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  • Flor*** 60 years

    Connecting singles is full of scammers. Most of the men Ask you for your emailing and or phone number right away. They all sound from European or from... Nigeria. Some of them call you or want to talk to you after a certain time, which coincides with there time zone. Ladies please pay attention. «»

  • anon*** 57 years

    bunch of right wing conservative looney tunes visit this site. steer clear of it as I know after what I discovered there(phishing, scammers, con-artis... ts, losers) i surely won't be visiting that second rate online brothel ever again. «»

  • meli*** 63 years

    Еhe man insulted me in writing because of my nationality. I informed the administration but it didn’t respondю

  • Etha*** 35 years

    I was a Connecting Singles member for about a month and I was treated horribly by staff. The problem being that the general chat forums feature a numb... er of topics, including politics and their forums seems to be overrun by Republican/Trump supporters. However, anyone that doesn't subscribe to the racism, misogyny, weird/crazy conspiracy theories and xenophobia frequently posted by members, and/or if you dare to hold points of view that don't exactly reflect the general sentiments from the majority of their chat forum frequent posters, gets bullied, harassed, attacked and targeted. Then as if that isn't bad enough, Connecting Singles staff seems complicit in siding with those very same awful people... as they tend to gang up and complain to staff when anyone posts anything they don't agree with. I was banned a month ago and every attempt to reach out to admin and staff to find out the reason for their actions, and/or for any proof I did anything wrong, was met with TOTAL silence. Not ONE single reply.. and I've reached out to them ath least six times. All that while the people (Trump supporters) who were responsible for the campaign against me were allowed to continue on the site without any repercussions. It's completely disgusting what's happening on that site. They should be disallowed from even being able to run that site as a free and open dating site at this point. It is not. Staff has clearly aligned itself with a "certain type" of member. Add that to the fact that the site is infested with scammers and fake accounts and the site begins to look even less appealing. Avoid that site at all cost. If I give them a single star rating, It's because I have to. The site is bing run by partisan, clearly biased individuals. I have copies of my attempts to reach staff, for anyone interested. «»

  • lim**** 50 years

    incompetent Moderators

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