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Very Bad
  • Dudl*** -70 years

    Nothing30 year old photos

  • Dudl*** -70 years

    NothingThis site has photos of women that are 30 years ago.

  • S****** 52 years

    Nothing. The interface was complicated, and didn't work well. Looked like a lot of fake profiles. I had one "conversation" that seemed sort of rea... l. But she bailed on the date we had set up, so never met a single person IRL.When I unsubscribed with several months left, they confirmed they turned off my account, but never gave me a refund for the time remaining. «»

  • jo***** 48 years

    The only benefit might be that my profile gets more views here compare to and its cheaperthe Many bad things is that, whats the point in g... etting more views if I find most of the woman unattractive, or if they are attractive they are either catfishing or live 100 miles away. «»

  • mi***** 66 years

    Not much.Fakery.

  • Mar**** 65 years

    NothingSpark Networks owns and operates Zoosk, SilverSingles and EliteSingles among others. For SilverSingles and EliteSingles they double dip as the... y share the profile database across the two sites. No sense paying for these two two sites as you will get the same match profiles. Also worth noting, after a great many conversations with them (they are in Germany) they will not institute code to stop the fake profiles - which I estimate to be 20:1 over real profiles.Tips: Never share your real email address, even when signing up for these services. Most of the fakes want to text only, that means a phone #, beware, while it might be amusing to screw with them, they will spoof your number for fraud & robocalls - best to get a google voice number you can throwaway before your real one ends up on the federal do not call list. Never ever open an email if you are foolish enough to share your email address in the first place - yes, even image files can get a trojan to your PC. Lastly, male or female, you will get the "I'm closing me account, but my friend saw you and is crushing on you message - over and over", the fakes / scammers aren't very creative, probably offshore as well.It really is too bad; there are honest people online looking for a match, which makes this sinkhole of the internet very inviting for predators. Companies like Spark Networks have the capital and expertise to make their environments safer from these predators - but they elect not to do so. «»

  • Hel**** 73 years

    Not much sadly They pay absolutely no attention to your requested radius of travel. The Carasol is a complete waste of time for that reason

  • Mar**** 67 years

    Nothing The guy ate either scammers or live hundreds of miles away

  • none*** 48 years

    NothingDON'T use zoosk. They bait you to get a subscription by saying you have messages when they are just a flirt or like, NOT actual messages. SCAM

  • Farm*** 29 years

    This is the worst site that I have ever been on. In six months one girl talked to me for a little while. And that's it. They send you an email every... day that there are 20 some new singles. They are the same people over and over again. You can't tell who is a paid member or not either, so you might be wasting your time messaging them. And the site just keeps trying to sell you more subscriptions, trying to convince you that will get you more responses «»

  • Anon*** 71 years

    Lots of scammers on the site, many men seen on the site are not active members meaning they cannot reply unless they rejoin, many men are unkempt and ... the filters don't seem to work . I will not renew. «»

  • Ther*** 67 years

    I do not like this site. It is terrible. I have received so many messages & when I contact the people they claim they did not send me a message. What ... is with that? Is this site for real. I have also cancelled my account some time ago, only to continue to receive bogus messages and now a charge to my credit card. Please refund my credit card immediately. This site has been such a negative experience. Thanks for nothing. «»

  • Bria*** 37 years

    Honestly that way its been foe bout a month I would give is a ZERO STAR because i have talked to about 15 woman and out all them one seamed to be real... she said its a now because I have a child but the rest where just nothing but fucking scammers they would talk to me for a couple days then ask me for money and that's bullshit. I pay for this site and even extra shit so if there not members they can still talk to me. But nothing but money hungry bitches that don't to get to know me they just want to tell me what I want hear then ask for money. I'm sorry but I'm calling bullshit on this site. I wish I could get my money back because if I wanted to be a sugar daddy I would join the website and pay for somebody to pretend to really care and want to get to know me while I spend every penny I work hard for. So if I could I would give it a zero stars because of all the scammers on here. BULLSHIT as far as I'm concerned. Oh and every person I talk to that says they live in my state don't live anywhere the say they do on there profile. Its not write at least eHarmony verity's where they are really at. ultimately so fare I'm very disappointed and extremely dissatisfied with «»

  • Step*** 65 years

    I found when using the carousel feature that most of the people that I choose have not been online in the last seven days. That makes me think that t... here may be some old or suspicious profiles on the site. I consider myself to be a attractive man with good writing skills. I’ve met one woman. In three months. And she was not a match. I have used other sites like our time and had really good results. Also when using the carousel feature I have run out of matches. Right before that happens it starts sending me three or 400 miles away from my home. On a scale from 1 to 10 with one being the worst and 10 being the best I would rate Zoosk a 2.5 «»

