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Very Bad
  • Ma***** 57 years

    NothingEverything...this site sucks...just keeps sending you to another site? Bullshit....good luck getting anything other than a charge on your bank... statement. «»

  • Jo***** 53 years

    Seeing several like-minded people.There were some people who pretended to have my lifestyle.

  • Char*** 64 years

    Lots of pretty farmgirls (photos). However, there are too many cancellations and/or no longer available. I was a member a few years ago and recalled... a less-than-satisfactory experience. I have a lovely 110-acre farm, a good man with resources, and actively looking. But after reading some of the reviews sparked my feelings last time. Too bad. Perhaps FO should verify the contacts first. That very rarely happens with other sites. Advertise a "full free access month" and bet your numbers would skyrocket, many would stay, and better quality and more serious people. Got to be something better than, family, dog in bed, etc.Too many fakes on FO. On and off again. I remember brief contacts, then disappearance. Got the feeling brief profiles were used to reel in the subscriber, once in and paid big disappointment. «»

  • Ma***** 60 years

    Nothing, Zero, Nada, Zilche, Zip !!!This was my third time in about 10 years back on FO. They have hit rock bottom with their business model. Signed ... up for 6 months. I have spent a 30 year career in business process management. About 80-90% of subscribers at FREE Standard Members meaning they can't message, but they can send Flirts. Premium Members can Message or Flirt with Standard Members, but the FREE or Standard Members cannot read messages or read Flirts UNLESS they become PREMIUM or Paying Members. So they use Premium Members to "HOOK" Free Members into becoming Paid Subscribers. I changed the Narrative in my Profile to discourage the FREE Window Shopping Unpaid Subscribers, AND THEY CENSORED MY PROFILE SAYING I WAS IN VIOLATION OF THEIR RULES !!! When I asked for a copy of their guidelines, they could not provide them to me LOL ! There are Two features you can use to "search or discover" other members in your area,... About 90% of the search results turn up OLD or EXPIRED Members !!! They do this so you will message or flirt with prior members, then sending them emails to their personal inbox, thus hoping they will get curious and re-subscibe. Finally, You can become a PREMIUM GOLD (extra cost) which enables you to message and flirt with FREE Members. So women can stay FREE as long as they want knowing that the men will have to UPGRADE if they want to have their Messages and Flirts visible to Standard Members. Farmers Only business model is geared to do one thing. Make them money at the expense of Premium Members !!! Fake Profiles... Their user Platform is horrible on a Droid phone, and Systemically, lots of flaws and unreliable nuts and bolts. Spend Your money else where !!! I would give this dating site ZERO Stars if I could !!! : / «»

  • itgr*** 61 years

    I quit it before my time was up. It's creepy to have tons of people who viewed my profile and pictures and not having any of them acknowledge you in ... any way. Either they're fake or the "gentlemen" are not the gentlemen they appear to be. Farmer's only made me feel like nothing more than a piece of meat. If I could get it «»

  • Bren*** 57 years

    The site showed that there was a lot of interest before I bought my subscription...then after I bought all I had was a lot of messages that said this ... profile looked at your profile...what a joke.....never again.....also a lot of profiles have no info on them either which makes me think they are fake...... «»

  • Elai*** 63 years

    I did a thorough, well written profile along with several pictures. Over a 2 month period of time, I collected just under 30 emails (which can't be re... ad without a paid membership) and a good amount of "likes". There were a small handful of men that I wished to speak with and meet. I mailed a "money order" type check for the 6 mo. Premium Member fee & I waited 4 weeks but nothing was activated. Okay, so I informed Farmers after waiting and waiting that I stopped payment on that check assuming it was lost or something. I then bought a pre paid visa debit card from my bank (Wells Fargo). My bank says it is all ready to go although it was being denied or decline by Farmers, not my bank. I tried several times by phone call and on the website to no avail in getting my paid membership activated. Obviously they have no interest in getting my business and I deleted my account tonight (6/30/20). If Farmer's actually wanted to do better at customer service, then they would not have people working for them that don't want others to do well including Farmer's Only doing well. Clear as day in my book that there are definite issues with this outfit. I hope the owner sees my email & realizes much better can be done for the business. Farmer's Only is scaring away the right kind of customers and apparently have been doing so for some time. Not something I want anything to do with. Extremely poor business practices. And virtually no real help in their customer service. «»

  • An***** 50 years

    Great site!

  • cher*** 74 years

    I am premium member. so far, i have been unable to get support i have several issues yet no contact with support has been helpful when i fill out... support question box, it will not "send" because it asks for phone number and even though I fill in phone number, it refuses to send and goes back and points to section for phone number. I accidentally touched Off and now I don't know if I am online for men to see or not. I need help to know if I am online or not. Also a man who "likes" me and one that I "like" cannot communicate because he blocked me--yet FarmersOnly sent me notice that we likes each other and I should contact him--I wonder if the block is a mistake because I had no previous contact with him and he wanted to contact me--why would he block me? i would GREATLY appreciate help. «»

  • Jerr*** 50 years

    I could never get support to complete my sign up process after many attempts

  • B.***** 60 years


  • Jess*** 24 years
    09.02.2019 made dating so much easier. I found my current husband on the site, although we are in the process of divorcing.

  • Debb*** 64 years

    I paid for another six months of and I would like to be able to continue the enrollment I don’t know why I cannot get on and continue??

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