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Very Bad
  • Virg*** 54 years

    NONE. I want to give the site a negative star.This is the MOST horrible dating site I have ever seen. The site has nothing but bunch of fake accoun... ts. The matching system is another joke, sending me completely no-matching matches. The customer service is cold and rude. This site is a completely fraud by calling the scammers elite! «»

  • La***** 40 years

    NothingSo many scamers

  • La***** 40 years

    NothingSo many scamers

  • Ti***** 60 years

    Absolutely NOTHING!!I’m forced to give them a star rating in order to do the review I HIGHLY recommend you steer clear of this site if you don’t wan... t to waste your money and timeI’m convinced this site has turned into a complete SCAM I got ~98% all SCAMMERS all day and night trying to convince me to go off-site and give them my personal information What a HORRIBLE experience «»

  • An***** 64 years

    There are SOME great women on the site but you need to send contact first. Customer service deplorable. Cannot see profiles of almost all women who m... essage you. WAY too many scammers sending you messages. Cannot delete those who contact you. Zoosk is way better «»

  • Lau**** 65 years

    The platform is easy to navigate. It offers solid questions for vetting out others who won't find you a match…that is hopeful and positive. They do ... keep you engaged and up to date with sending your matches, people who have glanced at your profile…from this side they are doing a good job.Tremendous amount of fraudulent scams connections. Seems many stolen photographs with profiles. After a few days of receiving "copy/paste" messages and depending on when the email comes to you…typically middle of the night, you can identify the fraud smiles. I do wish they could control this problem, as this would make all the difference. «»

  • T****** 67 years

    Absolutely NOTHING about this site is worth even $1.00! I was never able to contest my 3 day buyers remorse, and have ONLY ever received FAKE troll-b... ot messages "claiming" to be a guy who found his forever love, but his clueless "friend" was "looking over his shoulder" and went "crazy" with desire for me (!?!?!) Then, in poor grammar no American would use, the "widower" (yeah, yank another one!!) "Begs" his happy/in-love friends to send his email. Ugh, condescending, misogynistic crap sent from a mentality of disgusting scam zone! I've been complaining for 3 MONTHS about this, it keeps coming, so I was scammed and I HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS!?!?! I've tried to complain to BBB, why does this continue? Stay away from this mess.... «»

  • Ma***** 65 years

    Nothing. Total ripoff.Nothing but scammers. Worthless.

  • Disg*** 70 years

    Nothing; all scammers all the timrAll scammers all the time NEVER policed by the site. Free Memberships allow fake and hacked profiles, 90% with the... ir email or text no. embedded in their screen name. This site is pure HARRASMENT of their paying customers. Numerous complaints only receive the same canned bullshit non-response. You will never get a refund, just more BS. The whole enterprise is a foreign. FRAUD! HATE IT!!! «»

  • Don**** 70 years

    Nothing. The algorithms are pure nonsense.Customer service is not responding so now I contact PayPal for a refund. The site is not for me.

  • Hell*** 60 years

    I wish I could say something positive.I received 20 smiles from those that were not matches with me. I smiled at 10 or more men that were matched wit... h me and 1 responded. I don't even know if the men I smiled at received my smile. And, I had no idea that I would have to pay for a 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP......$277.00 DOLLARS WHEN I SUBSCRIBED! They are sneaky. AND, you can't contact any customer service. I am so sad that my money was wasted on this site. Go in another direction those wanting to find your match! ! «»

  • Mar**** 65 years

    NothingSpark Networks owns and operates Zoosk, SilverSingles and EliteSingles among others. For SilverSingles and EliteSingles they double dip as the... y share the profile database across the two sites. No sense paying for these two two sites as you will get the same match profiles. Also worth noting, after a great many conversations with them (they are in Germany) they will not institute code to stop the fake profiles - which I estimate to be 20:1 over real profiles.Tips: Never share your real email address, even when signing up for these services. Most of the fakes want to text only, that means a phone #, beware, while it might be amusing to screw with them, they will spoof your number for fraud & robocalls - best to get a google voice number you can throwaway before your real one ends up on the federal do not call list. Never ever open an email if you are foolish enough to share your email address in the first place - yes, even image files can get a trojan to your PC. Lastly, male or female, you will get the "I'm closing me account, but my friend saw you and is crushing on you message - over and over", the fakes / scammers aren't very creative, probably offshore as well.It really is too bad; there are honest people online looking for a match, which makes this sinkhole of the internet very inviting for predators. Companies like Spark Networks have the capital and expertise to make their environments safer from these predators - but they elect not to do so. «»

