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BlackChistianPeopleMeet is one of the several dating sites that People Media runs. It is an online dating community where Black Christians can look for and meet singles who also believe and accept Christianity. 

Since faithfulness and Christianity are the things that this site emphasizes on, most of its members are seriously searching and are prepared for marriage and life-long commitment. 

The site also welcomes people from other race to join the site and to meet Black Christian singles and grow together in the Christian faith. With hundreds of success stories, BlackChristianPeopleMeet is a place where you can have a Christ-centered relationship. 

New members at BlackChristianPeopleMeet in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at BlackChristianPeopleMeet are developing compared to others

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BlackChristianPeopleMeet Member Structure

1,800,000 from USA
Members activity
34,000 new members per month
Gender Proportion
35 %
65 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Black singles who are Christian
  • Looking for a serious and long-term relationship
  • Black singles in search for a partner with the same belief
  • More male members
  • Open to other members who want to meet Black Christian singles

BlackChristianPeopleMeet is an online dating site that caters to Black American Christian singles. Yet, this dating community is still open to other aspiring members from other race and religious sect. However, only those who are single and with no commitment can join this online dating website. 

Most, if not all, members of BlackChristianPeopleMeet are in search of a serious and long-term relationship. They are also looking for a would-be partner that has the same belief. But BlackChristianPeopleMeet also welcomes other members who would like to meet and be in a relationship with Christian singles. 

With BlackChristianPeopleMeet, members are not only able to meet other Christian singles but also grow their faith together and find success in love. 


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at BlackChristianPeopleMeet

BlackChristianPeopleMeet Sign-up
  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • 6-step process
  • Requires a valid zip code
  • Upload photos from Facebook
  • Invitation to subscribe

You can sign-up for an account on BlackChristianPeopleMeet for free. Joining this online dating website is as easy as A, B, C. You just have to go through a 6-step process, which involves selecting your gender and what you are seeking for, choosing your country, providing a valid zip or postal code, which is required, then entering your username, password, date of birth, and email. You must take note that your username must not contain a space, dash, or an underscore - only letters and numbers. 

During the registration process, you will be asked to upload photos, which you can import from your Facebook account. Although this step can be skipped, having a profile photo will definitely enhance your profile page. 

Finally, before being directed to your profile page, you will also be asked to upgrade your membership.

Making Contact on BlackChristianPeopleMeet

BlackChristianPeopleMeet Messaging
  • Send Flirts
  • Like photos
  • Commenting on photos and messaging require a paid membership

    Having a connection with other Black singles is easy. BlackChristianPeopleMeet offers different options, both free and paid, which you can use to contact other members. As a free member, you have various contacting alternatives. These options include sending a Flirt, liking photos, and adding members to your Favorites. 

    However, to use all of its contacting features, such as sending and receiving messages, commenting on photos, and sending instant messages and to be able to contact other members without restrictions, you had better upgrade to a premium account. With a paid subscription, all the site's features will be unlocked.

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet Profile Quality

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet Female Profile
    • Has an online indication
    • Personality questions
    • Message Starter Ideas
    • Profiles are invisible until a photo is uploaded
    • Not all profiles are detailed
    • The profiles are not very detailed
    • The profile information can be changed later
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Profile pages of BlackChristianPeopleMeet members vary - some are detailed and complete, while the others are not. 

    Some of the details that can be seen on a member's profile include the owner's ethnicity, body type, political affiliation, education, hometown, and more. Another thing that is displayed on a member's profile is whether the owner is online or not. 

    The detailedness of profile pages is up to the owner. But for a more detailed and informative profile page, there are personality questions that can be answered.  Also, profile owners can select up to four questions as Message Starter Ideas, which are visible and can be answered by people interested in them. 

    Take note, however, that profiles will remain invisible until their owners have uploaded a photo.

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet Real Life Review

    "I have never been into a relationship. Yes, I have been single since birth by choice because I want to look for a woman who has the same beliefs that I have. I desire to have a serious relationship with a God-fearing woman. Although I've been fortunate enough to be introduced to several women already, none of them were even close to what I was looking for.

    One of my officemates, who's also a Christian, suggested that I try joining BlackChristianPeopleMeet. I tried without hesitations even if I didn't know how it would turn out. It was my first time to join online communities like this, so I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. I looked around and searched for interesting women. I also upgraded my basic membership, so I could exchange messages with my matches. 

    I still don't have a girlfriend, but I think I have found the one who could be. Finally, I already have a prospective girlfriend. We constantly exchange messages. I think she likes me too. In fact, she invited me to attend her church's Sunday service. I'm looking forward to meeting her and get to know her deeply. I think meeting her through BlackChristianPeopleMeet was fate." - Math teacher (31)

    Design and Usability

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet's design is plain and user-friendly. Members who are not that computer-savvy will not find it difficult to navigate the website. The different information on the site, which is organized and properly sectioned, also adds to the site's user-friendliness. Another thing is that while navigating the site, users will not encounter overwhelming graphics and annoying pop-ups. This allows visitors and members alike to focus on the important details on the website.

