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Very Bad
  • tra**** 65 years

    Meeting new people.Not easy to pass if you're not real.

  • Bri**** 65 years

    NaThere are so many members that have free membership that you can message people endlessly and they never get the message. So for a paying member it... can be a total waste of time. You’re scrolling through profiles that are inactive. There’s no incentive for people to remove their profile when they’re not accessing the site anymore because it’s free. «»

  • None*** 60 years

    Absolutely Nothing Filled with scammers I have been a member for 4 days and I have not had any replies even when I have a like still there’s no reply... I have asked for a refund I’ve yet to get it they flooded my email account with crap you have to pay a monthly fee of 40 bucks and there’s really no chance of you going on a date the odds being 100 to 1 the ones that do message you you click on it and it says not receiving messages from you I sent an email and by golly not one person can fix the issue, the scammers are the pretty ones, you can bank on that, OurTime does nothing the may delete the profile and send you an email say I WISHED ( THANKS FOR DOING OUR JOB ) I will go to my grave before I would sign up for OurTime PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP VERY DANGEROUS SITE. IT WILL DO NO GOOD EXCEPT IT’S A GOOD WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. «»

  • Shar*** 70 years

    Easy to use and abuse.Lots of scammers and 2 of the 6 men I met up with turned out to be married. If you have the means it is better to opt for a sit... e that does some screening. «»

  • Jer**** 60 years

    Terrible, no responses, kept deleting my photo submission ????ONLY response I got were from women over 1,000 miles away ???????????

  • Magg*** 65 years

    I got a message from a friend I knew in real life. He said my profile popped up as a match for him. It happened 6 months after I quit the site! But it... helped explain why I rarely got even a polite response to a message. I checked the site and discovered there was a very large number of messages that would never be answered because I was no longer a member! I felt so bad! I actually considered a one month membership just to apologize to thise men for being misled! I won’t use it or recommend it. «»

  • Hiaw*** 62 years

    In a word, awful. Nearly 100% do not look at my profile and most don't fill one out. More than half live thousands of miles away - which my profile st... ates I won't respond to. There is a question regarding your income - NOTHING asking about location. Huh? Many of the ppl on here are looking for dinner or hook ups. In another part of the country? Not quality ppl. If you can't take 10 mins to answer a few questions and share something of yourself AND you're not reading mine, why am I wasting my time and money. Unfortunately I paid for 6 mos. About to cut my losses and research another site more carefully. Also technically not user friendly. «»

  • Geor*** 73 years

    Our Time appears to be a scam. Text 9 local members, not 1 reply. Fake Profiles ? All are now gone off site ?

  • Pat *** 49 years


  • john*** 71 years

    The site is a scam. Many profiles are kept on from long gone unsubscribed clients.The site wastes your time sending you profiles from every state in ... the country and province in Canada. theere are many obvious scammers this site faile to cull ot. They post photos of 20 year olds posing as in their 70's. The site sends false Views and likes to make you think things are possible.Another site scam is when you send a message to someone they frequently block it posting an ad for additional charges representing the recipient is not subscribed and would have to pay to respond. .The truth is you would not dare print this.The truth is you will never post the truth. «»

  • Pa***** 68 years

    Wow, a lot of people messaged me but 98% were very old gray haired older ladies. Only saw two people who might be a match. U get messages U can't chec... k, emails, tons of emails, U cant view anyone that's supposedly interested in U. I find the fees very high. And others report even when U join up you can't do or see much unless U go to a higher fee plan. I will never join or recommend this site to anyone. Getting around the site well U cant without being constantly recruited to join. The reviews I've read dont seem real. «»

  • Pris*** 69 years

    I uploaded my profile on OurTime and immediately began getting a lot men interested, wanting to communicate offline, either an email or my phone numbe... r. I would only respond on the site, being reluctant to give more information on myself. I am disappointed to say that two out of two of the contacts who I communicated with long term turned out to be fake profiles. When I asked to do a background check ... sudden silence. This was after lengthy communication that ended up going offline on email (I would not give out my phone) that left me feeling vulnerable and suspicious of their motives. I could not find anything whatsoever on the names given to me that matched any of the information provided in their communications. I marked one profile of the men and notified OurTime but no communication back from the administrators. Its a great site to get spammed for sure! Too bad! :( «»

