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Very Bad
  • Bruc*** 70 years

    Nothing!Fake profiles and terrible customer satisfaction! I could see within minutes of signing up that eharmony had nothing to offer myself, asked f... or money back. EHarmony has been a total waste of money, disgusting company! «»

  • Andr*** 52 years

    NOTHING!!!The site is trash. The profiles are mostly unactive or fake. One out of 30 actually communicate, and the communication of half of those see... m like bots and not people. «»

  • Oksa*** 38 years

    NothingIt’s a terrible website, there no options to find guy for relationships. Bad looking man with bottle of beer. I was use the website couple day... s and didn’t find anything interesting left it. When I registered I paid 6 months membership, and after 6 months not using it, they automatically subscribed me for one year and started changing my bank account $580. I call them to cancel that membership which I never give my agreement and they says that I owe them money. This website scams people for money. Be patient before giving them your personal information!!! «»

  • Ri***** 50 years

    Not much.Way too expensive for what it says it offers. Customer service is nonexistent. It’s really a cash grab.

  • Wan**** 68 years

    The personality profile quiz creates a certain hope that surely after answering all these questions they will find a match for me.They say it's free ... and it's not. Couldn't finish quiz because of errors in data...there were none. Impossible to get help. I gave up. «»

  • none*** 56 years

    Nothing at all!Most profiles don't even have a photo, and those that do are often inactive. I sent messages to 6 matches scoring 106 - 114 compatibil... ity - all within 50 miles of where I live. Not one even read the message, which means they also didn't look at my profile. That tells me the accounts are either inactive and eHarmony still display their profile to compensate for all of those that have no photos and have not paid to register, which is about 60%. A depressing, discouraging website that has become nothing more than a scam. «»

  • Sabr*** 54 years

    Nothing!I can tell you from experience that it used to be a good dating site. I almost signed up recently, but something in my spirit told me not too... . I knew there were negative reviews, but I did not know about the ones I have read here. I believe all your stories are true and I'm sorry you all have had to go through this.If you go online and search for articles on eHarmony, you will see the reasons why Neil Clark Warren (who started the site) stepped down. He was bullied by the social agenda to include a "small group of people" with loud voices. Once he did, the Christians on the site could no longer give their money to a site that went against their biblical conscience.The member numbers soon after began to plummet and I'm pretty sure that is why Neil Clark Warren felt forced to resign. Which then it was left to the crooks who are in charge of it now. You can read about it in the articles. «»

  • Nico*** 43 years

    😵‍💫Such a scam. Take advantage of people.

  • Nico*** 43 years

    😵‍💫Such a scam. Take advantage of people.

  • M****** 50 years

    Nothing. The site is old and has no search function. They billed me $145.97 in January and $145.97 in February and were going to continue to do so, l... ong after I have canceled the subscription. They "waived" the next two bills that they were planning on charging me for the same amount. I want my $291.94 back and they wont return it. I am beyond pissed off. «»

  • Cind*** 60 years

    The app worked fine. I got zero dates during my one year subscription. I got lots of lookers, but generally, the men didn’t respond to messages, comp... liments, or smiles within the app. I’ve gone from cheerful to feeling rejected as a result of my experience on eharmony. «»

  • Bri**** 44 years

    NothingThe service is not worth the money. It is not geared towards people in their mid to upper 30s or early 40s. It allows people to lie about thei... r age. There is a very small group of actual real people looking for relationships. «»

  • Chr**** 54 years

    I’d love to tell you but can’t get on the site!As above. Having gone through the sign up process all was good until trying to sign in whereby the sit... e sends through a security code to prove its you. The problem was every time I tried inputting this it would not accept it. I’ve tried numerous times to contact and get a resolution to this issue but to no avail so I’ve now given up 🤷🏻‍♂️ «»

  • N****** 26 years

    That one person who was nice to talk to.eHarmony is barely passable as a messaging service and it doesn't even have as many members to pick from as t... he last party I went to....They overcharge to provide basic services and don't provide anything past the bare necessities of a dating app. «»

