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Very Bad
  • Pe***** 76 years

    Nothing!!You & Lucky Date have taken over $50,000 from me from August to now!!!Is that fair???Especially e Ben you d dúctil amonte over $3,000 for ... só called Services. No Invoice - just a large amount taken for I’m my Credit card details, that appears. On my MasterCard.O e Could say the twi sites are fraudulentEverything «»

  • Yoa**** 49 years

    pretty asian women...only.First, my apologies for my English (French), I join all the comments on this site. I signed up to see, at first, the qualit... y of the first exchanges, unlike other sites, in one night you can receive a few hundred messages from beautiful girls (all are). Indeed, they are often rich, some have private jets and are ready to come tomorrow to meet you at the airport... They are able to tell you that you are the man of their life, that they love you, miss you etc in the first the letter !!! lmao... Most of the time, it's written in a strange English (many typing errors). I was able to receive 20 messages from the same so-called woman / night; and some are just copy and paste. sometimes even identical messages for different women ...! Finally, if you know Asian women, believe me, they are not so direct, especially the Chinese and much more reserved ... Finally on other dating sites, even if the English is approximate, never it is written like that. So these are fake profiles, scams, fake (I do not know how you say it) whose objective is to make you pay and then disappear (as it happened for some of us) ... I did well not put any cents in it ... With time, I would not be surprised to find that the photos of the profiles have been hacked (with a google image search, it's easy to find out) ... Believe me, we must ignore this site ... «»

  • Is***** 45 years

    Nothing!The site makes a very bad impression, there can be no question of trust. I get hundreds of fake emails in a few days and I can't delete my a... ccount. I can't turn off the emails either. It's blackmail and coercion. There was no reply to a message to support. This site is not compliant with the law. I will also become active here and report it. «»

  • Da***** 42 years

    I like the app, though it can run a little slow on Android. The search function is really good.The app can be a bit slow on Android, but this could j... ust be my older phone. «»

  • mf***** 71 years

    Huge number of asian women (whether real or not) a free trial user can never really know. Very many things about AsianDate I detest. Very expensive. ... They charge men 10 credits to read 1 email. In 11 days there were 4630 emails in my reader. Take the prices show above, That means even at the discounted rate, to read that many emails costs a guy $6,019! at the regular rate of .33/credit we're talking about $15,000. So the model is pretty screwed up. They don't apply your filters agains the women approaching you so now you're fraught with manually sifting through tons of unnecessary emails. They control the women so they cannot communicate over conventional channels (emails, wechat, phone) and the same for men. They should serve as a directory service only and not be permitted to charge inflated rates for communications. That's a crime. They are slow to post changes in your profile or pictures you prefer to change, my current changes haven't been 'approved' for 2 days now. Much like the chinese government, Asiandates 'handcuff' the women there. Read the notes, most profess relocating elsewhere. It's a poorly run and operated service in comparison to 8 others I've joined from other parts of the world. «»

  • Ru***** 64 years

    The jury is still out on that. I have been there off and on longer than I will state here. Safe to say that some of the profiles appear valid and othe... rs not so much.Be very picky about who you talk to there. If they don't want to exchange contact info, or they do and languish on the site, move on. There are actual people on the site, but they are mixed with what, I think, are employees of the agencies that sign the women up. «»

  • Jo***** 65 years

    Pretty women and that's it!!!If I could give this site less than 1 star, I would. Let's call it for what it really is. It's a scam site aimed at drai... ning men's wallets. How anyone can give this site and similar sites that make men pay for EVERYTHING a higher rating than 1 star is someone who knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the site. How do you know my review of this site is right? Here's my email where you can confirm I wrote this: (without any hyphen that may be showing when you read this). Don't waste your money guys. «»

  • Aaro*** 33 years

    Nothin don’t seem to be realThe women aren’t really as in pictures, I have done research and I have known couples friends that had used the site and ... tell me, they say what you see will not be what you will get, and I believe them «»

