Our Review is a dating site with a forum, blogging, and messaging features. It gives trans people a chance to meet their special someone online without any fear of discrimination. The site promotes equality and self-respect not only for the trans but also for those who support the community. The other members of the LGBTQ+ are also welcome here.

The website is simple and very basic. It can be easily used even by first-timers. Using just your verified email address, birthdate, and interests, you can already register on the website. It's completely free, and all features are accessible to every member. 

It might not be as popular as other LGBTQ Dating Websites . Only about five thousand have signed up so far. Regardless of the number, the purpose of the website is to support the transgender community and help them be safe, in terms of expressing themselves freely. Here, you can confide to people who will not judge and criticize you for your sexual orientation.

New members at Transgender in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Transgender are developing compared to others

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Transgender Member Structure

5,000 from USA
Members activity
500 daily logins
Gender Proportion
25 %
75 %
  • Members are transgenders and are interested in meeting trans people
  • Some members prefer to be anonymous
  • Most members are from the United States
  • Low member activity
  • Members are more active in blogs is a site especially made for transgender people and those who like to explore the transgender world. Although the site is all about acceptance of sexuality, some members still prefer to remain anonymous.

Based on available data, a huge chunk of members are based in the United States.

The site has only a few thousand members which make the low member activity reasonable. 

The site offers a blog subscription for free where members can comment and contribute on topics posted by others.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Transgender

  • Register via or
  • Verify using your email
  • No payment is needed to use the features
  • Signing up takes only a few minutes
  • Only basic information is needed upon registration

Once you're already on the website, the signup process will only take four easy steps. It will only take you three to five minutes to finish the registration process.

The authentication process is not that strict. If you don't want anyone to know that you are a member of this site, you have the option to keep your profile as private as it can be. Once you have registered, you can go to to directly log in.

Although not required, you have the option to connect your Facebook page to your account. Without your permission, will not post anything on your Facebook profile. Only your basic information will be collected to connect the two accounts (eg. email address).

No payment is needed to be a member. The site does not offer VIP or platinum packages. You will have full access to the site’s features to maximize your online dating experience fully without paying for anything.

After creating an account, you can go to to directly log in.

Making Contact on Transgender

  • Messaging follows an email-type format
  • Visitor messages are screened
  • Inbox messages have a limit
  • Messages are deleted after a few weeks
  • Expect flirty messages from other members

If you are familiar with how to use your email, you won’t be having a hard time using the messaging feature of Once the administrator enables your messaging feature, you can already send and receive messages from other members and guests. You can easily forward and reply to messages as well.

If you see a message that makes you uncomfortable, report the person who sent that message, so the administrator can check on it. 

On group discussion and forums, the members like to talk about things like "Coming Out," Transition Issues, Hook up Stories and Sex Advice.

You may also add folders to your inbox to organize your messages.

Transgender Profile Quality

  • Customize your profile to make it as discreet as you want it to be
  • View basic profile information
  • Upload photos to come across as a serious dater
  • Follow the guidelines of photo uploads
  • Come across some vulgar profiles on the site

    You can customize your profile and manage how much information would you like to share with other members of the site. Try to be as open as you want to be, or just be discreet if you like. To do this, go on your privacy settings, adjust the viewers from everyone, subscribers, or members.

    You can upload any photo that you like, but you must follow the community guidelines. Vulgar photos are strictly prohibited. There is a site administrator who will flag your pictures once he or she notices any sexually explicit or graphic content in them. Of course, you are encouraged to upload your real photo and not deceive other members.

    There is no specific way for a user to verify if other members are real, but you can check out the profiles and check their activities like comments to other posts, and group discussions as well.

    Some profiles are vulgar, their posts and photos are against the community guidelines. You can report inappropriate contents by clicking on the flag link and filling out the report form.

    You will notice that there are members who don't share a lot on their profiles. Others don't upload profile pictures or instead post a photo covering their faces. This is understandable since other LGBTQ+ are still not ready to come out of the closet so they keep their profiles anonymous.

    Transgender Real Life Review

    When I searched for a transgender website on the internet, this is the first one which caught my attention. Maybe because of the site's name, so I really thought it's for me. However, I had a hard time finding the sign-up link. And there were only a few active members. Well, it's free, so I think that's a good side. But overall, it needs a lot of improvement. -Ranny, 35

    My partner and I broke up last month. I was so lonely and desperate to find a replacement because he already found someone new. I thought this site would help me, but I've been online for weeks browsing through all the profiles, I still havent met a single person. -Ben, 25

    Design and Usability

    The design of the website is basic. It just like an email address with some additional features. Because of its simplicity, it can be a little boring for other members especially for LGBTQ+ members who are known to be festive and creative. However, it can be a little advantageous for those who are not yet familiar with using such website.