  • Dav**** 60 years

    I had a free account with OurTime and there were a dozen emails I received. I wasn't able to read any of them because only people who subscribe can r... ead them. So I subscribed for 6-months. None of the emails were women from my area. They were from different states or different countries. Each one has the same message, "Hey" or "How are you?"I wrote emails to women who were in my area and in order for these women to read my emails I had to pay $8.99 for each one. So if I wanted 10 women to read my emails it would cost me $89.00.I got extra charges on my credit card and I complained to OurTime and I only received a generic message that didn't answer my question. I contacted my credit card and explained what happened. So my credit card investigated and sided with me and credited it back to me.OurTime then kicked me off their subscription and I was again a free member. I complained to OurTime and they sent me a generic email that didn't address the issue.I again complained to my credit card and they investigated. They sided with me and credited the $89.99 back to my card. «»

  • Dav**** 60 years

    I recently joined OurTime and paid $$ for a 6-month subscription.When I send a message to the woman I get the notice, "Get Reply For Free.l." It the... n says it will cost $8.99 for this person to do so;So if I want the person to be able to read my email and respond, I have to dish out $8.99 for each person.What a rip-off! I would give it a "0" if I could. «»

  • Rich*** 68 years

    I was recently on Ourtime, my profile was hacked and someone changed photos and info while contacting people on this site with my profile. I do not be... lieve there security is adequate and I deleted my account and requested total reimbursement. Also they may have my personnel email address and trying to acquire my phone number. I took the precaution and contacted my credit card company to make sure they did not access this account as well. «»

  • Meli*** 54 years

    Terrible dating app. I see the same matches everyday that I have already passed on and see many matches that aren't even in my state. Very disappoin... ted!! «»

  • Juni*** 61 years

    Ourtime does not have a profile verification system so there is a lot of scammers allowed the site with fake profiles BEWARE There should be warning... s when you sign up telling signs of catfishing. I found out by reverse Google photo of the handsome man that I thought I was meeting «»

  • Sue *** 68 years

    Had a date a few days ago and I thought we both had a really good time. I haven't heard from him since! He was also removed from Ourtime.

  • Lind*** 70 years

    Pretty gd but having all the outher dateing sites coming on is very overwhelming !

  • Joe *** 68 years

    So so.This site has "Likes." That means a member can contact you by clicking on the "Like" link and it will show on your profile when you log in. W... hen I reply to the one's I'm interested in, I don't get a reply from them. This makes me think these "Likes" are fake, generated by the dating site. «»

  • Deni*** 62 years

    It is a scam I signed up for 3 months for well over $120.00. Just to view then if you want to contact, read a message or leave a message they are tell... ing me to upgrade for more money per month. I am very disappointed with this site «»

  • B W *** 59 years

    This website is horrible. To hook you in, after you post your profile and before you pay, they send you several emails telling you that someone likes... you. So, you pay your fee, only to discover that OurTime sent the messages from several guys. I asked a couple who had supposedly contacted me if they had done that, and they said they hadn't. What a scam! Stay away from this website. If I could give this site negative stars, I would do so. «»

  • Timo*** 59 years

    Have received many messages but some are half a world away and others have coded messages/phone numbers in their profile

  • Bar**** 72 years

    I had no idea that once I paid to contact someone, they could not answer me unless they paid too (or I paid for them). Several days ago I wrote custo... mer support to find out if I could put personal contact info into my message. They still haven't gotten back to me. I understand this is a for profit company, but seemingly profit far outweighs their desire to create matches. «»

  • Fred*** 72 years

    When I search Matches I receive lots of women at 500 miles from where I live. I have now complained twice (the second time was today) and I suspect th... is will never change. Their primary objective is that your credit card clears. «»

  • L****** 73 years

    HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. The website is a come-on, not being really upfront that if you send a message to someone, you must be "subscribed" (read: paid su... bscription) and the person you send to has to be "subscribed." You can, of course, pay for that msg (around $5, as I recall), but if a guy is on there, HE should be paying, not you. Further, the website is so terrible; you can only enter a little over 100 characters to describe yourself! Yet, some profiles are tomes. They have yet to respond to me on that question. I am getting "matches" (hardly) from mostly men in other states who obviously have not read my profile. There are NO FILTERS, so all you get are mostly scammers, in my opinion. Our Time obviously sends you profiles that aren't even remote to what you are looking for. It also--and this should be illegal--sends likes and msgs to people, making them think they are coming from you. THEY AREN'T. I tried the paid version for one month--about 30 days too long. No difference. A pathetic site. Getting answers to questions from the website is impossible. You are talking to people in other countries who are clueless about this website. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONLINE DATING SITE. If I could give it a minus 100-star rating, I would. «»

  • Jane*** 54 years

    Worst experience I have ever had with a dating site. Didn't seem like people were real. no way to find out. Money pit and Money hungry.

