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Transgenderdate is an online dating platform that aims to create a safe, secure and fun environment where people can connect, mingle, share ideas, and have a deeper understanding of the transgender community. With the majority of dating sites catering to heterosexual orientation, Transgenderdate is definitely a breath of fresh air. Not only does it provide an avenue for LGBTQ+ representation, but this site also encourages inclusivity of all genders and sexuality--yes, including straight people. But is this site really what it is claiming to be or is it just a sinkhole full of scammers and bots? Read on below to see what we've found out.   

New members at Transgenderdate in October 2021 in comparison

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Member activity Transgenderdate in October 2021 in comparison

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Transgenderdate Member Structure

80,000 from USA
Members activity
500 daily logins
Gender Proportion
20 %
80 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • 110,000 registered members worldwide
  • 7 million page views per month
  • Top visitors are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Iran, and the Netherlands
  • Members are active and responsive

Garnering over 110,000 registered members online, 90% of whom are verified accounts, and 7 million page views per month, Transgenderdate can claim that it is the leading site for the transgender community. The site's frequent visitors are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Iran, and the Netherlands. Members are active and responsive. We sent out a private message and had gotten a reply in under an hour. The site also receives 100,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis. Having claimed to be the first real dating site for trans community, you can surely find a lover, a friend, or even a community that will love you for who you really are. 

Signing Up at Transgenderdate

Transgenderdate Registration
  • Fairly simple to sign up
  • 1-minute registration process
  • No email verification needed
  • No Facebook log in
  • Username can't be changed later

Signing up is very quick and simple. It doesn't need a whole lot of hocus pocus. No, Transgenderdate has a very straightforward way of registering an account. Although there is no Facebook sign in (since the website has another way of verifying a member but more on that later), creating an account will only take a minute or two. You will be asked what your gender is (the choices are: genetic man, genetic woman, trans woman, trans man, androgynous, crossdresser/transvestite, intersexed male and intersexed female), what you are looking for (the choices are the same), your preferred username (note that once you've registered a username, it can't be changed anymore), email address and zip code. After filling those out, click register and your account is already made. 

Making Contact on Transgenderdate

Transgenderdate Members
  • Availability of chatrooms or forums
  • Site has an instant messenger
  • Members can create blogs, read others' and comment on them
  • Users can send emails and attach images to them
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • There is a chatroom

One of the truly best things about Transgenderdate is it being basically free for verified trans members. While the verification process may take up to 24 hours, it is also very much free. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the unique code given to you by the website. You'll see the code once you've clicked the "Verify" button. This photo will not be displayed on your profile and will be deleted immediately after it has been approved. The website needs its members to be who they say they are to maintain security and prevent abusive and bullying behaviors. 

After being verified, you can now access the Transgenderdate to its full potential. And whoo boy, does this website have a lot to offer. It has chatrooms you can join and an instant messenger where you can have quick or long chats with your friends. You can also send emails and see when it has been read. You may add people as friends.

The main highlight of this site, however, is the blog. Anyone on this website can make a blog. In fact, it has a diverse range of topics from recipes such as "Fried Chicken Banh-Mi Style Sandwich, American-Asian" to more serious ones such as "being okay being alone" and "Dear Future Boyfriend." If you are not comfortable with writing your own blog, just read and comment on the blogs of others if you wish. This enables the users to interact, share their own experiences and give tips. Other striking blogs worth mentioning are the following: "11 Tips for Dating a Transgender Woman," "straight men who prefer ts girls over genetic girls" and "TGD GHOSTING, BREADCRUMBING, MIND GAMES!"

Transgenderdate Profile Quality

Transgenderdate Profile
  • Only users with profile photos can comment on blog posts and other members' profiles
  • You can embed music to your profile for a more personal touch
  • You can ask questions which will be displayed on your profile
  • Approval of photos can take up to 12 hours
  • Complete your profile by supplying information about your vitals, basic and extended info to attract more members
  • The profiles are quite detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

Completing a profile is not mandatory in Transgenderdate. However, the perks of this site are best utilized when your account is verified and has a profile picture. Otherwise, interaction with others will be less since you can't leave comments on other people's blogs and profiles without a good photo of you. You also won't have access to chatrooms and instant messenger if not verified. 

