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Very Bad
  • mpel*** 70 years

    i met two very nice ladies and have been with my present lady for 6 years...i plan to marry her when i retire.

  • Jona*** 55 years

    The site is FAKE.... i had 52 emails before i subscribed... i subscribed to see and answer them only to find out the women in the emails never sent ... them... the site did to get me to pay.. «»

  • J****** 47 years

    As someone who influences readers, I wanted to provide some feedback to you re: ThaiCupid. My account was hacked within 30 hours of being established... . The parties accessed both financial information and my account verification information (in my case, a driver's license). I notified ThaiCupid immediately. And... no response. I followed up. And … no response. I would not recommend this site to anyone until they secure their site. «»

  • Date*** 36 years

    Account locked for no reason. Asking for ID and passport documents, not going to upload them, it's none of their business.

  • Sasc*** 37 years

    seems to be a lot of fake my general region (i have saved search) there are 11 girls out of the last 20 that signed up that never logged ... on after their registration and that is only on the first page.100s of times (literally) I have seen local new registrations , I check a few times a I sent them a message. the message stays unread for 90 days and then expire. I sometimes look at the profiles and they have never been online after the registration.. I am pretty damn sure some of those are automatically created with pictures.a lot of them also asking for email to keep contact or to add on Skype, which hasn't been a relevant way to communicate for a few years now.. those seem to be scammers of some friend asked me to delete her profile once because she didn't know how to do it on mobile and once I logged in on her account I was bombarded with notifications saying there were new users that just signed in (to make them click on the new profiles and fake interest).. also the first page was a list of 21 men that I could have messaged all at the same time.that was a normal unpaid account, I have a gold paid account and don't even get those features (and certainly do not want them).. unfair and too make fakeness «»

  • Sasc*** 36 years

    This might interest you: if you sign up as a woman, you get extra "perks" that even paid male members do not get. My friend asked me to delete her acc... ount, as she is a regular member and I'm a gold member. As soon as I logged in, it showed me 21 men (3 rows of 7) that she could email all at once by writing just one message. Women on these dating websites often receive hundreds of messages a week, so why would they need to message 21 men at the same time? A few seconds after I logged in, I kept getting notifications on the bottom left of the screen every time a man created a profile. I don't have that on my gold account. I think it's something to make the men believe that there are many women interested in their profiles (to make money from men). Make a female account and check it out. «»

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