  • Kris*** 32 years

    NOTHINGIf i can put 0 star, i would. Even waaayyy lower than that. They refuse to refund my payment. I requested cancellation within 48 hours of purc... hase. Turns out the 3-day no obligation thing only applies to certain states in the US. That was my bad for not noticing that. However, if their T&C was written better and is not intentionally misleading, i would have NEVER EVEN PURCHASED. I thought i'd give a laid site a try since i have used free ones for the past years. I thought maybe it's time to use a paid site and maybe i would get better chances of finding a match. Nope. Never again. This website completely made me very skeptic of paid dating sites. I have had my eyes on this site for a long time and i had actually endorsed it to some friends. But now, they want to get my $300+ for a service that i no longer want after only 48 hours of being on the site. I dont even care if they keep my first month's pay. I think it's only fair if they keep it. They can even keep the first 3 months of discounted price. But to keep charging me for the rest of the year for a service i CLEARLY DO NOT WANT ANYMORE, this is just robbery. I do not trust this website at all and i will make sure that people know how opportunistic this website is. «»

  • Ric**** 47 years

    Nothing 1 out of 400 girls message back you send messages out left and right and get no response even from the ones online and have read your message... s «»

  • R****** 53 years


  • xx***** 123 years


  • M****** 40 years

    Nothing. Also, I really hate these types of sites who give fake or paid reviews. This was a very expensive mistake on my part. First, I live in a ... heavily populated metropolitan area and the number of women within 45 miles was next to nil. Second, after taking the time to sincerely answer 70+ questions, the matches I received were not a match for me. I am heavy into physical fitness and I was being matched with women 70-100lbs over weight who had no interest in fitness. Not saying this is a bad thing, but just the matching algorithms are poor to say the least. Third, the activity on this site in my area was really bad. A lot of old profiles with little to no activity. After a couple of weeks on this site, I can see why. This site is a borderline scam. If they stood behind their product and offered a no questions asked money back guarantee, they would be out of business tomorrow. «»

  • judi*** 75 years

    NothingAs a Canadian I joined Eharmony 2.5 months ago. In all that time they gave me 7 matches: 3 lived in the U.S. and during Covid-19, the borders ... were closed, 3 had no photos and barely any profile, and 1 was 5 years younger than me. During the same time I had 37 matches on Elite Singles.Eharmony customer service gave me stock answers to my specific requests and no help. «»

  • Bri**** 60 years

    Nothing to say hereAbsolutely shady site, sneaky and greedy. In their wish to attract more users they don't police their own platform, so it's full o... f scammers and there are very few real members. The pool of people is larger on There is more activity, women are sweeter and more sociable, every profile has photos. I still trust only those women who I can see in live video chat, but luckily there is a vast selection of such women there. Anyway, EHarmony is nothing compared to it and I'm done with them. After I cancelled they added two unauthorized charges. Be wary of this dishonest company! «»

  • Marc*** 34 years

    Not recommended at alleHarmony will steal your money. Last year on 6th November I signed up for a 6month membership with eHarmony ($107.70) , they st... ored my credit card details and 5days ago they charged me $430 for an automatic renewal without even notifying to me in any way. I contacted them twice 2 days ago and they refuse to offer any solution. I dont think it should be legal to get money from customers by storing their credit card details, hide in the T&C that there is an automatic renewal, not notifying the customer when the renewal is about to happen or happened and charge 4 times the original price for the renewal. «»

  • Chr**** 47 years

    They seem to have good PRSite was easy to useTerrible. Very few matches (for Canadians anyway). I tried to cancel my subscription on the first day... and they refused. They wouldn’t even offer a partial refund. Customer support basically told too bad for you. This is a horrible company, to refuse a refund after less than 24hours speaks to the kind of people that run this company. «»

  • Paul*** 70 years

    At first I was excited to try eharmony. After 4 months of checking almost daily I am extremely disappointed. I paid over $300 thinking this is too imp... ortant to not go with a professional dating site. So far 3 men have messaged me but they disappear soon after the 3rd message. There are a lot of men that never put a photo on their site. What good is that? I need to see who these guys are. «»

  • Jani*** 63 years

    I am a Black woman seeking a Black woman. My experience thus far is non-existent because I have yet to meet any Black women on eHarmony. I tried to ... cancel and requested a refund which was promptly denied. At the price you charge, in addition to asking a bunch of questions, perhaps you can manage to have a person actually talk to new subscribers and share the lack of clientele. «»