It is also an advantage to complete your profile to draw in other members. Having more details in your profile will let them get to know you more and see if you are compatible with them or not. You can input your basic information such as birthday and relationship status, your extended info such as your religion, sexuality and body art and lastly, your vitals which means your physical traits and living situation. Since completing your profile isn't mandatory and the site is not prompting you to either, it is expected that others' profiles must not be all that fleshed out. But upon our inspection, we've concluded that the majority of the members has an average to a good amount of details in their own profiles. 

Transgenderdate App

Trangenderdate on Mobile Phone Browser
  • No mobile app available for this site yet
  • Can be accessed from a mobile browser
  • Optimized for mobile browsing

While Transgenderdate does not have a mobile app available yet, you can access this site via your phone's browser. While it is no replacement for a fully functional mobile app for convenience, the site actually has good mobile adaptability. You can still read blogs, leave comments, send friend requests and chat with other members through your phone. 

Transgenderdate Real Life Review

"Growing up, I had always felt a little bit different. Ever since I was born, people had been trying to peg me into a box. Just because I am a boy, I should like this and that. But I don't. I feel very different inside. But growing up in a conservative family and having this enormous pressure to make sure my relatives are proud of me, I learned how to conform. For the longest time, I felt suppressed. I thought I could bear it as long as I am accepted by my family. But this site came into my life. A close friend of mine recommended this site to me. As soon as I signed up to, it's like a whole new world has opened up. I was able to read people's blogs and their experiences were very similar to mine. It's like having another family welcome me. But not because of who I am trying to be but rather because of who I really am." - Bryan, 23

Design and Usability

Contrary to this site's unique concept and remarkable features, the overall design is not that extraordinary. It is plain, bordering on boring. However, everything is neatly arranged to make it more user-friendly. The site retains its youthful look and welcoming vibe with its usage of baby pink and powder blue colors, the trademark color of the transgender community, in the logo and in few buttons. Aside from that, everything else is in all white. The font sizes are small which is reminiscent of old-school fonts. However, for a site that's basically free, it is no surprise that the layout isn't that polished or modernized. Kudos to this site, though, for still appearing friendly and trustworthy.

Transgenderdate Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Chatroom Access
  • Attach Image to Emails
  • No Advertising
  • Access to Instant Messenger
  • Control Friend Requests
  • Control Blog Comments
  • No profiles on your ad
  • See when mails are read

Is Transgenderdate expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Transgenderdate is free of charge.

All services are free.

You can use Transgenderdate to its full extent once you've upgraded to a VIP Membership. Upgrading to VIP is also free. You would only have to verify your account. You'd need to upload a picture of yourself holding up a sign with a unique code provided by the website written on it. The entire verification process takes up to 24 hours. 

Special Features


Transgenderdate offers a great platform for targeted advertising. If you are eyeing to advertise a business or something more personal, you can pay to display your ads on their home page, blogs, forums, profiles, mailbox, and search. They also have banner ad sizes with sizes you can choose from or you can customize if that's more right up your alley. 


Blogs are where people get to express anything under the sun as long as they don't violate the rules of Transgenderdate. You can write your own and read others' writings. This encourages sharing of experience and being open within the community.


Forums are Transgenderdate's version of chatrooms. The forums vary in topics such as sexuality, dating experiences and etc. You can join and post in multiple forums. 


You can also send emails to your friends on this site. It functions similar to an ordinary email system. You can attach images and see when your email has been read and when. 

