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Adam4Adam is a gay online dating website for mainly casual and sexual encounters. A4A Network launched it in 2003, and it claims to be a pioneer in the online gay dating community.

According to the administrators and Hitwise (a marketing company), the site has already acquired over 10 million members since its launch. It is known for having completely free features, thanks to revenue from ads, pay-per-view adult movies, donations, and other income generating projects. 

The site caters to a broad demographic, accepting all kinds of men from the gay community. Whether you are gay, bisexual, metrosexual, a twink, or a closet one, you are welcome to join. Whatever your age, ethnicity, or cultural background is, you can register for an account. 

New members at Adam4Adam in October 2021 in comparison

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Member activity Adam4Adam in October 2021 in comparison

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Adam4Adam Member Structure

6,300,000 from USA
Members activity
440,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
70 %
30 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • There are 60,000 active members at any given time
  • Most of the users are from the 25 years old and up bracket age
  • Gets over 1 million monthly unique visitors
  • 53% of the all-male members are non-white
  • Offers a couple registration for those who are in a relationship

Majority of Adam4Adam members are located in the United States, though there are still numerous others based in different parts of the world. The members are very active in using the site, and from what we've seen in our inbox activity, 99% of them want casual, no-strings-attached flirtations. Fifty-three percent of Adam4Adam users are non-white, making it the most multi-ethnic gay dating app currently.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam Registration
  • Free users have full access to the site
  • Signing up is a two-way process
  • You can use both the full site and the app to register
  • Photos need to be reviewed by their support team
  • You need to certify that you are at least 18 years old before you can join
  • There is an email verification process which isn't necessary

Setting up an account for Adam4Adam involves two simple steps. 

First, you need to provide your desired username, a valid email address, and an effective password. You need to tick the box saying that you agree with the terms and conditions of the site, and you testify that you are at least 18 years old.

Next, you need to complete some essential parts of your profile by providing your vitals (age and gender preference), location, and a display photo. You likewise need to verify your application by checking the captcha box, and three other boxes certifying again your age, your agreement to the terms and conditions, and your consent to having 120 free credits and access to the adam4adamlive video chat.

There is an email verification implemented, but it isn't required. You can use your account and interact with others on the website without ever having to confirm your email.

Making Contact on Adam4Adam

Adam4Adam Search Filters
  • Contacting is via free search and contact recommendation
  • You can send a Smile if you're not yet ready to chat with others
  • Conversations inactive for more than 10 days get immediately deleted
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone

Adam4Adam has a very comprehensive list of search filters. You can either be too specific (if you're very particular about your standards) or too general (if you're one who likes being surprised). As a free user, you are entitled to at least three saved searches. If you want more, 10 to be exact, you need to avail of the premium membership.

As to inactive conversations, basic members only have a limit of 10 days to keep their connections before they get deleted entirely. Premium members, on the other hand, have a maximum of 30 days. Free users can keep 20 conversations (active or inactive) in their Saved folder while VIPs can keep 200 messages.

Adam4Adam Profile Quality

Adam4Adam Profile
  • Members can hide their last profile visit from anyone
  • There is an option to create a secondary "Visitor" profile when traveling
  • No security measures to ensure that all profiles are authentic
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

Your profile composes of your essential details such as physical appearance, sexual orientation, relationship status, and lifestyle. It also has your location right under your username. 

Beneath the set of bullets is an about me section and a description of your profession. There is also a message box so that anyone can write their letter to you. 

You have to upload two photos: your Primary photo, which cannot be private, and your Primary App Photo. 

If your Primary photo is not G-rated, the Primary App photo can be used to replace it in the native app. The Primary App photo should be G-rated and absolutely cannot show any parts of your underwear, butt, or genitals.

However, as we browse through most of the profiles, it seems like this rule is not being followed both by the members and the administrators. We have seen a lot of butts and genitals as display photos during our test.

Note that while you have your "Home" profile, you also have the option to create a "Visitor" profile tailored to a specific city you're visiting.

Adam4Adam App

Adam4Adam App Profile
  • Available both as a mobile app and a mobile-optimized browser
  • Downloadable both on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store
  • Both stores offer in-app purchases, particularly the VIP membership
  • App is available in different languages (e.g., English, Arabic, Russian, German, etc.)
  • Has over 500,000 installs on the Google Play Store
  • App's features are fewer compared to that of the website version
  • The mobile version is the one that has the same features as the full desktop version
  • App's design is not that appealing, especially to the younger generation

Adam4Adam's mobile app is lacking both in functions and design. They seem to have cut down half of the special features that made Adam4Adam unique. Aesthetically, directly translating the desktop website to mobile isn't always a good thing. The buttons are hard to press since they're jam-packed into the tiny phone screen.

