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MeetMe is a hybrid between a social media platform and an online dating site. Founded in 2005 by The Meet Group, the free dating website allows users to freely interact with other users through chat, streams and discussion threads via browser and mobile.

New members at MeetMe! in October 2021 in comparison

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Member activity MeetMe! in October 2021 in comparison

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MeetMe! Member Structure

50,000,000 from USA
Members activity
41,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
40 %
60 %
  • 1.3 million unique site visits from the US per month
  • Over 100 million users worldwide

MeetMe's membership structure is diverse, meaning there are several potential matches no matter what age group you're in. The only problem is that the website follows the social media platform structure, meaning that their minimum age requirement is 13, unlike the typical dating site with its 18 age requirement. This means that minors are present on a dating site that may not be safe for them.

Signing Up at MeetMe!

MeetMe Sign Up
  • New members fill out a short form with their personal information
  • It takes 1-2 minutes to create an account
  • Users are taken directly to their dashboard after registration
  • The site provides users featured matches instantly after registration

The signup process is very quick, which is both a good and bad thing. It is a good thing because the process only takes a single screen, and then the user can immediately start using the site. It is a bad thing because the site only requires the most basic of information. You are not given a chance to write down your interests and make yourself stand out. 

Making Contact on MeetMe!

MeetMe Matches
  • You can filter the search according to age range, gender, sexual preference and location.
  • You can limit search results to only show members who are currently online
  • Profiles and pictures are visible to the public by default
  • Users can set it so only friends can see their profile and pictures
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • There is a chatroom

The website has a free chat option, which is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it means that you can freely message anyone you're interested in without having to pay for a paid subscription. On the other hand, you are also vulnerable to unwanted messages from other members. There are a lot of trolls, rude users and perverts on the platform so getting dirty or inappropriate message is to be expected, especially if you're female.

You can try out their dating game called "Blind Date." It gives the streaming host the ability to hear the "contestant" but they initially can’t see them. As the video chat progresses, the images become less and less blurred before being fully revealed at the end of the allocated time.

Both participants can then decide whether or not they want to make a match and continue the conversation privately.

MeetMe! Profile Quality

MeetMe Editing Profile
  • There are no strict guidelines against fake profiles
  • No background checks or identity verification is done on new members
  • Profiles don't offer a lot of information about a person
  • The profiles are poorly detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free
  • The user's entire profile can be set so that only their friends can see it. The same is true for the images. Users can set their photos to friendly-only.

There isn't a lot in terms of profile information. As a user, all the website asks from you is your name, location, sexual preference, gender, age and relationship status. Of course, they do have a biography field where you can freely write about yourself, but other than that, the site offers less information about their members compared to other dating sites.

MeetMe! App

MeetMe Match Suggestions App
  • The app's design is clearly better and more aesthetically pleasing compared to the desktop version's outdated layout
  • The app is user-friendly and intuitive. Most of the app's important functions are just a few taps away

MeetMe's app version is definitely better than its desktop counterpart not only in terms of aesthetics, but in functionality as well. With its app-only available features, users who are using MeetMe's desktop version are definitely missing out from the complete experience.

MeetMe! Real Life Review

Design and Usability

The desktop version's design and layout look outdated. It looks similar to Facebook's old design, and while Facebook has moved on to a more edgy, modern look, MeetMe has not. It seems evident that the people behind the site have abandoned the desktop version and is focusing more on the app version, as the app has an updated and clean look.

MeetMe! Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Account registration
  • Profile creation
  • Match search
  • Chat services
  • MeetMe Live stream service
Fee-Based Services
  • See which users viewed your photos and which photos they viewed
  • Remove Ads
  • More Search Filters (Body Types, Ethnicity, etc.)
  • Your messages are shown first on other users' inbox
  • Browse other profiles anonymously
  • Decorate your profile with profile themes

Is MeetMe! expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers MeetMe! is low-priced.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
MeetMe +
1 Month6.99 USD / Month6.99 USD
3 Months5.66 USD / Month16.99 USD
6 Months4.17 USD / Month24.99 USD
250 Credits0.01 USD / Credit2.99 USD
500 Credits0.01 USD / Credit4.99 USD
625 Credits0.02 USD / Credit9.99 USD
2,000 Credits0.01 USD / Credit14.99 USD
3,700 Credits0.01 USD / Credit24.99 USD
MeetMe Membership
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Via Mobile Phone

MeetMe credits is the site's in-app currency and can be used for the following:

  • Boost your profile on search matches so they appear first
  • Purchase diamonds to give to MeetMe live streamers as gift

A pack of 3 spotlights can also be bought for USD2.99 and a pack of 6 spotlights can be bought for USD4.99.