  • Z****** 48 years

    Waste of time and money.. You can smell the rot when a company wants to keep charging your account despite cancelling this said account and subscript... ion.. A total sham but beware "eharmony", what goes around comes around ;-) People are onto you «»

  • Anth*** 61 years

    eHarmony whom claims to be the most righteous and relationship oriented dating site is the the worst. A scam that is a magnet that attracts scammers. ... Unfortunately, I just joined for 6 months and knew within the 1st day that is was in fact a scam but too late, no cancellation. They are laughing all the way to the bank and there is nothing I can do. I wasted 6 months of membership fees. Other dating sites such as Match are the same but not as bad. I think the demise of online dating is soon unless you are looking for hook-ups and just want to swipe left or right through the real and fake profiles. Same matches recycled over and over. Many don't have pictures and for a dating site that professes to be so righteous and geared towards relationships, that is so contradictory. Anyone that has no photo in their profile is hiding something which is why they are not revealing themselves. Big red flag. Their shortest membership is 6 months and as a non-paying member, you cannot see photos. So within 5 minutes of joining, you kind of realize you wasted 6 months of your membership money. Not looking for the perfect person but he few matches I do get are either awful or haven't logged in in a month which indicates they abandoned the dating site in disgust like I did within a week. A trap and a scam. Stay away. Not me, as I will go back to the old fashion way of meeting people. But be warned - stay away from eHarmony in particular. «»

  • Anth*** 61 years

    eHarmony is an absolute disappointment. Same matches recycled over and over. Many don't have pictures and for a dating site that professes to be so ri... ghteous and geared towards relationships, that is so contradictory. Anyone that has no photo in their profile is hiding something which is why they are not revealing themselves. Big red flag. Their shortest membership is 6 months and as a non-paying member, you cannot see photos. So within 5 minutes of joining, you kind of realize you wasted 6 months of your membership money. Not looking for the perfect person but the few matches I do get are either awful or haven't logged in in a month which indicates they abandoned the dating site in disgust like I did within a week. A trap and a joke. Stay away. «»

  • Nico*** 57 years

    I have been on eharmony for 11 months now. During this time, I had only one interesting chat with a guy leading to a date which did not go anywhere. ... They rarely sent me potential matches and these matched were mostly from tens of miles away and none were attractive. additionally, you are unable to contact them by phone if you need help even with your page setting and when you write to them, they reply late and it is not helpful. I wrote them about my experience and if I can remove myself, but they did not accept. Neither they offered some sort of compensation or help me to get more matches. Most online dating do that. eharmony is expensive and useless. «»

  • S****** 29 years

    They stole my money - 65 quid. I send them 3 emails explaining them that during the pandemic I don't have a money and that they can't just charge me 6... 5 quid for using subscription for exactly 24 hours. It's a scam. «»

  • Edd *** 37 years

    I love this site because i believe i can find my future wife here....

  • Nik**** 57 years

    I am quite unhappy with eharmony. I have been on eharmony for over 9 months. once in a while (rarely)I receive picture on one or two matches who are v... ery unattractive or live in another state or another County. The website is not PC friendly and I am not able to read messages that I receive. Unlike you are unable to reach a live person. During the past 9 months I had one conversation with a guy that ended up to a date. I wrote to them and complained but they are not willing to refund me or do anything about it. It is very expensive and does not worth it . I would not recommend it. «»

  • Trac*** 32 years

    eHarmony was THE WORST thing I could have paid money for. It's a LIE when they say you can start for free. They would not give me a refund, nor with... the cancel the rest of my monthly subscriptions even though I want to not use it. This is a horrid business model. Couldn't be more disgusted with a company. Too expensive! Go to Match or Bumble instead. More fun to use, and less expensive if you just want to see what's up. I will spend the rest of the year paying for this garbage telling every man that joins NOT TO UPGRADE!!!!! «»

  • ko***** 22 years

    I hate this site if you pay for the premium membership you they won't let you cancel in unit it is finished im giving ZERO stares for this

