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Very Bad
  • Debb*** 58 years

    Nothing Large number of catfish, romance scammers, stolen pictures for profiles. Scammer told me POF has most scammers and they change stolen profile... s all the time to entice women for $, bad dating site, I was scammed 2,x no $ involved but POF won't stop scammers even if you have hard evidence. «»

  • d****** 71 years

    it used to work 10 to 15 years doesn't produce dates. impossible to get by the hypergamy and scammers.

  • N****** 69 years

    NothingI met one of the best scammers out there on POF. Scott Brown in 2018. Took me for 500 k. Took him 3 years. To get my money maybe that is why i... t took me so long to figure it out. That is not the only name he uses .Maxwell Edward, Gary Bustamante, Greyson Jack, not the only site he uses. Twitter, Facebook, Silver Singles, Tender, and couple Russian sites. Becareful. Who you believe in Derek Johnson, James Barnes. All kinds of phone numbers. All kinds of helpers to keep me convinced he was who he said he was. I believed he loved me. Was all lies. «»

  • Wa***** 79 years

    NothingI cancelled my subscription before the renewal date and my account was charged $29.99 once again. May have to cancel my bank account thanks to... POF «»

  • Jo***** 50 years

    Now, nothing.There are now so many fake profiles hacking into POF and pretending to be from the destination city proclaimed, but most are from foreig... n countries, attempting to acquire private information from honest members, that to me, makes me wonder why anyone would join or much less pay for such a misleading member dating site?The govt should investigate this site as a fraud due to so many fake profiles as its stated intent is misleading. «»

  • Tan**** 72 years

    Lots of profiles to choose fromScammer tried to get over 17000 fm me. I reported him. 2 wks later they sent him back as my best match of the day. Nex... t match also scammer 8200. I reported him & first guy again who was still on line w the same name, pics, profile. Just changed city. While I waited for reply 3rd scammer. Didn’t have a chance to see how much he wanted cause POF removed MY profile and closed MY account. They won’t respond to questions why. I have 2 open case files but other than sending me the file nbr NO response from them at all. Ladies beware. They didn’t get $ from me but it still hurts emotionally. POF has ZERO interest in protecting you. They are on the side of the scammer. Stay away there are plenty of other free sites. PS google “romance and oil rig scams.”My 2 fit this scenario perfectly. It’s scary. Be careful. «»

  • K****** 58 years

    Not much. This site is crawling with scammers. I'd say 1 out of every 8 or 10 men aren't who they say they are. I'm not going to go into detail about... how I know because I don't want to let them know the tell tale signs. The one thing I will say is that they always dodge meeting in person. Any 'real' and genuine man looks forward to getting together. Don't waste your time and money on this site. «»

  • Jeff*** 65 years

    A lot of women.A lot of fake members. They will not change preferences on my dating app. I should be able to say Hi to all members and not be blocked... just because they're looking for a different type of relationship. «»

  • Debo*** 60 years

    Prejudice selective enforcement of Plenty of Fish pledge and rules!This ATTORNEY guy berates dozens of people in his profile.Plenty of fish pledge I... had to agree to saidbe real be kind be what you're selectively enforcing rules and punish me because this guy's IS DISRESPECTING AND DENIGRATING MANY PEOPLE in his profile. WHAT CRAP. I AM A REAL WOMEN MANY MEN ARE INTERESTED IN MEETING WHY WOULD POF WANT ME TO USE THE APP.. WHEN THEY ALLOW RUDE PROFILES LIKE ATTORNEYJIM!YOU ARE IDIOTS. «»

  • Sabr*** 54 years

    NOTHING!!!This site is a complete scam! It should be called Plethora of Catfish! I've heard from the men they experience the same thing. The site has... always had it's fill of fake profiles, but I think now more than ever. These guys from other countries (and I"m sure in the US) steel photos to use on their profiles. I've seen a bunch of photos used of one particular man where his profile has changed quite a lot from his location, to status to job and loss of wife or children. Unbelievable!!! Hard to say if it's a "Catfish ring" or a one man show, but it's odd how so many of these catfish profiles are alike? They always have a high profile job, or they're a "Civil Engineer", they're always widowed (thinking that is how to tug at a woman's heart strings), they're looking for marriage and their only desire it to treat you as their queen. Ha! yeah right.Then there is the site admins who run the show. They're just as questionable. For some reason there are a lot of profiles with the messaging blocked. I highly doubt that many men would block their profiles. Or maybe they are, because of all the female catfish profiles? In any case this site is a compete waste of time and money if you decide to pay. Don't do it! I think a trustworthy dating site is a thing of the past. Sad. «»

  • Bria*** 49 years

    I could find nothing i liked!It's all fake profiles,scammers and an attempt to get you to pay for a subscription!

