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Very Bad
  • Mi***** 66 years

    Easy to use. Lots of opportunities.Too many ladies accept the offer and hit you up for an advance. Some are likely legit, but how do you know? All ... can be pretty convincing. And they can vaporize in a heartbeat if you give in. Don’t do it «»

  • Bi***** 53 years

    I have met some nice women.40% scammers20% Escorts30% Sugar Baby's looking for long-term cash10% Regular WomenCost each time you talk to so... meone new. Before you know if they are real or not. «»

  • Kla**** 38 years

    I like that I get a better quality of men than any dating site I’ve ever been on. I know I’m going to meet a man that appreciates the time and effort ... I put in to look beautiful for him. I get told a lot I am naturally beautiful, but I still have to spend two hours a day in the gym and about 2 hours getting ready for a date. I was really worried when I started it would be so weird and awkward getting paid to go on a date, but all the men I’ve gone out with on here have been very respectful and discreet about it to not make it uncomfortable for either of us. I didn’t date for years, and I still don’t know what I want in dating, just what I don’t want, but I’ve met a lot of interesting, fun men and only a couple of bad apples along the way.The only thing I can really complain about at this point is I’ve spent time typing out a message, and right before I sent it, it disappeared. So, maybe work out that kink. Also, make women submit some kind of background check that she’s not a fake person or someway for men to know they won’t get scammed by me because almost all my dates have told me they get scammed by women all the time on the site so they are leery of trusting me that I’m not a scammer. «»

  • gra**** 43 years

    All fake pictures no chance of meeting anyone

  • S****** 59 years

    50% fakes, 25% escorts, balance questionable. had some good dates, but whew lots of weeding out to get there. When you contact Customer service the... y could care less «»

  • AG***** 45 years

    Making bid is costly after a while, many woman see the message and don't answer so it's a lost of money. Many girls are escort in disguise... so again... lost of money... i had 1 nice experience on this site with a woman and we became friend... just friend.For the money invested in this site and the cost of each bid....2/5 «»

  • J****** 46 years

    I had an account with whatsyourprice for several years. I met several women there. It worked well for a while. But then at some point whatsyourprice t... old me that my profile needed be edited because they didn't like something about it, without giving any details of what it could have been, so I modified based on looking at other guys profiles. When my credits went below a certain amount, I decided to purchase $150 worth of credits. I used about $12 in credits to contact one woman. She decided to cancel her account for some reason. We didn't even get to the point where we'd meet because of conflicts in our schedules.Maybe about 2 weeks after that I wasn't able to login to the website. I got a message saying "Invalid email and/or password combination. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact customer support." So I contacted support and created a support ticket. I explain what was happening to me. I opened a second support ticket. I got a second ticket number and no response whatsoever. I opened a complain with the BBB regarding the issue. whatsyourprice replied saying that they didn't have enough information. But my registered email address with whatsyourprice appeared in the complain. So I ended up losing $138 to that company. That's the reason why I only give it one star. Because I never received an explanation of what happened. I would have been ok if the remainder of my money would have been refunded. «»

  • D****** 40 years

    I'm a single female small business owner.. found this site, thought it was a unique dating site and wanted to give it a try so a signed up. My profile... .stated I was seeking an older man for something ongoing. The first day I was inundated with offers and winks.. a bit overwhelming but nice. 'Next day I was ready to review and decide on a good match … but found I was locked out of my account, the password retrieval was also unresponsive!. I contacted customer service and have heard nothing thus far..Very upsetting.As an attractive Black woman I have to wonder if :Whats Your Price" assumed I must be a "working girl". My pics were attractive & tasteful nothing crude whatsoever. The fact that my profile was pulled for no reason before I even replied to anyone is very suspicious ... Nobody should have to go through that. «»

  • Ga***** 59 years

    After asking the same question for two weeks and never getting a straight answer I bailed. 90% of the reviews I have read were all negative. I asked ... a simple question, If I purchase credits and the attractive accepts my offer do I have to use addition credits to continue conversations via text? Never received a straight Yes or No answer. «»

  • Suz**** 37 years

    WASTE OF MY TIME, 100% SCAM. WhatsYourPrice.Com has hijacked my account suddenly & without any cause. When I asked for an explanation of what was go... ing on I was abruptly told that I'm banned, again without any explanation. Worst part was they didn't even provide me with the ability to remove my pictures and take down my profile. They hijack accounts and then use them to illegally communicate with male subscribers. «»

  • step*** 69 years

    How do we know for sure that the photos shown are real people or just photos of anyone||?How do we know if the money we spend goes to the right perso... n ? «»

  • Chri*** 49 years

    I’ve soebt over $800 on retrieving messages that way ere empty or from girls who were ghost accounts. They also lie about location and children. The f... ew you are actually get to communicate with are either 1500 miles ways or have 5 kids. It’s been a total waste and I will tell you you won’t even come close to a decent escort either. The site has been decimated with fraud. Stay away and don’t waste your money.... «»

  • Phil*** 40 years

    All the dates I went on were absolutely safe because I made sure to read their profiles so I had an idea of what they were expecting. I made sure to m... eet in a public place ,usually drinks at a bar, for the first meeting. I avoided talking to men that asked for "pics" even after I shared one to prove I was the same person as I presented on the site as we texted. Some members will try to just get "pics " or establish a "sexting" only relationship. This is for sure NOT my thing but it's pretty easy to figure out who is just wasting your time. «»

  • john*** 40 years

    It is a a scam. Most of the profiles on there are FAKE. You use your credits and they never reply. One replied on there. And it said she has not been ... on line in 3 days. So don't waist your time or money. And if you tell them about it. They will kick you off. And they will say you are looking for sex. So trust me. its a JOKE «»

  • Notm*** 40 years

    As with many dating sites, unfortunately, this one is filled with fake profiles. In the case of, you have to pay per contact. If ... you find yourself talking with someone you suspect is a fake, you have to figure out how to make them reveal so, most likely by asking for money in such a matter that does not conform with the TOS, otherwise it's money down the drain, WYP will NOT refund the credits you spent to open the conversation. It benefits these sites to allow fakes to flourish because it makes it look like there are a multitude of attractive women, when most of them are Nigerian scammers, sweating in a room full of other scammers staring at their phones all day. «»

  • Ne***** 44 years

    Majority of profiles are fake... WYP only makes money from men opening emails from women, so WYP will have computer generated emails for one or 2 ... exchanges and then take your money and refuse to refund it because you had a "conversation" Not coincidentally, the second you match with a female member, there is an email waiting for you within 10 seconds.....I know of no other site where the response rate is that quick, at least try and cover up the fact that you are running a scam website «»

  • Chri*** 32 years

    They suspended my account for no apparent reason and took my money. I signed up again but they did the same thing. I ended up with a loss of $100 and ... I never got to use the service. They never explained why. «»

  • Davi*** 41 years

    Scam full of prostitutes and the same website create fake profiles in this way you spend money and your credits in people who really doesnt exist plea... se people becareful dont share your credit card info!! «»

  • Paul*** 50 years

    i like the app.

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