  • PA***** 60 years

    I like the easy to use format of ASIANDATE and the quality of ladies being presented and offeredIf only the site was real the women offered would be ... perfect!I have been a member of this dating site for several years and at first when you make contact with an Asian lady she is just so head over heels in love with you that she just has to send you an E mail every day which is a nice way of fooling the male client into over using the ASIANDATE paid translation service .The Asian female never reveals much about herself or asks any in depth personal questions of her new male boyfriend client.She just says she is so happy and how wonderful you are over and over and over.When you pay $100 to talk in person and exchange E mail & telephone information it is very mysterious that the E mail and telephone communications just do not work forcing you to use and rely on the ASIANDATE paid translation service.I myself being naive and trusting have been in communication with 1 Asian lady who never offered or brought up the subject of finally coming to America for marriage as now the virus situation is but the perfect excuse to wait and again forever write till things get better through our dating site ASIANDATE which is an evil money making super slick SCAM as this has happened to me several times not just once!The ladies never send additional pretty pictures other than the few on their dating profile.BEWARE!If you read the other review sites that have more negative male reviews than positive male client reviews you will simply see that the scales tilt more in the direction of SUPER SCAM BEWARE MAN! «»

  • way**** 69 years

    there are many beautiful ladies there but you wonder if all of them are realI actually met a lady from China and she flew to WAshington DC to visit ... me. It was the same lady that I wrote letters to and spoke with. Unfortunately she was an absolute selfish and childish bitch. So at least some of the ladies here are REAL but hard to find a good one. «»

  • Carl*** 73 years

    I found multiple women with the same identical photos. Contacting one woman with an identical photo who claimed to have a PhD and then asking her rel... evant information about the courses she took or asking about information she should know given a PhD in a given field produced inaccurate or meaningless answers. The woman was supposedly "verified" by the website. Many times chat sessions were heavily edited with dots (periods) inserted to cover up anything like a number regardless of whether the number was an arabic numeral or the number spelled out in English. Other time dots were inserted to cover parts of a chat with no apparent reason. «»

  • xxxx*** 63 years

    Use this site for expensive entertainment only. Great ego booster as ladies want sex with you and offers for you to marry them if they pay you money... . Any contact information sent through the web site either messaging or chat both ways gets deleted or get x out. Letters from ladies enticing me with photos or contact info never materialize when paying credits to read their full letter after reading letter previewed in email. Crazy plans of flying in to visit me without actually contacting me outside of website to confirm my location or feedback. Letters from ladies never mention anything related to last message I sent them and never answering any questions I ask them. Can't believe none of them know how to use a VPN to access Facebook to contact me even when they have fluent English in their profile. «»

  • La***** 57 years

    My impression of the letters is that some of them are written by site-employees. Also the chat-messages seem to be preprogrammed just to make you star... t the chat and therefore generate the need to buy credits. After awhile, you really lose trust, not being sure if the girls actually wrote what you received. «»

  • Muza*** 57 years

    Couldn't find my match exactly

  • Patr*** 60 years

    I get unrealistic letters from women claiming to be millionairesses, if so then why didn't they pop for correspondence if they can't live without me? ... I'm not one for parting with what little I have, and after seing some of these girls who are gorgeous beyond expectations stll here over 8 yrs.later...well, the math on this one is relatively simple right? Furthermore, the monthly charges to maintain an account here adds a bit more arrogance to an already irritating situation by management who's real concern is..."what's in your wallet?" I think facebook along with the unscrupulous debit and credit card companies who only care about getting thiers and not how, should be made accountable for being co conspirators in con games. I believe this kind of retribution holding them accountable and letting thier wallets "feel our pain" will be the only effective way to put them in check! «»

  • Dean*** 66 years

    I spent thousands of dollars over a two and half years on AsianDate website and found that pretty much all the women I met were fake. It is very sad t... hese things have to happen. I hope the word gets out so more do not have to lose time and money as I did using a phony dating site run by crooks. «»

  • char*** 43 years

    absolutely terrible,,, I have made 5 phone calls to woman to exchange personal information not one worked not even there phone number. I don't think I... was even talking to the same person as I was texting online. All BS «»