  • Don**** 57 years

    It offers more free services.98% of the profiles are scammers. It didn't use to be that bad, but it's terrible now. I have always been a paid member.... No more! If they did something about it, they would lose a lot of money. So almost every person I have talked to in the past 4 months or so was a scammer. That can just be a run of bad luck for one person, so this has to be happening to others too. It's frustrating, aggravating and a total waste of time. «»

  • Fuck*** 35 years

    Stupid app I got blocked out for no good reason wtf?????This app sucks!! Blocking people out for no good reason. Did you guys do a through investiga... tion before deleting people's profile??? Just like how you let scammers invade this app. Fuck you guys «»

  • j****** 66 years

    nothing when they first started off 10 years you could see a half a dozen people who View you now you can't see none They put clients in your Inbox yo... u can't even get rid of them they're not even a match for you It's all computer bot control my opinion the last five years plenty of fish is getting hungry for more money and giving you less for free They need to do something with customer service because there useless they talk about how great their security is on this site that's an understatement they have a big problem with scammers and a useless customer service get your act together plenty of fish «»

  • step*** 37 years

    its easy to meet woman if they were nice to u.I hate the scammers I get them everyday I meet the lowest person ever on here. she kept making fun of m... e to make herself feel better that crap I don't have time for im looking for the real I dont play games with people hearts. but people on this site suck woman are shallow people I am human to get over yourself I will be happy with someone. no matter what u think me u can take your judgements and stick it. I dont care. «»

  • Dav**** 55 years

    NothingNAZI'S run it and kick you off just because the disagree with your views, you share in profile essay. When, you are attached and called deroga... tory names and you report them and then you get kicked. Keep away from this trash site!! «»

  • Will*** 53 years

    I like that I dont like anything at all about POF. No dating website is as bad as this one. These damn fools tricked me out of an overpriced 3 months ... membership.Stupid POF use to be less stupid. Now its about money only..but no money is spent on the worst software ever on a dating sight. It puts blinders on all clients. If POF didnt pick them for'll never see them. I havent seen a thirty something yet. WTF? I cant figure out how to see all girls..I have 18-99 on my search deal. Im mad that I spent $40 for pretty much nothing. ALL OLD LADIES. I look young for my age..Im not attracted to women exactly my age. Or some lazy ass b*!ch..that hasnt exercised since she was made to..her sophomore hs PE class. POF picks matches how? If someone drinks or not? Smokes? Half of my game is making them laugh. Never be able to do anything..if POF cock blocks me..not the girl..POFs elementary software. The damn girls are complaining about not getn msgs..but POF thinks it can pick who you talk to like theyre Reverend Moon. I wish I could get my damn money back..I was mislead with false claims. POF is really POS. «»

  • S****** 56 years

    Easy to set upTalked with a guy for about a month come to find out it was a scam he was using the name James Thompson and his pictures were from mrsh... eals2u Twitter account. Tried again several other pictures were fake people from other websites that found pictures of random people. «»

  • ma***** 44 years

    Nothing, I wasn't even able to use the site.Required having a active cell phone.

  • An***** 40 years

    Free. I would pay if it were at all good, but there is nothing to pay for. Quality of people. Pretty low. High tattoo, Patriots jerseys, bar room ph... otos and motorcycle count. Not a high number of educated men. Large number of the 65+ year old men haven't quite decided if they want more children or not. This is the first site like this that I have seen that allows shirtless photos; shabby.You cannot sort them by anything close to where you live! If you try to sort by say- 25 miles, it will automatically change it to 100 and send you people form several states! I must be because they have so few. You cannot remove people from search if you don't want to see them 40 times a week. They frequently recycle the few people they have. «»

  • D****** 44 years

    Nothing To many scam artist Too many people lie and just looking for hook ups and on top of that they own and if you have tubi And watch my... Worst online day ever the first two episodes have plenty of fish on them where the people got scams or almost one guy got killed from being on plenty of fish so this is no joke the people on here most of them when they say that they are crazy they really are crazy I would never come back to the site again «»

  • An***** 36 years

    The app is well setup compared to some of the others. I have been on POF for two days and already have had half a dozen scammers. They like you witho... ut looking at your profile, that's how you know it's a scam. Then they message, get a little convo going and say let's take this live and provide a link trying to get you onto a scam site. So far this is not a dating app, it's a predatory scam app. «»

  • Alyc*** 42 years

    POF permanently banned my account for no reason at all! They won't give me an explanation stating: we do not disclose the violation! horrible customer... service and don't try that number 1 604 692 2542. A voice comes on saying it is an unmonitored number and any messages left would not be listened to or returned. This site is the worst «»

  • Debb*** 55 years

    I have been on POF for several months. I get a lot of men contacting me but I keep running into fake profiles and scammers. This site is the worst tha... t I’ve been on. They should have a verification process that members can do like Zoosk. At least that way you can see if the person your chatting with is really who they say they are. Very unsafe site for a single woman in my opinion. I finally decided to get off for good. I can’t trust this site. «»

  • Ayan*** 31 years

    Good had great fun with meeting new people

  • M****** 71 years

    I tried to sign up for an account but it would not let me without a photo. I couldn't see anything on the site with giving them a photo. I want to s... ee the site and if anyone is on it who lives near me before I let it have my photo. «»

  • Jess*** 71 years

    The only "free" thing at POF is sending messages to blurred photos! They show only the last THREE people who viewed you and you can't see profiles unl... ess you upgrade. Their latest upgrade is now a minimum of THREE months. They consider people who are 20 years and more, as potential mates. A woman 20 years my junior isn't a match, she's my daughter! They show so many members because they never purge the data bases. Some members haven't logged in for 10 years! Women too ignorant to reply to messages. «»

  • Jo***** 72 years

    My access to POF was blocked and the numerous emails I sent remained unanswered, and my profile and access are still blocked. Not a very professional... attitude. «»

