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Very Bad
  • Patr*** 56 years

    Like ? Absolutely nothing I paid a membership for nothing. Wasting money and time.

  • Gr***** 48 years

    That you are able to see real people ONLY swiping!!!!!That it says it is free but it is NOT . U can't even see who likes you so you can't even messag... e anyone unless u PAY some kind of fee! Even then you take chances of not even being able to chat! NOT RECOMMENDED! Go to POF «»

  • Jam**** 49 years

    NothingLike most apps owned by the same company,, which they are, this app uses fake profiles and fake people that are actually employees o... f the dating app. Occasionally they will even give out fake phone numbers but these are hideous people that will all die of cancer from impersonating singles on the internet for money. «»

  • B****** 35 years

    Chispa is what Tinder could be if it had an ethnicity filter. Might be biased to my location and preference, but the majority of the women are attract... ive.It’s buggy, like an amateur version of Tinder, and they no longer allow Google voice numbers. «»

  • J****** 36 years

    I'm Salvadorian. Yes, that's how I spell it, lol. I met a Salvi girl whose whole vibe hits home. October 2022 will be our 4th anniversary!!! I sugge... st it if you want to meet a Latin person for sure.Idk, only took me a couple weeks lol. «»

  • Maxi*** 30 years

    Attractive ladies, culturally aligned with me, and many are actually looking for relationships vs hookups which is refreshing over Tinder. The questio... ns are a cool way to engage Latin culture, and they just added more demographic tags.Not a lot of bios (yes I’m a guy that reads bios) and no minimal data enforcement. If you want to upload just 1 pic, no info you can and that is fine if it weren’t like 40% of profiles. Also, socioeconomic demographics lean toward the less well-off side of things (no offense but there are a ton of ghetto girls on here and the ratios seem much higher than other apps). As an accomplished professional that wants to engage my roots thru this app, this can be rough (though I’ve taken a few chances and it’s been good to meet different demos of latinas). Seems a lot of density of proximity unless you are in NYC, DC, Miami or LA. I live in NYC but frequent other states for work and rarely find that I make it 30 swipes before folks are 100+ miles away. «»

  • Mich*** 38 years

    Chispa isn’t a bad dating app. It definitely has a lot of potential to be great. I’m having a decent experience with it so far and have been a member ... for several months now, since before the update. The new update and “look” is definitely a big plus. There certainly are a lot of Latina women on the site and that’s why I joined because my dating preference is Latina women, I’m just drawn to them. They have all been nice and respectful to me and I have had some nice conversations but have only gone on two actual dates.Even though the new update on Chispa is a real big help and plus Chispa has raised its prices. Chispa seriously needs to enforce the “Made for people who want serious relationships “ flow. This claims to not be an app for hookups and for people who just want casual encounters (god knows there are millions of apps for that already!), yet they have hook up and flirting as an option on your profile, leading to more encounters with scammers, fake profiles and yes…escorts or prostitution. I have had this happen several times now. Chispa has worked on getting the distance thing fixed a little, but for some reason, I still keep getting people I may like 90-150 miles from me. I just don’t see how there aren’t many members between Philly and the NJ shore 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also, Chispa really needs to get involved in making sure people are who they claim to be!!! This is my biggest turn-off about the app. This and the girls who want money for sex. It makes me leave the app even though I come back periodically, hoping it’s different… it never really is much. «»

  • N****** 40 years

    Some attractive younger females if they’re real profiles or not I don’t know.Everything else.

  • Wale*** 33 years

    NothingNRF Literally decided to split up an in-person job I already had covered and it will now require 2 in-persons. What in all the actual hell

  • Den**** 26 years

    EhThey scam you into buying by never queueing up people who liked you

  • Gabr*** 34 years

    I logged in with my phone number started uploading pictures, matched, wrote back, my account was disabled mid convo, not sure why but I would like my ... account reactivated or at least I would like to know if all my information has been deleted for the site. «»

  • rose*** 43 years

    i purchased the premium because i accidentally pressed the (x) button on a person. I didnt know the rewind button was for the "just" the previous per... son. I wanted to go back a few people but it's not allowing me too. So i purchased this for no reason and that's very disappointing. «»

  • Serg*** 36 years

    Fun time

  • Joha*** 39 years

    Fake app most guys here are scammers with diffrent profiles names but same picture and false age and emplyment.

  • Just*** 35 years

    why cant I set a location proximity? I only get matches with people 450 miles away from... whats the point in that?

  • har**** 45 years


  • Mi***** 47 years

    I live in houston i dnt want to meet people 200 miles from me

  • davi*** 55 years

    its a nice site

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