However, what Adam4Adam lacks in the app, they make up for in the mobile browser. Most of the features are in the mobile version (not the app), the design looks more streamlined, and it's overall a better experience. 

If you're going to use Adam4Adam on your phone, might as well use the mobile version instead of the mobile app to save phone storage.

Adam4Adam Real Life Review

"My favorite thing about the app is that I can easily create a second "Visitor" profile whenever I'm traveling, unlike other dating apps that require you to make a completely different account and pay again. It has been very convenient for me when I want to meet with other guys in a different country. It's a very entertaining app because even when I get bored talking to guys, I can just check out live cams and watch quietly. The one thing I think it could improve on is adding detail about whether you're a top, bottom, or vers." - Male Chef (29)

Design and Usability

The overall design of the website leaves much to be desired even though we know that for an adult dating site, this is the least of Adam4Adam's priorities. 

Ads abound throughout the page, and most of them are incredibly pornographic. The functions are easy to spot, but they could probably be arranged better. The layout of individual profiles is not as sophisticated as other sites because all your personal details are just shown in plain text without any structure whatsoever.

Adam4Adam Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Profile build-up
  • Search and view other profiles
  • Send messages
  • Receive and read messages
  • Find and post events
  • Saved conversations: 20 conversations
  • Conversation length: 40 messages
  • Create an account
Fee-Based Services
  • Unlimited friends
  • Unlimited blocks
  • Ad-free desktop and mobile website
  • Priority profile approval
  • 10 saved searches
  • Saved conversations: 200 conversations
  • Conversation length: 200 messages
  • ProAd (advertise your services)

Is Adam4Adam expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Adam4Adam is average.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
VIP Access
1 Month6.67 USD / Month6.67 USD
1 Month20.00 USD / Month20.00 USD
Adam4Adam US Price
Payment Options
  • Credit Card

Most of the features are available for free on Adam4Adam because they receive donations and advertisement revenues from pay-per-view porn websites and companies that offer erection enhancement drugs.

All transactions on your credit card are secure and discreet. Charges will appear as SEGPAY.COM@A4A Network on your cardholder statement to protect your privacy. Your subscription is automatically renewed unless you choose "Cancel Auto-rebill" on the premium page. Refunds are only available within the first 14 days of the transaction.

Special Features

Adam4Adam boasts plenty of unique features that unabashedly suit its very sexual purpose. There are movies to see, sex toys to buy, and out-of-town hook-ups to plan, so read on to know more about them.

Live Cams

With options such as Adam4AdamLIVE, Adam4CAMS, and A4ALIVE, you can watch plenty of online members on their live streams or hit them up to start video chatting. However, you have to create a different account for each of these channels, and there's a fee to view the videos in their entirety. 

Sex Shop

Adam4Adam also has its own online shop where guys can buy sex toys and other paraphernalia.


Members can watch pornographic movies on in three different ways. 

In "Pay-per-minute," you have to purchase a time package and as the movie plays, time is deducted from your account. 

In "Rentals," you can rent a movie for 48 hours and watch it as many times as you like during that period. 

For "Downloads," you can "own" the movie for seven days, 30 days, or for good. Different charges apply.

Underwear Club

The Adam4Adam Monthly Underwear Club is a fun little activity where Adam4Adam sends designer underwear every month starting at 10 USD for your first month. It's that simple. They will choose from a curation of international designer brands and send you a pair of underwear in your size and preferred style.

Plan a Trip

You can announce to the other guys where you'll be traveling next. This feature makes it easy for you to give out your itinerary and plan your hookups. 

Party Ad

There's a particular page on the website where you can create a party or announce an event. It is public and free for everyone to use. The page can only be used to advertise small private parties. Your announcement will be displayed 30 days before the event and removed two days after.

Health Resources

Adam4Adam has prepared a handy list of health counselors who have accounts on the site. The list also contains websites for questions about STDs, clinics and testing sites, harm reduction for methamphetamine users, and different US helplines.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
App: 2.5 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
Don't be fooled: Adam4Adam is a sex-first website. You could use the site to meet someone serious and find a romantic relationship, but it would be difficult. Its functions and overall design encourages hook-ups more than anything. If that's your main purpose, then lucky you, you've come to the right place. There are so many features to use and events to participate in: be it watching a live cam, shopping for sex toys, joining an underwear club, or hiring an escort. Sign up for free and interact with like-minded gay guys for a hot adventure.