  • Lar**** 59 years

    I have contacted 42 women on this site and it is a scam run by bots and not real people. You can see it as the language is all the same too perfect..... . Funny they are all on line and no response other than the usual, send us a picture... THIS IS Not right... I have been duped and should of gone with money back guarantee. You can see same picture of girls across multiple dating platforms that SPARK controls... SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! «»

  • A****** 65 years

    I am a western Canadian user. I don't like the "online now" feature because it shows all across Canada. Not my area. This is not right. Many profiles ... are lame also. Only one picture too often with no verification and no descriptions. Only the bare bones "profile". And these are women in the 55 to 65 category. Rarely do I get responses or replies also and I am of decent looks, very good health and background. This is a mysterious "dating" site generally. The success I get is few and far between. I suspect a lot of ghost profiles are posted to boost favourable opinions. These date site companies should be accountable and not post profiles unless profile pics have been verified and are clear. Many profile pics are fuzzy and out of focus too ! They will take your money anytime under any circumstance. «»

  • Sydn*** 68 years

    This site must have been designed by someone who has never designed a website before and no one ever tested it to assess the experience, which is beyo... nd awful. That teeny tiny little box you type in that only shows one line at a time makes if both difficult as well as very unplesant to communicate with anyone. There is absolutely no way to search by name for someone who "wants to meet you" for instance.The ipad version of the app is impossible to use; the keyboard completely covers the aforemtioned little box so you cannot see what you're typing or correct anything when you're done. Yes, there are quality men on here, but it's such an ordeal to communicate with them or even find them if they haven't actually written to you first that I cannot justify renewing or recommending Zoosk to any of my girlfriends. Would it really be so hard or expensive to correct these problems? «»

  • Al***** 42 years

    Worst dating site so far. Many very old abandoned profiles. I found out why. I cannot delete my account. You cannot see last known activity so many... profiles are useless.. Many fake profiles. Many email collectors. Many ghosts. «»

  • da***** 43 years

    Just joined this site and already having problems!! can[t send messages but they want me to make a double payment to do anything...have to call my c... redit card support and cancel this fraud!! «»

  • K****** 55 years

    I was on the site for 30 days. My experience includes the following:Site pushes views from other members making you think you are popular when I fac... t it probably makes you look like a creeper when you view them back. The site has a fair number of scammer profiles. Some are very obvious such as lead profile photo with members telephone number visible. Others pretend to be a friend of a friend and ask you to text or email them (spearfishing).The site has a fair number of inactive accounts. Look for date stamped photos or outdated photos. Avoid most profiles that have not verified their photo’s. I sent over 30 messages to women that supposedly viewed my profile multiple times and I never received a response. «»

  • Ron *** 59 years

    Didn't find Zoosk to be a good experience and I have tried it three times! The women are mostly sports and outdoorsy women here in the Houston area o... r they love their dogs and expect men to love them too! The worst part for me was there were not enough serious Christian women. Zoosk's smartpick doesn't match properly to our preferences and also assumes a man wants a woman in his age range! A lot of window shopping, no women replied to chats. «»

  • tom *** 60 years

    Stay far far away.......... was on Zoosk for 60 days. Received fake "zooskers" daily. No profile ususally 500 miles away. Never could figure out there... angle. wanted your phone number and asked you alot of questions about your financial status. I never took it to the next level but they were insinuating alot. I contacted the moderators on several occaisions and they could care less.... 'they said put them on ignore.... «»

  • Ma***** 49 years

    My experience with Zoosk has not been that positive. Even though the app i easy to use and has lots of similar features as other dating apps, here ar... e the negatives. If I had known these negatives, I would have thought twice before purchasing my subscription:1) SPAM - I have received lots of spam through the app and the issue is with reporting the spam. You can report spam on these user's profile which is all good but in some areas of the app; such as their Carousel feature, there's no way to report as spam.2) And how does spam get through their process? When a picture has the person's phone number in the image, this isn't hard to detect. I've had my profile text rejected because I didn't follow the rules but someone can include their phone number in the image? Thas has happened multiple times.3) Carousel feature also present matches outside your distance range and age range. So what's the purpose of search parameters if the app isn't going to consider them in all features? 4) SmartPick feature include profile pictures and profile information of the other person interested in you but the pictures are too small and you cannot enlarge them to view. So the pictures are useless i this features. Looks may not be everything but they are important.5) It's not completely clear who is a member or not. This would be nice to know so you're not wasting your time.6) Database profiles - some appear to be old. Very misleading.And if I had one suggestion, why not give paid members the option to pay to communicate with non-members? I'm asked all the time if I want to buy coins to know when someone read my message, etc. I'd paid to communicate with a non-member! «»

