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Very Bad
  • T****** 52 years

    There are many questions that can help you narrow down a percentage of compatibility. The problem is this depends on how many and which questions are ... mutually answered, so the matches aren't accurate.It's largely a waste of time. Outdated photos, fake profiles, disturbing images make you think twice. «»

  • Ta***** 42 years

    For the first 3 days on okcupid I recieved 2500 likes, but only 10 messages half of which I have initiated. Reading males' profiles I noticed that eve... r 3d man asks to send him a message because he is not a paid member. I suspected something fishy and started to invistigate. I made 2 more fake profiles with the photos taken from internet featured girls 25,35 y.o. . I noticed that messages from men to all my 3 profiles had something in common- they all looked like written by chatbots with the idea to encourage an interest in website ,not in to developing personal relationships with the correspondents. Some messages were written by classical scammers (so classical that even boring). I had got an impression that okcupid is oriented to sponge women's money by giving to them hopes to find a proper man. Many males profile's photos look like taken from internet photocathalogs, professionaly made photos, not like an average man does( in comparison with fb profiles). So okcupid is a wasting of time, though it is really beautifully and interestingly made and hives hopes at the beginning. «»

  • Emi**** 30 years

    My husband and I are married, 7 years almost to the day after meeting on OK cupid in December 2013.

  • Ba***** 47 years

    Worst, most convoluted dating site out there. Features are wonky and tech support is terrible. Simply searching for a match is no longer possible. Fr... equent site "redesigns" remove useful features. Subscription pricing is tiered and based on age. The published pricing on this site is about 20% of what someone over 40 will be charged. «»

  • Marc*** 37 years

    Functionality declined over the recent years. Now, there isnt even a search function anymore.

  • J****** 20 years

    OKCupid is the most gynocentric dating app of all time, lol. Even the "artsy" promos are propaganda. The female models showcase their caricatured "pa... rtners" like accessories. Really.They throw in trendy social justice issues as soon as they are "in", but there is a clear subtext to their posturing that one sex is more important than the other. (Hint: the dominant sex is not the one they get the most money from...)OKCupid wants guys to know that shirtless bathroom selfies are tacky, but 20 year old bikini pics are allowable for women. Those who sell sex are intrinsically more moral than those who buy it...even though the buyers' dollars are welcome all the same. «»

  • marc*** 25 years

    Signed up for this site and only used my account for a couple days. Then the glitches started to set in. Cant adjust my profile, cant sign out etc. ... They want you to sign up for paid features of this crap-o-la site yet they cant even get their free features to work. I sent a report to their 'operations' - they apparently fixed my account and it only worked for one day. Hey tech guys/gals at OK cupid. Sort yourself out and stop asking for money when you cant get the free stuff sorted. «»

  • Warr*** 66 years

    OkCupid is dumping all users without SMS-capable phones, which is most of us with land-line service. "Adding your phone number is now a requirement ... on OkCupid. If you do not want to add your phone number (or if you don't have an SMS-capable phone number) then you can close your account. If you need assistance with that, please contact our support team via the speech bubble icon on this page."On March 6, I wrote a short question on the OkCupid support page ::"Without a smart phone, am I supposed to just delete my account?"On March 9, I got a reply from Matthew ::"SMS verification is required when creating an OkCupid account and we apologize if this caught you off guard! Let us know if you'd like us to delete your account for you and we'll be glad to do so. Please let me know if you have any questions and how else I can assist."Later on March 9, I posted on Facebook ::"The pinnacle of fat-head ****ery from OkCupid — does anyone know a way around this for us fossilized garbage sub-human rejects?""You dare call that support? YOU SUCK !!" «»

  • S****** 40 years

    Through the years, OKC has incorporated a number of policies to restrict and exclude members from using the site. Their most recent update will requir... e a cell phone number. If you do not have a cell number, or do not wish to provide it, "You can close your account" according to their site.I am deaf. I do not have a cell phone. Yes, I could get one, just to humor people and text them, but I shouldn't have to do that, just to use a free site. I reached out to OKC, and their response was that I should sign up to a paid SMS service, just to verify my identity...even though I'm an A-lister, and have already verified my identity with my bank and PayPal.On top of requiring your real name, instead of a screen name...the fact that they have been found to use image recognition and data mining on their site... OKC has gone down hill, drastically. «»

  • Tina*** 26 years

    Okcupid is good dating site

  • Shel*** 26 years

    I'd comment on here saying JACKPOT. OkCupid is, to me and in comparison to other dating sites, the most reputable one. I have met my boyfriend and bes... t buddy on this site and made many more friends, with whom I'm still in contact even after now 2 years. I've been on there several times and no, I haven't paid. There are a lot of nice people on there and it's definitely worth a check out :) «»

  • JoAn*** 59 years

    I was on this site briefly a couple of years ago and now I remember why it was briefly. You can't locate who sent a message (forget about "Likes" unl... ess you sign up and pay). This is a frustrating site to use and really gives someone "pause" about actually paying for membership! Maybe people who are in their 20's, 30's or 40's have better experiences since we are such an "age-oriented" society..... «»