  • anon*** 55 years

    Biggest rip off trasy site around .... got told to simplify my options to allow more matches.Essentially if you have no standards, dont care about r... ace, religion, age, height, weight, education, income or any aspect of their personality then you stand a pretty good chance of "matches".If on the other hsnd you are a discerning individual who values your self worth and wish only those matches ..... dont bother wasting your money. There is absolutely no get out clause, customer care dont give a toss and you basically have to suck it up and fork out huge amounts of money with zero to show for your money.Biggest waste of time. «»

  • Mi***** 53 years

    Save your time and money. A lot of fake/inactive profiles. The matching algorithm is nothing more than a marketing scheme. I live in a large metro are... a and the quality of my matches was poor. That shouldn't be the case in the area I live in. It just goes to show that most quality people don't waste their time on this site...I'm glad I was smart enough to get out. «»

  • Kait*** 25 years

    I don't suggest eHarmony to anyone! Do not waste your time, especially your money! If you sign up as a regular user, you can't see anyone's pictures b... ecause they're purposefully blurred and you can only message someone once. However, if you'd like to pay, you will be LOCKED-IN on a 6 MONTH account. I tried cancelling only after 2 days, realizing I wasn't a huge fan of this website and nope, you're permanently locked in for 6 months, having to pay over 200 dollars. I e-mailed them explaining my issue and thoughts and they wished me luck and basically told me to be on my way...that they wouldn't do anything for me. So I told them that I'll be going on every social media platform and warning everyone of their lack of satisfaction to their customers and their fraudulent practices. Absolutely disgusting behavior. Do NOT sign up. «»

  • Lo***** 68 years

    Accounting sucks. I renewed in Feb for almost $300 but in April can no longer see messages sent to me. It's Easter weekend so nothing to do but wait. ... It's a lot of money to not get the service «»

  • Bend*** 39 years

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  • Ever*** 44 years

    It's the best site ever, congratulations eharmony

  • Harr*** 42 years

    So i signed up for e-harmony since they said there are millions of active members, so when i signed up i signed up for 6 months, and when i saw that w... ith my criteria there may be only 20 people who i am compatible with i tried to cancel and they say i cannot till my 6 months is over and they won't refund me... This i tried a week after i signed up.Terrible site and very misleading!! «»

  • Your*** 65 years

    During one week, after I signed up, I was stalked by three...three..."sharks" whose only purpose was to scam me. eHarmony HIDES behind emails. They ... are making plenty of money so they can DO A BETTER JOB THAN THIS!!!I realized they were "sharks" from the beginning because of the following evidence: 1) They did NOT state where they were from, and 2) They wrote in English but NOT AMERICAN ENGLISH! What do I mean by that? Here is a typical example of American English...."My mom said that if I don't get off my computer and do my homework she'll slam my head on the keyboard, but I think she'sjokinfjreoiwjrtwe4to8rkljreun8f4ny84c8y4t 58lym4wthylmhawt4mylt4amlathnatyn"Get it? Yes you did! These foreign scammers do not understand this at all. Watch the words that they use. The words they use do exist but are NOT used in American English. Also, their punctuation and other forms in writing are completely lacking and I know that you know. You know what they say in American English...."If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....IT'S A DUCK!"Have fun with them....And BE SAFE! «»

  • Jul**** 58 years

    I found the love of my life September 2019❤️ Signed up in August. We live a 1000 miles apart and messaged, texted and talked on the phone and met and ... fell in love. I am moving into his place in January. We were both honest and communicative from the beginning.we also both have read The 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman. «»

  • Al***** 38 years

    Out of all the dating apps I have tried - Tinder, Coffee meets Bagel, Bumble and Hinge - eHarmony has by far the worst selection of matches and yet is... the most expensive. Furthermore, no other app appears to have users that respond as little as eHarmony. Do Not Waste Your $$$$ «»

  • sf***** 32 years

    eHarmony is a matchmaking site for marriage-minded singles who are looking for serious commitments. It provides an in-depth knowledge of your match th... rough the required personality and character tests. The site offers basic communication features that can help you and your match concentrate on just getting to know each other better, without distractions. If you are looking for a long-term relationship and would want to settle soon, this site might be worth trying! «»