  • D****** 69 years

    Profile allows for a good amount of detail. Not much more to like.Expensive fee. Hard app to use (I am not a novice on computers or dating sites). Cr... azy (stupid) that it doesn’t list the state for the town of residence (why is that a thing) and the distance filter doesn’t seem to be accurate. (not including “what if” that goes beyond my parameters). It doesn’t screen for elite- I realize it cannot, but it is simply a waste of money. Reviews were misleading about how good and/or functional it is. «»

  • Katr*** 50 years

    Nothing. It's a waste of money and time.Every week a man who contacted me is a fake. Every day they match me with men a few years to 10+ older than m... e, and not a match for what I have stated as "important." Most do not have photos either. I have reached out to customer service repeatedly and get Canned responses of "we strive to match you with your matches" and such nonsense. Totally disgusted with them and the wasted time/money spent. «»

  • a****** 26 years

    The questionnaire is thorough and interesting, especially in the more abstract areas like "which pattern do you find more appealing?" That kind of sub... jective thing is hard to capture in a survey and they did a good job.They don't actually respect the filters you submit. I made some clear choices in the questionnaire that "this is the most important" and they still show me choices that don't meet that criteria. The matches are also sorted in weird ways that makes it harder to assess who to message first. Online dating can be overwhelming, and I'd hoped that a site that calls itself "elite" would make it easier to cut through that noise. This is absolutely not the case; I'd honestly go with OKCupid over this. «»

  • D****** 40 years

    NothingAbsolute Cowboys. Terrible site, cant cancel subscription anywhere and no contact details for customer services. Automatically take £200 every... 6 months through Paypal without an ability to cancel. AVOID. «»

  • A****** 55 years

    Nothing!@@ They are a fraud !!!!! Run as fast as you can as they will take your use your credit card 10 times more once you give them your card #. Bi... ggest fraud !!!!!!! «»

  • youn*** 36 years


  • Davi*** 61 years

    I have connected with at least 10 women on this site, always starting with a smile and then some on site chat then moving off to texting. Of those 10 ... women, ONE was actually who she represented herself to be and we are friends but not right for each other. One I dated and she was much older, one I zoomed and she was much different looking from her photos, and the remainder were total fake scams, not real. What a waste of time. Very disappointed. «»

  • Manz*** 60 years

    Pure fraud. I paid for 3 months, but after 45 days, I sow It's not working. I decided to cancel my automatic renewal and the next day, my profile was ... removed because of "braking rules". I received an e-mail telling me I'll be refunded for the rest of the time, but never received the refund. Very nice, I have nothing more to say, but think twice before paying this site. «»

  • Sand*** 60 years

    I received too many responses from scammers. Received too many non matches that I just couldn’t fathom how I was matched to! I’m an educated, fit and ... attractive person and was totally disappointed in my matches. And never received any responses from people I contacted. Of course they all sounded too good to be true so I’m thinking that Elites sets up decoys! «»

  • Lynd*** 80 years

    Very disappointing, I've signed up and committed to Premium membership but nothing's happening - I keep being asked to sign up when I already have. ... If I'd known the management was in Germany I don't think I'd have joined as communications are ignored or v, delayed.Can you sort out this mess, please, today? «»

  • teri*** 53 years

    THE wORST MATCHES EVER....I called them within days and they said I couldn't get a refund. I told them they are sending me matches that don't match my... preferences even slightly (out of state, 65 yrs old and I'm a 40 looking 53 yr. old etc etc. I called them and they told me my preferences need to be set as "must have" AND THEY ARE! I've been on many dating sites and this is by far the worst. «»

