How much does Positive Singles cost?

Having HIV or another STD makes life tough enough. When you try to find love as well, it only gets harder. How much will you spend if you use a website to look for a partner? How much does Positive Singles cost in the US?

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Subscription
1 Month29.95 USD / Month29.95 USD
3 Months19.98 USD / Month59.95 USD
6 Months15.99 USD / Month95.95 USD

Understandably, there aren’t that plenty of dating sites exclusively for those with STDs. But compared to its suitable competitors, the cost for a premium membership at Positive Singles belongs to the upper-moderate price range.

Positive Singles Cost

Positive Singles offer premium deals available for 1, 3, and 6 months. At present, the website does not offer shorter terms or trials for those who want to take a look around first. But, it seems like there is no need for such shorter deals—we’ll dive more into that in a while.

Even with the advancement of medicine, contracting HIV or STD is still something that a person can’t honestly and freely be open about. But people living with it are coping; dating isn’t out of the picture anymore, thanks to online dating platforms. So, if you’re going to register and upgrade at one, why should Positive Singles be your top choice?

Why pay for premium at Positive Singles?

What features and pros does Positive Singles offer that should prompt you to sign up and upgrade? What becomes of a Positive Singles premium member?

Free Features

We did mention that Positive Singles doesn’t offer a free trial—that’s because signing up is already free-of-charge. Plus, you can be a regular non-paying member for as long as you wish. 

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Registration at Positive Singles is straightforward; the website will only need you to provide necessary details such as your orientation and preference, email address, nominated password, and preferred profile photo. Take note though that you will need to identify the kind of STD you have—Positive Singles do not allow members without STD or HIV to join.

Free Features
  • Reply to messages
  • Send winks
  • Search by username
  • Request access to private album
  • Upload up to 26 photos
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Premium Features
  • Show up on top of search results
  • Send messages
  • Advanced search
  • Contact STD counselor via live chat or email
  • Quick Exit button
    Redirects you to a random, harmless website to ensure your privacy

Registration and profile creation are not the only things you can do for free; Positive Singles will let non-paying members flirt around by sending winks. You may also take a look around using the search filter and browse complete profiles. Lastly, interaction is even possible. At Positive Singles, free members can reply to messages they receive from premium users.

A Reliable Support System

Positive Singles offer a reliable support system, whether it be with the fellow users or the moderators who run the online dating platform.

Let’s start with the moderators. The team managing Positive Singles is dedicated to weeding out fake profiles.

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By fake profiles, these include catfishers, scammers, and even lurkers who may bully or reveal the identities of Positive Singles members.

As for the members themselves, Positive Singles is a platform with over a million users worldwide. Its members mostly come from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

But more than being an international platform, Positive Singles is a community. Everyone living with herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, or any other STDs—regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender—are very much welcome. Since the dating site is exclusive and inclusive, members of Positive Singles are sympathetic, supportive, and respectful. 

Safe and Discreet

The reality is that society still views a person with HIV or STD in a negative light. Thus, to protect its members, Positive Singles continuously add functions and policies to ensure they remain safe and discreet while online dating.

For starters, Positive Singles does not allow users who aren’t living with HIV or any STD. The website also encourages members to report any suspicious accounts (i.e. those who are claiming they contracted one) so that the moderators can immediately suspend such profiles. All these actions are done to make sure that Positive Singles remains an exclusive community.

The website also includes functions that allow members to hide their profiles (incognito browsing) and remain anonymous even while communicating. Positive Singles even offers a Quick Exit Button—it immediately redirects you to a harmless website to cover your tracks—for paying accounts.

For premium members, do not worry about the statements; the website went above and beyond by billing discreetly. Instead of "Positive Singles," your credit card statement will read "SUCCESSFULMATCH."

Lastly, PositiveSingles offers a free-to-download app available for Android and iOS users. To ensure your privacy, the app's design doesn't bear any indication that it is a platform for people living with STDs. Also, the app developers included a password lock—an added layer of protection—in case your phone gets misplaced or stolen.

Informative and Helpful

Positive Singles

More than just being a dating site, the ultimate goal of Positive Singles is to be a community where people living with STDs can find love, hope, and support.

Thus, Positive Singles include functions and other benefits that cater to the members' health and wellness.

Positive Singles runs an informative blog that lets members post their queries, experiences (mostly treatment-related), concerns, and hobbies. The blog is anonymous yet interactive; it tallies over 500 daily new blog posts from Positive Singles members. 

Apart from the blog, Positive Singles also has an STD Q&A feature. All members, paying and non-paying, can submit questions mostly related to their STD type. To help them, an STD counselor will reply to each of the submitted queries. This function, as with the blog, is also kept confidential. All these features are Positive Singles contribution towards rebuilding the confidence of its clientele.

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People who’re going through the same health concerns as you will understand you best. If you’re living with HIV or STD and is searching for love, friendship, or support, maybe Positive Singles is a reliable platform for you. How do you join? It’s easy—sign up now.

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