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Very Bad
  • Norm*** 69 years

    I have been chatting with alot of Trans people that women. I can tell you that they are far better and more willing and friendly to deal with. Chatti... ng with real women can be challenging and fun.I find that there seems too much attitude with these women than men. I told them they shouldn,t be on if they have that type of attitude. I am a romantic and passionte type f man. «»

  • Mik**** 62 years

    A very seedy and strange site operated for unknown benefit of a select few individuals who are incredibly sycophantic toward the hierarchy.The site w... ill block you randomly and take your credits without recourse.It treats very adult topics in a very juvenile way and has no age restriction or filter despite some highly sexualised behaviour in private but easily accessible rooms.Should be avoided at best but closed ideally.Also the dubious moderators can read anyone’s private messages and access your profile at all times which is scary.I have no experience of her but it is said Ruby the highest moderator protects pedophile types to a great extent?Information on this is publicly available. «»

  • Norm*** 69 years

    I Have this website wire clubs for at least I think 5 years now. I haven,t been on it as much in the previous years but lately since Dec 2019 to the ... present i seem to be more on this site.I have at least 5 friends that I guess can call them friends that I chat with.Some more than others. But I do find that there seems to be alot queer folks out there and alot of Tran gender people on. I have made close friends with one Trans gender person and one os enough for me.I have never met anyone near me at all. People on this site feel more comfortable to just chat on here. I almost did meet someone from the same city.Maybe I still will want to meet someone. I have patience but for now I will try to have some fun here. «»

  • Ghos*** 35 years

    The freaks there on wire club.vom fked with my head constantly till I was suisidal and that made them happy! Can you believe how sick these chat peopl... e are online. What a joke. so much for friends when every one of them was to scared to tell me or help me except a few close female friends by a few I mean one or two. And I would kill for these ladies here are some solid good people online but millions and millions of nasty cociopathic freaks and loser that want to hurt and bring others down. PS sorry for my spelling. «»

  • Norm*** 68 years

    I am a retired white male just looking for a mature female to chat with as a start.Thats all. There are way too many moderators policing these chat ... rooms and can ban you from entering.Its annoying. «»

  • Marc*** 54 years

    This website is one of the WORST website ever! So many fakers, scammers, and even with real people, they even admitted they all have mental illnesses... ! It is a fact they told me that! And they attack me even before they admitted and they want to hurt other people in wireclub! Disgusted! They should be banned! They do have many underage people on there and that is jail bait! The way women are... disgusted. I even in fact tried to set up Christian Singles room and no one came in 2017 and 2018 (tried twice) and someone set up in Feb 2019 and it is successful. What the hell!? PEOPLE PISS ME OFF! So, I do not recommend this at all. Too many women dressed suggestive that they want to fool around as seen in pictures. I am sure men too with topless. Hypocrites. Find someone OFF LINE is BEST! I am filing report with a government agency regarding this might be in a violation of anti-human trafficking laws because of some are scammers and escorts and all. It is true. I prefer not to give one star. I rather NONE! «»

  • Adr**** 36 years

    This place is an absolute disaster. They will literally take your money, then permanently ban you from using the site. "Management" is completely unre... sponsive, if not altogether nonexistent. The chat rooms are loaded with unchecked racism, anti-semitism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, etc. It is completely disgusting and not worth the time or effort. Try Discord instead. «»

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