  • Jose*** 53 years

    Terrible. Literally just a handful of matches that were inside of 35 miles from home. I can't believe I shelled out $150 for this, it's useless. Also,... I sent a request to customer support weeks ago. Never heard back from them. «»

  • Divi*** 42 years

    My experience was horrible. For two times my premium membership classic for six months were cancelled/deleted and I didn't ask this to happen. I lost ... my contacts, time and money. «»

  • Geor*** 78 years

    So far I find elite to be a waste of time and money. I have messaged al the 8 or so cotact given to m and gotten no replies.

  • Mem**** 45 years

    It is the worse online dating experience I ever had do not waste your time and sign up even for free

  • An***** 58 years

    The site does not respect the preferences, i.e. distances,ethnicity, somewhat difficult to contact customer service when I first questioned my concern... s, but they made one excuse after another. After I kept receiving matches outside my preferences, I had enough. I was paying for an algorithm based on my preferences but I had to loosen the preferences but still kept getting matches, smiles, visits from those who did not match me. And then there were these really great matches that sounded like one another. «»

  • Woo**** 60 years

    The most WORTHLESS Site ever!!!!

  • John*** 71 years

    Really dissatisfied with their matches and complete disregard for when I delete a suggested match, in that my comment is ignored. They send obese wome... n to an athletic man. «»

  • J****** 40 years

    Pretty dreadful selection. Not sure how they are defining "elite" but I guarantee they don't turn anyone away who's got a CC to pay. About 1/15 will ... make the cut. The rest are not "elite." «»

  • Lee *** 57 years

    Same old crap! Might as well be The likely hood of meeting up with an educated or "degree'd" person is the same. Most of the matches given ... to me were not people with degrees. Customer service are a bunch of flunkies, one actually told me "it isn't miles it is kilometers". This is a lie. It says miles and it was confirmed by another customer service agent when I complained again. Just rehashed garbage, Don't waste your money! «»

  • Jo***** 63 years

    Wasted my Money...Women with OLD PHOTOS...Site referrals that you have not set your Preferences to...Women rarely reply...

  • Laur*** 65 years

    I spent about half an hour answering theirvery detailed questions only to be told at the end I wasn't suitable for theirstupid company. That's 30 minu... tes they wasted of my life I'll never get back. I'm a retired psychotherapist and psychologist so I know all the answers I gave were best suited to a wide range of would-be partners. «»

  • Geor*** 31 years

    I have met far more clearly fake accounts than real people, more than any other service I've tried to date. Wish there was a way to get my money back ... because this service is terrible. «»

  • Leo *** 34 years

    I'd give the profile quality about a 1 star. It's not necessarily the fault of the service. People just don't actually fill out more than they have to... in my experience. There maybe were some quality profiles, but I wasn't going to pay that sort of money to go digging for a needle in a haystack. Then, as with all sites that require one pay to message, there is the question of "How many users aren't paying members?" And so, if I were to pay, how much of my time would I be wasting sending messages to people that aren't serious enough to pay to message me back? I don't recall them having any indication of who is a paid member. This would be their fault. I suppose they want to give the impression they have more membership than they actually do, but that borders on false advertising. «»

  • nan**** 29 years


  • Niq**** 33 years

    Absolutely the worst dating site I have tried. Over 50% of my matches did not have pictures or a complete profile. I was very disappointed with this s... ite. Whether it was smoker or nonsmoker preference or ethnicity preference many of my 'matches' did not meet those preferences. The site is a scam. «»

  • Fed *** 69 years

    I just saw an ad on tv for Elite Singles and cant believe they are still talking about a dating site for professionals. Some of the women I was match... ed with had no high school degree much less college, some of them their jobs were sitting with the elderly. In m opinion this is nothing but a scam. «»

  • um***** 32 years

    secoure and healthy

  • K****** 53 years

    Had absolutely no success after 6 months paid membership. Guys don't engage. Lots of fake/scam profiles (I had 3 in one week)!Most have no pictures a... nd while it shouldn't be about the visual, let's face does come into play.On the plus side, their customer service is good «»

