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Very Bad
  • R****** 62 years

    There are many profiles and pictures of beautiful womenThey charge a lot for everything. You can spend $500 or $1000 at the drop of a hat and not be... able to make any connections. Most women are in Ukraine, so going to meet them is near impossible now. I wish it was real and the profiles were real but I seriously doubt they are. «»

  • Ve***** 72 years

    I met many friends there and I would like to see them. I miss them a lot.The restrictions that I can’t get info.

  • Gar**** 60 years

    This site is a very big scam using photos of women perhaps with their permission to fool men into thinking they are talking with the real woman when i... n fact they only ever speak to a translator working for the site & never give you the chance to communicate off of the site however much money you spend. It is very addictive & they are good at fooling you. But it is all a veil of lies. They are thieves & act like the mafia stay away from such sites you will only lose money & get heartbreak in return. You have been warned. my information was verified by someone who worked for them & gave me the inside scoop. «»

  • R****** 47 years

    So I spent a year on here talking to many women and dealing with the company. LOT of fakes!!! There are some real women on here but it's hard to find ... them. The site is TOTALLY run by lying thieving scum! They get on the ladies profiles and try to get you to spend credits watching videos and buying them crap. When you catch them in the act they try to act stupid and deny it. They almost never reimburse you for the credits they rob from you and make up all sorts of BS excuses. Basically it's 90% scam of a company just ripping people off! «»

  • Dal**** 60 years

    Never seen so many beautiful lovely gorgeous ladies in one site. I love this site

  • Terr*** 73 years

    Site over1yr. Very beautiful women found someone very special all have been kind

  • Ru***** 76 years

    Very bad !!!Talking to a girl for 9 months, spend a LOT of money on her, and now it is clear that she has been using me to get expensive gifts, witho... ut ever have the intention to meet me, which she promised.There seems to be no control of the girls, they can tell you anything they want/you want to hear. «»

  • Char*** 64 years

    Incredibly expensive.

  • pa***** 63 years

    Totally ripped off by a Ukraineing woman ,after id spent $2000 to get her personal details ,to talk direct with her she gave me the flick because she ... was,nt getting a kick back from this site,I,ll will certanily be spreading news to all my buddies about this SCAM? «»

  • Davi*** 45 years

    During my time on Victoria Hearts I have learned a lot of these "verified members" are actually 3rd party contractors who gets paid by the site to get... customers to buy credits. It is also stated in the service agreement. As for the money back policy, at the end of the policy it refers you to the service agreement which basically reads "all use is at your own risk". If you spend some time on the site trying to get to know these "models", you can easily end up paying several $100's for credits in a few days. I would approach this site with great caution. There are several other legitimate dating sites that will not bleed you dry. «»

  • Je***** 47 years

    This is a complete con site with sophisticated deceit machine in action. "Validated" female profile only means that they saw photocopy of the girl who... actually was registered at another independent agency and sold her profile to this con site. All the profiles are attended by translator transcriber operators if you reply to individual bot solicitations or make initial contact. The actual person in the female photos never ever get or reply to correspondence. They make all that scam for making money from the unsuspecting man by sold and used credits with the site's typing impostor. I have at least 8 profiles I communicated elsewhere and also on this site. All said on this site they dont know me and all said on the other sites that they were never the party who wrote to me on this site. The site sucks trust and faith out of good men by conning hem. «»

  • clau*** 67 years


  • Dams*** 27 years

    Credit for replying is being charged on high cost and too fast when getting finished while conversations ain't complete.

  • Larr*** 68 years

    I like the site.

  • Phil*** 37 years

    There is not one woman on this site that is not scaring for money. That is a fact. I chatted with numerous women on this website. All is wonderful.... They are all looking for love and I am of course, the perfect man for them. Then with a little research, I have found all of their Instagram accounts. When I message these same women on Instagram, I of course get no response. So back to VictoriaHearts to ask them why no response on Instagram? All give some lame excuse about how they don't manage their own Instagram accounts. It is pathetic. The scam is to get you to chat (at 2 credits a minute) or to open photos (each photo opened cost 10 credits) or watch a 30 second video (50 credits, that equals $20.00). Gentleman, do not waste a minute of your time or your money on this website. You will just be throwing your money away. Good Luck. «»

  • LAMB*** 30 years

    Enormously fake profiles on this site that only think about getting you money. They seem programmed to contact real users.

  • G W *** 77 years

    It is ridiculous to discover that I am actually in contact with the woman I am interested in about 2/3rds of the time I spend using my credits. Turns... out that too many times, at critical times of the conversation, I am being answered by some imposter who intercepts my messages to my lady and poses as her soliciting gifts and stickers to use up my scredit balance. This site is nothing more than a scam that is evidence that it is all about getting us men to spend more money. There is no concern for the feelings of the men or the women, just a purpose to increase the revenue stream. What a horrible way to conduct a "dating" site where human feelings should be a priority and not merely the almighty money that is spent!! «»

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