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Very Bad
  • Mari*** 64 years

    Meeting faces of many other cultures.It consists mostly of people who I can not communicate with outside the dating site, due to language barriers! ... They claim to speak English, but can’t. I have also discovered that some are not even free to travel as they claim they are. They only want an on-line fantasy love affair! It is emotionally and financially draining. 😭😩 «»

  • Mar**** 28 years

    Nothing really.The experience is sad and stressful. I was messaged by a guy who always sent his messsges divided into blocks so my credits would get ... spent. I told him this and he played it like he did not understand and kept on going. When I contacted customer support to let them know he started messaging me and then I told them to cancel my subscription and he froze like he was writing but never sent anything. I knew he was a bot. After that I asked them to delete my profile so it does not exist anymore. «»

  • Cons*** 66 years

    Your members are not fake and catfish.This service is so expensive and doesn't offer privacy because you are reading our emails and chats. When I sub... scribed, you didn't give me my free chat and email, and you blurred my messages. Plus, you don't allow us to give out our phone numbers or addresses. How are we supposed to meet in person? «»

  • Juli*** 57 years

    This site made me feel secure and legitimate. I was warned by friends that the names used are usually not true but I think there is a way to get that ... info. I’m a legit person and like to meet a good & honest guy to grow our friendship & travel the world.I seemed not to get enough credits for only my emails. The pricing structure - costs me over US$100 per day. Only have less than 10 emails. «»

  • b****** 1000 years

    nothingSomeone stole my debit card info and used it here and because I was a man and the person that used it was a woman they wouldn't give a refund.... Scam «»

  • Jo***** 81 years

    Nothing only nice pictures hahahaI don't like what this site does as we pay a lot of money to find someone and when we try to exchange phone number... s to arrange a meeting? the site deletes numbers and also when I send bank details they also delete numbers? So in my view this company ans associates are CRAP «»

  • Ab***** 49 years

    Some profiles obviously has photoshopped pictures and videos of a different girl so it's funny.Nobody wants to meet in person, and the prices have be... en raised. 160 credits is now $96 USD not $19. Audio and Video is not working. If you try to write your number on a piece of paper on video chat it's blurred out. Voice is interrupted. You cant email or IM your email or phone you have to send a gift (way over priced) and that's if it's available in the other country and if she elected to receive gifts. «»

  • Mich*** 62 years

    The pictures are attractive.Many of the profiles have on profile but cook in the description. The biggest failure on your part is ... the following:This member is curated by our partner and uses the website for free. I confess I didn't read your review that carefully but I don't see it in your review. HOW DO YOU MISS THAT IN YOUR REVIEW? UNLESS YOU ARE INTENTIONALLY NOT LOOKING. Pretty significant point don't you think? Horrible job on your part if NOT in the review. Also, the listed residence is FALSE and FRAUDULENT. None of the alleged Jacksonville residents live in JACKSONVILLE. NONE. Of course how would you KNOW that particularly if you didn't want to KNOW that. VERIFICATION is a fraud because the definition of doctor in CHINA is NOT the same as the definition here in the STATES and the site states that is UP to the LADY on using the site...not them. ANOTHER GROSS FAILURE in your review! Your review is almost as fraudulent as their SITE. Congratulations, you must be proud to deceive in the same manner as the site. «»

  • Har**** 86 years

    Nothing!!Very expensive. Fake profiles. Bombarded by very young females, even though I have no profile, no photos and I put an extremely old age, sti... ll received hundreds of chat requests. Women also said how much they liked my profile and how and sincere were my statements. Again, I have no profile, only a fake birthday, nothing else. This is how I know the site is a scam. «»

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