  • An***** 60 years

    I was on a site as a two months member. At first, I have to say that I am not a bitter person or a bad looking woman. I just wanted to give it a try a... fter my long term relationship didn’t work out. In my personal opinion, the site is full of scammers. Most of men, who contacted me, were in their fifties and widowed. When I spoke with couple of them on a phone, they’ve had a terrible accent. I am not looking for a Prince Charming, but it looks there are no real, normal men on this site. «»

  • Patr*** 42 years

    I was a long time member on pof and over the last couple of years it has fallen in accuracy and worth. Recently they allowed my banking info and email... address to be compromised. Whoever hacked my account changed my email address so now I cannot provide their support with data to delete my account! So they refuse to further investigate or reimburse me after 19 ridiculous charges were made through their app. Their pathetic Support now has me Trapped in an endless email cycle saying there they need more information to further investigate. When I tell them a response how my info was changed and now I can not provide data except for my user name, and I supply that, They just follow up with the same email a couple of days later. I'm telling you they are desperate they and will lock you into repeated subscription payments every month where you can not log in and change your preferences to non subscribe. So all in all I used to enjoy this website but now after this experience I have to say The Site is full of fake profiles and bots. There are many way better dating options out there. «»

  • j****** 63 years

    This latest version seems like a scam. I've been on POF longer than I care to admit. You used to be able to see who viewed you see 3 but h... ave to pay to see the rest. In the past, very few users would only accept messges from upgraded users, now it seems like far more claim that they will only accept messages from upgraded users, but I have seen several scammers who were "upgraded" before the profile was deleted. «»

  • Eric*** 38 years

    Hi my name is Eric. I'm a single guy that moved from Wisconsin to New Mexico in a effort to become the man I want to be. Unfortunately it was right be... fore this corona virus shut everything down. So it's safe to say meeting new people the old fashioned way was next to impossible. My only option was to try one of the many dating apps out there. I decided to go on Plenty of Fish. I've been on this app for five months now and I've had conversations with about 100 girls. 98 of them ended up being telemarketer for other dating sites, scammers that would chat with you for a few days before they ask you to send them money and a couple of prostitutes. I've only meet 2 girls for dinner. One was a 3 hour drive from me but we had been chatting for about a week and she was very beautiful in her profile picture. But when I arrived I couldn't help but notice that she looked nothing like her profile picture and was 100 pounds heavier than the girl in the picture. The second ended up being a transgender. I still bought them dinner because I'm a stand up guy but that all. So it's safe to say my experience on Plenty of Fish has been terrible. This app is a total scam and if you thinking about subscribing to a dating app don't pick this one. I don't plan on subscribing to another date app. I just plan on weighting for this virus stuff to be over and the world to open back up so I can go back to meeting girls the old fashioned way, face to face like a real man. «»

  • Ian *** 60 years

    I cancelled my subscription with POF 15 days before the next subscription charge was due. The subscription was linked to my apple account (I blame app... le also for supporting this type of scam) What POF did was to delete my photo as a male and change with a good looking woman.... I then started receiving loads of messages from men.... this is a total childish run site surly we all have the right to cancel a subscription...... please keep well clear of POF, «»

  • M****** 55 years

    Complete waste of time. It's just an advertising platform for capturing your personal details, and then locking you out of your own content because so... me cron job on their server decides you're a negative influence to their advertising revenue generation. They'll delete your account for petty reasons (such as being in a region outside their sponsor) and if you try re-create it they just capture any more data you supply and add it. Avoid. «»

  • silv*** 72 years

    Not a very good experience. there's not very many women on here from my city or 50 miles from me.that I would date.. Now it looks like POF has bl... urred out who has viewed me except for the first three women that has viewed me... I was talking to a woman for a few weeks now and I went to send her a message and I got a message from POF that she doesn't accept messages that are short or doesn't have a question in it. I have sent shorter ones and then all of a sudden her profile was gone and all our messages were deleted. I would not pay for this dating site. I was on it yrs ago and it was a really good site, not anymore.. a lot of scammers on here, I have been on here for about 4 months.. If they ask for a phone number without talking to you on the site very long they are probably a scammer.. If they give you a web site to go to to check out and send pics. they are probably a scammer. If they ask for your email or give you theirs before you talk to them for awhile on there and ask them questions they don't answer they are probably a scammer.. «»

  • Myna*** 40 years

    POF sucks. It's run by one guy who is a diiiiiiiiick. Every so often he deletes profiles of FREE members.It goes like this: a lot of women/fake ... profiles of women, by men or women, contact me.....I tell them to get lost. They get upset and report me, I get deleted. And they are allowed?POF is plenty of flakes. Had the admin taken the time to review my messages, they'd see that these stalkers (fake profiles) are the one's initiating conversations with me, and THEY get upset and report me?I guess if you want a website full of a bunch of mid-life, bat-shit crazed females, and posers, then maybe it's for you!POF sucks! This is after about 10+ years of using it, over about 5 profiles, 10-15 good connections, and 1-2 serious past girlfriends.POF sucks! «»

