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Very Bad
  • PET**** 40 years

    The multi page profile. the subscription options. If Bumble is not sexist than nothing is : I cannot send a message to someone because I am a man. ... Also, I contacted support about several questions, and got terrible responses. I would not be surprised that many employees are sexist there and so they treat men badly. It's unbelievable to me that they are still in business, in a country that is so committed to tackle sexism. «»

  • Nun**** 1111 years

    I liked nothing about Bumble, they misrepresent their services, take your money and do not respond when contacted!! They are crooks with no integrity!... ! Stay away!!I liked nothing about Bumble, they misrepresent their services, take your money and do not respond when contacted!! They are crooks with no integrity!! Stay away!! «»

  • Li***** 54 years

    The women initiate contact so lonely ogres in mom's basement are put on standby.First week: I ended my first video chat when my "chatee" began to mas... turbate online. I reported the incident but got no support for my emotional disgust and shock. Tonight my "ER Physician" turned out to be fraud. He erased me when I asked him simple questions ( I am a 25 year RN- you can't pull much over on me.)Bumble claims to empower women and provide support. False. But they WILL take your money. «»

  • Dan**** 40 years

    :(I went to Maui on vacation. I responded to some of the matches in my home area letting them know I was on vacation, but can go out when I get back... . When I got back I was banned. Custom support was completely unavailable even though I had the top level membership. «»

  • Lo***** 65 years

    I like that I choose who I want to connect with.very slow customer service. I got a new phone, same phone number the app was transferred but I could ... not log into my pro account, the app asked me to upload a photo as though I was not already a member and I have written to customer service at least 3 x about it - no reply!! I would recommend Bumble if the customer service dept. is better staffed and responds in a timely manner like other companies I deal with on a daily basis - customer service is everything! «»

  • H****** 55 years

    NothingFake profiles, tech issues everyday, refuse to respond to issues, no phone no to call. Fake messages, unable to send messages features for pa... id members, 3 weeks after they lure u in, boomIt doesn't work «»

  • None*** 52 years

    Racist and services are dysfunctional and continuous tech isdued to African Americans. They refuse to answer issues and no phone number to call Unf... air treatment, refuse to assist African Americans. Refuse to respond to ails. I have 2 other friends having issues and 2 caucasian and questions are answered. Crooks and racist «»

  • Dan**** 53 years

    Not too much So many of the profiles are fake. I believe there are more fake profiles on this site than real ones. I had an extremely scary situa... tion last week which solidified my decision to leave bumble. I was speaking to a man from CT. Of course, I asked for his full name so I could do a Google search. This man had been in jail for ten years for raping a 78 year old woman when he was in this twenties. Several years ago, he went to jail again for pulling over five different women and telling them they had sparks coming from the back of their cars. He then viciously attacked them. He is listed on the sexual offender registry. This really scared the hell out of me. «»

  • Jam**** 35 years

    I did meet a couple of interesting ladies on this app, so ok.One person stood me up and unmatched me while I was on the way to go meet them so I coul... dn't report them.And then when I went to start bumbling after I got vaccinated, the app just said I got banned for getting 'several complaints'.I only ever got like 4 matches on this stupid app. I guess no matter what you do you're just not good enough for the girls on bumble? «»

  • Mich*** 42 years

    I feel that the moderators of this app are racist and they are promoting an attitude of hate and discrimination by supporting and allowing people to p... erpetuate the Black Lives Matter group. These individuals are creating a conflict over an issue that had nearly been overcome and put to rest in our integrated society. The younger generation is no getting ran through the same basic hateful experiences that my generation fought so had to erase in America. «»

  • jenn*** 28 years

    Bumble is another modern app trying to relate to woman but is developed for cis men. My experience on there was mediocre, lots of shitty cis men being... sexist and abusive but never being banned, however I make an abuse report about a man calling me a bitch, cunt and a dyke and not even 10 seconds after filing the abuse report I am banned. I reached out and was met with false claims of breaking terms but support being unable to clarify what terms were broke. That's because none were. It's also super weird how unless you block a man he will show up again and again in your matches even if you swipe no every time, apparently the men do not have this issue (based on me talking to men I've met on there about the weirdness of it and them stating it never happened to them and that when they unmatch they never see her again). The app was built by a woman under pretense women have it safe but the reality is far from that, it's a haven for cis men. «»

