Chatango Review July 2024

Chatango blends the simplicity of old-school chat sites with some of the innovation of current social media apps of today. It looks to be a chat site full of potential. However, is it as good as it claims?

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  • Online chat interface where you can chat with anyone or embed its chat rooms on your personal website
  • Blends the simplicity of old-school chat sites with some of the innovation of current social media apps of today. Learn more
  • Chat with strangers or communicate with your audience
  • Profiles and uploaded photos are not moderated
  • Over 5 million members worldwide
  • Mobile app available to download as APK and offers great usability
  • Completely free to use
  • You can use Chatango for free Author Chris Pleines
Chris Pleines
Founder of Dating Scout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
Chatango is a chat site that remains relevant today because of the definite use it can provide to its users. Not only can you chat with random strangers from all over the world, but you can also use Chatango to embed a chat box to your personal and professional websites.

Who is Chatango for and not for?

  • Website owners looking for a free community chat plugin for their site
  • People who like to chat and meet strangers online
  • Those who are looking for connect with like-minded people to pass their time
  • Singles looking to find love and serious relationships
  • Those you're searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • People looking for quick hookups online or physical meetups
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Chatango Pros & Cons

  • Members are active in replying and in chat rooms
  • You can block unwanted members and specific words such as profanity
  • Mobile app available to download
  • Profiles and uploaded photos are not moderated
  • Most member profiles do not show much information about them
  • There are inauthentic profiles due to lack of verification

How much does Chatango cost?

Is Chatango expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Chatango is free of charge.

Free Features
  • Registration
  • Messaging
  • Upload profile picture
  • Embed to website

Chatango is completely free to use.

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Who is signed up on Chatango?

1,300,000 from USA
Members activity
22,500 active weekly
Gender Proportion
25 %
75 %
  • Members are looking for someone to talk to about everything under the sun
  • It has around five million members all over the world
  • There are more males than females
  • Majority of the users are young adults
  • Members are active in replying

The members of Chatango have diverse personalities and backgrounds. Some are looking for someone to flirt with, but some prefer finding friendships or just some acquaintance.

Since there's not much function that you can use, it's normal that member can reply right away once you message them, if he/she wants to. 

A big percentage of members are from the United States.


Chatango Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at Chatango in July 2024 in comparison

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Chatango in Detail

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  • Lots of insider information for more success

How to Sign Up for Chatango

Chatango Signup
  • Quick and easy
  • Only takes half a minute to sign up
  • No Facebook registration
  • Signing up is completely free of charge

The simplicity of Chatango's registration gives this chat site an edge over its competitors. Taking less than half a minute, you would only need to fill in your username, email, and nominated password. Click "Sign Up" right after. Faster than you can blink, you are already a registered member. There's even no email verification or approval process. Granted, that might mean lesser security but since the site just asks for your bare minimum information such as age, gender, and ZIP code, we think that it might not be an issue. 

There is no Facebook registration but with the simplicity of signing up, there's no need for one. It is guaranteed free to sign up and download the site's extensions--may it be on your mobile, laptop, or any other device. 

Making Contact on Chatango

Chatango Contact
  • Embed private or public chat rooms on personal or business websites
  • Create group chat rooms and customize them as much as you want
  • You can block unsavory members and specific words such as profanity
  • MessageCatcher is a downloadable feature for Windows OS which makes sure you don't miss any messages while offline
  • All members can send messages for free

Customizable chat rooms, tons of stranger to chat with, flexible profiles to play with--sure, they are fun. But what makes Chatango great is its portability and compatibility with other websites. This means that you can also use Chatango on other platforms depending on your needs. 

These embeddable chat rooms can be personalized with however you want them to look--color scheme, size, and font. You can direct the chat room's look to suit your needs. It could look fun and inviting if you want to create a space for you and your avid followers on your personal website or look much more professional and subdued when it comes to business websites. 

Non-Chatango users are called anons. They can participate in public group forums, too. Should they behave offensively or against your own set of rules, you, as the group's administrator, have the authority to ban such partakers. You can also set a message limit per person so the chat flow wouldn't be so long and still be readable for others. 

To embed a chat room to your website, simply copy and paste the HTML code of your group to the website. 

Another thing that makes Chatango great is its accessibility. Not only can you download a mobile app, but there are also desktop and web versions where you can avail the same services. There are only minute differences among the three platforms but each can make your user experience easier. For example, one of the site's greater innovations is the MessageCatcher that works as a sort of a notifier whenever someone sends you a message to ensure you don't miss any. 

Indeed, whatever your needs may be, may it be just to chat with other people from the opposite parts of the world, partake in a lively group conversation, or simply growing traffic on your website, Chatango has enough features to keep the ball going.

Chatango Profile Quality

Chatango Profile
  • You can add images, music, and videos to your profile
  • Dress up your profile by picking unique colors, fonts, skins
  • The profiles are poorly detailed
  • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

Once you've created an account, you should then proceed to flesh out your profile. Although profiles aren't really the highlight of Chatango, it is still important to have more than a bare account. Not only is it fun to customize your profile according to your personality and taste, but you can also have way more interactions with other members this way (and not for the obvious reason of appearing more authentic).

To explain, the web version of the site does not have a user directory. To find others, you need to search for their specific URL and/or usernames. If you don't know anyone on this site, it can get lonely. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have "Keywords." You see, aside from usernames and URLs, you can also use keywords to search for other members. Case in point, it is easier to be found if you use frequently searched keywords such as "anime" and "funny" in comparison to "bookworm."