  • H.***** 59 years

    This is the worst site I have ever experienced. I put education is very important but the site ONLY matches me with high school graduated people. With... all the respect, I have a master degree, high school graduates just wouldn't cut. I put distance as filter but it still returned 300 miles away. Profile claims they have higher education but half of them couldn't even compose a grammatically correct sentence. Half of the profiles are scammers. I don't know how could you say this site is a good site. «»

  • Chu**** 65 years

    I signed up with Elite thinking it was going to be a great service exclusive to paid members for starters. Well, that was a scam to begin with, and t... he matches are not very good. I chose a certain ethnicity and have been matched with about every type. MATCHED WITH MY EX-WIFE FROM A DIFFERENT SERVICE!I'm on Elite, she signed up for Silver Singles. From what I can tell there are other sites that use the same subscribers in various sites. Imagine if I we were not divorced and both happened to sign up, and then be matched this way! Lawsuit city............ «»

  • Vane*** 56 years

    Elite Singles was a total waste of time and money for me. I have a doctoral degree, and while not super model beautiful am not hideous. I got NO act... ual dates in 6 months. Just fake scammers. «»

  • Mike*** 49 years

    A huge rip off avoid like the plague, Very few active members, overpriced, not really impressed, the trouble starts when you cancel your membership, E... lite singles don't like this the badger you stating you are subject to their contract and you must pay for another year, again, they are heavy handed and badger you for subscription for a service that you no longer require or want, if you do not pay this fee they place you in the hands of debt collectors who pursue you relentlessly, A Huge Con Avoid like the plague, I had to give them a starreluctantly as I I was not able to submit this unless I gave them a star. «»

  • smad*** 46 years

    I defensively, didn't have a good experience. I been using their site for 10 days now and the only matches that I get it's people that I'm not interes... ted on. I even got somebody that was fraud. I contacted customer service and they didn't care at all. I asked for my money back and they said no. They don't care about their customers, all they care its about making money. Very bad experience. I thought, this site was going to be different. If I could, I will give hem negative points. «»

  • Katr*** 35 years

    Had a very bad experience. From day one my account had some bugs that cropped all of my pictures I downloaded. I couldn’t pick my own profile picture.... The one “they” picked the system cropped it the way that my face become 2 sizes wider! Than it takes forever for them to review it before you can delete picture!! Then on my match list I had multiple 2-3 profiles of guys with the same profile picture but different names and ages!!! How creepy and scary is that!!! They told me it’s another bug.... my question is how many is there profiles of me cloned with my wide face! Lol horrible app, horrible site. And the worst is that after my account has been affected by all the bugs the company won’t refund me money! I couldn’t even use it for a single day! «»

  • Ka***** 38 years

    WORST SITE EVER!! Don't waste your money. The personality test was way off, very inaccurate representation. The matches were not even in the ball p... ark. Preferences? Ha- what joke. The matches were from half way across the country. Terrible site design. More then 50% of the users don't even have pictures. The refund time policy only allows you 3 days to decide if you like it and I had to pay for the full year not in monthly installments - so I lost over a $100. Would NEVER recommend this site - I am terribly disappointed. «»

  • r****** 66 years

    very frustrating experience. This website does not even tell you where the other members reside. You have to inquire to each undividual in what stat... e they live. Also, nothing particularly "elite" about most individuals. Many are nothing more than high school grads «»

  • Diss*** 42 years

    Complete waste of my time and money. Most of the profiles sent to me seem inactive. The matches are outside of my preferences, way too far, and nothi... ng I can relate to. «»

  • Donn*** 46 years

    I am not sure whether this is a scam, or whether this is a real company. There is no phone number or email for this company. I have singed up after re... ading that this is a good dating sites. They changed me $173 before even allowing me to go on the site. Once I did, I found out that the men then connected me with have nothing to do with the qualifications that I have noted looking for. They are asking you hundreds of questions, to make you believe that they would do the right match, but while I was asking for a man 5'9" or taller, then matched me with men 5'6"; asked for Jewish, and they matched me with Christian; asked for professional and they matched me with blue collar. There is no place to call to complain, no email. Nothing. They just charge you and then do not provide the service they describe as providing. This is a scam and hope that not many people will fall into the trap. «»

  • ray *** 49 years

    It's a rip-off site. Limited communication or no communication at all, the matching system is awful, doesn't match almost anything you stand for. Plea... se, don't waste your time on that site, only and only if you have money to throw out of the window. «»

  • Ange*** 35 years

    They automatically renew your subscription without the option to cancel it or get your money back.