  • Harc*** 65 years

    I can tell you that after spending three plus years on that I am 99% positive that it is one of the most bogus scam sites on the Interne... t.Over this time I have watched and learned how to identify fakes and frauds of which there are plenty. The first and most common is that they have" Billions" of dollars in their possession. Some have claimed to have in excess of $100 B! If so, they could buy out one the richest men in the world, Jack Ma, who has a net worth of $35 Billion!They all have horrible typing skills with huge character errors and such. Those are bots, plain and simple. Also, your mail box will become flooded with letters from the same "ladies". You may receive upwards of ten to twenty letters from the same "lady" every day. Once more, a robot. I have had one who sent over two thousand letters!Another way to know that they are fake is that the letter of introduction does not match the profile. Not even close in some cases. You may receive a letter stating that the woman had a bad husband and wants her children to be safe. However, her profile states that she was never married and has no children. Also, she may own an aircraft company, or something, yet, her profile states that she is a seamstress or TV administrator. The contradictions are endless. I had one who claimed to be an astrophysicist. I have such a background and when challenged, she disappeared. After reporting her to he so called "Customer Service" they responded that she was "trying to impress me". Later, she came back with a completely new profile claiming to be a grand daughter of, of all people. Jack Ma! LOLThey will also make amusing claims that are, at the very least, amusing. Somehow, one of them expects some stupid western guy to believe that she is the "illegitimate daughter of Jackie Chan", or some other celebrity! Of course, there are the first letters that sound like the script from an adult video. They also may include very explicit photos which are supposed to be of that lady. However, all of those photos are strangely missing the head so one cannot see if the face matches. One even sent along a tastefully artistic photo which was definitely a completely different woman yet claimed it was her. The physical differences ranging from height to over all body and face structures were so different a blind man could have seen them!I have even found duplicate entries using the same model. Facial recognition software gave the two faces a 99% match. This has happened on several different "ladies" which this web site has presented. Even the outfits worn at the time of the photo shoot were the same!Last, I have confirmed, personally, that these women have different profiles on several different sites. However, they are not the same woman. From what I can tell, the photos were sold to the different web sites. In on profile a lady claimed to be a lawyer. In another she was the "owner of a coal mine". In another she was the owner of a restaurant chain. In addition, the responses from each version of the "lady" had completely different styles of writing and use of language. When confronted the letters on two sites halted. The third one backed off significantly. Only one acknowledged having one of the other accounts and stated that it had been abandoned a few years past.One last detail, which I should have mentioned early on, was that they will claim to have read your profile and that "YOU" are the one and only! Bah! Humbug! I wrote my profile so that I would know immediately if they had read it. It wasn't rocket science to do so. To date, only one, yeah, ONE, has actually responded to my profile to convince me that she had at least read it. She disappeared after a few letters when I began asking for specifics about her life and what she wanted in a parner/husband.The long and short of it is that is a complete and total fraud! By all means stay away from it and do not spend even a brass farthing upon it! It has but one purpose in mind which is to bleed your wallet dry. They are a fake, a fraud, a scam, a ruse, a flim-flam operation, a hoax and any other negative adjective that you can apply. They exist by skirting the weak laws that would put them out of business. They are a cyber pirate to say the least. So, do not, I repeat, DO NOT even consider using for anything other than amusement. You will be sorry. Note: I would have given AsianDate a rating of less than zero but, that was not an option. If NEGATIVE ZERO were an option it would still be too good for them!PS. Do search the web thoroughly. There are plenty of negative comments on this Very few of them are complimentary. Those that are can easily be recognized as being done by their own staff members and are totally fake. «»

  • Ben *** 47 years

    I am one of the few that broke away years ago from Asiandate and discussed the other side with the women. These women are real and quite intelligent m... ixed with fantasy profiles. The problem is there is an agent between the two the whole time. Various agencies tied to Asiandate are 100 percent fraudulant and the others are sketchy at best. For a person that has varified proof of letters with pictures from another womans profile. To the agencies that offer the women spam packages women that have recieved letters the man never sent and vice versa. Censorship and translation is borderline racketeering. This site has women selling thier children and that is why the price is so high. Not an "actual" dating site. Women do not see what men see. Been tracking this site 7 years. Skip this dangerous site. «»

  • Ran**** 58 years

    staff on site(translators) lie and start fights if context of conversation is leading to members meeting.

  • Ru***** 61 years

    My experience over a period of one year, yes I said one year, is mixed. The site appears to be legitimate, but they do not screen the women there prob... ably because of the volumes. So can be scammed by a woman. If you are you can report that to the site and she is permanently removed, My best advice, get to know one of them with a couple of chats, and suggest a call to exchange info so can can chat with WeChat. If they say no, then move on to the next one. Lastly, think with your head not your penis. «»

