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Very Bad
  • Ri***** 60 years

    NothingTotal rip off. Vast majority of 'accounts' are fake...and run by scammers. Every single one I tried to contact wanted to immediately go to o... ther venues to communicate and asked for money in one form or another. «»

  • Thom*** 44 years

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  • core*** 44 years

    100% fake service. I paid for a 6-month membership. Women send me messages but they never reply to my answer. Furthermore, women from around the world... keep adding me to their favorites. So? What is the point for adding someone that lives hundreds of kilometers away from you to your favorites?I asked for a refund 3 days after paying but the staff said that their system cannot send the money back. it is all a scam, based on Artificial Intelligence (e.g. replies from other members that seem real but they are actually created by a software that imitates human reactions and writing).STAY AWAY from Victoria Milan! «»

  • John*** 34 years

    In 2 days I texted 4 scammers asking me money and one asked my user and password to access my profile.

  • Dann*** 75 years

    It is difficult to sign on, both of my emails are correct, both are provided by the Eldridge Telephone Company

  • da***** 52 years

    90% of the females I've communicated have, within 5-10 minutes ask if you use hangout, they will initiate sexy talk and after a while or a couple of e... mail conversations, they will say their internet is running low baby/ hun and I want to keep talking can you help me get a steam wallet card so they can keep the on -line relationship going. They will try to entice with sexy pictures. tread very lightly,. don't get fooled. thanks «»

  • Isla*** 60 years

    I absolutely wasted $150 on VM. I have messaged at least 20 women. They ALL write back to say "Hello". Then NONE of them will respond a second time... . I am convinced that they are all boots supplied by VM. Note that all could see my profile before the first response. «»

  • Mich*** 70 years

    So far I have been scammed by four out of state women. It is very easy to do a profile search on anyone. There is so much information which is just p... ublic record. Interestingly, none of these women actually exist according to searches. Yet Victoria Milan claims to verify identity of everyone who is a member of their site. I advise extreme caution to anyone who asks you to trust them and then asks you to loan them money. I promise that this does happen on VM. «»

  • Hen**** 47 years

    If it works for other countries don't know...DEFINITELY does NOT work for PERU. I have gotten multiple views but no responses. And then all of a sudd... en...all women respond on the same day? And interested? Misteriously one month prior to my yearly suscroption was about to end...either the app has SERIOUS flaws...or this is a scam «»

  • roge*** 54 years

    my experience was terrible. i got many initial contacts but when I sent a follow up contact I never ever got a respond. the only one appeared to by a... prostitution organization based in the Philipines requesting me to send money though Western Union in exchange for an encounter with a lady in Miami..... Please guys be more careful when you open an account «»

  • Joey*** 48 years

    Absolutely fake - a waste of time/money. You will be contacted by lots of users - they are fake. They always engage while you are offline / never repl... y live (even when it shows they are online). No conversations are 2 way and none get deeper than a few words/no sentences. You will notice patterns of attractive (fake) users. Also; many spell their own city names wrong. Their BIOS are similar and vague - no original thoughts "about me". Many "American" women seem to be posting their weight in KG / not pounds. OH - you weigh 40lbs? That doesn't sound like a healthy adult woman... Some of the fake account creators are lazy - there are HUNDREDS of users with "DOUBLED" in their handles. Fake accounts will fav you / wink at you / ask for private access - it means nothing. There will always be a new/fake account to distract you from the fact that the previous accounts aren't answering your chats.Fake accounts will ask for gifts - would you give a present to a bot??? Who gets that money? SCAM! «»

  • mex**** 44 years

    I had Premium account on Most of profiles and women are fake. The site cannot be trusted since it is only looking for easy money! ... In my experience, most female profiles are fake or give not answer. The company is in Malta... «»

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