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  • Geor*** 35 years


  • Seiy*** 30 years

    I started on waplog for more than a decade now, it was nice and cool then, scam free, friendly and it was totally free then. People meeting based on t... heir interest without fear .It's now a den of scammers.Almost every member is from Nigeria (Africa) now, and claiming be from Europe and other places while their profile says they're Nigerians.I don't feel save using the app. «»

  • As***** 36 years

    You can send limited daily messeges free.Site is full of Nigerian scammers searching for itones cards ge carefull.

  • Trav*** 44 years

    Fun place to mess with catfishOnly one person I've interacted with was not a scammer. Death threats from angry scammers made it an uncomfortable site... to stay with. I was sent imagery of children being executed and my family's lives were threatened. «»

  • Lar**** 60 years

    Nothing!If you'd like to meet scammers then this is the app for you!

  • Ed***** 50 years

    This site is full of scammers. Not a day goes by without numerous Nigerian fake profiles contacting me with the same old script. Luckily most have Nig... eria as their location as Waplog seems to use the original location and changes are near impossible «»

  • Itum*** 51 years

    I've only been on this site for a few weeks. And so far, I've interacted with real women, and have had proper conversations. I appreciate the verific... ation process here. Makes a huge difference. And I truly love Waplog. «»

  • J****** 30 years

    AM good looking

  • Edna*** 63 years

    Waplog is really nice and fun to chat, just that I don't know how to change my location anymore

  • Patr*** 49 years

    Having used Waplog my status report is that it is a waste of time in 75% of the cases and I have the sensation that per country like two or three low ... IQ women have been chartered to fullfil the need of minimal communication with men. There are certainly real profiles available, but based upon my experiences my estimate is that is lays between 15 and 25%.Every hour I got 2 likes. Every 4 hours the same visits of the same women (from the Netherlands) who do not engage in any type of communication. The contacts I had by messaging were minimal with other Dutch women, they use 3 word phrases, empty, universal, meaningless. The only two communications I got were with a Brazilian woman and a Serbian woman (married) of which especially the last one was really OK and was interested to keep talking. I speak 8 languages fluently, have a razorblade sharp mind and notice all patterns in "likes" and "visits" It is a scam, because if something is over 50% false it is a scam «»

  • Sar**** 26 years

    I am having issues with sending messages.

  • To***** 35 years

    Each and everyone i've chatted too is fake or a scammer or phishing.

  • Meli*** 34 years

    I didn't know what happened to my account, that I couldn't send messages. I've tried to message, but it can not be delivered. Please help me out.

  • Meli*** 34 years

    I didn't know what happened to my account, that I couldn't send messages. I've tried to message but it can not be delivered. Please help me out.

  • Jame*** 58 years

    I noticed on Waplog that their are quite a lot of profiles with stolen photographs, I have reported these people, but have not been assured that it is... being dealt with. So it is difficult to know who i can trust.. «»

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