  • Rich*** 60 years

    POF was bad before; new format is now much worse than useless. POF inc. delete all and any constructive criticism posts on their Facebook page. No int... egrity whatsoever. Nothing works on it now; e.g. search function comes up with people in other countries; no favourites list; no way of finding people again; can't undo your 'likes'; the list of what doesn't or no longer works is endless. There FAQ's etc info is pure lies. Not sure there's any aspect that works in any way now. Hopefully a genuinely free dating site appears and renders this one, that purports to be, dust, asap. «»

  • Rich*** 60 years

    Now an unusable waste of time; favourites facility gone; whole things a mess, totally aimed at getting you to 'upgrade', but why would you do that whe... n it's completely rubbish and doesn't work. «»

  • T****** 30 years

    This site is comprised of a large percentage of fake profiles\members. The site knows this yet it does nothing to stop it. The only answers are: they... are hackers, or site employees creatign these many fake\fraud profiles. These have been reported yet the site continues to allow them. They rules are nonenforcable. You can be deleted many times yet still get back in. You can have multiple profiles. You can have nude pics, you can be mean, nasty, etc. «»

  • Hugh*** 55 years

    Worst site EVER! I've seen it go from good to worse to (now) UNUSABLE! it just erased all of my messages that were over 10 days old. Yeah - two PA... GES worth! No longer is there a "favorites" button so that was a waste of WEEKS of my time. They are also TOTALLY sexist. There should really be a class action suit against them. Men have absolutely NO RIGHTS at all - yet most of the women are complete whores. Oh yeah, they are supposed to be "all about relationships" so how come a few dozen whores write me every week? They will TELL you that "your message was sent" while in the meantime they have totally deleted it! Maybe it was one word they didn't like. They don't censor the word - they delete the ENTIRE MESSAGE! I think the word I used was "bottom" - and not as in the body part! That's the kind of assholes these people are! Women can drop th F bomb as many times as they want in a sentence. Women send nude pics all the time - and a man is NOT ALLOWED to have ANY private images at all. They really should be sued... «»

  • Ja***** 40 years

    Pof is a ******* joke.......signed up. put my real age up ( I've heard that is an issue and not that I have a reason to lie about that lol) put a pic ... up, put some info about myself on there and moved on. I messaged 1 person to which quite literally said " Hi, hows your day going so far? you look really pretty." Not even 10 min later my profile was removed.....for which I got an explanation of...."account belonging to.....your profile was removed due to a violation of our terms of use.".................Really? Nothing about my profile was illegitimate, or violating any that end I messaged 1 girl in short saying she look really pretty........again nothing in violation( this happened twice)......pof people need to pull there heads out of their backsides...sensitive morons. Attrocious excuse for a dating lol. «»

  • T****** 54 years

    As of late March 2020, Plenty of Fish changed its site's functionality and eliminated any way to add anyone to their Favorites list. When I inquired ... of PoF's support regarding this, they claimed the functionality had been dropped, a total lie and BS response. They do crap like this with no warning to users, and then give dishonest responses or no response when one inquires about the issue. They did not provide a resolution, and have not made any replacement or similar functionality available. Without the Favorites list, the site its pretty much useless IMO. Significantly, the site also has MANY fake profiles of scammers, and is very poorly policed in such regard. Avoid Plenty of Fish, as it is run by amateurs who don't care about users, just their money. «»

  • Tula*** 70 years

    Very difficult to register and log in. Poor technical support.

  • Cher*** 62 years

    I've had a few good experiences, but I get a good number of scammers sharing contact information for communication off-site. I wish there was a way t... o filter these out. «»

  • Ang**** 42 years

    I am a 42 yrs old and i have been searching for a male between the ages of 35 and 45. I have been on pof off and on for about 1 1/2 yrs. I have gone o... n about 8 dates i think. A few were complete busts. A few were nice but not a match. I did actually date a few exclusively for a about 3 months each but they essentially were not matches either. The site has improved since i first joined. Waaaaaaaay less nudity and i am soooo glad that i can no longer get a dick pic 50 times a day! I have noticed a decline in scammers as well. The overall experience is better. I have not tried any other dating sites to compare pof to. I do not like that i cannot filter ages, races, height, etc. I may be able to if i upgrade but i am not certain. «»

  • Caro*** 27 years

    Although POF claims to not tolerate inappropriate or sexual messages, they ignored two reports I submitted regarding some unsettling messages. The onl... y way I could get them to take action was to message them on twitter with screenshots of the messages that I had reported. I wish they had better monitoring of profiles and took quicker action on reports. A guy that told me all he wanted was to take pictures of girls in realistic looking hospital photos was allowed to stay on the site for months. «»

  • Emi**** 47 years

    The site forces you to see matches of a certain age group, making it impossible to look for younger girls. It feels very authoritarian and strict in i... t's algorithmic rules, so it' s definitely not for me. In a couple of words: Ugly old Milf website. «»

  • M****** 47 years

    People are not what they appear to be. I am 40 so a little older than the average user. I found a number of good prospective people except the photo... s were too "perfect". I did a google reverse search and found that many use photos that are not of themselves. Or they claim to be local but really live in other places like Texas. It is very frustrating to be faced with this sort of deception. A friend of mine DID find someone. But I have not. «»