  • Mi***** 61 years

    Many quality applicants and matches. Profiles appear mostly genuine. Wish could expand filters for international matches too. One incident offended m... e. When responding to a question or cued for an answer about what would be a deal breaker. I mentioned that because the purpose of my profile is to find a match and get married a deal breaker would be a woman who would not be of a christian faith. I received a message stating that this was not approved and was considered offensive. Well I was offended myself for I respect everybody 's believes but for purpose of marriage, like many a woman who would share the same faith is very important to me. «»

  • Mart*** 48 years

    Used what 10-15 min on answering all kind of questions, and at the end i get this: "Based on the results of your personality test it seems that EliteS... ingles is not the right fit for you."What a waste of time, and no answer why, would really like to know :( «»

  • Kev*** 33 years

    Stay away from this website. Total Rippoff. German bullshit. i just bought the Elitesingles subscription for 130 bucks and i am damn angry !!! They on... ly give 7 matches per day. also i cannot cancel the subscription, as i have requested it by email, but the email never showed up . how do i go about contacting them , they don't even have a phone number ? «»

  • Myar*** 50 years

    I've been on the Elite Singles (ES) website for three months (bought the six-month package), and it has been a total waste of time and money. Over hal... f of the profiles they send me have no picture, and I've noticed several duplicates of profiles I've previously deleted. Also, I've received several "security alert" emails regarding men who have contacted me, which tells me that ES is not pre-screening applicants well, as they claim to do (the lack of photos on many profiles also indicates that to me). Several of the profiles appear to be hastily created and contain next-to-nothing about the person. Again, where's the pre-screening? I am very disappointed with the site and hardly visit it anymore, even though I've paid for three more months. Save your money! «»

  • Smyr*** 71 years

    I paid for Elite singles and was appalled at several things about this site. I have three degrees and thought I would be matched with women of simila... r education. Some did not have even a high school diploma, their jobs were often entry level, unskilled labor and some were hours away. Perhaps the most dishonest site I was on. «»

  • E****** 52 years

    STAY AWAY EllitSingles IS FRAUD ! once you've paid for the subscription, you're on a long road of pain! - Beware they own Sliver Singles & Match and i... ts the same scam !The site is set-up for users to post 6 pictures but they remove your pix on regular basis and leave you with only 1. They have very few members because once people find it's scam, they want out fast !!They renew your subscription automatically and its very hard to cancel it if you use android because you have to do it through google-play account.There are no emails or phone numbers to reach them and the email they give you bounces back.They own Silver Singles and expect to be harassed with emails to subscribe to these websites. Site address is in Germany. Bad representation for them! «»

  • sand*** 55 years

    This site is terrible Its not easy to cancel. They keep charging you. Stay Away!! I live in New York City and all matches were very far away. Ne... ver used this site after about 2 months. Not worth it. Go to Match or Zoosk. «»

  • Fio**** 59 years

    This site was FULL of scammers. I regularly requested customer service to verify someone's security and within 24 hours they would (all but once) be ... terminated. And, most of my "matches" were the same matches I had been given on Silver Singles. They say they "cross-match"; but they just send you the same people you weren't interested in before. Within the first month, I unsubscribed, closed my account, and contested the charges. And yet when I checked the website, my profile was still visible. «»