  • Anth*** 45 years

    Feels like an exploitative experience where zoosk charges for every little feature as if the subscription isn't enough, getting views from the same wo... men every day suggests to me as fake account bots. Also one person that sent a message to me suddenly disappeared shortly after I paid to read her message, also the message I sent in my outbox I sent to also disappeared also very convenient. «»

  • Deid*** 36 years

    I signed up for Zoosk about a year and half ago. I met a few people I chatted with but one I actually met up with. We were exclusive 2 months after ou... r first date, moved in together 6 months after, and became engaged after 9 months. Today is our one year anniversary and we're planning our wedding and expecting our first child in April. I would have never met him without Zoosk and am eternally grateful. «»

  • Octo*** 60 years

    I was wondering why my Zoosk date agreed to have sex on the first date. Come to find out, Mrs.Elizabeth Carrere, in Houma, LA, was a swinger with HPV.... The whole state's probably infected, so watch out for dizzy Liz and her cooties! «»

  • Jer**** 59 years

    I think Zoosk has some very significant flaws that I think should be fixed soon if not immediately.When somebody reads your profile and you happen t... o be online at the same time, you get a message: "She wants to chat/text with you." Well, just because she's reading my profile and I happen to be online does not in any way, shape or form mean that she wants to chat/text with me. She may just totally hate my profile and want nothing to do with me. Ridiculous.It's only normal that look thru the View-list regularly (daily), just to see who's new on this list and whether I want to contact any of these older or new listings. Well, every time you scroll thru this list (without opening any profiles), everybody on that list sees that you're looking at their profile. So, if you do this daily, these women must have the idea: Shit, this guy is stalking me. If he likes me that much, why does he not contact me. Or: Wow, I really don't like him, why does he keep looking at me? And all I am doing is innocently scrolling thru the View-list, unaware of anything. Crazy.And by the same token: I only want to know who's looked at, really clicked on my profile & looked at my photos and possibly read my profile; not just people scrolling thru the list and not really stopping at my profile. Crazy. «»

  • Paul*** 70 years

    I have not have a good experience with zoosk! There website has had a lot of issues which I have had to call weekly to try to get resolved. Not always... successful. Lots of fake profiles. Lots of scammers. Profiles disappear for seemingly no reason or a glitch in their system. The employees answering the phones can barely speak english. I will not use this site again!! «»

  • Cele*** 67 years

    Customer Service was rude and disrespectful. Be careful Zoosk, if you continue to treat customers in this manner,you won't be around much longer. Rude... ness is never a good approuch. «»

  • Hann*** 31 years

    I love zoosk so much and the way its works

  • Ne***** 58 years

    Not good. The profiles are the same over and over. Most of the men are very undesirable. Look like a bunch of hillbillies. I did go on one date. I... t was with a man that was an apparent alcoholic. We drove around from bar to bar late at night. He was drunk driving. He then came to my house one night late and wanted me to take him out for a cocktail. It was after 11pm. Really? «»

  • A****** 49 years

    There are obviously a lot of bots on Zoosk. For example, they will message you, pretending to be interested, then once you purchase a package in order... to read the messages, and reply back to them, you never hear from them again. This is a deceptive scam, engineered to get your money. «»

  • N.***** 65 years

    I have been off and on Zoosk for awhile. The last time I was on no one would talk to me. So how are you to meet if they don't talk. This time I got ... on some talked to me, no body is interested in meeting. The meet me feature is a joke when you contact them, they don't answer, so what does that mean. «»

  • mike*** 70 years

    TERRIBLE, my acct. was hacked somehow. I asked for a refund . I left Zoosk, my information is still being displayed. I am getting emails, views, flirt... s...etc. but have no access to this site. I was told I am blocked and will not take down my information. «»

  • shaw*** 43 years

    i would NOT waste my time honestly. zoosk is worse then pof...I have used a few sites and find that eharmoney and elite singles are best options..pric... ey yes but you get better for your money «»

  • Emi**** 56 years

    The search functionality is extremely limited. I live in a remote country area and the search and matching feature only returns the 15 guys who all li... ve within 125km of my address. Using the 'online now' feature I have been able to view guys from elsewhere, again very limited number of people online - and Perth or Hobart is a long, long way from where I live. I have messaged several guys but none have messaged back. I have never dated or manged to meet anybody on this site. «»