  • todd*** 38 years

    I have used bumble for years. I have been subjected to poor to awful treatment by women on a regular basis on this app. When I complained to the custo... mer service I was met with condescending, insulting tone that can only be described as discriminatory. I am looking to take my complaint further than just a feedback. «»

  • Nanc*** 51 years

    Tried bumble many times...always been a disappointment. Too many that lie about their height, how in shape, post photos from a decade a ago.etc... ... I am done with online, people are so fake «»

  • Don *** 50 years

    Bumble app is seriously requires photo verification that continues to fail to verify my selfie to FB photos I posted...their staff seems r... esponsive enough to tell me I am not doing the exact same pose...but when I asked them to refund my money, they go silent. This site is a scam, they NO phone number to reach them at. Still in process of disputing charge on cc for service that is not being provided. «»

  • S****** 34 years

    Horrible! Just like Tinder, except the men can hide the creep factor by not filling out a profile. Can't express enough disgust at the number of guys ... who treat this like an escort outcall service, or the married creepers who can easily make a fake facebook and pretend to be single. 2 years on relationships. «»

  • A****** 50 years

    I was on Bumble only for two weeks! I even not completed my profile. I met my soul mate! It was my first experience on bumble and onlinedating, I was ... so hesitant and scared to be honest. However, everything turned out great for me. I have met the man of my life, I recommend this app to everyone! «»

  • R****** 40 years

    Lots of fake profiles,you'll get messages till you pay then they stop.

  • Jo***** 35 years

    This company is hiding a suspicious online business behind Orwellian newspeak and creepy/weird user requirements. Beware! After they try and bait you ... into a "forever free" extremely limited experience (especially for men) that is said to require only either your FB or phone number, you can actually get the access to your whole account (settings included) suspended anytime unless you give Bumble app access to your webcam and send their staff pictures of yourself posing as they ask (specific gestures). This is done in the name of 'identity verification' and you have no choice.I have always been considered to be an attractive man by my peers (good-looking enough, 35 yo, tall, fit, well-dressed, college-educated, generating stable income, etc), yet have had zero match using the app despite 'liking' around 50 men and 150 women (Bumble friends & dating) over a period of three weeks (I would log in quickly every day). Absolutely zero match except for the first day I joined Bumble where the matching queue had two blurred faces in it that may have even been algorithmic bait.In addition, I am extremely private about my phone number and only shared it with a handful of select people who would never share it without my consent. There is no way it would leak because of them. Since I don't have any FB and could only use my phone number to join Bumble, I gave it a try. My phone is now spammed every single day with up to 10 phone calls starting 516, 8xx, 9xx, all coming from scammers. I'm positive Bumble is responsible for this as it started one or two days after I joined and I've had the same number for years now. I contacted the support to get my account deleted since I couldn't do it myself. I got no reply and my account was apparently deleted. «»

  • sus**** 50 years

    Women need to be careful of certain people on Bumble that are chronic male predators and users. Greg Weeter in Dallas is one of these men. He affects ... women all over the world with is travels and job and is a total creep. He is a complete liar about his intentions and misleads women- I know of 6 in two years that have fallen for his dishonest bullshit. Unfortunately, very few men on Bumble are looking for the real deal. «»