    Also, the colors and font design used are not striking. This makes everything on the site readable.

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration
    • Creating a profile
    • Uploading photos
      Up to 30 photos for free members
    • Searching and browsing profiles
    • Sending flirts
    • Save to favorites
    Fee-Based Services
    • Enhanced search and match options
    • See who is interested in you
    • Send and receive emails
    • Read and reply to messages
    • See members who have flirted with you
    • See members who have favorited you
    • Chat with online members
    • Message Read Confirmation

    Is BlackChristianPeopleMeet expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers BlackChristianPeopleMeet is in the upper midfield.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Premium Subscription
    1 Month13.99 USD / Month13.99 USD
    3 Months8.99 USD / Month26.97 USD
    6 Months6.49 USD / Month38.94 USD
    BlackChristianPeopleMeet Price Table
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card

    The cost of all subscription packages has an added tax. A one-time USD3.99 processing fee is added to each new upgrade orders. Washington residents are required to pay a state tax of USD4.34.

    Special Features

    These special features are designed to help you make the most out of your online dating experience.


    This paid special feature allows you to anonymously talk to your match without disclosing your personal contact details. Just click "Connect Me" on your match's profile page to send a request. Once your request is accepted, a phone number, which either of you can use to call each other, will be provided.


    This alert is received when two members show mutual interest towards each other. 

    Message Ideas

    These are questions that can be answered by profile visitors to help them start to initiate a conversation with the profile owner. These are displayed on every member's profile page.


    Be an attendee to social gatherings hosted by BlackChristianPeopleMeet held at local areas. These events are a fun way to meet and mingle with other single members. 

    Promote Me

    For 60 minutes, this new special feature places your profile at the top of your prospective matches' search results.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 2.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    For some people who desire to start dating and to have a serious and long-term relationship, one of the first things that they take into consideration is their religion because it is a big factor in a relationship's success. This does not mean that couples with different beliefs do not have success in their relationship; a love affair's success does not solely rely on the couple's beliefs, whether different or the same. Still, people's faith, religious principles, and morals will play a big role in their compatibility and success as a couple. Religious dating sites, like BlackChristianPeopleMeet, provide an avenue for African American Christian singles to look for their ideal and compatible match. It is where African American Christians can look for other singles with the same faith, which is Christianity. So if you want to meet Christian singles and be in a serious relationship with someone who has Christian values, signing up on People Media's BlackChristianPeopleMeet may lead you to the one God hand-picked for you. 

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet FAQ


    Can I call the Customer Care hotline anytime?

    You can call BlackChristianPeopleMeet's Customer Care hotline from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

    I filled out the "Contact Us" form. How long until a customer service representative gets in contact with me?

    You will get a response within 48 hours.

    I want to report a concern about another member. How?

    Other members' inappropriate behavior or suspicious activities can be reported by clicking the "Report a Concern" button that you can see on every member's profile.

    What certain inappropriate activities can I report?

    • selling
    • job offer in another country
    • offensive or harassing messages
    • members who are married or minors 

    Usability and Features

    What is Echo?

    It is an alert when two members showed mutual interest for each other.

    How does Echo work?

    When you send a Flirt and the member you sent it to flirts back, it will be labeled as Echo. Also, when someone you sent a message to replies for the first time, that reply will be labeled as Echo.

    Is the Live Chat available to everyone?

    Using Live Chat to send Instant Messages is available to upgraded members.

    What is ConnectMe?

    Through ConnectMe, you can speak with your match via your phone without having to disclose your personal contact details.

    How does ConnectMe work?

    You can make a call through BlackChristianPeopleMeet's ConnectMe feature. Simply click the "Connect Me" button on your match's profile page to send him/her a conversation via phone request. 

    Is ConnectMe available to members anywhere?

    This premium feature is only available to members within the United States. 

    Uploading Photos

    What is BlackChristianPeopleMeet's policy in uploading photos?

    You must upload photos less than 5 MB in size in at least 1200 x 1200 pixels.

    Does BlackChristianPeopleMeet accept photos in GIF format?

    Yes. Other file types accepted are JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP.


    What are Events?

    These are social gatherings held in local places, where members are invited so they could meet one another personally.

    How do I know if there are events happening in our area?

    You will be sent an invitation via email as well as a notification on the BlackChristianPeopleMeet website. 

    How many members can attend BlackChristianPeopleMeet events?

    BlackChristianPeopleMeet events are only open to a certain number of attendees. To ensure a reserved spot, RSVP quickly.

    Policy and Other Terms

    What is BlackChristianPeopleMeet's refund policy?

    As per BlackChristianPeopleMeet's Terms of Use, members who cancel their subscription are not eligible for a refund of the membership fees.

    What are BlackChristianPeopleMeet's subscription terms?

    Members have the option to pay monthly or to give a one-time payment for the 3-month and 6-month subscriptions. 

    What is BlackChristianPeopleMeet's privacy policy?

    People Media and its dating sites treat all its members with respect and commit to protecting their users' privacy. To know more about how BlackChristianPeopleMeet and other People Media sites collect and store data, read the site's Privacy Policy section.

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