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Very Bad
  • RONA*** 58 years

    NothingAs a man of 58, not bad looking, active, able to hold a decent conversation and having never lacked for being able to find a date, this place ... will suck any self esteem to have right out. Writing to over a hundred women that look like a good match with 2 or 3 replies is rather disheartening. Never again will I pay to be on this site nor would I recommend it for any one. «»

  • Regi*** 57 years

    I think there are some genuine people on the site but it’s difficult to weed through the nonsense to find them. I received many marches that were not... in my specified criteria. One younger man reaches out and was persistent - I eventually went on a date, we spent some significant time together and then ghosted me. It was clear he just wanted a hook up despite the desire to find a good woman, etc. «»

  • Char*** 35 years

    Nothing to like. This site is a scamCan't believe there are people out here that are trying to profit off of someone else's personal dilemma.

  • Br***** 44 years

    NothingThree fake profiles right off the bat acting like real women will give you their phone number but won't do video cam because they're fake

  • R****** 57 years


  • jeff*** 35 years

    This website is full of fun and much better than the other similar ones. Several of its funny features are free. I personally like to send out roses o... ut every day.None. «»

  • Kimm*** 38 years

    There are many unique features on PS. It helps a lot, such as the feature 'STD Q& A'. It allows users to post questions and get answers from the coun... selor and other members.None. «»

  • kara*** 33 years

    This site gives a second chance for people with Herpes to find love. I love its IOS app. The best STD dating app I used. There are many unique and int... eresting features, such as drift bottles, blogs, and voice rooms. The most important thing is it has an efficient support team. Whenever I had a technical problem, they gave me a satisfactory solution.Expensive. «»

  • chl**** 34 years

    PS has a very large database, so when I search in my location, there are many results. in addition, PS is very active, many members write blogs and co... mments, hundreds of members chat in the chatroom. This makes me feel I am not alone!I don't like some members are a bit abusive. «»

  • Z****** 39 years

    Having this herpes dating app is like having hundreds of friends here with you. If you feel sad, you can go there and talk to someone. It will make yo... u feel better. I tried several STD dating apps and I assume this one is the best. You do not need to worry about the safety of your personal information. And it seems that they have serious customer censorship against fake users. I highly recommend this app to all singles with STDs.None. «»

  • Ja***** 45 years

    I love this site, it protects my privacy very well. Thank Positivesingles for a whole new outlook on the world where we can connect and support each o... ther. I do not have to disclose my situation here, this is the most exciting part of it.Nothing, I love it. «»

  • Jas**** 45 years

    I have been on the positive singles for 3 years. I met many nice people there.Should add some new feature.

  • Ann**** 48 years

    It brings people with an STD to a safe and private place. We don't need to worry about how to disclose this situation. You know, sometimes, it's a big... problem to start a new relationship. Also, we can support each other. That's a good point.There are not many local people in my area. PS needs to give me more local guys. «»

  • Step*** 62 years

    Nothing!The company created a fake profile using my personal information, bio, and pics after I ended my subscription many months earlier.

  • Lo***** 50 years

    I HATE Positive singles, removed my profile a while ago, and I will NEVER re-join them again, SCAMMERS and RIP OFF artist, they should be shit down fo... r good, you will never meet anyone on that site!! «»

  • Tam**** 27 years

    This site gets worse and worse by the day. Now you that they blur the pictures of people that have checked out your profile. What's the point in not s... eeing someone that is interested in me? Ridiculous. «»

  • blue*** 65 years

    Just not for real bio' get hits from so called women, and then they are removed from web site phony is this. There are made ... up women who contact you and are not real individual and their bios are so fake. Wasted my $$. «»

  • Dav**** 60 years

    Crap site you say one tiny thing wrong to a girl and they boot you from site don’t pay this site rip off

  • Dav**** 60 years

    99 percent of women don’t respond or they cancel dates not worth the high price

  • Chr**** 39 years

    Been on and off the site for years. Premium on and off for years. I will NEVER be a premium member ever again. I have always had random "likes" or "... views" that's normal. But not typically very frequently. Not a big deal, online dating can be very fickle. But I find it EXTREMELY interesting that what made me decide to not renew my premium was when I was getting close to it lapsing I was "viewed" and "liked" by someone I KNEW in real life. I texted her and she told me she had not been on the site in years. Then when it did lapse, SUDDENLY within 24 hours of it lapsing I had more views and likes that I had had in MONTHS. But of course the only way you can see them or message them is to RENEW! TOTAL money pit and scam. Sure some GOOD may come from the site, but they use some pretty shady business practices. Like I would say as many as 80% of their profiles are not used anymore or haven't been logged in in FOREVER. They never clean out old inactive profiles. «»

  • anon*** 29 years

    * I'm still a new member, I cannot make a satisfying review. however, one thing for sure this site needs is: to offer a free one month premium access ... so that members can compare the difference and decide whether they wanna continue paying and enjoy the full access and benefits of being a premium.* On the other hand, the free membership offers extremely limited experience when using the site, and this is not fair when there are plenty other STD dating websites that can make the person wonder which site shall they consider.* Lastly, I have realized that many of those STD dating sites are almost exactly the same design and criteria, which means they are most likely operated by the same company, thus taking advantage of real people trying to find real relations. whoever runs these websites must merge them together to increase the chances of people to find their best match. people with STD's are already rare and can't afford to look at several resources,,,, «»

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