Adam4Adam FAQ


What is the Adam4Adam radar app?

The A4A Radar App is the official mobile app, available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. This is not to be confused with the radar WebApp, which is only accessible through a browser.

Are Adam4Adam and Manhunt from the same company?

No. Adam4Adam is operated by A4A Network, Inc. (previously Convergent Ideas, LLC) while Online Buddies, Inc. launched Manhunt.

How can I contact Adam4Adam?

For any concern, the site has multiple support forms available on their customer support page. If you want to contact them directly, you may do so through or their various social media accounts.


How do I enable push notifications on the Adam4Adam app?

Push notifications are readily available in the updated Radar app. You can enable/disable them under "Alert settings" in the gear icon on the app.

Why can't Adam4Adam detect my location?

Only Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 10.6+ are the browsers that can share geo-location. Try downloading/updating your current browser.

How do I change my email address?

On the top left of the homepage, select "My Account." Click on "Edit profile" and change your email address. Be sure to save the changes by clicking "Update" on the very bottom of the screen.

How long before my photo appears?

Depending on the volume of registrants or technical difficulties, photo approval is normally done within 24 hours at most.

I forgot my login info. What should I do?

If you forget your Adam4Adam login information, you need to reset your password. Go to the site or the app and select the "Forgot your password?" option right under the login boxes, then enter your email address. The team will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

How can I remove the ads?

For an ad-free experience, you need to be an Adam4Adam VIP member. Once you become a VIP, here are the steps to follow:

Using your computer

On the top menu, click "My Account." Scroll down until you see the "VIP Features." Switch off the "Desktop Ads" and start using the site free from advertisements.

Using your mobile phone

Go to your profile view and on the left side, tap the "Edit" button. Scroll down until you see the "App Ads," then turn it off.


How do I delete my Adam4Adam account?

On the top left of the homepage, select "My Account." Scroll to the bottom of the page where under "Other," you'll see "Delete Account." A pop-up will appear, and you have to confirm your deactivation.

How do I reactivate my Adam4Adam account?

Once you delete your account, you can't undo such action anymore. You won't be able to retrieve your previous data.

Why does Adam4Adam suspend accounts?

Adam4Adam reserves the right to suspend members who do not comply with their Site Privacy Policy. If you can't recover your account, create a new one and be more careful about following their terms.


How can I report a member who is using my photos?

Using your computer

Go that member's Adam4Adam profile. Under his display photo, there is a series of orange buttons and one red button. Click the red one that says, "Report This User." Select the "Photo Violation" option and give as many details as possible in the comment section. Wait for a reply from the support team. You will be required to submit an ID to certify that you are really the one in the photo. 

Using your mobile phone

Go to that member's profile. Tap the "More" button right under the star icon on the right-hand side of his profile. Select "Report This User," then click "Photo Violation." Similarly, give as many details as possible in the comment section. The team will contact you, and you need to provide an ID to certify that you are really the person in the photo.

How can I report a member who is sending spam?

Using your computer

Use the same process as the one mentioned above, except that you need to select "Spam/Solicitation" upon clicking the "Report This User" button. Give as much information as possible so that the Adam4Adam support team can suspend that person's account.

Using your mobile phone

Use the same process as the one mentioned above, except that choose "Spam/Solicitation" upon clicking the "Report This User" button. Give as much information as possible so that the team can suspend the reported account.

I'm being harassed by a member, how can I report him?

Using your computer

Go to that member's Adam4Adam profile. Click the "Report This User" orange button. Select the reason why you are reporting that user and give as much information as you can. Then, click the Report button.

Using your mobile phone

Go to that member's profile. Tap the "More" option under the star icon. Choose "Report This User" then select the reason why you are reporting that user. Give as much information as you can in the comment section, then tap the Report button.

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  • R****** 76 years


  • Bill*** 55 years

    FAKE profiles all the time. So easy to spot. For example - who is born in the USA that spells humor, "humour"?? Bad grammar gives it away all the t... ime. Hot photos of guys looking for a relationship -- really? On A4A?? Prostitution is rampant. Always being asked for money for sex. Reporting the fake profiles or ones soliciting sex for money go NO WHERE with the management. They do not care. Also great place to buy party drugs if you're into that. «»

  • majo*** 65 years

    I only use the desktop version (no smart phone), and A4A always sees me at the wrong location. I live in Albuquerque, but it thinks I live in Las Cru... ces, then El Paso, and recently in Phoenix -- I have a specific interest in fem guys, twinks and transwomen, so the location is important -- there aren't very many that "fit my bill" «»

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