Our rating

Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
App: 2.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 5.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
Having a dating site for the transgender community is a huge step for gender inclusivity. Transgenderdate scores a win for LGBTQ+ community by providing an open space where people can talk, ask questions, share experiences and give voice to the minority that has been muted for far too long. What gives major points to this site is its freemium model. To be able to have access to all the features this site has to offer, one would simply have to verify their profile by uploading a picture. The security and strict laws Trasngenderdate enforces ensure that everyone will be treated with equal respect. While the design of the site can be a bit outdated and unpolished, it can be forgiven with its blog feature where anyone can express whatever they want from recipes to their own transformative sexual awakening and struggles as a trans person of the 21st century.  Through blogs, the members can interact with each other by reading the blog posts and commenting on them. Having that human connection will definitely make all the difference in the world. If you are looking for other LGBTQ+ themed sites, check out our other gay/lesbian dating sites.

Transgenderdate FAQ


Is truly 100% FREE?

VIP membership is 100% FREE for trans members who verify their profiles. You can join and participate for free. TGD operates on the freemium model.


How do I cancel or deactivate my profile?

To cancel or deactivate your profile, simply click on the Account link under Profile on the main menu.


How do I change my time zone?

If you don't adjust your time zone settings, your emails and notifications will not show the correct time for your location. To adjust your time zone settings, click on Edit Profile on select the Time Zone Settings icon. Set your desired time zone and click save.

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, does not allow username changes unless there is a reason based on a technical glitch in the system. Otherwise, you will have to create a new profile using a new email address. 

How do I remove the member images from the top of my profile?

These images of other members display on all profiles of free members. To remove them, upgrade to VIP.

How do I verify my profile?

Verifying your profile is easy. You must send a picture of yourself holding up a sign with the code written on it. The code is given to you once you click the "Verify" button on your profile. The photo will not be displayed on your profile. It will be deleted right after reviewing it. The approval process takes 24 hours usually.


Transgenderdate Photo Guidelines

As a member of, you can upload up to 500 Photos. To do so simply click on the Manage Photos link on the left sidebar or under the Profile link on the top navigation. You can also upload more than five photos and you can password protect photos and share photos just with friends. Graphics, images or photographs of celebrities are strictly prohibited. Images of minors are also forbidden. Nude photos are only allowed if marked as private or friends only. Photos are subject to approval which may take up to 12 hours.

Why am I unable to log in?

The reason can either be one of the following things: your profile may have been removed by the admin staff for being inappropriate, not filled out, or from the complaints of other members. If you still are unsure, send an email to

Why was my blog or forum posting removed? encourages people to express their views and share ideas with other through blogs and forums. However, in order to not have a hostile atmosphere, there are some rules which must be followed when posting content on the blogs and forums. 

Reporting an abusive member

Transgenderdate has a very strict policy on abuse. If you feel someone is creating a hostile environment or spamming the site, please contact the admin team immediately to resolve the issue using the abuse form. You can also send an email to or to the username moderator on this site.

How do I block/unblock someone?

To block or unblock someone, navigate to your Mail Settings by clicking on the link on your left side menu that says Mail Settings. Scroll to the bottom and you will see a field to enter or remove a username. 

Why am I unable to leave comments on blogs and profiles?

You must have a profile photo to comment on blogs and profiles.


I want to advertise on the site. What methods of payment are accepted?

They accept VISA/Mastercard and Paypal. They also accept Prepaid/Gift Cards, but they need to be activated and registered in order to be accepted by their payment processor.

What will be displayed on credit card/Paypal/debit card statement?

Your credit card will be billed from and iSky, LLC.

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Latest Transgenderdate Experiences

  • Zia *** 24 years

    So good fun and memorable

  • Dav**** 35 years

    What used to be an all-inclusive social network has become a pay to play site that's driven many of its long time members away, because it treats the ... women like "merchandise" and the men like sugar daddies/ johns. «»

  • Matt*** 35 years

    I've been on for a long time, it is the worse place to look for somebody. Whatever you do, don't express yourself in the blogs. Th... e website is run by people who bully the crowd, and then force you to pay. Additionally many MANY of the profiles are fake. It's not a place to go if you would like to avoid depression. «»

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