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Wapa Review September 2020

Previously known as Brenda, Wapa declares itself as the world's most popular lesbian dating app that caters to lesbian, bi, and bi-curious women (both cis and trans). Unlike other apps that only offer the gay function as an option and still have straight-oriented services, Wapa is exclusively for lesbians.

Wapa was launched on the basis that it's difficult to find a lesbian dating app that truly respects lesbians and doesn't just trivialize or sexualize them. It currently has over 300,000 active users worldwide.

New members at Wapa in September 2020 in comparison

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Member activity at Wapa in September 2020 in comparison

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Signing up

Wapa Registration
  • Email not required
  • Photos require approval from their moderation team
  • Create a profile in less than a minute
  • Register using your mobile number
  • You must be over 18 years old

Before you can set up your account details, they have a policy where you have to confirm that you are 18, identify as female, and will not post any sexual photos. Registration is quick because they don't require email verification. This is a downside because it means anyone (including men creating profiles to prey on women) can make an account. They could just easily lessen fake profiles if they required everyone to verify their emails.

Profile Information

Wapa Profile
  • Profiles can be sent different interactions (hot, wink, etc.)
  • Shows when others were last online
  • Twitter and Instagram accounts can be linked to profile
  • You can share your profile with other devices or with your partner
  • Profile details can be edited anytime

The profiles of other members only have a few bits of information. You can view their distance from you and all of their public photos for free. The profiles also state when they were last online. You can favorite profiles and send them different interactions (hot, wink, meet me later?, and drink?). Although users will be notified that you visited their profile by default, you can prevent this from happening by selecting "Remove track".

Contacting Members

Wapa Chat
  • Free users can send and receive unlimited messages
  • Photo and video messaging available
  • In-app translator available
  • Possible to send your current location
  • Send only one photo at a time

Free users can send, receive, and read messages without any limits. Members can also send photos and videos to each other, but only premium users can save these photos and videos to their device. A built-in translator is available in the premium version for when you find lesbians in other countries and want to chat but encounter a language barrier.

Special Features

Even though most of Wapa's features are only available in premium memberships, it lets you have a more secure dating experience. 



You can log in to other countries before you travel there so you can browse and interact with users in advance. You can choose between the 160 countries Wapa is available in and switch countries anytime you want.


For extra privacy, you can lock the app itself using a 4-digit password.

Private photos

You can lock your photos and choose who gets to see them. However, your public profile will also state how many private photos you have.

Real Life Review

"After a disappointing experience on Tinder, I tried a lesbian-exclusive app and this was the first that popped up on Google Play. I love that it's easy to make a profile and message other members. It gets pretty boring because there aren't games or whatnot, but on the other hand I know I can survive on the free membership indefinitely." - Student, 22

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
1 Month4.99 USD / Month4.99 USD
1 Year35.99 USD / Year35.99 USD
Wapa Upgrade
Free Services
  • Profile creation
  • Upload 5 profile photos
  • 100 nearby matches
  • Search and view profiles
  • Unlimited messages
  • Send and receive short video messages
Fee based Services
  • No ads
  • Upload 10 profile photos
  • 500 nearby matches
  • Built-in translator
    Translates messages in real-time
  • Priority in photo approval
  • Lock the app with a password to maintain privacy
Payment Options
  • Via Mobile Phone

Payments are auto-renewed. No refunds are allowed during the active subscription period.


Wapa is one of the first lesbian dating apps but it hasn't been able to maintain its status. Its simple interface and very few features doesn't amount to much when it comes to appeal for lesbians. Although there are manual checks for fake profiles, the folks at Wapa can't seem to do anything about inactive ones. With a static website and one inactive social media account, people would be hard-pressed to find this app exciting and want to sign up. For other dating apps and sites with more users, check our Matchmaking service category.

Wapa FAQ


What does Wapa stand for?

Wapa is the vernacular form of guapa, which means beautiful/pretty/lovely.

Who owns Wapa?

Wapa is owned by Wapo y Wapa Limited. This company also released Wapa's twin app, Wapo: Gay Dating.

What does "Hola Wapa" mean?

"Hola Wapa" is the greeting that appears on the Spanish version of the app and it means "Hello beautiful".

Is there a Wapa app for a Windows phone?

No. At the time of writing, Wapa is only available for iOS and Android phones.

Is there a Wapa forum?

Unfortunately, a forum for Wapa does not exist yet. However, their customer service team said that they've taken this suggestion into consideration.

Does Wapa have a Twitter?

Yes, their username is @wapo_y_wapa, but they mostly tweet in Spanish and they're quite inactive.

Does Wapa have a Facebook?


Is the registration for free?

Yes, creating an account for Wapa is absolutely for free. You can get the app from Google Play and Apple App Store.


How do I use the Wapa app?

Once you've created your account, you will see a grid of profiles. You can select a profile you like and message them.

What is "Tracks" for?

"Tracks" is a paid feature that allows you to see who has viewed your profile.

Why should I lock my Wapa app?

You can set a passcode of your choice to lock the app and gives you a complete privacy. The "Lock the app" is one of Wapa's premium features. 

How many photos or videos I can sent?

You can only send one photo or video at a time. If you wish to send longer videos, you should upgrade to premium account.

How many photos I can store on my gallery?

Non-premium users can only upload five photos. If you want store more, you need to avail a subscription


How do I cancel my Wapa subscription?

You have to go to the iTunes or Google Play page, find where your subscriptions are managed, and cancel it from there. You can cancel anytime; no obligations, no catches.

How do I delete my Wapa profile?

Swipe left on the app's homepage, select "Edit profile", and scroll down to the red button the says "Delete", and confirm your deactivation.

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Company:Wapo y Wapa Limited
Address:Level 3, 18 Stanley Street, Auckland Central, 1010 New Zealand