Despite not being the main attraction, it is essential to have keywords, age, gender, and ZIP code filled out so your profile will be more likely to pop up in search results which will, more or less, lead to an interaction. Dressing up your profile with the artistic freedom the site gives you is just an added bonus. 

Chatango App

Chatango App
  • Available on APK
  • No in-app purchases
  • Lightweight and easy to use; takes up small phone memory space
  • Convenient alternative for on-the-go users

Chatango has a very lightweight mobile app, aside from its desktop and web version, to provide for its on-the-go users. It is also completely free to download with no in-app purchases. It is an even bigger plus that the app is lightweight and causes no strain on your device whatsoever. 

Aside from that, in comparison to its desktop and web counterparts, the Chatango mobile app looks much more compact and easier to use. The desktop and web versions both look so minimal and bare that its user interface might look confusing for some. The mobile app still retains the bareness in its overall design but the elements are arranged more neatly and compactly. It is the most user-friendly out of all the extensions of Chatango. It certainly makes the experience much more intuitive and easier to navigate. 

The mobile app has buttons that lead to several features. The desktop and web versions do not, making Chatango seem stripped down. Indeed, from our investigation, the mobile app seems to be the most pleasing option out of the bunch.

Special Features

If you are looking for more reasons to love this chat site, here are some of the special features unique to Chatango:


Only operational on Windows, there is a downloadable extension called the MessageCatcher. The MessageCatcher makes sure that you don't miss a single message. It immediately sends an alert whenever a chat hits you up so when you log back in, you can respond right away. 

MINI Chatango Boxes

Embedding a private or public chat group on other platforms is the main selling point of Chatango. However, there are sites that only have a small, available space left and that's where the MINI Chatango boxes come to play. These are smaller chat rooms that you can still customize. You can still also block offensive users and language in this feature.

Chatango FAQ

Free Features

Is Chatango free?

Yes, it is completely free to use whenever and wherever. You may use its desktop and/or mobile version to their full extent without paying a single cent.


What is Chatango?

It is an online chat interface where you can chat with anyone or embed its chat rooms on your personal website. It is completely free to use. It is also light-weight and compatible with numerous sites and forums.

Who is the founder of Chatango?

Chatango is founded by Alec Matusis. It is operated by Chatango, LLC. 

What year did Chatango start?

Chatango started out in 2010. It is founded by Alec Matusis and operated by Chatango, LLC.

Are Chatango's chat rooms family friendly?

Yes, they are. Most of the chat rooms are more for business rather than romance and erotica. Another common theme for group chats is anime and role-playing.

How many are the registered users of Chatango?

Worldwide, there are over eight million registered users. There are even more people using Chatango as a third party app when it comes to embedding chat services on their personal websites. 

Does Chatango have an app?

Yes, it does. It is available for iOS and Android mobile phones. it is free to download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What is the average age of users on Chatango?

The average age of Chatango users is between 30-37 years. You can find more information here


How can I join Chatango?

To join, you simply have to type in your email address, preferred username, and nominated password. There is no email verification. As soon as you've filled those fields in, click "Sign Up," and you are good to go.

How do I log in on Chatango?

Go to When you arrive at the landing page, click "Log in" and input your username and password. Click "Enter" to officially log in on the site.

How do I log out of Chatango?

From the top part of the page, you will find the "Account" button. Click the "Log Out" button from the drop-down menu to log yourself out of the site.

How can I block another person on Chatango?

When you receive a private message, you can block the sender by clicking the "Block" link found above the text input box. The "Block" button only appears when the other user has started the chat session. If you do not see the block link, make sure the user is not in your friend's list since the block link does not show up for those found in your Friends List.

How can I start chatting with other members on Chatango?

To start chatting with a member that has caught your interest, you only have to click on their profile and hit the "Chat" button.

It is relatively easier to find members via the mobile app compared to Chatango's web and desktop version. In the desktop version, you have to type in another member's specific URL or username. Whereas in the mobile app, you can browse through the user directory found there.

How can I edit my Chatango profile?

To edit your profile, go to Settings and then click the "Edit Profile" button. From there, you can fill in your age, gender, ZIP code, and upload your primary photo. You can also set whether you'd want to show up on the user directory or not. You can also personalize your profile some more by adding music, background color, and text color. 

How can I find Chatango chat rooms?

You can type in the specific URL of a chat room on the search bar. You can also visit web pages that have an embedded chat room.


Can I delete my Chatango account?

To delete your chatango account, go to the Help page of the site and click on "Chatango Users." Under "your account" section, clik on "Delete account." There will be a link available on the next page where you can login and start the delete process


Does Chatango sell your data?

No, Chatango does not sell your data.

Was Chatango hacked in the past?

No, Chatango was never hacked.

How accurately does Chatango track your location?

Chatango does not track your location.

Do your Chatango profile pictures or profile information appear in Google Search Results?

No, your Chatango photos and personal information will not appear in Google Search Results.

Who can view your pictures on Chatango?

All Chatango users can view your pictures.

Is your phone number required for signing up at Chatango?

No, you don't need a phone number to sign up on Chatango.

Can you erase your personal data on Chatango?

Yes, Chatango provides an option for users to erase their data.


How much does Chatango cost?

Using Chatango is free.

How much does it cost to sign up on Chatango?

You can sign up for Chatango and use all its features for free.

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