  • Step*** 49 years

    As a professional with advanced degrees, I found I was not connecting with the right type of men on other dating sites. I was excited when I discovere... d Elite Singles and thought the men on this site would be more appropriate for me. I found Elite's questions to be tedious, and most of them simply didn't apply to me, but I answered all of them. I was matched with some men who appeared to be nice, three of whom I traveled great distances to meet in person. Unfortunately, all three of them had lied on their profiles and during our conversations. They weren't educated or successful; they were just ordinary and one of them had a criminal background! The people on this site are no different or any more "elite" than any other site. I'm tall, slender, pretty, educated and single. I'm just enjoying life on my own and have given up on dating sites. Elite was the final straw for me. «»

  • JoAn*** 65 years

    Horrible site. All men claimed to be educated but they were educated in one thing only. How to scam a possible vulnerable woman. It must be lucrative ... because of the 4 men who contacted me all of them were scammers. I knew it as soon as they said they were in another country. There must be a script they use because their stories were all the same, only the countries were different. One was in Afghanistan, one in Jordan, one in South Africa. What a joke. I just feel for the women who believe these nuts! «»

  • Jos**** 49 years

    This is one of the worst dating sites I've ever been on... VERY expensive for what you get. Compatible profiles sent are NOT what I'm looking for. ... Been on this website for almost 3 months, met 2 men. The quality of the candidates is very poor. I'm not renewing membership and don't recommend this dating site AT ALL. «»

  • Da***** 30 years

    -There were not enough Matches, Be careful as they will not refund you for anything after three days time. Everyone was over 100+ miles away and did n... ot have matches close to what I was looking for. My credit card information was also compromised on the website. All of this within one week!The personality quiz seems great until the people I was "matched" with had nothing in common with what I had stated was something I was looking for. I'm sure opposites attract but this was beyond opposite. «»

  • Lin**** 73 years

    I do not recommend Elite Singles. I have spend a few hours on their website and have not been able to cancel my subscription and I hoped to get a ref... und. They charged my credit Card $130 which is outrageous. There are few matches and all are so far away. Do not sign up with this service!! «»

  • Ga***** 59 years

    I have found that elite have not got many member in new Zealand for me to meet and they have sent me fake profiles to try and trick me . I was threate... ned to be cut off for letting woman know about the auto renew as the ones they sent me a lot of them never new about it. They take money from your account and will not refund it if you never read there contract properly «»

  • Anon*** 45 years

    Totally waste of money. The profile means nothing. Elite Singles ignored all my search parameters, matched me up with men who are hundreds miles awa... y, not compatible at education level as well as desire to have kids. I've been on Elite Singles about 3 months and saw only about a couple of new profiles a week in my area. The response rate was extremely low. It was like a black hole. You'd think it was because of my profile but I had a dozen dates from another online dating site, which more than half resulted in 2nd date and more so I don't think it was my profile. Not recommend this site at all. «»

  • An***** 54 years

    Hardly and pictures. Most are not filled out very well.Virtually no one responds in any manner. When they do contact its scam artists!

  • Gill*** 62 years

    I must say how disappointed I have been by my experience of elite singles.Despite setting parameters, again and again I was sent “profiles” of men, m... ost of wh9m had no photos, no 8nterests completed and who did not respond to smiles or photo requests. It became a tedious and predictable farce, and many of these came from far flung places in the uk. I was forced to the conclusion that at best, any potential matches were carelessly thought out, or at worst, fabricated to prolong interest after I had said I was going to cancel my subscription. «»

  • Chri*** 57 years

    BEWARE: This company has at least three successful court orders against it. Elite Singles has not paid its court-ordered penalty to these former clien... ts and hides behind at least two different email addresses and umpteen street addresses all over Canada. Also owns Lifemates... which, no surprise... seems to have disappeared. «»

  • ji***** 34 years

    overly cumbersome. It was charging me money at every turn. charged to see photos. charged to send messages, charged for this, charged for that. It ... is a racket. «»

  • Mari*** 20 years

    I have been looking for a guy who is ready for a serious relationship with me,but have found none i hope to find here.

  • Saye*** 22 years

    Love it for date

  • Deni*** 45 years

    Having difficulty logging in. No one there to help with technical assistance. No human available to fix login in issue

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