  • Gr***** 27 years

    I first used OkCupid in 2010-2012 then recently rejoined and let me tell you, the site is WAY worse in it’s current state. My biggest complaints ... are the messaging system and the number of inactive profiles. You used to be able to see when a profile was last active, but now that feature has been removed as it was deemed “no longer needed” (yeah….sure). Yes you can filter out your matches by last online, however, the DoubleTake feature doesn’t filter out a profile’s last online activity. I was able to prove this using a browser extension (which sadly doesn’t work as of a month ago) that allowed me to view a profile’s last login date. Many of the profiles were inactive between 2 months up to 3 years, but OkCupid still allows even those profiles to be searched. No sure about you, but I’m not wasting my time messaging someone who hasn’t used the website in a year let alone 3 years or more. As for the messaging system, I consider it OkCupid’s BIGGEST problem. Yes you can send a single introduction message (perfectly reasonable), but the website doesn’t directly tell you who messaged you unless you BOTH like/match each other. So how are you supposed to know who messaged you? According to OkCupid’s “help” section, users are notified of who messaged them by placing a blue ring around their photo and placing them towards the top in DoubleTake. Note it’s “towards the top”, not “on top” so you could essentially sift through dozens of profiles before actually finding who messaged you. And unless you’re colorblind you’ll notice that OkCupid’s site uses blue in the website’s overall look, so it’d be super easy to miss the blue notification because of it blending into the webpage. It’s the same way whether you’re a paid user or free user. The only “useful” benefits for a paid user is they can see if their message was read and you get placed toward the top of the DoubleTake list, that’s it. If you honestly want someone to message you, I suggest making a separate email account specifically for dating and posting the email address somewhere on your profile. Honestly, that’s probably the only way you’re ever going to reasonably connect with someone until OkCupid changes their messaging system. «»

  • Vale*** 39 years

    Horrible. So much disappointment. I have had just registered and completed my profile. Was so happy to receive two matches, and the next day I couldn'... t login because my account was banned. I haven't even spoken to anyone. All I had are 3 appropriate pictures, no nudes, no phone numbers/ig info was posted by me. OkCupid why have you banned not only my account but the whole IP address, so I can't login or re-register? What have I done wrong??? Alice, you are the one in charge? «»

  • Mi***** 28 years


  • Mo***** 47 years

    I mainly use the website, though I have the mobile app as well. Both are simple and well-designed. Quality of the profiles is better than Plenty of Fi... sh. I appreciate that I can look at a profile without the person knowing about it (unless I actually "like" them). I really liked the questions and I put a lot energy into answering them, including a lot of detailed comments, but I'm disappointed to see that most of the profiles I look at aren't doing the same. I think they should make it *requirement* to fill in details for a minimum number of questions. «»

  • Rich*** 37 years

    My experince I can meet a good man in this site and now we are together we already 1 month in relationship we are continue communicating in skype but ... when I open my account in this dating site I notice that he change a location from Naples, Italy and now his new address London, United Kingdom but in reality his exact address is from Naples, Italy I am assure that because everyday we are communicating through skype. I don't know what his reason why he change his location. «»

  • waqa*** 38 years


  • J****** 42 years

    I'm writing my 2 cents on here because I HAVE met some wonderful guys we just were not compatible but it was truly by the grace of God.With that sai... d, I get notifications that someone like AND messaged me. I go to look and rarely find the person who sent it. So, you may say that it's a ploy to get me to buy, ok. But why do I randomly go to swipe on my cellphone and see guys who wrote me months ago!!!! THAT'S VERY FRUSTRATING! By the time I message them back they think I ignored their messaged and changed my mind or I'm somehow now desperate. I would totally pay to see these messages WHEN they are sent if I am prompt to do so when it is first sent so I don't have to play "Where's freaking Waldo" on a dating site. It's bad enough that the people who are serious about dating may or may not find a match even if OKCUPID had their sh*t together. That's what makes it a bad site to use. They obviously don't care about match making. And, that was my 2 cents. «»

  • Tim *** 55 years

    The new changes have completely destroyed my dating experience. I'm shorter than average, and over 50. I end up being filtered out of a lot of searche... s. Since those filters tend to be arbitrary, I have had many successful dates with women even though I didn't quite fit their search criteria. But now, that's impossible. I can no longer reach out with an icebreaker. This also kills distance dating to a large degree. «»

  • R****** 36 years

    Made an account and it was deleted the next day for no reason with no notice or explanation.I spent hours on setting it up and sent out a few messag... es. wtf «»

  • Bill*** 22 years

    The site is garbage now and as stated if the female doesn't "like you" back, they never even see you sent them a message. So if you are a male model ... and she is completely shallow you have a shot! «»

  • Will*** 56 years

    I spent the time to create a descriptive and honest profile and answer a lot of the match questions. And still, after dozens and dozens of attempts to... message women with a high match percentage only one real woman corresponded back to me. This leads me to believe that there are many, many female profiles that are either not active or not real. «»

  • Kat**** 60 years

    Every single person who has contacted me through this site is a spammer. They all have had their own construction renovation company, moved here from ... Brazil to look after their mother. I am sick of this and when I complain to OK Cupid their response is not to respond. «»

  • J****** 54 years

    I stopped using okc when it went to shit with the new pc msging, total garbage. New msging that was supposed yo be for women, drove the women away,,... had well over 100 women in my area, 6 mos after new system went online I had under 20...well over 80% left.. «»