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Very Bad
  • S****** 52 years

    A fair number of real members are in my area. I have had a couple of successful relationships start. I like that there is an indication of when peopl... e were last on. If they haven't been active w/in a couple of days, you know not to waste your time. However, I lived in a smaller midwestern area during Covid, and the matches were sparse.Communication is fairly simple and intuitive.Although there are real members, there are plenty of fake accounts too. Match seems to leave expired accounts available as part of your search. I've seen several that are over a year old. «»

  • Je***** 60 years

    I found the love of my life on Match. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.Nothing.

  • NewL*** 47 years

    Absolutely nothing.Match is an awful dating site. Please do NOT join Match as you will be wasting both your time and money. I am convinced people fr... om the Match site were deliberately playing games behind the scenes. It was creepy. Definitely skip this site! «»

  • Kev**** 46 years

    Nothing. They are deceptive crooks. Made the mistake of trying again after a couple years away. I left because of deceptive billing practic... es and false matching and likes they create in an attempt to keep users engaged. Like before, as I neared the end of my term, I could no longer access my account settings or change my password. I received an error message multiple times and was directed to email customer support. I attempted this process multiple times over a few weeks with no luck. Of course during this process they withdrew double the membership fee I originally signed up for and they still have not resolved access to my account. I can navigate all areas of my account accept for my membership section. Very dishonest business approach and shocked I was dumb enough to use again. Biggest crooks in the online dating world. Won't make the same mistake again. Users beware....this dating services is worse than a third rate gym membership when attempting to cancel. Steer clear!!! «»

  • To***** 67 years

    Terrible experience with match. Be careful they will renew your subscription and when you call to say you don’t want it, they will refuse to give you ... back your money . I would not use this site. They are crooks! «»

  • ange*** 25 years

    is a good site

  • kay**** 51 years

    Not great. They let anyone see your profile and - if they paid - they can contact you. So regardless of the parameters you set up for the type person ... you are looking for, ANYONE can - and will contact you. So basically I paid for nothing but harassment. And they then turning around and selling my pictures/info to whomever wants to see it. So if there were any viable people contacting me, they got lost in the 30-50 messages I received a day from men I would never have an interest. And whom I very clearly said i did not want to be involved with. But forced it. And after pointing out they did not meet their side of the agreement - they simply say - "eat it! No refunds!" «»

  • Kati*** 28 years

    This was the easiest, most convenient, and intuitive dating app I've ever used. I met my boyfriend on in January (it's now mid-October), and... we are happy together. I'd definitely recommend to a friend or anyone looking to find a good, lasting relationship with an attractive, intelligent, good man. «»

  • Shar*** 66 years

    Match is a rip off. Paid 90 bucks for nothing. Can’t message anyone without paying an additional fee. Poor response.

  • Rick*** 45 years

    Wish there were a feature for women to relate no interest at all just so I at least know the women I was interested in and messaged got the message I... sent. Been messaging different women about interest in talking, texting, messaging and nothing. Just message back f-o, not interested, get lost, just found my true love! Anything to let me know. Feel a little like I've been catfished with these profiles. «»

  • Sund*** 34 years

    I try to find all it in vain

  • Dahl*** 51 years

    As a subscriber you get 100 profile suggestions/day. - I daily discover so called scammer/misused pictures- Over manipulated pictures with... fake backgrounds, oversized upper arms, enlarged hands .. too obvious - Pictures with under aged children - Too many profiles have no picture, visiting your profile even sends a like to you- For an additional fee you can browse other profiles incognitoOn their web site is says: "Verified profiles"!!In the end of the day I wonder I pay for. All my contact with their customer service has worked well. «»

  • B****** 72 years
    23.01.2020 is a total scam. Prior to paying they about ten emails a day telling you that someone is "interested" or has "left a message". Then when y... ou actually pay and try to replay there is no answer. Once in a while you will get an email saying someone is interested. When you try to reply it will say "profile not available". This indicated to me that it was a fake profile. Wish I could get a refund and I am definitely now renewing. «»

  • Edwa*** 48 years

    It is an absolute joke! The women who "LIKE ME" say on their profile they are located in the US are actually located in some third world country. Way ... too many frauds and it is a waste of money. For those who say that they have found someone, it is just for advertising. «»

  • Mace*** 47 years

    this is the 2nd time I enrolled in the 3 month and not one guy messaged me, I feel like I'm invisible no matter what type of pictures I put up I get n... othing out of it... Totally not worth it... «»

  • Rhe**** 63 years

    I've been a member on several times in the last ten years. It's OVERRATED. I've given up on Match now, but not on dating. Although does have a big, recognizable name, it's hard for me to figure out why. I rarely got any email from anybody, I mean nobody, and I hardly ever got a response to any email I sent. Like I didn't exist. I did ask customer service if anything was wrong. I'm not that bad for a date, believe me. does have a lot of fake profiles, as well as profiles that look suspiciously like they've been recycled from years ago. Profiles of people who aren't members anymore. «»

  • jame*** 47 years

    Match seems to have the worst user experience. And either i missed this or you didi.ALLOW ME.. When u send an email to a new gal in does into your Inb... ox... When you get a reply( A "conversation" too ends up in your inbox...the ability to find a conversation amidst 30 impossible.. very poor. site for that reason. Other sites seperate "conversations" from"sent" please reply if you noticed this as well. The only leads worth tracking are gals who replied..THIS IS THE SPECIAL box you need to follow.. «»

  • Ci***** 33 years

    I liked this site, could find plenty of nice looking guys but i did not sign up for paid membership as i met my bf offline

  • Deb**** 36 years

    I'm new on here so i hope to have a good time with match

  • Darr*** 59 years

    I noticed after a month on the site. The site requires payment to even see if someone has sent a message. So there is Zero possibility of knowing if i... t was a real person or a prank or an elephant or whatever. Kind of stupid to me. I have no interest in paying for a site when there are no possibilities of seeing anyone trying to contact you. It wouldn't bother me at all that they would be a fee to contact them or return a message. No wonder so many complaints online. I get it. I won't pay for a site when there is no way of knowing if someone is real. Seriously? FYI, I am on another site that does exactly what I am saying would be the right way of doing this so I do know what I am talking about. «»

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