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  • Caro*** 21 years

    apparently, developers have done a great job creating such a user-friendly website that is so helpful in finding interesting company. I LIKE IT!easy-... to-use «»

  • Josh*** 22 years

    Excellently designed! I do think that even a newbie will immediately figure out how to navigate it and face no issues with using it. That user-friendl... y this dating site is.High usability. «»

  • Timo*** 34 years

    The choice of profiles is quite large. The girls are active; many of them are constantly online. There are those who only like online communication an... d do not want to go on dates. However, it is their choice. If you are interested in online flirting, it will be a lot of fun with this site. Some people want more, so I'm still looking for someone to go on a real date with me.Here, you can be selective. «»

  • Timo*** 26 years

    There's nothing that could prevent me from recommending this platform to others. I find it extremely helpful in the search for pretty dates. And that'... s why I want everyone seeking flirts to come and get 'em here.Recommended. «»

  • Jo***** 26 years

    Guys, did you believe you'd receive everything for free? If you want serious dating, you need to purchase a subscription. This removes all restriction... s and allows you to communicate with whomever you want, whenever you want. I'm not into reviews, but I just want other guys to stop moaning and try a full version to find what they want!Hope I will help. «»

  • Stev*** 27 years

    Never used anything better in the dating vertical! Agree, there are looots of apps and sites on the market BUT this one definitely stands out among co... mpetitors because of a good proportion of quality&price.Rather snatched. «»

  • Stev*** 40 years

    Nothing Complete scam, the girls got my number and then wanted me to go to sites to pay extra claiming safety & asking you to purchase a dating ID fo... r there safety lol. What a joke the safest way to link up is public and exchange information then hook up after you see the real person & I D. When you sign up for a site that should be it let’s message cut the BS out and hook up. But no all these sites have girls who make it a hassle and try to scam more money out of you. «»

  • Leth*** 39 years

    Love the site, only thing is .. it's a bit dull for my taste. Not too exciting, could be improved with some new & cool features.5/5 UI, 4/5 fun

  • Desm*** 56 years

    OK sitehas minor issues but that's not a problem

  • Ta***** 37 years

    I have never believed that dating sites can have so many decent men. I was always sure that men using such services don't seek serious relationships. ... But now I see another picture. Guys are very intelligent, smart, and sincere. I met offline with a couple of men from there. everything works well.I adore men here «»

  • Ler**** 37 years

    I've been seeking a gf here for a couple of months and found no one to go out for a cup of coffee! Girls, do u use this site?Where are girls?

  • Jul**** 34 years

    Good site with interesting features. No free matches though. I spent some money but made some interesting connections through the site. I believe my f... irst date is around the corner.Video chat not working «»

  • Ro***** 32 years

    People on the site are real. It's hard for guys because girls get so much attention from guys.Some technical issues

  • To***** 30 years

    So far, the site seems okay. Nothing out of the ordinary, still a good way to get to know more people and flirt without any fear. I like it.Nothing

  • Bran*** 26 years

    I don't like profile photo regulations, but singles I've met on the site made up for that on chat, so you passed my test. Nice work.Profile photo reg... ulations «»

  • Mich*** 27 years

    This is the best dating site I've tried. I'm glad that I accidentally found this site, although I read different reviews, but I was convinced that the... site is excellent! I quickly found partners with whom I have fun! I think this site is more for casual relationships.Best one, but still there are scammers. «»

  • Jas**** 28 years

    True Dating Websites with Legit girls profile.All Okay.

  • Mick*** 27 years

    Honesty and trusted.Little app interphase; rest all okay.

  • Jame*** 28 years

    I have experienced very little abbreviated text speak and two-word statements on flirt. People seem genuinely invested in the dating process. Good con... versations that have led to actual in-person dates. A true anomaly in the dating site world.Nothing. «»

  • B****** 0 years

    I like Nothing about flirtIts 100% scam. Fakes and bots. Also I was charged for some extra date thing that I didnt authorize and then they tried to B... ill me for another sites membership and my bank sent me a fraud notice and I denied the charge. I had to change my banking. There arent any women on here that are gonna fuck you. Dont bother «»

  • Jo***** 35 years

    I like that there are some members in my area. I like that I can see how far away they are I don't like the fact that seemed like as soon as I paid f... or my membership any messages I was receiving stopped. Also seemed as though almost every girl on the site really did not exist and they were fake profiles or even bots. Tried saying something to the creators of the site through message and received no response. «»

  • Jose*** 69 years

    The first few days of using iFlirt, I encountered no difficulty, but now I cannot use it.

