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Very Bad
  • Raym*** 55 years

    Lots of nice eye candy.100% scam site. Their only goal is to drain your walllet. Even if you manage to connect outside the site, the requests for g... ifts, which "have" to bebought throught the dating site, never cease. Girls are online 24/7 even though they claim they have jobs. 18 to 20 year old lawyers and doctor's lol. Beware and stay away, there are better sites out there. Never engage in a "credit" type pay scheme, look for flat monthly rate all inclusive plans. No special charges to get a woman's email address even if she wants to give it to you. «»

  • RO***** 65 years

    The format is easy to useWhen you first sign on you will start getting many women of all ages liking you and trying to contact you asking multiple st... upid questions. Those are the ones you want to stay away from because they just want to milk for all your credits. They will start sending you letters and videos that cost many credits to read and watch. A video costs 50 credits, approx. $10.There are many fake profiles that you will find on multiple dating sites, same profile, different woman. Use caution, do your own search, not those that fill your screen with there sob stories. If a woman avoids answering a pertinent question or tries to change the subject., run, don't walk!!Customer service is good if only to answer simple questions, but if you go so far as to present proof of fraudulent profiles, they find every excuse discredit your claim. Been there, done that! «»

  • Jo***** 54 years

    Nothing the worst site I have seen the women work the guys .the women are about money I had one say she had amnesia and don't remember me but the fun... ny part was she had her friend contact me and tell she needed me to help her all she wanted to do is send me videos and to think at one time she loved me The women are not the women you see in the pics if they send you pics it is from Years ago or not even them alot of airbrushing going on this site crooks bait and screw men .I got screwed without a kiss «»

  • Hade*** 55 years

    I like nothing about the site. It's a complete scam designed to get you to spend more and more money on credits. Even when you go offline with one of ... the women they will constantly try to get you back on the site to buy them gifts. One good note, one of the women I was speaking with contacted me by email on her own. They obviously have access to the men's information the whole time. She and I are communicating now using messaging apps and she hasn't asked me to go back to the site at all. I've read that only about 3% of the women on the site are actually looking for a match. The rest are just there to get you to spend more money. And they are well trained in doing so. You'll catch on quickly enough, but by then you've probably spent several hundreds of dollars. Avoid this site at all costs. Find a site that had a flat monthly fee and immunizations including personal contact exchanges are not restricted or censored. «»

  • Dave*** 51 years

    Found what I thought was my future Queen only to be duped out hundreds of pounds in credits to get her personal data , then to be had over for... a 2k engagement ring and english lessons for her mother. And at the end of all that she was still on line talking to other men !! Are they really looking for love or is it a JOB for them ! Ukraine aren't exactly wealthy workers and amenities aren't cheap, I cant see the women able to buy the credits to talk «»

  • J****** 57 years

    this site is bullshit i spent 1000s of dollars got 4 contact info from women they tried to keep me talking on site cause they dont speak english reall... y you stupid bitches why are you seeking relationships with men in country you cant speak with «»

  • Oa***** 65 years

    Grils ae schooled to extract credits from mens. They delay answering during chats to make the chat longer and more expensive. The post photos and vid... eos with the chat to deplete the man's credits. They suggest you obtain their contact details at 3000 a go. Girls to not pay for chat or any other service. It seems to me that they may be incentified to encourage men to use credits. «»

  • B****** 64 years

    Valentime has a LOT of great looking women. How many of them are real, or how many of them are on their payroll luring you into purchasing credits is... hard to say As with many sites, their "terms" of service say they don't allow transmission of personal information in messages (addresses, URLs, names, etc.) But trust me, they censor MUCH more than that. From my experience, they monitor every message you send. (Proof? I had sent a girl I had chatted with a headshot photo, which she claimed to have saved. I later told her to use an internet image search (for example, using Google), and THAT MESSAGE was erased completely, never delivered to her. They are basically pimps..."selling" you contact information for a minimum of $600 per girl. It's run out of Vegas, so big surprise, eh? «»

  • Jar**** 43 years

    Been using the website for a few days, met a few nice women, wanted to talk to them using email or messenger, just figured out it will cost me $600 US... D to do so! That's crazy, going to delete my account off there and look elsewhere. «»

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