  • jaim*** 35 years

    POF has become a terrible dating website/app in the last couple years. They have become too restrictive in age ranges (seriously?, everyone on it is a... n adult, we don't need POF saying we cannot date this age range or that age range or ethnicity you left-wing racists!) and what you may include in a profile, even banning harmless jokes or memes, too picky about your usage or content, too misandrist against males and certain ethnic groups (Mostly POF is against whites and especially Hispanics!), too political (If you are conservative, expect to be banned by these creeps at POF!!!!!!!!) and are now requiring you submit your phone information to use their site, thereby giving them access to your phone usage which they data-mine with and sell your daily phone habits for profit. AVOID THEM! USER BEWARE! «»

  • Este*** 38 years

    Profiles get hacked all the time a lot of scammers don’t waste your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zum**** 40 years

    I believe that POF is a big scam I have been contacted by a few guys and from the messages that I receive I believe that they are either scammers or b... ots or maybe even someone that works for POF. The messages I get are full of misspelling's and some of the conversations don't make any sense. One guy I had talked to for a couple weeks I finally asked if we could meet and of course he always had an excuse for not being able to meet. I don't believe that people actually ever end up happy with anyone that they meet on POF and I would definitely not recommend this site. I also recommend that when you leave POF you should delete your profile your picture and all your personal information. «»

  • Jacq*** 37 years

    Horrible now, every time one logs in the require sending a verification code to your cell, exchanging e-mails are now not allowed to circumvent their ... services and treasdure chest, and the service stiniks with onlt Plenty of Fatties or laughable cougars... «»

  • Lest*** 65 years

    I have talked to a lot of women on here

  • T****** 68 years

    I have physically only met one woman and she was nothing like her profile.

  • Jim *** 57 years

    Dealing with alot of hijacked profile that say they are 58 and pictures are of 20 something big bombed girls ..I will tell many people ..all people I ... know that pof does monitor their site or are in on it for financial reasons.. «»

  • YoRo*** 40 years

    the worse experience i ever had. some of this girls have as many as 10 different profiles. Scam after scam after scam . There has to be a filter or so... mething better to keep this scumbags away. . i DONT DATE OUTSIDE MY ETHNIC CYCKLE but yet i get this influx of the group that I DONT DATE AND ITS SO FUCKING IRRATATING. who ever does bthe rating obviouslly never tried to talk to anyone on this site. WHAT A JOKE. RATING NOT EVEN 1 «»

  • beck*** 36 years

    Info on dates between June 25 2019 and August 8 2019

  • Amba*** 39 years

    They may as well call this place Plenty of Phish. The site is LOADED with fake profiles and scam artists. In less than a month I've been contacted by ... no less than TEN profiles all with different ages, locations, and profile texts, yet have pictures of the exact same person. And every time I report them, a new profile springs up to take its place. The screening process is AWFUL. «»

  • dece*** 50 years

    In the 3 months I've looked on that site 95% of the pretty girls are all fake profiles.Scammer steal photo's of models online (and from porn sites) ... and put that on their ad. They usually get the details wrong (since it's overseas scammers that fill out hundreds of ads and POF won't take down the fake ads even when reported multiple times.Scammers don't bother to fill out much or write down college degree, then put on waitress, fireman or mailman. They use a young blond gal for a photo but usually write down that they have black hair. The details are usually wrong. It says they're 42 but they put a 21 year old model for their photo. 2nd. almost no one responds. 90% of people I wrote to didn't write back. Not even the scammers. Most of the time if you find a nice looking photo just look it up on google and you'll find the same photo on dozens of other sites. So far,.. POF is completely worthless.Also... it will send Emails insistently over and over, saying someone wants to meet you, then when you log in, you can't see anything unless you pay for it. Yes, messaging is free but no on seems to use that. No one writes or replies. They only do the like or No like feature. That way no one can view who liked who without paying. worthless. «»

  • N****** 68 years

    My experience with POF has not been good. I have run into SCAMS where this lady sent me a message on behalf of someone else that was not a POF member... and told me to Email them because they wanted to meet me, of course I didn't email the person. I am not sure how a woman got thru to me because I specifically stated that I am a woman looking for a man. Also most if not all of the men that responded to me wanted my cell number and my email address after just 15 minutes of conversation. «»

  • b****** 43 years

    well it seems like most are either gold diggers or scams and the few that are online don't know how to speak or they look then vanish and alot of rude... and immature little stuck up tramps that can get away with alot of shady things but when i tried to ask for help the help section dosen't exist. & if you get blocked then your entire profile is deleted without warning and no way to establish why or whatever reason so it's not a good site «»

  • Jean*** 74 years

    Have found a soulmate

  • Mi***** 62 years

    very poor , lots of scamers , liers , hook-ups , asking for e-mail info , having pictures with phone & e- mail address , people from 2,000 miles away ... . «»

  • Lil *** 31 years


  • Sher*** 26 years


  • Sini*** 56 years

    I been around the net and there is a lot of fake people on Plentyoffish aka POF Should be called fullofshit aka FOS or pieceofshit aka POS most of the... m are robos and you can figure this out by asking certain questions and it's how that question is answered and how long it takes for them to answer «»

  • Phil*** 60 years

    Not impressed. I was on the site 3 years ago and thought it was great, met some lovely and interesting ladies and we had fun. I've been on POF now for... 5 months and I haven't had contact with a woman yet. All responses to my emails have been computer generated. 'This lady likes your profile, so & so has sent you a new photo ( same photos), send a message to la de da, she appears to like you'. And I do, but either I get another computer generated letter or no reply. What happened??? Until I read your review I was beginning to think POF had become another online dating scam. «»

  • catc*** 56 years

    The men on this site were some of the rudest and unpleasant I have had to interact with. I would get demanding messages and there was no real desire t... o get to know me. «»

  • Ire**** 56 years

    Too many scams. Be aware! Have to weed through the hookups from good intentions and have met a few nice guys

  • Glea*** 54 years

    Should be called plenty of Fat

  • ange*** 45 years

    It sux!! Haven't had a good experience on it after many tries and many years.. All were bad and now it locked me out of my account.

