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Very Bad
  • LaTo*** 60 years

    Nothing All I have encountered were a bunch of liers,frauds and nasty perverts.I find this website to be a joke and quite a few people on here are g... oing to be exposed for who they really are…. so sad I would not recommend anyone to this site it needs to be careful on who is excepted as members «»

  • Ange*** 39 years

    Nothing Charged my account and there are no available matches to mate or match with

  • K****** 33 years

    NothingWent to the other side of the world to find out the girl i have been talking to for months was all a lie and it was just one big scam

  • Emm**** 57 years

    I’ve been on this site for years and I find it very stale, the same profile that were there 5 years ago are still there, little communication. Very bo... ring «»

  • Ma***** 53 years

    I opened a free account to see what is was like or if I should become a paying member. They immediately suspended my account and sent me an email accu... sing me of fraud. They then discontinued and closed my account, all in less than 24 hrs. By the way I have a government job with Federal security clearance so no fraud here. I never even found out what the cost is to become a paying member! Ouch! «»

  • Merc*** 49 years

    My experience was not long on this site

  • Kev**** 62 years

    Please disregard my AfroRomance review. They're fine. I confused them with another site. My apologies.

  • Kev**** 62 years

    I signed up for AfroRomance and was immediately linked to and asked to sign up to their related sites, which I did. Completed all the profiles. Withi... n 2 days I was banned from all sites. I hadn't violated any terms, and hadn't really begun to try the sites. Contacting their chat help & writing an email brought zero results. "Risk mitigation" is what they call it. Only sites I've ever been banned from. «»

  • knig*** 31 years

    Terrible the website completely invades individual privacy and the website is completely filled with gold digging scammers

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