  • Piss*** 53 years

    Your website is a total scam. I get 10-20 messages a day from girls asking me to chat. I reply to probably 6-10 messages a day, and yet and ... NOT ONE GIRL here has ever replied to me after their first message.Not ONE SINGLE LADY HAS EVER ACTUALLY DONE MORE THAN SEND A SINGLE is a total bullshit fake scam site and these are fake profiles and automated messages. The $40 I paid for 3 month membership is a total waste of money and this website is a complete useless piece of fake shit. «»

  • Terr*** 40 years

    ALL fakes, or stuck- up without reply.

  • Slow*** 35 years

    Flirt is a total scam site. 99% of women users are scams, maybe 100%. Worse, Flirt uses your credit card to bill you for their sister sites...meetmi... lfy, Iwanthotties, sexintouch, etc., You get bombarded with emails alerting you to "likes" and "Winks" and "browses" from a half a dozen sites you never heard of. My mistake was marking them as spam, and not realizing if you don't "unsubscribe" to it the Flirt conglomerate of scam sites start charging your credit card after three days of emails. To extract yourself from this nightmare you need to to go through a five-stage process, ending with a very unpleasant phone call with a scammer who then asks for the first six and last four digits of your credit card number, the date you were charged, and then tells you, "Sorry, you did not "unconfirm" in time. «»

  • J****** 60 years

    Was excited about all the girls, but that’s where it stops.Flirt sends fake messages so that I can get excited in the meantime 10 other girls have se... nd the same.Paid my subs for 6 months and ask to stop the membership after 6 months. Couple of days later I get debited with 2 identical amounts.I think it’s on big scam. «»

  • trav*** 50 years

    I do not think there are any real ladies on this site. At least none that seemed to be interested in actually hooking up. All they seemed to want wa... s just to flirt. If you are looking for a one on one hookup I do not recommend this site avoid it. «»

  • Dimi*** 35 years

    Many fake profiles!!! Very few details can be given to profile!!!Not clear terms!!! I bought a 3 days package for 1,47 euro and without information o... r agreement i was charged with extra 8,99 euros!!!!! «»

  • Keen*** 20 years

    It's really bad filled with so many bots

  • DISA*** 34 years

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! The site is littered with fake profiles. When you create an account/join the site they bombard you with messages from all t... hese women, just to find out they're all fake profiles from different places across the globe. They try to make it seem like they're from your area listing close addresses and initiate conversation. It doesn't take long to realize it's a fake/phony profile when you ask them something about the area. Plus their English is horrible. I found a couple real profiles in my area-PROSTITUTES. Real Classy. 85% fake profiles, 15% trashy hookers. LIKE I SAID...SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! «»

  • Rand*** 57 years

    I have encountered a huge number of chat bots on Flirt. Also, I have had a few contacts who tried to get me to join other sites or pay them to continu... e chatting with them. I have become disillusioned with this site. «»

  • Whit*** 34 years

    This website is junk. Nothing but chat bots and a poor interface.

  • Jay**** 30 years

    Just a scam. Thought I would try the 3-day trial, then they charged me for a full month AND the trial. Took about a month and 4 calls to get a refund.... All the messages were fake. When you filter out verified profiles there is nothing. Don't bother. «»

  • Lesl*** 65 years

    I signed up for the three day period, and didn't like the response. I was contacted by women all over the country who didn't meet my parameters espec... ially as to location and age. I tried to cancel the service thru their deactivation section, but got no confirmation. Then I got a $36 charge on my CC that I did not authorize, and they would not refund even though I cancelled within the 3 day trial period. This is a SCAM!! «»

  • fr***** 15 years


  • Da***** 31 years

    Messages were not received

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