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Very Bad
  • m****** 47 years

    i met my husband in skout in 2017.too many scammers now

  • Be***** 47 years

    Fun and lightLuis Chanaga from Kettering Health using this app for sex.Married man in a religious position. I think he sometimes used a fake name … T... ony or Anthony. He lied about his wife and used this site to have sex or sexual chats if they could t meet him.@lchanagaPeople should use google to find out more about their hook ups. He slept with many women using this app. «»

  • Liz**** 24 years

    I meet friends.Skout always blocked me, and when I try to verify, it's not working.

  • Carr*** 38 years

    Easy to sign up and get started, live stream works great and connects fast.I am constantly getting blocked for no violations after I pause an account... . I can't get back into on meet me, once I x the guy, he pops up again. My profile is constantly getting changed along with my profile picture. «»

  • Sco**** 50 years

    There really isn't anything redeeming about Skout unless you're looking for a prostitute maybeThere are more spamming robot hacker accounts wanting y... ou to give away your email address or click on some BS sex dating site then there are real people «»

  • Fi***** 55 years

    Skout used to be a great app to meet. No longer true.Thousands of fake profiles will send you messages asking you to go to a website and signup, the... n have free sex with them. Totally bogus. This used to be a good website with real women on it..also, i live in a major metropolitan area and "nearby' women are hundreds of miles from me..that was never the case a few years ago. «»

  • Amb**** 28 years

    Nothing To many assholes to many perverts to many scumbags the app crashes even more now can’t even login now no one from the tech support is even do... ing anything to fix the problem «»

  • Lal**** 24 years

    Nothing. They close and block your account for no reason. Real people who go by the book are the ones who get punished. While the Trash that doesn't g... et rewarded. Trash. Joke. Waste of time. Scammers. Lame. Fake. Close your dating account with no valid explanation & no proof. «»

  • Conf*** 37 years

    Free to use for basic functionsTaiwan region : 30% of all profiles are fake/spambotsVery outdated algorithm.No incentive for its original user b... ased focus on finding a partner. Obvious Cash grab and seemingly abandoned by its developer.Not worth the time using in 2021 «»

  • Ju***** 65 years

    Scout was okay at first. I met a lot of friends.I was on Skout for 3 weeks. I had 300 chats waiting to talk to me. Some guy asked me to video chat wi... th him while he was doing something provocative. And when I I told him I wouldn't he told me he would get even with me. So I went the next day to open up Scout and it would blink and it would go off. So I notified 14 * and they said I was banned for violating their terms. I am a 65 year old woman and I am homebound and I met a lot of good friends on there. So this is why I am giving them a rating of one. This happened to me before and they said after looking into it they were sorry for my inconvenience and allowed me back on. And now this happens again. I would not recommend Scout to anyone! «»

  • Jer**** 59 years

    Easy to sign up90 % fake or scam profiles

  • Patt*** 68 years

    I made many friends and men liked me. I did some violation and I didn’t realize what I did. I’m almost 69. Could I get a paid account. Maybe the terms... are right there more clearly. I feel distraught. «»

  • CARL*** 46 years


  • a****** 46 years

    Wonderful application

  • gyps*** 41 years

    This site is automatically blocked me. What is the reason idont no

  • jack*** 36 years

    ii find scout interesting

  • fuck*** 49 years

    I think it's a complete sham that was abandoned by its developers years ago. f I could, I'd sue them on general principles.

  • mrwh*** 46 years

    Good for flirting hard two comunate but why so hard two earn points

  • dfg**** 21 years

    i love skout

  • th***** 58 years

    one of my chats suddenly dissappear yesterday when i open the app....why ???

  • Delb*** 55 years

    Very fast and safe

  • jess*** 35 years

    very nice dating app

  • KCla*** 55 years

    Most results are way too far for me. I am looking 10-20 miles out. If it was just give me me 30 to 40 miles out it would be OK, bu tits giving me 2 ... states away. worthless. I know people that are on there because I talked to them with an old profile but they are nowhere to be found. General opinion....SUCKS...SUCKS...SUCKS...SUCKS...SUCKS. «»

  • Roge*** 62 years

    Very good

  • Gin**** 53 years

    My account was blocked for supposedly logging in to many times. I cannot access my account and feel that this was in error.

  • Jo***** 56 years

    Good until my account was suspended. Not sure why, but I would like to rejoin. Didn't think I was chatting any differently than others. Hope you let m... e rejoin. «»