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Very Bad
  • Dav**** 55 years

    Pics are attractive. Even if they are fake.Save yourself sometime by copying the first three questions the bots ask.1. How long have you been on thi... s site?2. How many have you talked to? Any success?3. Do you have Whatsapp/Google chat/your phone #.These 3 questions cover 95% of the "members" that message you «»

  • J****** 29 years

    Nothing,,,:(I put in my City & zip code & the response was their are no Cupid members in the 4th largest city in the U.S..So why would I join.....??... ..:( «»

  • Hel**** 55 years

    NothingAll of my legitimate photos that didn't violate their terms were rejected. Over 20 photos, the site is useless.

  • T ai*** 40 years

    Nothing100% fake responses particularly in the first 24 hours to draw you in. DO NOT subscribe… cowboys . Ripped me off massively

  • Jam**** 43 years

    A site with at least some fake profiles. When trying to continue a conversation it's sometimes like you're starting from scratch again with the person... at the other end. They never make mention of things talked about previously - it's like they're suffering from Alzheimers disease or some - an alternative reason is maybe that I've managed to catch a shift change, where oncoming personnel whose job it is, is to reply to punters have not been informed by off going shift member or had time to read up on previous communications - hence the seemingly disjointed replies. «»

  • Disg*** 45 years

    100% FAKE PROFILES!START A CHAT WITH ANYONE THERE then ask an off-the-wall question and their computer-generated bot well either not answer or say I ... have to go and end the conversation..... «»

  • Shir*** 48 years

    Wanted to upgrade my membership but payments always failed. I wrote to their support team who promised reply by email in 24 hours, couldn't get any fo... r 4 days. Their toll-free contact number doesn't work anymore either. Felt like an idiot really..cos lot of people were dropping text for info, chat req and willingness and I couldn't reply with a basic membership. «»

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