  • Pet**** 51 years

    If you want to write letters to these ladies, make sure you have hundreds of dollars. If you want to call them and meet them, make sure you have thous... ands of dollars. I found one lady that I liked. She spoke English. I called her once and did a video chat. I liked her, but I couldn't afford to take a vacation in China to hang out with her. I told her about my situation and stopped writing to her. I felt sad about it. Anyway, like I mentioned before, this international dating is for people with a lot of money. If you're serious about it, save up some money for a plane ticket instead of spending hundreds of dollars on letters and phone calls. «»

  • Ayub*** 26 years


  • Robe*** 56 years

    After spending many months relaying letters... finally made the expensive phone call to exchange private phones and emails... after one or two emails ... (no calls) the ladies just disappeared. I have done this 3 times now and each time the exact same thing happened. I wonder if these ladies are not working for the site to keep the money coming in. «»

  • Don *** 55 years

    Their site has some significant software issues if you use an Ipad on the road.I've found that some personalities seem to sell their listing to other... s, so If I come back after awhile they will miss context of my last significant conversation, indicating deception. Always, do a Google picture search of images you might get from a letter, that will be an eye opener... Suggest all men search MGTOW on YouTube to learn how to survive dating and marriage. «»

  • Aldh*** 33 years

    No comment this is real find someone

  • Ig***** 43 years

    it is very simple - try it out yourself: it does not matter whatever you write in your profile, and whatever you answer in an inline email. Yes, 100% ... pure spam! «»

  • r****** 52 years

    I actually was able to get an email contact from Asian date that was in a coded message from one of the prettiest girls on asiandate., she rejected me... in real life. Also I found one who through her profile and pictures i was able to contact on LinkdIn, but she blocked me. so they are more selective in real life than when getting paid to chat. , so i think there are some real girls on there.. However, the girl who contacted me said that it's the agency writing the men and they are forbidden to contact, but to encourage more chat usage. she said I would not believe and was ashamed. So really guys, just throw your money away rather than go to this site. It's strikes me that it's like a 900 number scam from the 1980's. I found much better success using wihich is part of the match group. The girls are not models, but real, and I was able to get many contacts about 200. If you're serious and not lying to yourself, this is the way to go. I plan to retire soon, and spend three weeks in each town in China dating several girls and also in Vietnam and Phillipines. Give yourself enough time to pace yourself, and don't fall in love to quickly is my advice. Dont worry, the factories will keep turing them out month after month. Pick carefully. «»

  • Pa***** 45 years

    Scam.I started receiving messages from girls without even having registered.

  • Stua*** 75 years

    basically exploiting people, men and women... far too costly... and difficult to go further than stuff on the their site...

  • Hoss*** 42 years

    Thanks for enlightening you about this site. I surveyed this subject for 2 months as a test. All the words of the author are absolutely correct. It se... ems that all of these are tricks and fraud. For example, when I chat with a woman, I get a lot of irrelevant terms than a compelling answer, which indicates that a robot does it. Or when you write a letter, your reply is full of issues that are irrelevant to the subject of your letter of reply. It seems that the real human was not writing this letter at all. This is just a trick and fraud that is extremely expensive, and while you're chatting with a robot instead of a woman you are hearing irrelevant words, you need to spend about $ 1 every minute. «»

  • azg**** 57 years

    90 percent of the emails I received were from supposed "billionaires" in China, all ready to jump on their private plane and fly to an airport of my c... hoice. I tried to interact with one and immediately knew it was a bot. I asked questions from the contents of the letter and couldn't get a straight answer. Was told to reply to the letter and "she" would answer.I did have one exchange with a person on there and over a span of an hour had 45 dollars into chat.The 2.99 is a misconception, using paypal they also sign you up for a 9.99 monthly recurring charge, which is not stated anyplace when you buy the 20 credits for 2.99100 percent of the pictures on there are women who look like models. Most chat requests were from women supposedly already "in Love" with me.Wont be going back «»

  • Nick*** 54 years

    Asiandate is very expensive site to use.To speak, to write can be very expensive, if one does not pay attention to the counter of the credit, one can... quickly be in very difficult situation.When two people want to meet in real life and they exchange appointment information.The exchanges are absolutely not private, they are on the contrary very watchful.The site hides the meeting information and replaces it with points that make it impossible to meet and exchange information.In short it is a dating site that prevents matches from meeting to spend as much money as possible.I do not recommend this site, a money pump, To avoid absolutely. «»

