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  • Chri*** 28 years

    Nothing?Registration doesn't go through, phone lines are dead, and after reading on this site the monthly costs, yeah, maybe check in with some Feder... al department to just nose in a bit. euh «»

  • E ***** 50 years

    NOTHINGit is totally fake. 15 years ago was sort of real, now totally fake. I recently visited for a month, no longer what it was 15 or more years ag... o. «»

  • Sco**** 59 years

    The site functionality is fine. Unfortunately, the owners have decided to use it primarily to exploit paying customers.I used in 2012 and it... was great. Very few fakes. Now the site is overrun with fake profiles, often using pictures of porn stars and claiming to live near you. Often the text is pasted word for word into multiple profiles. The owners refuse to remove the fakes. There are some real people on the site but they are very much in the minority. Of the active "users" I estimate 75% are fakes. Until this is resolved is to be avoided. «»

  • Col**** 59 years

    NothingI signed on as a paying ,silver member with messaging access to non-paying members. Every time I try to message a non-paying member I get the ... "Upgrade Your Membership Screen" or "Profile Turned-Off screen". I should not get the "Upgrade Membership" since I am already paying for my membership and messaging access. I should not get the "Profile Turned Off" screen since I can see part of the profile when I click for a thumb-nail screen of the desired member. Additionally, members often hot listed me on one day, but when I follow-up with that member I see that their last visit was months ago so not sure how they can hotlist without visiting the site. The whole site stinks. «»

  • Mon**** 62 years

    A lot of real-life, real-time lifestylers that I know are on this platformToo many fake accounts. Scammers or bots are there.

  • Pet**** 69 years

    Lots of profiles to choose from.Close to 95% of the profiles are of scammers. I started searching on Alt about 5 years ago and stopped because of all... the scammers. I recently decided to try it again hoping it had improved. It hasn't. Here's how the scam goes. Pay the mistress tribute, about $200/$400. Next comes a discussion of sex toys, which usually come to $400/$800, and are expected to be purchased through the mistress's toy supplier with a cockamamy way of payment. If you purchase the toys they get shipped directly to her and she provides a picture of said toys as "proof." Next, the mistress sets up a meeting at her place or a dungeon. A dungeon costs more money. Of course, on the day of the meeting, she is called away on business or a family matter. A few days later she contacts you pleading for money to return home because she spent all of hers. It goes on and on. When you finally stop she finds another mark. The mistress could be a man sitting in Africa someplace, most likely Nigeria. «»

  • Jo***** 29 years

    NothingEvery account seems to be a scam

  • Ad***** 52 years

    It seems to have many people on it.Many people claim to be from one place, say CA, in their profile, but when I talk to them, they are somewhere else... . And Ghana came up 2 times (!) over a span of 2 weeks. Like they were born in CA, but somehow ended up in Ghana. Odd… Seems dodgy and scam-y.Have yet to meet a person IRL so far, after 4 weeks. «»

  • Mar**** 46 years

    Nothing good.95% fake accounts/scammers. The rest are not serious about dating, just lonely people hanging out online. Don’t waste your time or money... there. «»

  • no***** 58 years
    09.10.2021 which shares the same profiles from one server from all the friendfinder inc websites is 85% fake and nothing but scammers based in af... rica and elsewhere. 100% of the women ask for money to help pay their bills or ask for gift cards just because they are too lazy to go to work. 100% of the women I have seen and talked too have no interntion of meeting in person, just want to try and scam money. They sure disappear fast when I say to them.." I do not send money to anyone unless I have met them in person face to face first and could trust them"... which proves to me they are a scam. I offer to buy their plane ticket online and they make excuses they wish to receive cash instead, which proves it is a scam. It is amazing how many profiles have the wrong location posted. It is amazing how many fake nurses say they are posted in africa and 100% of them are asking for money. there are alot promoting the inheritance scams, there are alot promoting the Nigerian Romance Scam... This is the experience I have had on the site and has not changed of being on there off and on over the last three years. «»

