edit or update anytime.


Is it possible to cancel my membership?

Yes, click your Profile tab, the go to Account Setting, then click Cancel Membership(s).


Is Sex-Search.com has a mobile or beta version?

 Yes, just scroll down to most bottom part of your scree, look for Mobile Version.

Is the registration free?

Yes, users can log in using their emails or via Facebook account. Registration is absolutely free.

Is there a Blog section?

Yes, members can read and learned from featured articles about the tips and tricks on casual dating.

 What should be the file size of my photos and video to be uploaded?

For photos, it should not be more than 5MB. While for videos is not more than 20MB in file size.

Is the site accessible worldwide?

Yes, the site has a million subscribers around the world. Members can set their search criteria if they want to see profiles from specific countries. 

Free Service

Is it possible to invite friends to check and try Sex-Search.com

Yes, go your Profile, and click Invite your friends on the right side of your screen. Then enter your friends' name and email address. 

Is it possible for free-users to send messages?

Yes, free-users can send emails, unfortunately, reading received messages are for premium and VIP members only. 


How do I contact their customer service?

You can directly go to: sex-search.com/contacts/ and submit your inquiries or complaints. The site's help center is ready to assists you 24/7. 

 Is it possible to report account/s with misleading details or offensive behaviors?

The site has no option to report a specific profile. Members can block the profile instead. Go to your Block list to see profiles that you blocked and to unblock certain profile.

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