  • Sevi*** 56 years

    This review would be considered old but I’ll send it anyway. Back in early 2006 I started chatting with another POF member. It was mainly epistolatory... until five or six months later when we finally met face to face. We met at a Japanese restaurant, ate and talked until they closed. I can say we hit it off, later closed our POF accounts, got married the next year at a Japanese park and today we’re still in a loving marriage going on eight marvelous and wonderful years! «»

  • Cand*** 67 years

    Mostly married men that contact me or men who contact you but no dates?? I liked the old fashion scene.

  • De***** 57 years

    As of 2019 POF has been intrusive. They target certain people and have become very strict about what type of picture you can post. POF goes into your ... personal account and delete photos they fill are not appropriate. I have never posted pictures that would be offensive to others. They are not allowing people to use filtered pictures. I feel like it is a social media platform and as long as I'm not posting nude pictures or offensive language it is my page. I don't like that POF without asking goes into your account and pulls your picture from your page. This is wrong. Therefore, I am no longer interested in POF BIG BROTHER FORUM. «»

  • Ange*** 61 years


  • Kitt*** 67 years

    I have been on it for about 4 years. Every so often I get a half dozen messages that just say, "Hello Beautiful" or :Hi". When I respond with specific... questions, I get canned answers such as, " How long have you been on this site?" ( I asked them specific questions about my profile, to see if they read it. They DID NOT). Then about half suggest we go on Snapchat or other system to exchange photos. Um. No. POF allows photos. So I am guessing they want to send dick pics. I have only about 10% that actually READ my profile. «»

  • Mich*** 59 years

    I'm just in the middle of doing my diligence right now. But I'm very much interested in dating and using this website and/or APP.

  • R****** 45 years

    Before I was unable to log back into my account, I found the men were on there for just sex. There were also more scammers/ fakes then real accounts. ... How are fake accounts being addressed? «»

  • kell*** 50 years

    I am finding out at a rate of 4 a day, 95% of the profiles are scammers and fakes . You really have to be on your toes and really be aware of who is ... send you messages. I have counted and in the last week I have had 10 scammers and two today alone. Once I catch them and let them know , they stop .. HOWEVER the sight does not do anything about them and even when you report them the site does nothing to remove them . Yes unlike other dating sites you can message for free but they do want you to spend money to see who has requested to " meet you" under their meet me ... Be very careful on this site. «»

  • ange*** 61 years

    Iv been pof since Xmas been off for 2 months

  • Gwyn*** 70 years

    I was on pof and yes I received a lot of messages. But everyone I ended up talking with were scammers all they were after was how much money was I g... oing to send them since they couldn't access their accounts where there were but all claimed to live in the states «»

  • ange*** 61 years

    Iv use this site earlier on the year found it very good for dating

  • Ala**** 38 years

    I had one woman. Or should I say "girl" I knew personally make up numerous different male profiles. Trying to get me to send explicit photos. For no o... ther reason than I don't like her. And I suspect she thought I would stoop as low as that, and try to humiliate me. Unfortunately for her. She is not very intelligent. Used the same "profession" for most of them or listed something she knew I'd like. And forgot I knew her. 😂 So pay attention. If the information they are telling you doesn't match what they are telling you. There is something up.I found it a very scary place. Nobody is who they say they are. And it has now resulted in the police being involved. That is not POF's fault. This girl is plain evil. «»

  • Sco**** 68 years

    I find that about 90% of the women over 40 signing up are fake. Most days ALL I DO is report scammers' postings. They allow ANYONE to sign up as ANYON... E ANYWHERE. I have seen profiles that are in Minnesota on Monday, Florida on Wednesday, and Nevada on Friday. I would NEVER EVER pay for their upgrade. Even if there were no scammers, it's not worth the money. «»

  • pet**** 34 years

    An absolute waste of time. Clearly a russian scammer running this click and bait scam. good luck if you give them your credit card info. Stay away

  • Juli*** 62 years

    99% of those that contact me are not even from the United States even though they say they are local to my area. Upon starting conversation you soon ... find out that they don't know where anything is, answers to personal questions are vague and then IF you take a chance to talk to them by phone they have heavy dialects and broken English. Be careful out there. More species of fish have teeth than you'd think. «»

  • Big *** 60 years

    I had A real fun time

  • Mi***** 43 years

    Horrible site. Most people are fake and there are even prostitutes looking for new clients. Go somewhere else, the quality of people on the site is ... bad. «»

  • John*** 50 years


  • Jo***** 50 years

    It was fun and easy to get going

  • Simp*** 42 years

    Very bad, many want this and that, send many messages but no replies and many are just out there to waste time.

  • Lily*** 69 years

    Confusing to get just a taste. I can't seem to get anywhere with the sign up process. Help!

