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  • Mag**** 67 years

    À lot of attractive persons.The prices for credits are so much more, than a year ago—not normal. More people must leave due to the high prices.

  • Karm*** 55 years

    This site is very easy to use and navigate.However, I get a lot of messages from people who don't belong to the group that I have specified. I have ... only been using this site for a short time, and I can relate to the other reviewers' experiences. Do I feel like the person I've chosen to continue to chat with is like what the others say as seemingly working for the app? Now I'm thinking about it; there's a big possibility that he is, which hurts. I really do hope he's for real, though. Will I continue using this app? I am not sure at this point. «»

  • Ki***** 20 years

    It is an enjoyable site.It is expensive enough for me.

  • Doro*** 70 years

    I got on the site without signing up? How did that happen?I am getting chat requests but I can’t find my profile

  • Pete*** 63 years

    Had one partner onlne we got on well untill last minute and started making excuses, thought I was talking to someone from your office possing as the p... artner I meet «»

  • Robe*** 40 years

    SCAM!!Many fake profiles: popular free members. They want to seduce you to pay for more and more chats on the ite. However, they do not want to come ... off the site with different reasons. They flatter you (calling you beautiful without having a profile picture). These chat can be addictive. You can lose a lot of money, and realize that the person who has promised you everything, has cammed you, wrote to other people, too. «»

  • Sava*** 66 years

    Fake profiles mostly .extremely expensive and unreliable .To avoid at all cost!

  • Alla*** 63 years

    This website is like so many others in that it's only made for chatting at a very high cost. I have met multiple ladies here who are very attractive a... nd said they have fallen in love with me. However, after chatting here for well over two years it is clear that no one is serious about dating or marriage on this kind of dating site. The only goal of ladies at this site and at its associated sites are all to gain finances from its customers. I'm done here. «»

  • Nh***** 30 years

    A huge experienced being on this site its amazing❤️

  • Joy**** 37 years

    It's a scam. Don't bother downloading it.

  • Carm*** 37 years

    It good but too expensive to message

  • Jen**** 52 years
    23.07.2020 and the sister site are both a scam. This is a one-stop shop to find Social Catfish of all variety - the military romance sc... am, the oil rig scam, the bit coin/cryptocurrency scam. Almost all of the men look like underwear models and you are thrilled when your chat window starts filling up the second you sign up. They are paid to chat you up because the user has to buy tokens or credits to chat/email. The membership is cheap, only $19.99 a month, but the credits that it takes to talk with anyone will cost you us much as $400. The more you talk the faster the credits run out. A few days later you find yourself no closer to finding romance, and only superficial conversations to show for your money. Even the men that look 'real', and have less than supermodel good looks, are also Catfish. They are just there to lure you into their scam or keep you chatting so you will rack up the charges for more credits like a gambling addict at the roulette table. «»

  • Li***** 26 years

    I don't care who says what, but is NOT real! It's just a site, made to look like it is real, in order to make customers continually pay mor... e credits under the disguise that you missing out on talking to this fantastic man (or female). You literally pay for EVERYTHING! Your subscription counts for nothing (like with other sites). You want to chat with a potential match? You pay, PER MESSAGE! Want to open an email sent by this gorgeous person you see, YOU PAY! You want to breathe? YOU PAY! It's such a brilliant way to scam people!First of all the profiles are all PERFECT! Gorgeous men, with great careers, who know exactly what to say to make your heart flutter and the gorgeous professional looking photos that every profile has. Have you been to other sites? The profiles are so diverse, you get funny ones, bad quality pictures, some with nothing written on the bio, just a pool of diversity and on top of that, it takes a while before people start talking and the numbers are usually low. NOT with, all these Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth lookalikes instantly start sending you messages, (you can get over 10 of these in a less than an hour) and they all start showering you with comments, they say almost similar things like, "remember this day because it is the day we met" or "I can give you a lot of romance". The scam here is that they play on the emotional psychology of their customers. If I'm on a dating site, it means I'm looking do date, I've tried the outside world, but nothing would come of it, so I'm hopeful. Then you get to a site where you meet the man of your dreams, he is handsome, well kept, well spoken, looks financially stable and on top of that he wants a serious long term relationship not just something casual. You immediately think, "I think I've found what I've been looking for, let's continue to chat and see where this goes." About four messages in, you are asked to pay for credits if you want to continue. Of course you will do it because you think you've found the one and you want to continue the chat, (what's a few dollars if you get to find your soulmate right?). Then your potential partner randomly sends you an email (which is different from the chats) and you get curious about what it says since you see only the first line and it is heart fluttering! However to open that email you have to pay for credits, but now you have already spent on credits and they were not necessarily cheap. Considering we are you d and tech savvy, you think any other chat service is cheaper and it would atleast allow you guys to know each other, so of course you ask your potential partner to rather chat on ANY other social media so you both can save money and continue the great chats, instead, he says he prefers talking on this expensive site. Weird right? No? Well I tried asking ALL my 10+ interested profiles to chat on any other Social Media of their choice, and ALL preferred talking on the app. Does that sound like someone who is really interested in you? If all these profiles are so perfect, have you ever seen a success story? Everyone who gave a positive reviews, is either getting paid by or is blinded by the perfect profiles and thinks they are true. «»

  • June*** 60 years

    The maximum CREDITS which I can purchase is only 1000 credits and the cost is not fixed. I used to be charged around USD300 plus but in my last 2 1000... -credit purchased, I was charged USD522. 71. I contacted their helpline and was told that my device has changed location. This is not a good reason as my device is always at the same location, my home.It is a very expensive site especially it always entice the user to send gifts where one of the gifts can wipe out my total credits.I am surprised that the prices quoted here is lower than what are offered in my account when my credits ran out. «»

  • Ali**** 44 years

    This site is a scam. I joined last night and was immediately loaded with automatic messages from fake profiles of guys who look like models. When you ... reply to them, the answers you get back are clearly sent automatically, and sometimes don't even make any sense. They also charge you for viewing photos, or sending or receiving messages after a little while, at ridiculous prices. This morning I sent a message asking them to cancel my membership as soon as possible. They have not replied yet, despite having viewed my messages on Whatsapp. I also sent emails to and no reply has been received. «»

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