  • Thom*** 71 years

    I was on the site for a year. If you do not generate enough traffic for the site, they will send fake letters to women in your name. I got letters fro... m women thanking me letters I had sent them and for committing myself to them when I had never seen their profile before their "thank you " letter appeared in my inbox. The site erased or changed information in the letters to prevent our meeting. I have given up, and yes, they charged me a monthly subscription fee. «»

  • Robe*** 63 years

    All the woman who I came in contact with were fake. After a phone call, which the woman would expertly extend, we had each other’s contact information... . However, the woman would find reasons to bring me back to the site to buy more credits. At the end, there were three who I communicated with through email or WeChat. The same day I deleted my profile from AsianDate, they stopped their WeChat and email communication with me. There appeared to be woman with children who were real, but I will never know. I have kept this brief, but there was so much more. I would recommend in certain situations, but generally I wouldn’t recommend. «»

  • b****** 53 years

    I find that asiandate is a shady run site no way can a man honestly know whom he contacts is real or whom she is Many times I have exposed ladies lyin... g when they claimed they were in the US living or had a US visa The site had to refund me credits back because the ladies didn't have a US visa and were not in the US Their customer service continually gets slower Response time in chats get slower costing more credits «»

  • Bour*** 61 years

    Asian date is not you want to close it?"Asian date is not responding! Do you want to close it?"etc,etc..I read that very often in this s... ite!And the German Internet (t-online is most of time ok! Officially,the increase of prices last year(+30%at least!from14-15€ to 19€ for officially 20 live chat minutes!) is aimed to improve the services to the western money providers! Hahaha! In the reality,all this money goes to the pockets of the owners and staff!indeed,to buy big German cars, luxury properties with giant swimming pools, Italian or French fashion, jewelry etc,etc..cost a lot of money! «»

  • Scam*** 54 years

    They use auto generated messages with nonsens questions. I did a test by answer with stupid nonsens too, but no person read my answer and react on my ... text. My experience is that AsianDate is a fake dating site. I did not experience a real conversation at all. There is a big shame PayPal are there for payment transfers to a scam dating site. I send my complains to PayPal but they did not refund my paymet to this scam dating site. My recommendation : Avoid. «»

  • Ga***** 58 years

    The site sucks there is no real people just botsMy profile was deleted I purchased credits on that profile, after being deleted I made a new profile ... I tried to purchase credits I can not because my card is connected to my old profile I would have to get a new Visa card to purchase creditsThis site is just a scam to get your moneyNo real womenExpensiveMy rate not even a star «»

  • Rev.*** 72 years

    I was a member of off and on for a period of 4 years or so. I wasted around $2,000.00, and all that time for nothing.I found that the ... women participate fully in this site for free. They pay nothing. I do believe that that is the principal problem with any equity on AsianDate.Membership now (2019) costs $9.99 after the first month which is discounted. Depending on how many credits purchased, the price for each ranges between $0.80 and $0.40 USD with a VIP option where one can buy 5,000 credits for a bit less.The price is not the problem. I do believe that there are bots on the site as certain women pop up in the chat window the moment I sign in, almost instantly. These are usually the same women.and I marvel that some of these beautiful, talented (and some claiming huge businesses and considerable wealth) women have been on this same site FOR YEARS. are they kidding, as there are no men wanting them?Fool that I am, I had lengthy letter exchanges with four of them that resulted in my arranging a phone call. The five minute call costs 100 credits, in my case $60.00. The translators vary in quality. For all my efforts, these women all had the same story.. After lengthy communication, they all had to get busy with their businesses and had no time for me. all four of them did return to me two to three months later as if nothing happened and I should take up with them again, no questions asked and no answers needed.I asked to have two of the women investigated to determine if their claims are true. AsianDate responded that they were true. Make your own assessment. «»

  • B****** 65 years

    here are 2 ways to give a woman on this site your personal info (email or home address): phone call @ $80/ 10 minutes or use gifts. A woman that I cal... led would ONLY chat with me $1/minute. She would NOT use my personal email address. A friend of mine told me that the woman are probably getting a cut for each letter chat, or phone call. Unfortunately I think my friend is correct. «»