    Transgender Costs and Prices

    Is Transgender expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Transgender is free of charge.

    Special Features

    There are other features on the website that might interest you. The website might be simple, but it has functions that you will not see on other dating sites. Check them out below:


    Giving appreciation to other's post is one good way of expressing yourself.  Users gain points or reputation when somebody likes their posts. You can also rate the reputation of other users by clicking on the icon--one click to like, another click to take it back. You can enable the notifications for the likes that your posts receive. It's your choice to publicize your reputation points or not.

    Content Layouting and Extra Security using BBCode

    Transgender uses BBCode to protect your posts from others who want to embed unauthorized tools and steal the cookies. It also allows the user to format the content on the blog posts, forums, and etc.

    BBCode function includes the formatting of the article's font color and size. You can also further customize the text to be in bold, italicized, and/or underlined using the BBCode. It is also responsible for the smilies, special characters, and links you can add to your content.

    Ignore List

    You may put offensive members under the Ignore List. You won't be able to receive any notification or personal messages from them anymore once they are on the list.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 2.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 2.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Signing up on is very easy. However, you have to take note that you can only be redirected to the sign-up page by clicking the forum link at the top right of the landing page. If you are a member already, you can go to to find the login button right away.Messaging is free on this website. The highest number of active members recorded is just one-third of the site’s total number of members. There will be instances where only eight to ten people are online. This means fewer people to message, but you can be sure that they can respond right away.There are a lot of other free features that offers. You can write blogs and articles. You can also customize these layouts yourself. By participating in group discussion, you boost your site activity, and you’ll have more chances of being noticed by members you want to attract.There is a site administrator who reviews the contents and settings of your profile. The administrator is also the one who will check on the reported or flagged contents of other users posted on the Transgender website.However, if you are looking forward to meeting that special someone through more interesting ways than just answering forums and group discussions, check out our Dating Sites Category .

    Transgender FAQ


    What is is a website for transgenders, their supporters, and their admirers. Its main goal is to make transgenders feel welcomed and accepted. 

    How do I register to

    To register, just go to You will find a four-step application there requiring your name, age, location, and interest. After the email verification, you are good to go.

    Another option is to go to You will also find a sign-in option and just provide the necessary information.

    Can I link my account to my Facebook?

    Yes, you can link your account to your Facebook to share your blogs and articles. You can adjust the settings for every post.

    What is the difference of timed out and logged out on

    Timed out means that you haven't made any activity for 15 minutes. That is why before you can do something again, you have to log in again. 

    Logged out, on the other hand, is if you have clicked the log-out button on the drop-down menu below your username.

    How do I recover a lost password on

    To recover your lost password, click on the "Forgot Password or Username" link. You will be redirected to another page, and you have to input your email address. A message will be sent there. The instructions will be on that message. You have to replace your old password, and you cannot retrieve the old one anymore.

    Privacy Policy

    How do I ignore another member on

    Add the members that you want to ignore in your "Ignore List." Just go to the user settings, and on your "Account" page, you can type the username of the person that you wish to ignore. You will stop receiving private messages and post notification from them.

    Can I flag contents which are inappropriate for me on

    Yes, you can. On the post itself, there is a "Flag" button that you can click. The site administrators will review the content and will make the necessary actions.

    Connecting with Other Members

    How do I find out more about the members of

    To learn more about the members of Transgender, you can go to the Members List tab, click on the profile of the member that you want to know more. If you want some more, you may send a direct message and start acquainting yourselves. You can directly search for the username instead of browsing the pages.

    How do you add reputation on

    You can add a reputation point to a member's post by simply clicking on the reputation button. Clicking it one more time can remove that point that was previously given.


    What are sticky topics on

    Sticky topics are important topics which you can always see at the top of the list of topics.

    What are Forum Topics on

    Forum topics hold one or more posts within the group or forum. They are any kind of posts like articles, polls, videos or images.

    Creating Features

    How do I create a New Blog on

    Under the Blog tab, you can see the "Create a New Blog" button. Click it and you can start setting up your new blog. Once you are done, click the publish button and you have your new blog.

    What are the kinds of groups that I can join or make on

    There are three kinds of group- public, invite-only, and moderated. The Public Group is where everybody can join. The Invite Only Group is for those who will be listed and invited to the group by the moderator. The Moderated Group is partly like the public group since anyone can join, but the messages are filtered and reviewed before being posted.

    How do I create a photo album on

    You can create a photo album on your profile or on a channel where you are allowed to post. Just click on the create album button, and you can upload the photos which you would like to share. You have the option to edit the pictures, too.

    Can I format my posts on

    Yes. You may do that by using the BBCode or simply by clicking the buttons around like for bold text, italics, or underlined.

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