  • Ell**** 65 years

    Don’t understand when I pick a bunch of guys I like then send a message it says I have a response from them but when I open it I don’t see where they ... have said anything?... «»

  • A****** 58 years

    I met a scammer who was pretty clever. He even took down his profile once we exchanged numbers so he could 'focus on you only' After four days of te... xting I finally pinned him down for a real conversation over the phone and he had a really heavy accent. I couldn't even understand what he was saying! Once I figured out he was a scammer it was too late to report him because he had already taken down his profile. The scammer had some really nice pictures that I'm sure he stole from someone else. Since People Media doesn't validate people before they allow them to create a profile ANYONE can create a profile. Too bad there is no one to vet these profiles and pictures before allowing scammers to create a profil. «»

  • Kath*** 72 years

    Make sure you budget money for a background verification service. After a third date with a man who was seemingly very compatible I did a background v... erification. He was a convicted felon. And very angry that I did the background check. The whole experience left me feeling very vulnerable so I quit the site. «»

  • Ha***** 53 years

    Met my current girlfriend on here and we have been together over a year and remain very happy

  • Jerr*** 73 years

    I found that every item to connect once I had a subscription cost additional $$. They nickle and dime a person to death. Everything they offer costs... in addition to the subscription. «»

  • M****** 68 years

    A lot of scammers first two weeks when I signed up with additional fake profiles as time goes on. Think I blocked 25+ and report three. I believe so... me of the profiles are either "old" and used again and again. Needs to filter through fake profiles; dated profiles; photos with phones numbers and zero in on location.Would not recommend due to scamming. «»

  • Li***** 56 years

    So far my issues are technical. I uploaded my profile and pictures three days ago, yet they don't show. They are within the parameters set by the site... . Customer service is non-existent. I have sent three complaints, and get the same canned answers. I called the phone number, and they say they are closed, "sorry for the inconvenience." I tried to delete my profile and up pops a window saying I can't access my account settings to delete. Frustrated? You bet. «»

  • Robe*** 65 years

    Very bad so far, I'm getting messaged from women before I have joined. Very disappointing. Without a good explanation I could not recommend this sit... e for any of my friends «»

  • P****** 62 years

    I contacted many men and very few responses. It seems to have a lot of “fake people”.

  • C****** 58 years

    I met my late husband on this site a number of years ago, as well as a few really wonderful men before him, so I naturally came back here when I was r... eady to move on after his death. It was a mistake. They've recently changed their profiles to only allow 200 CHARACTERS in each of three sections. They claim that this is because they think we should have more to share after contacting one another. (Because if we share 200 words, that will have plumbed us to the depths??? A bit insulting, I think.) Because of this, you go into each contact somewhat blindly. It's really more like meeting someone at a bar. If all you care about is looks, this is a great site -- they allow a huge number of pictures. If you're looking for a deep relationship, good luck. I would guess that about 90% of the men who contact me are almost certainly scammers. I had a very close call with one of them, spoke at length with one of their security personnel and now report the ones who exhibit the signs she told me to watch for ... which is almost every man who contacts me. :-( «»

  • San**** 70 years

    So far, I am very disappointed. I have met some men that I believe were not who they said they were and vanished from the site. Met 3 local men that h... ave put 20 year old cover photos. You chat with them and you have an image in your mind of what they look like and then they finally send you an up to date photo--not the same at all. I realize the site has no control over that type of thing. «»

  • Geor*** 67 years

    With the exception of a few scammers, people are pretty good. All they want to do is to find that special someone.The staff is not so much. Some of T... heir Customer Care Team members are arrogant, unfriendly, unprofessional and condescending. These people should never be allowed to deal with a public. They are more like "Customer Nightmare" Team members. For that reason I would NOT recommend this web dating site. «»

  • R****** 73 years

    Very poor experience. It gives me 30 prospects every day. Today's offerings: twenty-seven were geographically too far to commute. Seven were outside o... f my requested age range. Ten were empty profiles. I usually get one or two men offered. Generally a waste of time lookin at my "matches" «»

  • M****** 60 years

    Reasonably useless. Fake profiles and obvious manipulation run by management, matches out of the area and age range, and only one lunch date. Good f... or entertainment purposes only. «»

  • Wood*** 60 years

    Stay away from them...Total Rip-Off...