  • Rick*** 41 years

    Well i'm not going to lie after nearly 8 years of buying credits off and on that site mostly on of formerly I gotten ... thousands of letters from ladies who photos look real I have called Dozens of ladies through this site I get endless letters from repeat ladies who see my profile but everything mentioned above here is dead-on right I never seen any men profiles to compare to mine..The second I logged in the ladies are all over me stalking me u might say they always say the same thing to me everyday or everytime I login so yes it is a robot sending me chat-popups on the lower right side why did spend so much in credits on this site?? because I was serious about finding a Chinese or Asian Lover lady.. But I do believe that some Asian ladies in Asia are alot less prejudice or racist than American Asian ladies that What drew me to that site. I tried USA based Asia dating site didn't see any results. and after nearly 8 years with this I get endless replies but the ladies... you will never meet them in person just save your money and try to meet in one in person if u live near any Asian populated cites luckily I live in Socal I'll keep looking in my area good luck to anybody else but beware if trying to find a lover on this site be prepared to cough up lots of moola because I don't know how long anybody else has been on but this just drained my wallet but anyway that's my experience good luck!! «»

  • Baal*** 50 years

    After many try’s at this web site, I found that the member when ask something on the chat service, has no idea of what you are asking, so the answer g... as nothing to do with what is ask, so that puts this site service in Question, but they do remind you that you are running out credits to buy more. After all of this, I think this site is fake, and most lady´s on the site don´t know that. I send customer help some emails trying to fix a problem with specific lady members but they see to not have a technical person in their site to fix common problems and also the person is always the same guy Dmitri customer service for what, I believe this site central server is somewhere in Russian territory. After spending some money on this site never got the right answer from any of the member lady’s, I wrote to they wrote back as they never got my email complete seems they edit or block some aspects of the letter send to the lady’s. Very disappointed in this site. «»

  • harr*** 42 years

    A total scam ! I believe woman get paid to keep you on their website, When you exchange personal e-mails, women make excuses not to communicate !

  • BRIA*** 60 years

    My experience with asiandate is simple LIE LIE LIE. there is o verification process for the information ladies can put anything they want.. The tran... slation service is nonexistent i placed 2 calls one to a Thai lady and the other to a Chinese lady and neither time did the 3rd party exist on the line. The ladies will tell you anything to get you to pay more and there is no method of getting verification as the fraud department cannot use the chat system. MY suggestin for anyone thinking of using this site is simple RUN RUN RUN FAR AWAY DO NOT IT IS A RIPOFF. «»

  • LAN**** 54 years


  • robe*** 53 years

    A lady can use Photoshop to enhance and alter her appearance in her profile pictures, making herself look younger, slimmer, and taller. This can make ... her appear very different from how she looks in real life. Unless you can provide proof to the site of the exact day and time she claims to fly and meet a man (as stated in a letter), the site offers no assistance. The site is unhelpful if she doesn't show up on the specified day and time. They either respond slowly, tell you after you've waited one or two weeks that they can't help, or don't offer a refund of credits. Furthermore, they've refused to make it mandatory for all ladies to have the option of video chat or Camshare. This would allow a man to see in real time if the lady truly looks like her profile pictures. It's concerning that the site knows that women can modify their appearance, including their weight and height, yet it does nothing, even when a lady looks completely different in real life. To top it off, they charge a $9.99 membership fee each month. This site seems to be a scam and potentially deceptive. Buyers, be aware! «»

  • Doc *** 53 years

    For 3 years like a fool I battled through the lies of Asian Date waiting for women who never showed up at my airport and even flying to Shanghai for a... shocking wake up call that if there are any women truly seeking a man on Asian Date you'll never find her! They do everything in their power to prevent you being able to make direct contact! The emotional damage they do to the men who desperately believed in their advertising probably in a personal crisis due to a divorce or break up is immeasurable! They should be shut down by the authorities and their assets confiscated to payback their victims! «»

  • bron*** 63 years

    My experience is exactly as that listed above. I cannot answer about the pay features since I chose not to pay for their rather high features. I wou... ld prefer the monthly fees as opposed to using credits. «»

  • Hein*** 60 years

    I tried to verify my own profile from a third profile, which was not possible. I tried to verify the profiles of senders using tools of due dilligence... , which was not possible. The opposit was true: When positions and functions in comapnies were named, they were pure fantasy, not true. This "datingsite" seems to be a complete rippoff. «»

  • Mi***** 57 years

    My experience was pretty awful. I paid for a call to get a woman's address - the address was bogus. The site contacted her, she said I did not write... here enough. But yet she wanted and accepted a call from me. In short, a Man really cannot have success unless he spends thousands and thousands just to find a "real" and "honest" girl. Even then there are no guarantees. If there is such a thing as "fantasy" prostitution, this site is it. «»

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