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Very Bad
  • Ga***** 59 years

    Nothing.The app itself worked just fine. But I wish they would vet their members more carefully.I started chatting with one guy who was nice on the... platform, but once we moved off, he became verbally sexually aggressive and wouldn't take no for an answer. When I finally had enough, he told me to "Shut up, Snowflake" and "No man is ever going to want to be with you because of your size. Who would want to sleep with someone that big?"I reported and blocked him.Thank God I did because after doing a background check, it turns out he had served time in prison for second-degree murder. «»

  • Shan*** 48 years

    Easy to use, did come across one romance scammer but was immediately taken care of. Did find my fiancé on wooplus. Have met and are to be married next... year. Thank you WooPlus, for giving me the confidence to find a soulmate.Nothing really at this time. «»

  • N****** 41 years

    At this point, nothing Tons of verbally abusive, bullying, harassing men. You waste all day reporting them and woo is incredibly slow to get back to ... you about your report, if they even bother to. Because there are so few real male profiles ( tons of catfish profiles) woo allows the men to stay even when they harass and verbally abuse the women. They may give them a temporary " time out" of 48 hours but then they come right back on and its worse than ever. Other sites perm ban abusers and that's the end of it, not at Wooplus, abusers, bullies, harassers are welcomed! «»

  • DaMa*** 41 years

    I just paid for a membership and already having technical difficulties and to many scam artist on this app.

  • bbwl*** 39 years

    A good exp. clean and useful, give it a try if you like bbw's.

  • Cori*** 62 years

    I joined because it was rated highly. I have had over 4 different scammers on the site. I have sent WooPlus the names and leads to each with the reas... ons why they are scammers. They do not vet the profiles professionally. I am very disappointed with the app. I asked for my money back but no response at all. I would not waste my money, for I believe it is the responsibility of the company to vet the online clients. One of them started out being in Los Angeles then the next day it actually said Nigeria, they still have not taken the man off. Unless you have time to waste trying to figure out if it's a real person dont waste your money or time. What I had to do to even get around this situation is ask the men to send me a picture with my name written on it and 4 of them have disappeared since asking that one simple question. «»

  • Men *** 52 years

    I have connected with 43 men and four of them have been real… The rest of been scammers or individuals who never respond even though they reached out... which makes me wonder if they reached out or if the site uses them to keep you checking… I would not recommend this site to anyone because you have to pay money in order to actually see who likes you and pay money to say hi to people… And since only four out of 43 turned out to be real people looking to chat the percentage is not worth it to pay money to be scammed. And I have had several probably 15 of the Men who have reached out to me actually turn out to be scammers asking for money… It’s frustrating «»

  • D****** 50 years

    This is the WORST app and service on the planet. I truly can't understand why anyone would use it. I am a paying customer, cancelled the subscriptio... n after 2 weeks. The app makes no sense, no rhyme or reason to what the sections do, and nothing posted has dates or times. I've read the version prior to the current 5.0 may have been more usable, but what's there now is useless. And very few paying verified users. «»

  • Emil*** 24 years

    To expensive, and can´t see if my sent messages are red.

  • Erin*** 40 years

    I cancelled my account and they continued to take payments from my credit card for past 6 months without my permission. Investigation has been launche... d into this fraud «»

  • Vinn*** 49 years

    This app is good to meet real

  • Arun*** 36 years

    Dating scam....Making money after making the people foolNo use waste of time and money

  • Will*** 59 years


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