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Very Bad
  • mark*** 70 years

    i signed up for it and people there very friendly, some people lie about their ages or the profile has the wrong age, then there is note in the profil... e with the correct age, its not corrected by tinder. if you chat with someone its always interesting to make new friends,but if someone doesnt like you they tell the site directors you did something and you get banned after you paid your money and the site doesnt even to bother to verify if its true,shame on them and they refuse to even listen to your side of the story «»

  • Alph*** 48 years

    If Tinder is known for being more of a hook up site then dating then why do so many women's profiles state "Not looking for a hookup" or "No FWB"?Are... they really looking to hook up but put that in their profile in case they are seen by someone they know they won't look like ho?Seriously, if they aren't looking to hook up then get off the site and go to Match, POF or some other dating site if you are looking for something else!It seriously makes me want to date and hook up with some of these liberal leaning women just so I can laugh in the morning and say KAGA2020!!! «»

  • Vero*** 35 years

    Tinder does not provide any customer service while banning and deleting accounts whenever they want. I wonder if there is a bot doing it randomly. And... don't bother trying to find the reason why your account is gone, they will not reply. Doesn't matter if you are a paid or free member. «»

  • Ba***** 13 years


  • jmat*** 41 years

    everyone lies but it is funny to swipe them and sometimes a cute guy shows up, but you have to be cynical and choosy

  • Fool*** 37 years

    complete scam. total waste of money. fake accounts and no one will see or like your profile so you pay for their boosts and likes. its all bullshit do... nt give them a dine «»

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