  • I****** 65 years

    I used to like it. 12 yrs ago I met some awesome genuine people. But today ...Today, ALL the girls are scams. I can only directly speak for France, w... here I live. 90% of the self-professed ‘Mistresses’ are -surprise surprise all in their late 20’s and mid 30’s. And amazingly, most of them live in Billancourt, Paris !! All their descriptions mirror each other. All are impossibly gorgeous and sexy. And NONE are real.Not ONE. So be careful out there and don’t get sucked in, believing the next one is different.Ask them what their charges are and ask for the location of the dungeon. They will never give a straight answer. Yes, you might talk with them on the phone. Does that make them real ? NO ! They will ask you to send money before they will agree to get more intimate with you. Then, several months later, their account will close down. You have been warned !!!! «»

  • Sco**** 51 years

    This site sucks. It was ok in the beginning, and I was there in the beginning, but it has become a latent cash cow of fakes, and old people. The "lobb... y" is just some old women who push out the new people. Waste of time. «»

  • DGGr*** 43 years

    Seems to be full of fakes, looking for a quick scam.I was introduced to the site by a scam artist. Think that says it all.

  • F****** 36 years

    Over 90% scammers, the website is more broken than working. It used to be better, but it really shows that they've stopped caring and are milking it f... or everything it's worth. «»

  • sha**** 27 years


  • glad*** 28 years


  • R****** 63 years

    AA male with a kinky side. looking for a female that is uninhibited and can role play. I am into most things sexually...especially humiliation and ana... lingus. You should be okay with this and not skiddish. no pain involved. I have yet to find a fem that can hang with my "nastiness". «»

  • W****** 58 years

    I recently signed up for Turns out, I had an old account languishing about which I forgotten. Several people contacted me, claiming, anyway, ... to be women interesting in the same things as me. Very soon, each would have some need for money, and ask me to send some. I would end the conversation there, as I did, recently, when a Miss Melissa, as the person claimed to be, also wanted money, in the form of gift cards for EBay, purchased at Walmart. When I did not comply, she started threatening to ruin my life by contacting employers, family, friends, etc. Any "woman' who has ever contacted me on that site has been nothing but an extortionist. Do not go there. «»

  • BIZZ*** 67 years

    The site itself wasn't bad. Mostly time wasters but some were real and serious. They did make an attempt to remove scammers if they were reported.A l... ot of Scammers, probably exceeding 90% BUT the WORST SCAMMERS were MANAGEMENT. They kept making unauthorized charges on my credit card. ALT 'partners' with BDSM Date so if you think you have shut off auto-renewal on ALT they will bill you on BDSM Date. It took 3 years for me to stop it. I did so by changing the expiry date of my credit card. They immediately suspended my account even though I had 11 months remaining on it. «»

  • Bull*** 34 years

    I have been a member for 8 years and the the site is full of scammers,,as of right now I have found 23 profiles being used by one scammer at this mome... nt,using photos of same woman on all profiles and introduction is identical on all profiles,,I have reported this matter to numerous times and they refuse to act on such obvious abuse. «»

  • Dan**** 29 years

    Love to be here

  • ri***** 53 years

    This website is a FRAUD!! It is filled with nothing more than FAKE profiles and people trying to scam others, mainly men, out of money! The people b... ehind these fake profiles will first of all want to talk with you offline through some messenger service, usually Google Hangouts, and then very quickly will want you to sent them money, or a gift card, for one reason or another.If you are dumb enough to send them anything, you will never hear from them again or see any of your money...This website needs to be shut down since it is nothing more than a FRAUD!! «»

  • rich*** 56 years

    Too many fake profile with many femdom asking you to send them goft cards. Also several fake profiles that are fake. When it started along time ago it... was great but that was then. Not very well monitored by the corporate people either, you write them and no response, just want your monthly payment «»

  • Sus**** 50 years

    I have met a few members from this site. They were kind and courteous. There are some trolls but they are everywhere. Overall the site is okay.

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