Special Features

MeetMe's desktop interface is pretty bland, but their apps actually have a couple of really good special features that make it obvious that the company is focusing more on its mobile users.


If you want to initiate a conversation with somebody, but don't know how to go about it,'s Questions can help you out. Just ask other users a question and if they're interested, they can answer the question. Questions are sent anonymously,  and your identity is revealed only if the other user answers your questions.

Secret Admirer

Secret admirer is a fun game that users can play and meet someone new at the same time. The app gives you a notification that you have a secret admirer, but doesn't tell you who it is. Instead, it shows you several pictures of different users at the same time, and you have to guess who it is. You have 5 guesses, and if you don't guess it right, the secret admirer notification goes away.

MeetMe Live

This is MeetMe's streaming service. Users can go live and interact with their spectators. Viewers can like and send gifts to streamers in the form of diamonds, which streamers can convert into in-app credits or real cash later.


Available on the site's mobile app, QuickPick is MeetMe's take on Tinder's swipe system. You are shown a picture of a random user and you can show your interest or take a pass and move on to the next user.

TikTok Integration

You can now connect your TikTok account to your MeetMe account to authenticate your profile on the dating site. Members can also see your TikTok videos from the app so you can showcase your unique personalities in a richer way.

Our rating

Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 2.0 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5

Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
Overall, MeetMe is more like a social media platform than the dating service, with its heavy focus on group discussions and social interaction. While the site may be a good place to mess around, have fun and talk to other people online, the anonymity and lack of security will make it difficult for people to find someone real who is interested in a serious relationship. If you don't want hookups and casual flings and prefer to connect with someone on an intimate level and find a life partner, check out our Matchmaker category.

MeetMe! FAQ


Is MeetMe a dating site?

MeetMe is more like a hybrid between an online dating site and a social media platform. The site uses the same user freedom that's found in social media platforms, except that it has a heavy focus on dating and relationships.

Where can i download the MeetMe App?

We recommend that you download the app from official channels such as the Apple Store and Google Play. Downloading the apk from other sites may be dangerous for your device.


How does MeetMe work?

To use MeetMe, you have to sign up for an account. Once you have an account, you can complete your profile and start reaching out to other members of the site. You can start talking to members that you're interested in.

Can i use MeetMe for free?

You can use the desktop and app versions for free. Although the app version does have extra perks that you need to pay for, you can experience the site to the fullest even without purchasing these benefits.

What should I do when MeetMe is down?

MeetMe's desktop version has downtimes every now and then. If you experience technical difficulties with the MeetMe site, it's better to access the app instead, as more effort has been put into it by the developers.


Is MeetMe safe?

Honestly, the site is not very safe. There is no system in place that verifies the identity of their users, so members are free to act as they wish under the cloak of anonymity. Although fake profiles can be reported, if they haven't done anything wrong, nothing is done about them.

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Latest MeetMe! Experiences

  • Tab**** 23 years

    I had made an account on the app because I had used this app many years ago and had a positive experience.. I strictly made this account to find “mom ... friends” like legit women because I’m a first time mom and I’m also in a relationship. I had received many cruel and disgusting messages from “men” on the app but this one dude tried to offer me money for sex! I have screenshots of the conversation to prove it, then when I confronted him saying that it was illegal and that I had a boyfriend he started saying I’m ugly and I’m gonna be alone forever then reported me and my account got taken down immediately! When I emailed customer service over the matter WITH THE SCREENSHOTS they are still convinced that I went against the “terms and conditions” even though I rejected the person, never met up with anyone on the app and really I didn’t do anything wrong other then be like “yo that’s illegal”. They refuse to let me on the app again due to this incident, I have screenshots of the emails and conversation on the app and I threatened to seek legal advice not because I can’t get on the app, because there’s underage users and they openly allow sexual exploitation. BE VERY CAREFUL ON THIS APP!!! «»

  • Pika*** 28 years

    I met my boyfriend on here in April but the road to meet him was a long and torturous one. This site is full of people who are scary and 50 shades of ... crazy. I spent more time blocking than actually chatting. I'm happy my boyfriend has been so great because I went through a lot to finally find him on there and I would not recommend this site to normal people. «»

  • Ga***** 53 years

    MeetMe & Skout are terrible. The majority of the profiles are scams. The scams are either guys from Nigeria and Ghana using fake pictures or profiles ... trying to get you to sign up for their premium Snap account. Reporting fake profiles to the company does nothing. «»

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