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Very Bad
  • K****** 50 years

    There are some actually interesting lesbian women here Trans women who are angry and very obviously upset when you tell them that you don’t want them... to date, they gang up on you and the administration supports them. «»

  • Cent*** 59 years

    Used my profile from Facebook.The first 2 matches were of men.

  • Ele**** 50 years

    NothingInstalled, paid for premium (since basically nothing is available under free account), account got locked right away, cannot even login to can... cel. Email support 3 times asking to delete account and issue refund. No answer. «»

  • wfly*** 52 years

    What a joke. It's filled with men that think they're women and women that think they're men.

  • J Wa*** 50 years

    Turns out Her had screwed up and were charging me twice one as A Free account every month and also for the same profile a mthly £14 fee! I never autho... rised the premium version and now they have frozen the account so I have no way of tracking the transactions and they are refusing to refund me the money they have been taking in error. «»

  • Mack*** 37 years

    So this is absolutely an app to avoid imho. 99% of all contact I had was with catfishers or scammers. I met and interacted with ONE genuine person. ... The app has zero security features - for example, you cannot restrict your contact to other paying subscribers (which will eliminate all scammers and all but the most diehard catfishers) so you are left to employing your own techniques such as asking people to send you selfies of them doing unusual things (so they can't just rip a stock photo from the internet) just to verify they are real. They have no plans whatsoever to change anything - so I would STRONGLY caution against using this app and definitely 10000% do not pay for a subscription - you'd be better off walking into a male prison and throwing 20.00 in the trash «»

  • Nan**** 40 years

    One of the best sites yet

  • Ragh*** 33 years

    Free dating service, nice

  • Mol**** 29 years

    Good site

  • Stac*** 48 years

    Horrible app full of fake profiles and men. I deleted it after a week.

  • Suck*** 22 years

    This was supposed to be a site for WOMEN finding WOMEN why the hell is it FLOODED with disgusting perverted men at every single turn. Queer btw is a s... lur, the vast majority of lesbians do NOT identify with queer. It is a call for all the MEN who pretend to be women and lesbians. This is NOT for women. This site only caters to the men now. Way to let down an entire community. God forbid lesbians have one single effing site for themselves, every single one has to serve men. Disgusting. «»

  • nona*** 35 years

    Lots of scammers and ghosters. Takes a while but eventually all seem to be "overseas, working" or in the military stationed in places where the US ha... s no troops, e.g. West Africa. They no longer require login from Facebook thus there is ZERO verification of authenticity of the user. Use carefully. «»

  • n****** 36 years


  • vane*** 35 years

    I have experienced that you can find your dating patner on this site and have a long term relationship.

  • Liz**** 59 years

    I have not joined the site yet but would like to receive a promotional discount to join the site........

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