  • Sus**** 60 years

    I met my husband on POF. Wasn't expecting to, but we hit it off right away due to shared interests and ethics. He only lived about an hour away, but... we'd have never met if both of us hadn't been on POF.There are a LOT of scammers, liars and just plain crazies on POF though, so you need to be cautious. «»

  • unum*** 56 years

    A great many dead accounts. Need to send twenty messages to get one back.

  • Susa*** 62 years

    All bad so far. Met a scammer on here but I did not know he was one. Talked and dated several months .MY daughter actually busted him by going to ... where the entire script he gave me was FOUND. Then about 2 months later I ran into another scammer on pof. Same lines this time. «»

  • Jul**** 25 years

    It's a scam! Your password stops working for no reason within a few days and the recovery system does not work -email reset never ever sends. However... your profile remains active and PoF uses your information and photos as so they please, including posting them on other websites!! There is no way to contact customer service on the site, no phone number or contact form or chat. That explain why 200 out of 250 profiles returns on a search are repeated! Folks get kicked out and create another profile using another email. So provably their actual users are about 15%-20% of what PoF tells/advertise to users and con advertisers to raise their ad prices. «»

  • Regi*** 72 years

    I spent hours answering questions way hours in the last night through morning I had to answer some questions twice. Finally fisnished and today I ca... nt even find a login in area to check my email or messages or view anyone. I keep getting sent to fill out another regerstration and ofcourse the already have me registered and won't let me in the site.I am so disappointed after all the time I spent answering question. I do not want to download any thing from the internet which when I do a search you require me do download to beable to login in. «»

  • Nanc*** 68 years

    Not so good. No one will talk on pof

  • robb*** 57 years

    pof sucks ! acct was hijacked there and they refuse to respond to my many requests to restore my acct to the one I PAID for...not to mention deal... s with the hundreds of emails I've received through their site «»

  • Ness*** 23 years

    It won’t let me login some odd reason I even try to make another account that didn’t help either

  • Lar**** 64 years

    I met several interesting women on POF--they didn't work out, but that is not POF's fault, They give you VERY LITTLE for a free membership. If you sen... d a message, you have to have a premium membership to send a picture, after telling you that messages with pix are "10 times more successful" than those without. In contrast, OkCupid has a much fairer division between free and paid features. The message form on POF uses tiny type, and their graphics are awful to behold. OkCupid has fewer members, but their approach is much more user friendly and they don't crowd 30 pictures on a screen. «»

  • Mike*** 47 years

    Plenty of Fish is a joke. It has to be the worst dating site out there. I would say that at least 80% of the profiles at night are fake. They either h... ave the same headlines or the same descriptions. On top of that all you get at night are spam messages from these fake profiles. I wrote a bad review to them, the next day I got bombarded with spam messages that all said the same thing, "Hey there :)". «»

  • mwil*** 50 years

    This site has gotten progressively worse to the point it is NOT a good dating site at all! There are more FAKE profiles than real ones and they are e... asy to spot a 52 year old woman with a twenty something photo and when you reply they respond with a meet me at a sex porn web site or they live in another state to help out their health ridden relative and please send me money story to help what a joke. When you report this to the site admin they ignore or don't take this problem seriously which leads me to believe they may be involved with what is going on? The final straw for me was my profile was hacked and then I reported it and they did nothing at all, no refund no apology just delete your account! LMAO don't waste your time on POF and certainly don't waste your money! «»

  • Li***** 49 years

    After my last meetup on here I deleted my profile. Basically the men on this site are looking for someone to have relations with, not a relationship.... I met someone thought it was a good match we dated for a few months. Long story short he told me he was in love we me, that he saw me as someone he wanted to marry. We ended up having a little rough patch but he wanted to throw it all out the window. He claimed the situation bothered him he was so distraught, but then he already back to searching for people on the site. But he had claimed to me that there is not good quality people. «»

  • He***** 62 years

    I have tried POF on and off For years And it gets worse every time I try it. They have more than their share of scammers and advertisers I get contact... ed 15 to 20 times a day now from people that will send “hey there “ messages and with any type of reply even a period you get a auto response with a website to go chat with them. Almost daily I get contacted by people and when you exchange a couple of messages you figure out they don’t live in this state and some don’t even live in this country but their profile shows a local city . These profiles always end up asking you for money to come visit you after they give you a sob story about how they’ve lost their job and they moved out of state to live with family I don’t think I’ve had a conversation with anybody I’ve confirmed as real in probably a year. Unfortunately this is become very common in all of the dating websites they have more fake members than they have real members and it gets worse with sites that make you pay for membership like because then if you look at the reviews they have their own employees contact you when your membership gets close to expiring you become the most popular person on planet earth . «»

  • Robe*** 32 years

    as for the customer service and technical overall... IT SUCKS BIG TIME. ZERO STARS.This dating site deletes your profile without notice and for no ... reason. Look up the reivews and many.. I'm talking about thousands of people/customers of POF will say that this site sucks. Try it and see for yourself. And their site security - BAD. you will get hacked. There is no # to call for service assistance. And this site has been in the news several times for deaths and dates that will steal from you. «»