  • tatr*** 56 years

    This site is a total scam! I paid 85.00 for two days of abuse. Then when i reported the guy. My account was termed. with no refund!! I guess they thi... nk women should take abuse from men. «»

  • Mich*** 72 years

    Sorriest, most user-unfriendly site in the world!! Chat inoperable, print on site ridiculously small, scammers and lost my profile pic ALL IN ONE DAM... N DAY!!!?? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!! «»

  • Pet**** 65 years

    There was no mention of the fact that there is no way to tell if the person is online, last online or has ever been online. If someone hasn't been onl... ine for weeks or months, they're probably no longer a paid member and it would be a waste of my time deciding to contact, and attempting to contact someone who may not even exist. Not helpful to the user but it certainly makes the site look good for the company. «»

  • Mike*** 65 years

    This site is the worst internet site of any kind I’ve ever been on. They have compromised my credit card information

  • Mo***** 54 years

    Big adverts on TV bit when you get to the site its like looking at the undatables guess its ok if you are in your 70s but not in your 50s Plus very co... stly in fact more so then most money making dating sites, «»

  • Eri**** 55 years

    I've thought long and hard about online dating. I decided to go for it. Had trouble getting to the site, kept going to the UK. Finally signed up an... d managed to get 2 pictures on and answer a few questions. I had other things to do but came back to finish the profile piece. Now I can't get connected to the website. Thought I was having computer problems; tried my phone, still a no go. Made several attempts with both devices So glad I didn't pay for anything. You certainly can't start a conversation with someone, much less meet if the site has issues. Now I'm thinking it's not my time, on OURTIME. «»

  • Robe*** 75 years

    Horrible dating site. Once you pay, they are always trying to get more money from you and there is no way to contact them for a problem. Do not recomm... end. «»

  • Disa*** 65 years

    Terrible... Fake profiles and scammers asking for cell number or email at first contact. Nobody really attractive or interesting . No photos or no pr... ofiles but still visited my profile. No option to select viewing me options. No reply to messages. Very disappointed. Waste of money and time. «»

  • P****** 54 years

    When I signed up I did not have any experience with online dating. My experience was the men were playing games and really was not serious about meeti... ng someone. I experienced 3 different experiences with men trying to scam me. They got really angry when I did not allow them to scam me & all 3 occasions the men cursed me out and called me out of my name because I would not send them money. So I canceled my subscription and deleted my profile. I was really disappointed with my experience because I thought since it was a sight for older adults they would not be playing games but I was naive. «»

  • Meli*** 62 years

    My experience has been grim. Photos are not current. My age range is up to 65. I have 70-83 year olds viewing and sending flits or messages. I’ve been... scammed on several occasions. I would not recommend this site to anyone. I’ve been on many first and sometimes second dates that were not at all someone I would even consider. I’ve been on this site for almost one year. «»

  • Gail*** 71 years

    First dating site ever they stole my money $81 for two days could not work the site they refuse to give me my money back

  • Disa*** 65 years

    This website is nothing but a SCAM.... fake profiles, disappering profiles and scammers using stolen pictures. Waste of time and money. Not a chance t... o meet areal man. «»

  • Donn*** 52 years

    The site is fine but the selection is weak. If you don't live in a large city pass it by. They also keep profiles up for people who haven't been on ... the site in years. I have a friend who got married several years ago and hasn't signed on in years and his profile showed up as a match. I'm sure it's to make sure it looks like you have a great selection to suck you in. «»

  • Howa*** 69 years

    a very poor system using silence as an answering system .one day I set out multiple likes flirts messages with little or no comeback. I realize this m... ay be to spare peoples feelings but at our age seems frustrating to not know. I had two contacts which both disappeared after some poorly written communication as both women had educational degrees. My only communication at length was a woman from Arizona the longer the messages the English got worse like broken English. «»

  • Natu*** 58 years

    Just plain horrible. Expensive compared to other just as horrible sites. Lots of scammers and fake profiles...and yes, they are fake.

  • Ron *** 70 years

    In the last week after changing my password 3 different times, my identity was hacked. He left messages for many women who now expect me to respond. H... ow come you can't stop that? «»

  • P****** 64 years

    I signed up for 6 months on this site. Not even a month into it; I received 3-4 scams. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because they immediately ... responded to my concerns. Also, since they do not screen applicants, I cannot fault them for what comes in.The downside is that they will not refund me any of the advance amount I paid. Lesson learned. «»

  • Marl*** 62 years

    Sorry to say, but it's full of liars, married cheaters, yahoo boy scammers, and viagra fueled guys who use it as a candy store to fine the next encou... nter/victim. Also the techs behind the site create false profiles in the name of research and testing; somehow send flirts to people in your name; ramp up your view count and "messages" just as your subsciption is expiring. «»

  • Tra*** 64 years

    I signed up for the free subscription to just see what dating sites were all about. I discovered that's pretty much a scam Because unless you have a s... ubscription no one can message you nor can you message anyone else, so the free subscription is totally useless. I would not recommend them because they are not upfront about the uselessness of their free subscription. «»