  • Gene*** 45 years

    Unfortunately I was catfished by 3 men by men on Zoosk - asking for money or airtime. Was forced to cancel my subscription 3 times. This site would be... amazing if it inforced the photo verification. With catfishing on the rise, it makes it more and more risky for us Ladies. I reported all 3 people as I have proof of it all. I am 45 years and luckily had the discernment not to fall for it - but its invasive and annoying at the same time. Lost all my subscription money sadly and too nervous to join again. «»

  • gidg*** 50 years

    I was extremely disappointed with this site. First off, you do not know when signing up that in order to have full access to the extra, you must spend... extra for several different things.It asks you your income level, yet when you are looking at profiles, it does not show if they are withing your income level preference. Most of the men who are recommended for me live very far away and or are men I wouldn't ever dream of dating. By far, this is the worst dating site I have ever experienced. «»

  • Mark*** 65 years

    Horrible site. Full of fake profiles,scammers and catfishers! Stay away!

  • C Ba*** 67 years

    When you sign up it is billed thru I-Tunes so any cancellations, request for credits which will not happen have to go thru I-Tunes. You pay your mont... hly charge, then you have to buy coins to find out if a lady you sent a message too has read it, if you want to send her prize you have to buy that too. I rec'd a lot of contacts from Ghana with posting showing they lived in MO but had area codes from far away State. Bottom line in my opinion it is a rip-off. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! «»

  • jo***** 60 years

    Many fake messages from zoosk saying so and so wants to chat but never receiving a message from that person. Tried chatting with many and no response ... while they are on line after zoosk initiated a chat and not the person. TERRIBLE SITE, So much is fake with zoosk trying to get more customers. Deceptive business practices. «»

  • Good*** 46 years

    Site sucks with fake profiles and administrators utilizing old profiles to entice members to renew. My membership expired and within minutes - I had ... 10 plus messages. I did not have 10+ messages when I joined. Lacking profile quality, real life profiles, among many others things. Too much to write - on a scale of 1-10, I rate Zoosk "0". «»

  • Ton**** 58 years

    Am a simple honest caring and intelligent man with a good sense of humour

  • ranm*** 59 years

    Don't subscribe to Zoosk. Not worth it. Waste of time and money. Most profiles are not members. Most members are not active.

  • Bonn*** 45 years

    I think this site is obnoxious!! I should literally have to go in and view a profile before it shows that person that I viewed their profile. NO, I d... elete their profile from my views and it shows that I viewed them. I have to say I do not believe I will be renewing when the time comes because of this. I should be able to choose who I view and in return they should be notified not when I delete them without viewing them. I also do not like how Zoosk chooses the age for you. I want to get to know 30-50 without having to do a search for this age. I should be able to choose the age limit that views me and vice versa. «»

  • Conn*** 60 years

    Disappointing. Non paying members should not be allow to send messages or whatsoever. Its a waist of time to have you mailbox full of hearts and no re... ally contacts or conversations. «»

  • joys*** 35 years

    i have experience that you can meet the right man or woman on this page.

  • Chri*** 39 years

    I am looking a look alike Jen Lilley Impersonator dark skinned Indian girlfriend.

  • Anna*** 44 years

    Good overall, but lacking connection with most, as I don’t find them attractive.

  • Kenb*** 71 years

    Zoosk was a waste of time for me. First off you need higher levels (payments) to communicate with members. There a many profiles of women who cannot c... ommunicate because they are basic members. Also, my computer needed extensive (expensive) work by GEEK Squad because of virus attacks by scam artists. Most of the profiles that messaged me were "romance scam" artists..usually 5 or 6 per day. «»

  • Joy *** 79 years

    Bad experience with a con artist. Lost $105. I bought phone cards as he said his phone was being cancelled. I was foolish enough to believe him as h... e gave a lot of details of his life that seemed to be real!! Never again. «»

  • Step*** 34 years

    My experience with Zoosk wasn't all bad, all was going well and i was enjoying the user interface and i even met a few fine men on there. I started sa... ting someone i met from zoosk and we fell in love soon after, we because so close, he became my life. It was brought to my attention recently he was cheating but i couldn't believe him. I decided to use the advertisement of Rootgatehacks i saw on my mailbox every time. They provide deep web searches, location tracking, infidelity investigation, private investigation, remote access, and so on, You can google them for more information. «»

  • hico*** 77 years

    How about a phone # for Zoosk so I can talk to a live person!

  • Sand*** 50 years

    People are not truthful ,

  • coun*** 69 years

    I want to let you know that "Just A Guy" tried to scam me. He is no longer on Zoosk. We were emailing & he asked me for money. Any questions please... email me. Thanks.I am presently a member. «»

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