  • Jame*** 52 years

    Awful ! Hands down. There is a reason it's free. There are 3.5 MILLION people in the greater Seattle area. I could count in the double digits only the... amount of women from King county. Most all women are from waaaaay off counties. 85% of all ads on POF are fakes. You can even detect the Russian accent in the writing of most profiles. Super model pictures and one line greeting like " I am for looking good at relationship to like love" Really ???!?? «»

  • Lars*** 50 years

    POF should really be called scammers' paradise. If you check the 40 newest members with your basic search criteria, more than half will be fake profil... es. Also, be aware that communicating with anyone who is 15 years younger than you is prohibited. Since when do adults need to be told what age is appropriate for dating? «»

  • Shau*** 61 years

    I met my better half on POF in 2005, and we spent a great 12 years together before he passed away from his second bout of cancer in January of this ye... ar. «»

  • Shar*** 58 years

    Not sure what happened to the POF dating site but I wanted to share my experience with you. I found a wonderful gentleman on Dec 11, 2017. We are stil... l together and I enjoy his company every time we get together which is less often then I like. He lives in WV 1 1/2 hour away from me, I don’t care for long distance relationships but bc he continued pursuing me I gave it a chance and it’s working. «»

  • Irma*** 42 years

    The most annoying problem on most dating sites, including PoF, is that the profiles of women are hardly controlled or verified, and they often get awa... y with not providing any useful information. As a man, even just one out of eight photos with sunglasses can cause your pictures to get rejected, while women frequently put up pictures of sunsets, landscapes, or even toilet philosophy.Moreover, many women's profiles are empty and contain only trivial generalities such as "movies, traveling, music," which makes it difficult to learn anything substantial about them. This process can be tedious and feels like an interrogation in most cases.To make matters worse, 90% of women do not provide any useful information at all. Rather than discussing their education, work, number/age of their children, pets, hobbies, pastimes, and interests, the majority list a series of positive attributes in an alliteration, such as "intelligent, well-natured, easy-going, charming, good-looking, and kind with a good sense of humor." It seems unlikely that anyone would describe themselves as "moody, high maintenance, spoiled, frigid, and dumb."In short, most women's profiles are either empty or filled with meaningless chatter, which makes it difficult to get a sense of their character beyond their physical appearance. It is ironic that they often complain about being judged based on their looks alone, yet do not provide anything else to go by.This is a widespread issue on all dating sites, not just PoF, and it can be a sad and frustrating experience to go through an endless and tedious investigation process, only to find out that the person does not meet your expectations. It would be helpful if dating sites evaluated members based on whether they provide concrete information instead of mere "blah-blah," and whether women are held to the same standards as men in this regard. «»

  • Rog**** 39 years

    I have had a lot of success on Tinder, OK Cupid & at one point POF but not anymore on POF. Not sure why. Someone said they changed the algorithms. The... re is also a lot of porn Spam on there now, which is highly annoying & when they claim Plenty of Fish, they do not mean in the area you specified. It is always a state or 2 or more away from New York City. I had a relationship with one lady for a year & a half with a 3-month break. Also, you really have to know what you are doing to pick the right one to date. «»

  • j****** 57 years

    Every guy I met on Plenty of Fish, and I met and dated a many, were either narcissistic or just looking for sex... not a relationship. I guess that is... what you get when it is free. Do not waste your time! «»

  • Efra*** 40 years

    ZERO stars! Completely fake. 99.9% of the profiles are fake. Bots set up to entice you to pay for a membership. You'll continue getting these blurred ... out messages you can't read from beautiful women. All messages are from beautiful women, ALL of them. Once you pay you so you can read the messages, they're nothing important and you no longer receive any messages except for the occasional one from management telling you to upgrade your membership. So that your profile will be more noticeable. It's set up to hook you and have you pay for a membership. That's all. Not a real dating site. Common sense tells you that a woman that is not so attractive can still get a man, and even an unattractive woman can get laid anytime she wants. So why in the world would they be on this site? They can go literally anywhere and find a man. Use your heads guys. The head with the brain. Go to a real dating site. This is not one of them. «»

  • Mart*** 27 years

    I had a brief spell on pof and my experience didn't really live up to what it boasts I think it should somehow get rid of the accounts that are only o... n for paid ***, and so many accounts don't reply. «»

  • Ry***** 32 years

    Let's face it, many people use online dating for an ego boost or to pass the time. Therefore, platforms that require a bio and other details are more ... attractive to those who don't want to waste their time. Bumble has received negative reviews due to the fact that women don't usually send the first message. If POF (Plenty of Fish) is promoting actual conversation with personality instead of the superficial messages based solely on pictures that Tinder promotes, then it is far ahead of the game. I easily get 10 times the response with POF using voice messages. If you're basing a new relationship solely on looks, then it's already doomed; Tinder is meant for hookups, not relationships. Let's be honest; women don't want to make the first move. I don't want an Instagram girlfriend 😛 I want a real one who is present at the moment. POF is also much cheaper than other premium alternatives, although I'm not sure the benefits are as good. Buy tokens when they are on sale for $0.15 every few months. Then highlight your profile when prompted so it appears at the top of 'Meet Me' and active users can see it. Messages are deleted after a month, so if a woman isn't on for a while, your inbox will be empty, not full. It's a great idea but hard to remember who you messaged...then again, they won't remember either lol. «»

  • Nan**** 52 years

    I was hacked. My entire profile was changed by a user by whom I was contacted. Beware of giving any credit card info to the site.

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