  • Phil*** 73 years

    Most responses come from people away from the local match I looking for. I waste most of my time replying to people who have not read my profile and h... ave no idea what matches I’m looking for.I’m glad I didn’t signup for longer than a month it would have been a waste of more money. «»

  • Hele*** 56 years

    Terrible. My preferences were completely ignored. 90% of matches were 100's of km away, or were completely the opposite of my religious preferences (c... hurch goers & atheists aren't likely to be a long term thing) or were smokers which I detest. Repeated complaints were ignored. «»

  • C****** 68 years

    Were terrible! My account was repeatedly hacked over the course of 2 weeks. The OurTime call center is it the Phillipines and they were never able to ... get it stopped. I finally had to close my account down. I had thousands of fake messages sent out from my account and was swore at and cussed out by many of the guys that got the fake messages. «»

  • Lar**** 59 years

    After many attempts and many months, I have to say I am hugely disappointed in the site.I'm not sure if it's me or there are no women behind the pro... files. «»

  • Wess*** 66 years

    My experience has been absolutely awful on Our Time. There appear to be mostly scammers trying to get your email address or fake profiles. The fake pr... ofiles have profile pictures of different men on the same profile. I've also found that some legitimate profiles are hijacked by hackers. Don't waste your time or money. «»

  • Kare*** 68 years

    Can't say much about this experience. I get a lot from out of state-not sure why, a lot of "my friend needs a girlfriend", some who are obviously scam... mers or hacked (man's picture with female info, or I write a response and the picture turns into a woman when they respond) and a lot who ask for email or phone number right off the bat. Don't want to do that, and from what I read, I shouldn't do that. Where is the nice guy who lives near me? «»

  • L.***** 63 years

    I signed up for OurTime for six months. I soon got the impression that they shared my profile with other dating sites. This made me uncomfortable. ... About one month before my subscription was to end, my password stopped working, so that I couldn't cancel the auto renewal of my subscription. I had to call in to cancel it. I asked about making sure my information was taken down from all sites where they shared my info, but the operator could assure me that it would be. She only suggested I contact the other sites. Really? I'm not even sure which sites they shared my information. Am I supposed to contact all dating sites? I canceled the membership over the phone, but can only hope that my information is taken down from all sites and is not out there forever. The security on this site is scary. Their business tactics are shameful. Would tell anyone that would listen to stay away from Our Time. I used previously and it was a much better experience. BTW, I never met anyone interesting on OurTime. «»

  • Shei*** 51 years

    I chatted with several men but none of them were legitimate. The few I corresponded with offline either wanted a physical relationship only or out and... out lied to me. I would say most of the men who contacted me were scammers. I am extremely disappointed with this site. I don't intend to try online dating again. «»

  • Char*** 67 years

    My experience with OurTime was not a good one. I met a man named James who was supposedly in the military overseas. We emailed each other often and th... en things got questionable. It turned out to be a scam artist trying to get money from me to get phone activation so we could speak to each other instead of emailing. I refused to send the money and never heard from him/them again. Beware of who you connect with on online dating apps. In my opinion this site might be okay for pen pal/casual relationships but not for serious relationships. «»

  • D****** 60 years

    I am new to online dating sites and just signed up for OurTime a couple of weeks ago. Quite frankly, there are a small number of people (already seei... ng the same people in my daily matches) and most people don’t seem to put much info in their profile other than “I like long walks on the beach” type platitudes. You can’t search for profiles on the things that would matter to me (I’m amazed you can limit by zodiac sign but not by education level.). Between the small number of profiles with little info and no way to target your search, i find this site fairly worthless. «»

  • Lor**** 58 years

    It started out ok, but then Our Time started sending flirts and "canned messages" to random guys. I never even looked at their profiles. Then those ... poor guys actually thought I was interested in them and wrote me messages back. Very unsettling. They have no customer phone number and the emails that I wrote about this problem were not answered within 24 hours. I cancelled my membership and deleted my profile. I have been on and never had problems like that. «»

  • K****** 66 years

    I have paid for a couple of months, without any luck at all. I have been contacted by far too many scammers on this site. The daily matches sent to me... are usually 50 percent smokers, when I have specifically requested non smokers only. Overall it has been a total waste of my time and money. «»

  • Pet**** 65 years

    Ourtime is an absolute scam site. Google reviews of OurTime and you'll see that this is the consensus view - your review is very much the exception... .95% of the messages and 'flirts' I received were obvious fake profiles with "60 year old" women using pictures of 25-y.o. beauty queens and embedded phone numbers and email addresses. They have an "F" rating from the BBB. «»