  • bi***** 50 years

    Biggest scam dating site I've ever used. I've met ZERO people with this site as opposed to the more positive outcomes with Bumble, Hinge. Don't waste ... your money «»

  • j****** 55 years

    Underwhelming. The number of matches is very low, distance and age not even close, tried to cancel in the first month but still have to pay $460.00 fo... r a full year. Don't waste your time or money !!!! «»

  • Jo***** 55 years

    Worst dating site I have ever come across. Matches are extremely limited. You cannot search members yourself. The only members you can view are the me... mbers E Harmony sends you. I completed a lengthy questionnaire. I was matched with an average of 2 people per day. More than 1/2 of the matches were:: out of age range, did not have qualifications I requested (such as race, religion, education, and interests, geographical location). This proves that E Harmony is only interested in taking your money and did not read questionnaire to accommodate members requests. This is the only dating website where your choices are extremely limited to whoever E Harmony decides you should meet and ignores members personal requests. I am an educated, physically fit, smart, attractive, fun divorced mother of 2 adult children who makes a great living. After being a member of E Harmony for 1 year I cancelled my membership. Complete waste of time and money. I discourage anyone from joining E Harmony. This is a completely ineffective dating site. There are also many scammers on this site. Stay away. E Harmony. E Hamony is also notorious for sending matches of Unpaid and cancelled members. I called them up to complain about this. They said there is nothing they can do about it. Once you are in E Harmony data base your profile remains there. Even after you cancel your membership or were never a paid member to begin with. E Harmony confirmed they continue sending expired and unpaid members as matches for paid members.This is unethical and a COMPLETE RIPOFF AS THEY Match YOU WITH MEMBERS WHO CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU AND ARE NO longer ACTIVE. This defeats the whole purpose of joining a dating service to begin with. I did not want to give 1 star as E Harmony does not deserve 1 star but there was no choice. «»

  • Nik**** 40 years

    I would not recommend eharmony to anyone. The app doesn't work most of the time, and I haven't been pleased with the matches for the most part. You ... receive like one new match a day, and sometimes no new matches. There are definitely other dating apps that you will have better luck with, finding love. «»

  • Mike*** 58 years

    A total waste of my time and money...this isn’t cheap! The only thing cheap about it is the customer service and the service they provide to the memb... ers ! All matches were at least 60 to 100 miles away... and my setting was set to 30 miles ! ABSOLUTE JOKE..full of DEAD PROFILES «»

  • Mike*** 59 years

    Total waste of money! No matches TOTTAL RIP-OFF

  • nath*** 58 years

    My experience reportI find it difficult to get women contact here. why

  • Bill*** 63 years

    Not worth the money or time! No matter how I set my profile, I get "matches" sent that have no thing in common to my preference settings. I additional... ly subscribed to another dating sight and wow! Total difference. I wish I could get my money back from Eharmoney. Good luck with that. «»

  • Al P*** 46 years

    Signed up and completed the application but have yet to get a response to any of the women I have tried to contact.

  • T****** 29 years

    I subscribed a few days ago and I get 7 matches a day, either over 41 years old which is way too old or below 26 years old (what am I a cougar?). It's... bothering and hilarious at the same time. Eharmony gave me 2 weeks trial period wherein I cancel and get a full refund, so let's see. I am in no hurry, and I'll give it a go. «»

  • Mich*** 34 years

    Signed up for a year outright, matches were horrible. I pretty much forgot about my account until all the sudden they hit up my credit card for anothe... r 3 months worth of charges. SURPRISE! They will auto renew on you with ZERO warning or reminders. I immediately canceled my account, but they REFUSE to refund the money stating that it's "against policy." It had literally been 2 days since the charge had gone through. They act like they are doing you a favor by canceling your account for you, but they're going to keep your money leaving you with a charge and no access to the service you were just charged for! They hide behind the fine print of some BS policy to steal from their customers! I HATE a thief! They are a COMPLETE TRASH OF A COMPANY! RUN, keep your $$$ far far away from these crooks. «»

  • DHus*** 54 years

    Never actually paid attention to my match profile. Continually matched me with the exact opposite of what I asked for in a match. Not a ‘match.’

