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Very Bad
  • GI***** 54 years

    There is much less clutter and riffraff than the other dating sites.It’s eerily quiet, very few likes have been received or reciprocated. The distan... ces for many of the candidates were out of state. «»

  • D****** 45 years

    It is a scam. Very few matches and not as high caliber for a female to male match. Terrible dating app

  • Kris*** 40 years

    The idea.The execution is terrible beyond perhaps a city like NYC? I had only one prospect in my large city. One! And then the rest were 200km++ away... . And that one prospect in my city from the first day never matched with me in the two weeks I tried it out. So…what exactly did I pay for? I’m an above average attractive woman, never married, no kids…I would have more luck walking around downtown on a Sunday morning than I did with this app. Bye bye $$! «»

  • Min**** 36 years

    It was terrible. Total scamIt's a scam, you have to pay for everything and they won't respect your preferences or your distance settings. I got men h... er over a thousand miles away because I was low on prospects «»

  • Lawr*** 68 years

    It states above the fee for a 6 month membership as a member is $33.17/mo. Yet the site states the fee is $99/month. I would join tomorrow if the mo... nthly fee is $33.17 as described above. «»

  • lin**** 57 years

    The results were very slim. In fact, 2 of them were not properly vetted and were fake profiles. They both ended up wanting money. It was a scam

  • Ga***** 52 years

    The League is, by far, the worse dating app. They have VERY FEW men in my city and age group. After less than two weeks after joining, they "run out" ... of matches, and they started sending me matches from all over the country. Ridiculous. Dishonest. A rip-off. «»

  • ashl*** 30 years

    i like this site

  • j****** 47 years

    I followed all the League rules - specific types of photos, answering the matches every day, messaging first when you get a match... And of three mat... ches I messaged, no answer. One match messaged, we chatted & planned a date and he never showed up. I've had pretty good luck with Bumble so I know I'm not too horrible ;-)In addition, I'm finding more and more profiles (this is Aug 2019) that do not follow the supposed rules - only 1 photo, or only photos with other people, or only headshots no full body. Or photos of scenes and items and none of the person!You're given a 'concierge' when you're accepted and I contacted him multiple times to ask his opinions and he gave stock answers (as I type this, maybe he's just a bot!). That's not concierge support...Maybe it's become less exclusive in order to earn $$ & get more people on? No matter, I'm cancelling. «»

  • Er***** 38 years

    I had an excellent experience with the league. After a couple years on bumble and tinder, i joined the league (for free) and went on a date a few days... later and 11 months later am about to move in with my boyfriend! «»

  • Madi*** 36 years

    I love everything about this app

  • lynn*** 58 years

    I"m not sure how The League works for the younger crowd, but if you're over 50 and in NYC, stay away!The fee is exorbitant ($60/mo for 5 'great' mat... ches per day), and they have no candidates in that age group to present. I am an attractive female professional with a highly rated profile, and very few restrictions on what I'm looking for. What I get each night at "Happy Hour" has now become my daily chuckle - candidates from Canada, California. Arkansas, and every corner of the US. Soon, I anticipate getting a match option from Alaska!.What's worse, is that after you find this out, they refuse to give a refund. They just say yeah, we're really limited in your group so you were probably better off with the no-fee, 3 match per day optionsIt's a great concept - just not ready for prime time in the over-50 crowd. I believe they have an obligation to be more transparent, but the really don't seem to care. «»

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