  • dav**** 55 years

    I've been with them for two months. I had three conversations with ladies and found that they were not of high quality I wanted to meet.- practically ... fuck-ups. The ones I spoke to were not ones I would want for a hook up. I want to get laid, but at my age, I got spoiled from being marrie. My bar is set high. Love, at least ltr HOTS FOR. and togetherness and companionship with sex. Fuck marriage. No way! I found there are more single power women on there that never had kids, never been married, highly educated, chose career, never had kids, and are hotties, they are still spinsters but now called hot spenders because they are set up better than us men. Now back in the day when we were kids, Women never made much money and were not jetsetters and go back fourty years before that women never made much, homely, and before feminism, poor empowerment, they were fugly and dead fish. Spinster homely nobody. Now the woman are successful in the world, traveling some are a hotty, I call them spendsters. That is all you see on Bumble. They want to date up, marry up and to date one of them, men, you need to be a guy with the game of go get the money confidence who is handsome with a bio that matches their lifestyle. They will expect you to match if not have more assets so you can pay or pay your half to go to Kat-Man-Do. Therefore, if you area a regular man, wiped out, or recovered financially from a divorce. you, and OF AVERAGE APPERANCE WITH GOOD PHOTO GIVE IT UP. You will swipe all day with no results.. If you date any power women and they don;t understand the Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage Relationship Dyamics and you date or marry any woman on here you are a financial CUCK. Take the red pill guys. Rational male. I think this web sit is just like all the others. People are on display. one can't pick a person out of a catalog. One has to do it the olf fashion way. Go out, get hobbies, go out to see people of the same interests you have, talk, talk, talk, flirt, flrt, don't chicken out and ask for a date. coffee, a walk, shop together, then ask for a kiss or date after that. . WOMEN do that too. THe book I metioned lists what is feminine and masculine, the basics. A man don't care if a woman makes more is a powerpuf hero. Just as long as he is respected and appreciated, doesn't where pants, and is the feminine. Men you have the duty to do your part the masculine and provide the best you can, the best trying effort. If you don't the most beautiful to the beautiful will leave and you will never know why.Nothing wrong with the app. If you are a Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Or a Jimmy Durrante with AMBITION AND CONFIDENCE, WHO CAN COMMUNICATE, AND HAS SKILL TO GET THE MONEY, THE GO GET IT ATTITUDE, AND PROVE IT, YOU WILL GET THE GIRL AND MOST LIKELY GET LAID ON THE FIRST DATE.I like my power girls. It is just meeting the one that is not screwed up. VET carefully, The slightest red flag check it out, Confront, if answer is not to your liking/inquiring, immediately dump. Advise goes for women too. We all want acceptance, love, and affection, and our backs protected by a permanent companion. «»

  • P****** 32 years

    I downloaded the app and started to set up my profile. After about an hour I was unable to log into the app and I sent a email to support. After about... a week I was notified my profile was flagged and I was banned permanently. I emailed back and asked why and I was told that they couldn't tell me that the information was private and that only I was reported for violating their guidelines. I never posted offensive material or obscene photos. I have been unable to use bumble since. I can only assume someone I know on there had a grudge and decided to falsely report me. From what I know Bumble can basically ban you for any reason they like. «»

  • cele*** 38 years

    Well, I haven't went on any dates yet. Whenever I get matched with guys and I tried talking to them asking neutral polite questions based on their pr... ofile, they don't ever talk back. And a lot of the times I don't find information on their profile such as habits. «»

  • D****** 44 years

    I like the idea of the app, in theory. A significant benefit is that no one can contact you unless you match with them. No more harassing messages fro... m someone you’re not interested in. Even if you match with someone but then determine they’re not for you, you can unmatch, and they can no longer message you. Overall, the app is easy to use, has many features available that don’t require a paid membership and did seem to have a significant number of members in my age range. That being said, the dating portion of Bumble doesn’t seem much different than Tinder. While it used to require a Facebook profile to join the app, it no longer does. You’re also not required to enter any profile comments. Since the change in terms to allow members to join without a Facebook account, I’ve noticed a significant increase in what seem to be fake profiles, as well as people that are on there for a joke/entertainment only. This all results in spending a lot of time swiping through people you wouldn’t consider. If you want to satisfy your curiosity “just looking,” this app does provide a good opportunity for that. After giving the app what I feel is a fair shot, I ended up finding it a waste of time and deleting it. «»