  • Ly***** 59 years

    The website staff send me notices frequently regarding the male members that are terminated due to terms and conditions violations. In short, this we... bsite has a large number of con artists asking for your phone number and other personal information. It is not a safe website to use if you are truly seeking an authentic individual for a serious partnership. «»

  • Ro***** 43 years

    I've been on two months and so far not much luck. We will see, as I have a subscription for a year. There are a lot of "dead" profiles (i.e. inactive ... profiles). Eharmony should be following up with members about whether they are active users or not. In addition, they want payment up front rather than charging you every month - which I am not too keen on. The matches are better quality than and seem more serious, I just haven't met anyone significant yet. I would recommend you try it for 3 months and then decide if you want a year. «»

  • jasm*** 34 years

    very limited choices (3 matches) in a city of over 8 million people, waste of money.

  • B****** 36 years

    After being an eharmony member for YEARS and never actually meeting anyone in person, I got an email one day that my account was closed for violation ... of terms of service. Turns out that my account was hacked and they closed it as a "precaution." Well after a month and pestering them I finally got a response, and apparently my account is lost forever. HOWEVER, they offered that if I were to create a NEW EMAIL ADDRESS and use that to create a NEW ACCOUNT, that they'd credit me my remaining subscription time. Don't waste your time with this site. It's a waste of time and money. «»

  • Joha*** 66 years

    I thought Match and Christian Mingle were bad but eHarmony was worse. Many fake and fraudulent people on all of these site. Sometimes I felt like I ... was a magnet for this, but the reality is when I talked to others, they felt the same. The worst $265 I ever spent in my life was on eHarmony and I told them so. «»

  • Rube*** 27 years

    I signed up yesterday night. This morning eHarmony closed my account without notice. When I inquired they said, they do not disclose specific informat... ion but they generally close accounts based on misinformation (age, name, etc). I did not violate any of their terms, but yet they closed the account. They said I won't be receiving my money back! $140 down the drain. Total scam. «»

  • Phoe*** 24 years

    I registered an account on eHarmony app yesterday for the first time, after spending about 1,5 hour answering questions (I reached nearly 80% done), ... I hope that the app would have a detailed view about me, and then when I reached about 80%, the result really make me shocked, and I was so disappointed. (both of the app and myself): The app show nothing more and just a message poped up on the screen: "We are sorry we can't find a suitable match for you, which is not relate to yourself personally....etc" Although the app said the result isn't relate to my personality, I felt upset and didn't know what's wrong with me... AND now when I decide to delete my account, the app even didnt let me to do that, when I entered my email and password, it immediately said "We cant find a suitable match..." and I could do no more. So dissapointed! «»

  • Eli**** 24 years

    I used eHarmony a few times. The third and last time I used it, I paid for a six month subscription. Out of all the matches I got, only about five or ... six of them actually messaged me. And out of those five of six, I only had two ask me out. The first one was fine, but I decided he was too far away and we didn't really click after three dates. The other was closer to me, the date was fine, but he stood me up the second one. A lot of the other matches I got were not within my specifications. After reading that even if you cancel your subscription, you could still be charged for the same plan. Between all the inactive matches, being matched with people I wasn't looking for, and not really getting my money's worth, I deleted my account. I will never recommend this dating site to anyone. «»

  • Lo***** 45 years

    Men have a bad attitude with reality on who occasionally tries to get to know me. I completely believe these results are not accurate to get to know ... someone. Or many people are one sided and prepared to blame because short comment, if that, then disappear by not posting. There is good and bad with life. Seriously, men I believe are worse than some women. «»

  • Ro***** 45 years

    I am unable to change who I am looking for as my change my sexual preference. This is a dealbreaker

  • C****** 53 years

    I joined eHarmony on a 3 month subscription at half price. In the 3 months that I have just about had this, it ends on April 7 2018, no one wrote to m... e at all. I wrote to a few men, but no one wrote me back. Kind of disheartening. But it just showed me that no matter what dating site you join, I guess if there is no chemistry photo wise, then no matter what you pay or what you are compatible in, you wont get any responses. Just like any dating site, its a crap shoot, per say. I will be canceling my subscription come April 7 2018. «»

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